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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Oct 2007 flip side to the person with no name:

why do you blame god for the state of mankind now? so if i slap u in the face its gods fault?
what i, having my eyes opend disern from your words is that you seek for something. you dont know what it is. but deep inside you know its there. otherwise. your search would be a waste of your time.
when you are so far down if you cry out to him and you belong to him he will answer. perhaps not even in words.
there is a difference in beliveing in him and knowing him.

i been in churches and i do agree the shallowness, twofacedness, greed, and not what it should be so i dont go. once again these are people.

if god didnt make you why would this curiosity be surfacing?
03 Oct 2007 maks the best way is when your in school tell your teacher you had enough of this shity work. then then if he say dont say that bla bla blahh be like ima comist suicide bitch. hele send you to like somebody (princible) or talk to you or piss you off so take out a nfe go to some one you love and be like i love you kiss them and stab your self
03 Oct 2007 Andrij I will kill myself because life is a huge shit and i am fucking off here BAN KAI everything or nothing
03 Oct 2007 Andrij Really i am 17 years old and life for me is shit. For the hole month i didn't go to the university but telled my parents that i did go there. Also i didn't want to see any friends (but they tried to contact me); also i did nothing. I stopped learning, though the last year in the university i had 92/100points,i stopped doing sport: aikido and football. I don't like the life maybe because i never feeled trully happy, i felt myself lonely on the planet Earth Why did i do it? The answer is simple i want to commit suicide. If i want to kill myself i decided to stop talking to friends and doing the things that hold me on Earth. I REALLY understand how much pain will my death cause to everyone but it is my decision. I don't like the university. I didn't like the situation when my family divorced and the pressure they all are putting on me!!! So i will drink sleeping pills+alcohol and i will cut my wrists at night. That is all. PS BANKAI the fucking soul
03 Oct 2007 Unknown. Okay so I believe in the Goddess and the God. (I'm wiccan).
I don't feel that my religion really affects the whole suicide thing.

I have a problem with some Christians. Not all. But I feel that a TRUE christian would not kill themselves. Christians see suicide as a sin.

But you know I don't care. If you wanna kill yourself do it, or talk to someone. Be that a preist (or someone from religion) or a counsellor.

Because just because you're a Christian (or other faith) it won't make your pain go away.

Just think about that.
03 Oct 2007   So many people say: Jesus died for you and the least you owe him is to live.

I know no Jesus. I've never met him. He was already dead before I was even born. I owe him Nothing.

The Bible writes about love. Seeing how many people god kills, I no longer believe in him being merciful... And God so hated his only son, that he gave him to the world, that the world might have him.

I've been to churches and found cold stone. Colored glas depicting sheep, staring in awe, at the shepherd. Candles burning, hoping to lure unwary travellers inside. Stories about the horrors of hell, which seemed like paradise, compared to real life. The glory of the church, plunging man into its cold and unyielding shadow.

I've walked into a mosque and settled down on the carpet. Heard empty words, about the promissed land, unstained by unbevelievers. The preaching of peace, written down by a man who has fougt hundreds of battles. Talk about the innocence of children, from someone whose wife was five years old.

I've walked into a buddist temple. Peace and serenity dwelled within, while the poor and destitute dwelled outside.

Having seen all of this, I have no reason to believe in any god. If there is one, I'd gladly slay him to rid the world of his evil.
03 Oct 2007 Axu shoot yuorself in the head
03 Oct 2007 sad and depressed So what if I want to kill myself. Whats wrong with that. Life is depressing anyway! You say dont because you have it all...otehrs dont!
02 Oct 2007 Problems.. Im 11 years old. I've been teased called Fat.i seroiusly regret meeting some people.My mom treats me like shit.
But one thing to all of you people who are reading this.I still have suiciding in my head.I've been picked on since i was a little girl.i used to cut. but i found someone online amazingly. He was nice iguess. people teased me of being too ugly to have a real life rleeationship. i really hated them. And Amazing that i think i fell inlove with him but that isn't the point at the moment.Suiciding was one of those things that i always thought wasscarey. I have thought of suiciding from age 8. I have no friends. i have nothing at all.
I attemped to hangv myself but my dad wouldn't let me
i tried running away from everything.
It never works. So To you people who want to suicide.just think what ur leaving behind unlike me.
who is going to suicide so dearly soon.
I have no future but you still do. live it right.
02 Oct 2007 rain i dont know the best way to kill your self.i dont think there is a best way. i think thats what everyone needs to realise. that we dont need to be the best, we dont have to succeed in everything.
i think you should try to take life a day at a time....dont think about the future...ignore what everyone else does or says.
im not saying im right...but i know that tkaing life a day at a time has helped me.
i think about killing myself everyday..but i never do, beacuse i dont have the guts.
and if you dont have the guts...then rmember it can be a good thing.
01 Oct 2007 dead inside. i think everyone just needs to learn to live. they should have a class called living life 101 at schools now a days, them kids seem to really need that kinda thing. just live thru it. survive. just survive.
01 Oct 2007 Morgan I agree with one of you that said that it's dumb that you want to commit suicide when your significant other leaves you.
Want to know why I want to commit suicide?
I'm a 17 year old single mother, and I am very fucked up in the head and a severe alcoholic. My child will be taken away from me in a couple days. I am writing this as I am popping every single pill in this house.
I used to think that suicide is a sin, but I think this is a good reason.
My daughter is being taken away from me.
I know it's better for her, but I can't live without her.
01 Oct 2007 ACP How is it that there are so many of us out there? So many of us, who feel fed up with the world... and yet the answers we are looking for seem so scarce. I want someone to tell me why the world is such a cold place to live. Why does it seem so appealing and so easy to kill one's self? Why do I feel like only a few people would care if I did?
30 Sep 2007 Andrew I'm seventeen, I guess. I don't know if I want to kill myself. I want myself to want to. But I don't know if I do. I don't feel things anymore. I'm disgraceful. I think I will.
30 Sep 2007 FUCKER. Yeah,
your fucking sad.
If suicide is so brilliant,
why haven't you killed yourself yet?
Jesus died for you and the least you owe him is to live.
Sad that your such a waste.
Maybe you should go back to school
and learn what really is valuable
pathetic shit head.
29 Sep 2007 u didnt say please. ive made up my mind. im going to break his knees. and i dont give a fuck about going to jail. repeditivly i shall strike the knees with a hammer until all bone structure is fragmented.

for the entire duration i shall repeat:

"this is why you dont beat your kids."
29 Sep 2007 Just trying to be a friend the best way i think to kill urself is by getting help and staying with that help until you feel better. You were put here for a reason and you should not have to think this way! I have had a rough life too but I still get up every day thinking how I could make it better even when I dont want to. But doing something stupid like hanging yourself from a tree over a pond and waiting til you drop in the pondto drown, or taking an excess amount of drugs mixed together or doing the simple way out with a gun is BEYOND STUPID!! SEEK HELP or you can email me and I will talk to you and be your friend but please DO NOT kill yourself!! Killing yourself is NOT the answer there really is SOMETHING to live for even if you dont have anything now you WILL soon. I KNOW. PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO EMAIL ME PLEASE DO EVEN IF ITS JUST TO TALK OR IF U NEED HELP EMAIL ME I WILL BE THERE IF u need to talk at all even if its just once. PLEASE dont kill yourself.


Suicide will not end your problems!!!
Suicide is an option NOT recommended!!!
Suicide will make everyone around u feel the same way u feel right now
Suicide is not a game for some people, its the way they feel at most times in their life especially when no one is their for you.
Suicide is a choice that only u can make, no one should tell u not to do it, or stop u from doing it, or tell u not to feel or think that way for they have no idea what people that face suicide and depression go through on a daily basis.
Suicidal people may talk about death and/or no reason to live, say things about not wanting to be here anymore, will withdraw from so called friends/ social activities, have no interest in things, have trouble eating and sleeping, make statements about hopelessness/worthlessness, lose interest in their personal appearance, talk about risks, be reckless and/or impulsive, having had a recent severe loss (especially relationship), be preoccupied with death and dying, give away prized posessions, prepare for death by making a will.

REMEMBER that there is SOMEONE that does care and GOD LOVES you, I LOVE you, People LOVE you even if you dont believe it. Your life will get better, TRUST me. It did for me.
29 Sep 2007 Breaking-away I realised I didn't actually ask what I wanted to ask...I wonder why? Anyway.

Well does anyone know what I should do. I know I need to talk to someone know the wanting-my-freaking-good-for-nothing-life-to-be-over-thing, well I don’t know hwo I can talk to. Does anyone know?

Probably, I don’t know.

Well let me know.

I’m desperate!
29 Sep 2007 catrina I've tried a lot of different methods.
I'm 13 (nearly 14) and I've tried:

1) Drowning Myself
2) Hanging myself
3) Suffocating myself
4) Bleeding to death
5) Starving myself

Jeez...I haven’t tried to OD yet, I will, I just want to do a bit of research to get it right.

Well yeah as you can see my attempts didn’t go so well, I’m still here.

If you knew me you’d be all like “why would you want to kill yourself? You have a great life!” That’s when I’d snort, roll my eyes and say something like “You have no idea,”

I seem kind of normal but inside I feel empty and alone. Even with my friends I always feel like a third wheel if there’s more than one person with me.
28 Sep 2007 Aaron ...spent too long with an eating disorder...need a change of scene...

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