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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Aug 2007 Dylan well suicide attempt 1 didn't work instead i ended up getting completely smashed i know the pain will never stop hurting but i wish letting it all go is as easy as turning of a lightbulb i want to end it.
25 Aug 2007 Harry If you're really bored of living firstly do fuck loads of drugs and struggle with OD's at least u enjoy a year or two of happiness then rap around u alot of gelatine and exploives go to school and explode with a big smile.
24 Aug 2007 me are you all out of your fucking minds your giving a fucking 13 year old advise on how to kill yourself holy shit u are all fucked up seriously dont give a kid instructions on how to kill urself fuck you all
24 Aug 2007 blythe I've been where you're at. Please read this entire entry.

Five years ago, at 3 a.m., I was moments away from taking my life. At that moment I called a friend, his name was Ryan. Over the next few vital minutes, he spoke to me of my worth to him. He helped me through it. (This is the condensed version of the story, as there is a much greater story I have to tell you).

On July 6, 2007, a little over five years from the night I almost took my life, Ryan took his own life. He walked into a wooded area just outside of Washington, D.C., and hung himself. He was 25-years-old.

Ryan was the closest person to me in my entire life. No one, not friends or family knew me like he knew me. No one accepted me as he did. No one let me know how important I was to them like he did. He was my rock and my strength. He was the person I turned to. I've cursed God that he's taken him away from me, but somehow I understand. Somehow I understand that Ryan was only meant to live this life for 25 years. I understand what he did because I too was there.

So, what is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? Or, what is the best way to kill yourself? If that's the only way you see out of what ever dark hole you're in, ask yourself who your Ryan is. Ask yourself what your Ryan would think, how he would feel. Is your Ryan your mother? Your dad? Maybe a sibling? A teacher? Maybe, like me, a friend.

Please know that there is someone, if not many people, that wouldn't be able to live their lives they way they do if you're not a part of it.

Every hour I think of him. Everyday I cry. Every hour I ask myself why he would take his life? I ask myself why he didn't turn to me to help him the way he helped me. He is the reason why I am still here, so why I couldn't be his?

You're too young.
He was too young.

Ryan had a lot of mental issues he was struggling with that no one knew about. If we would have known about them (he shut a lot of family/friends out of his life over the past 10 months), then we would have done EVERYTHING in our power to help him. Why? Because we loved him. I loved him. Now, I sit alone writing this to you in hopes that you never do what Ryan has done to me.

Life is a struggle.
It's a bitch.
You're probably sick of people saying, "Think positively," or, "It'll get better."
That's the last thing you want to hear.
Well, the last thing I ever want to hear is that another friend selfishly took their life. Find your Ryan.
24 Aug 2007 silence I'm nearly seventeen years old, I've been trying to commit suicide for over eight years.
Every time I tried it wouldn't work, no matter how deep I cut or whatever I did.

I've been there, and I can't say if I'll ever recover but I can say that it is a great waste of human life. And it is the cowards way out.
I'm not being hypocritical, but when it looks like there's no way out, let go. Don't take it out on yourself.

I tried for so many reasons, bullying, a loved one's ongoing terminal illness and just pure despair. But they were mistakes I was lucky enough to come away from.

I'll be here if anyone needs a friendly ear, you can email me.
24 Aug 2007 john paul i have ben reading this site all day to find out that killing your self is not the way to make things better event thow some times i dought my own words .i have lerned alot from here one of the many things i came to realyze is every one here is alone and it feels like no one understands u no one loves u well as hard as it is i em going thought the same thing u guys are going thourght right now and i came to the conclusion that in a way we HAVE EACH OTHER BECAUSE WE KNOW THE PAIN IN EACH OTHER VANES this site is very powere full in a way it can be nagative or possitive depending on how u try to face it but honest le this site is perfect for thouse seeking help because u look on how to kill your self and u see other people testemonys and how they try and try and how they share but who knows maybe that is what we need to now from each other because DEPRESSION IS EVIL AND IT CAN AND I WILL KILL U if u dont evercome it so realy look at your selfs and think of things u can do to change who u are because its not easy and i will never be easy if you dont try to fight it and if u thing people dont love u because of the way u are maybe its time to take in some consideration and changing who u are for the better but death is never the awnser i em still learnig that fell free to email me if u feel confortable and i will be there to listen and try to understant but dont forget YOU ARE NOT ALONE BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME PROBLAMS AND THAT MAKES US UNITED!!!!!
24 Aug 2007 El Cid If you are under 13, and wish to kill yourself, it can be done. But understand that one experiences the most emotional and philosophic time of their life at this age. It is traumatic, but as fire to the phoenix you emerge brilliant and worthy of awe.

If you are young and wish to die, I humbly submit these alternatives: angst. contempt. honor. defiance. courage. grace. duty. indifference. respect. allegiance. spite. bravado.

There is no better way to tell the world to fuck off than to spit in the face of adversity. Suicide is an admission of defeat. Why fall on the knife when you can twist it in another's ribs? Figuratively speaking, of course...
23 Aug 2007 Pete swallow two massive spiders and sit back and enjoy as they fight their way out of your stomach.
23 Aug 2007 deepster No easy way to say this. I'm suicidal. My life totally blows. When I was a little girl my aunt molested me. I have so many issues. I am looking for an easy way at least not to painful.
23 Aug 2007 Dushawn Mandick doode if ur mad about mouchette not posting your posts you should totally just eat a tub of hagen daas and have yourself a good cry and then you will feel better. she has not posted more of my posts than she has posted. and honestly, if she didnt post it, it dosent have a place on the internet. anywhere. or maybe she enjoys making you angry. sure, we can disect this all day long but hey life is too short for well, even for me to write this. but sometimes you just got to let it all out. anger will get u in trouble. and crying only ruins homework assignments and pictures of some bitch you used to love, but otyher than that no matter what, you have to eliminate the negitive from your life. so you have room for positive. oh and by the way mouchette made an ass of you. can you say hee-haw? hee-haw hee haw hee-haaw.
ok ok im sorry that was a bit malicious. and probably negitive to you.
well i have to go back to my life now. yall take care now

everyone has one. im gonna wash mine.
23 Aug 2007 samrita Overdose on paracetamol. I'm gonna do it myself in about 2 hours. I've got 80 (they're easily available!) but the more, the better. Also drink lots of alcohol, maybe steal some from your parents cupboard. It'll work. God bless you, I don't know why you want to kill yourself...but I feel your pain...I'm a total failure =(
23 Aug 2007 Observer Why doesn't Mouchette comment on answeres as she did in 1999?
23 Aug 2007 Dylan im 13 and i need help how do i commit suicide qick and and painlessly. i suck at school i think i have no life so ni do what ever i want to do. 2 dyas ago i called my english teacher a bitch. i just ant to end it so if some one could give me a few i dears about it thanx
23 Aug 2007 madmurda212 Go out like a gangsta Climb the empire state building and have NEWS Crew's a microphone and Shout out TOTAL-SELECTIONS (Google It)
22 Aug 2007 stephen typical post:

blah blah sad. im so blah blah kill myself, whine whine, i dont know what to do. whats an easy way cuz i obviously need an easy way cuz i cant even handle life, blah blah, and i would write more but i got to go change my grandmothers diaper.
do u change your grandmothers diaper? she only drinks ensure. if you dont know what ensure is, its liquid laxitive with vitamins and minerals added.
lemme tell ya, if you never changed grandmas diaper, you dont know about how crappy life is.
22 Aug 2007 DuShawn Mandik u ever had a head ache so bad u moaned and farted and the vibration your ass made caused a flare of pain inside the headache already throbbing. no doubt, the release of compressed gasses and spray felt lovely. bottom line is dont kill yourself. farts are very effective at making others go away so eat more beans. and this can perhaps make you laugh until not only your head hurts but also your ribs. mmm ribs. food is so good. i wish my mommy would buy me some. all the kids at school say thier moms buy them food.
perhaps i have talked myself out of it again. at least for tonight.
22 Aug 2007 conroy hey im only 12 and i wanna kill myself. my girlfriend is always mad at me 4 no reason nd i wanna just slit my throat nd die . i just dont kno wat to do anymore im trying to think of good things tht coold happen nd the 1 friend thinks it wooldnt be worth it to do it but i dont kno.
22 Aug 2007 empty luckily i've never had anything terrible happen to me so i don't know why i want to end my life other than i am miserable every single day. i always feel so utterly alone all the time, even if i'm surrounded by a group of "friends." i also don't have any one really to talk to; no one to really confide in because no one around me really understands. i'm not brave enough to actually commit suicide. i feel like a waste of life and truthfully i lash out at my friends and my parents for no reason, then feel really guilty about it, and cannot do anything to change my situation. i cry myself to sleep practically everyday and i feel everyone would be so much better without me.

the one quote that has helped me get through a lot is: "you can always put off suicide." so what's the risk in taking a chance and having hope that tomorrow will bring some unexpected happiness? it's only 6 words long, but that sentence has helped me so much over the past 7 years. it has even helped me cope with these suicidal thoughts right now. if you had access to some hemlock or something else that would guarantee death, would you actually take it? see, i don't think i have the guts to. and i hope that no one here does either. you have no idea how much reading all of your stories have helped, even in prolonging my life by a few minutes.
22 Aug 2007 dave Well i am only 14 and i have tried to kill myself many many times. all failed because sum1 has got in the way. But if youi really would like to die (like me) then go ahead. just take some advice f you want to hang yourself dont use a scarf (it tears easy). so i say the best way to kill yourself would be a knife to the neck or jump off a very tall building. just done cut yourself that shit aint good for you. make it quick. thats all i have to say.
22 Aug 2007 unknown! i dunno but i wanna die!!! i cant live no more!
no iam not under 13!

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