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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Jun 2007 dead inside. mouchette edited the post i had for "the bitter end." she left out all the fun parts. :[

shot down by strangers whose glances can cripple the heart and devour the soul.
06 Jun 2007 dead inside. to person.

Thanks! Maybe mouchette will consider the idea, who knows. :P
06 Jun 2007 dead inside. I'm attention seeking. Someone love me.
06 Jun 2007 Winny hi i threw out and posted it yesterday but still i feel low is anybody listening come here to me and punch one sharp knife into my heart for 49 times so that i should bleed to death or shoot 28 times in my head with 9 mm and blow the damn brain out
06 Jun 2007 amadna your a fucking sicko
06 Jun 2007 ___l___ I Love you Liz!
Where do you live?... I want to know if you are close to me.
I love you!
I liked your first entry then realised that life can get better!
I love you!
E-Mail me:
or just click on my name!
Love ya!
05 Jun 2007 The Bitter End to dead inside

sorry about that last post. yeah i had a lot of sand in my puss.

its out now and im fine.
05 Jun 2007   if u keep asking why ur asking the wrong question.
the question is what. what the fuck am i doing wrong.
or when. when am i gonna do it.
05 Jun 2007   is your life like mine???

just when u think its safe to come out it aint.

it aint safe to come out ever.
its so sufficating.

i am disturbed. deeply.
i want to drain my inner rage in a bucket and use a paint brush and paint you. it will burn you like acid(HCL).
the only thing that makes my headache go away is your deafening screams.
i hate u so bad and all i can do is kill your body.
i wanna cut ur name in two.
i wanna make ur soul bleed out any love in there so u can see what its like to be me.
and maybe u can catch me slippin.
slipp in my neck.

you muther fucker.

ok i feel better now. thanks for listening.
05 Jun 2007   you know why everyone likes forums?
cuz its the one place you can go and say what u want and not hear any lip about your point of view.
well im going to the graveyard now to look for money and gold and silver teeth. rings and necklaces. n other shit.
also i am looking for a female to dip her boobies in fruit punch and slap my face wit em.

oh yeah dont kill urself.
WHO DOESN'T LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05 Jun 2007 person to dead inside
You should be a fomous user
04 Jun 2007 lestat The person who created this website is one sick mother fucker. Whats wrong u dick, I think u r so unhappy with your life that the only way u feel any happiness is by glorying in somebody misery.
04 Jun 2007 martina allegra throw yourself under a running motorbike
04 Jun 2007 Winny hi people u should kill urself there's no doubt and do it fast god is waiting for u coz satan is taking control of this world all u gotta go to god in heaven here on earth heaven have been destroyed by assholes now this earth is only hell jus like i am being tormented here in hell or earth one and the same thing i wanna be free help me out kill me i wanna die
04 Jun 2007 Winny hi i am 21 years old today i feel really sad and low i feel like killing myself rite now rite fuckin'now whenever i get a gun i am gonna shoot myself there's no doubt in that but till then i have to live in hell and not jus live but get tormented in hell and suffer a lot please help me with a gun i swear iswear the god i will shoot myself in the head and blow my brains out i am fucked up pleeeeeeeeez i am serious about it i wanna die oh god do something to kill me send some of your bad angels so that he should take my soul out of my body oh god oh holy god i know u can hear me
04 Jun 2007 dead inside. to "the bitter end"

no one's holding a gun to your head and making you read my posts. if you don't want to read them, then just keep scrolling down.
03 Jun 2007   In my mind's eye
You throw wickedness at me
I'm just a toy to you
I bring no real joy to you
The way I see it
You don't want me here no more
You want a hole in my forehead
And blood pouring on the floor
Cause I'm so dirty
Fuckin' dirty and shoddy
I wanna bother this body
That's hated by everybody
Sometimes I don't know why
I continue to try
It's so much easier to die
Than to get by
And to get by
And to get by

If I'm gonna die
I'm taking you with me
Get you and get me
We can be bloody
If I'm gonna fly
I'm gonna succeed
Take you and get me
We can be bloody
Sometimes I don't know why
I continue to try
It's so much easier to die
Than to get by
And to get by
And to get by

I don't wanna leave my house
Don't wanna open my mouth
Don't wanna read my mail
Don't wanna meet with pals
I don't wanna fuck shit up
Don't wanna fuckin' get up
Don't wanna take up space
Don't want your time to waste
I don't wanna fight this back
Just wanna fade to black
Don't wanna turn to faith
Or wanna burn at stakes
I don't wanna build my life
I wanna bloody my knife
Don't wanna grab the phone
Don't wanna leave this room
I don't wanna talk with you
I'm fuckin' stalkin' you
Don't wanna fix myself
I wanna nix myself
I don't wanna try to change
Just wanna fry my brains
Don't wanna slow shit down
I wanna throw shit around
I don't wanna run nowhere
Don't want no one to care
Don't want another crack at it
I'd rather be a crack addict
I don't wanna look for help
Don't wanna help myself
I don't wanna even try
To get by...
To get by...

And to get by...and to get by...and to get by...and to get by...
03 Jun 2007 The Bitter End "dead inside" - would you please shut the fuck up?
03 Jun 2007 Winny hi my name is winny and i am here to ask anyone who can suggest me thebest ways to commit suicide i think shooting myself is best i dont have a gun i am depressed so much that i am sick of living my life why dont god help me in killing myself anywaus i ll b waiting for answers do mail me the best ways i am die i am in a hurry i dont wanna live anymore oh god please help me out with death give me death as a gift sweet gift

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