Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Oct 2007 rain i dont know the best way to kill your self.i dont think there is a best way. i think thats what everyone needs to realise. that we dont need to be the best, we dont have to succeed in everything.
i think you should try to take life a day at a time....dont think about the future...ignore what everyone else does or says.
im not saying im right...but i know that tkaing life a day at a time has helped me.
i think about killing myself everyday..but i never do, beacuse i dont have the guts.
and if you dont have the guts...then rmember it can be a good thing.
01 Oct 2007 dead inside. i think everyone just needs to learn to live. they should have a class called living life 101 at schools now a days, them kids seem to really need that kinda thing. just live thru it. survive. just survive.
01 Oct 2007 Morgan I agree with one of you that said that it's dumb that you want to commit suicide when your significant other leaves you.
Want to know why I want to commit suicide?
I'm a 17 year old single mother, and I am very fucked up in the head and a severe alcoholic. My child will be taken away from me in a couple days. I am writing this as I am popping every single pill in this house.
I used to think that suicide is a sin, but I think this is a good reason.
My daughter is being taken away from me.
I know it's better for her, but I can't live without her.
01 Oct 2007 ACP How is it that there are so many of us out there? So many of us, who feel fed up with the world... and yet the answers we are looking for seem so scarce. I want someone to tell me why the world is such a cold place to live. Why does it seem so appealing and so easy to kill one's self? Why do I feel like only a few people would care if I did?
30 Sep 2007 Andrew I'm seventeen, I guess. I don't know if I want to kill myself. I want myself to want to. But I don't know if I do. I don't feel things anymore. I'm disgraceful. I think I will.
30 Sep 2007 FUCKER. Yeah,
your fucking sad.
If suicide is so brilliant,
why haven't you killed yourself yet?
Jesus died for you and the least you owe him is to live.
Sad that your such a waste.
Maybe you should go back to school
and learn what really is valuable
pathetic shit head.
29 Sep 2007 u didnt say please. ive made up my mind. im going to break his knees. and i dont give a fuck about going to jail. repeditivly i shall strike the knees with a hammer until all bone structure is fragmented.

for the entire duration i shall repeat:

"this is why you dont beat your kids."
29 Sep 2007 Just trying to be a friend the best way i think to kill urself is by getting help and staying with that help until you feel better. You were put here for a reason and you should not have to think this way! I have had a rough life too but I still get up every day thinking how I could make it better even when I dont want to. But doing something stupid like hanging yourself from a tree over a pond and waiting til you drop in the pondto drown, or taking an excess amount of drugs mixed together or doing the simple way out with a gun is BEYOND STUPID!! SEEK HELP or you can email me and I will talk to you and be your friend but please DO NOT kill yourself!! Killing yourself is NOT the answer there really is SOMETHING to live for even if you dont have anything now you WILL soon. I KNOW. PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO EMAIL ME PLEASE DO EVEN IF ITS JUST TO TALK OR IF U NEED HELP EMAIL ME I WILL BE THERE IF u need to talk at all even if its just once. PLEASE dont kill yourself.


Suicide will not end your problems!!!
Suicide is an option NOT recommended!!!
Suicide will make everyone around u feel the same way u feel right now
Suicide is not a game for some people, its the way they feel at most times in their life especially when no one is their for you.
Suicide is a choice that only u can make, no one should tell u not to do it, or stop u from doing it, or tell u not to feel or think that way for they have no idea what people that face suicide and depression go through on a daily basis.
Suicidal people may talk about death and/or no reason to live, say things about not wanting to be here anymore, will withdraw from so called friends/ social activities, have no interest in things, have trouble eating and sleeping, make statements about hopelessness/worthlessness, lose interest in their personal appearance, talk about risks, be reckless and/or impulsive, having had a recent severe loss (especially relationship), be preoccupied with death and dying, give away prized posessions, prepare for death by making a will.

REMEMBER that there is SOMEONE that does care and GOD LOVES you, I LOVE you, People LOVE you even if you dont believe it. Your life will get better, TRUST me. It did for me.
29 Sep 2007 Breaking-away I realised I didn't actually ask what I wanted to ask...I wonder why? Anyway.

Well does anyone know what I should do. I know I need to talk to someone know the wanting-my-freaking-good-for-nothing-life-to-be-over-thing, well I don’t know hwo I can talk to. Does anyone know?

Probably, I don’t know.

Well let me know.

I’m desperate!
29 Sep 2007 catrina I've tried a lot of different methods.
I'm 13 (nearly 14) and I've tried:

1) Drowning Myself
2) Hanging myself
3) Suffocating myself
4) Bleeding to death
5) Starving myself

Jeez...I haven’t tried to OD yet, I will, I just want to do a bit of research to get it right.

Well yeah as you can see my attempts didn’t go so well, I’m still here.

If you knew me you’d be all like “why would you want to kill yourself? You have a great life!” That’s when I’d snort, roll my eyes and say something like “You have no idea,”

I seem kind of normal but inside I feel empty and alone. Even with my friends I always feel like a third wheel if there’s more than one person with me.
28 Sep 2007 Aaron ...spent too long with an eating disorder...need a change of scene...
28 Sep 2007 brittney<secret> yo need to tell ppl ur secrets on suicide? go to yo dis shits cool.
28 Sep 2007 I LOVE all of you... Seek HELP!! This will be my last time on the site but let me leave something with you all:

As of right now I am going to be ok!! I know life throws rough patches but remember that there is SOMEONE that does care and GOD LOVES you, I LOVE you, people LOVE you even if you dont believe it. Your life will get better, TRUST me. It did for me.
28 Sep 2007 nathan take a rope and hang urself it is quick,easy,and painful cause u will be dead right when u jump
28 Sep 2007 Mouchette is dead... Seek HELP!! This will be my last time on the site but let me leave something with you all:

So you can trust me in what I am about to say, please note the following that has happened to me in the PAST and days up until recent...

I am nearly way too old for this site but for some reason I keep coming back to post well I am done now coming here because life is going to be ok. Well, I am going to write about my life experiences which means I am using this site as a blog site for right now, so if this gets boring just scroll down and move on. My life started to change and turn to shit when I was about 11 years old. That's the age I was when my parents divorced. It is not easy growing up through a divorce. Anyways me and my older brother lived with my Mom because my father was whacked. So my life was shittier than you could imagine. I never had friends, and never got invited places. I was ripped away from my mother because the courts believed my father when he said my Mom was estranged ... it was the other way around. Mom took us away because my father was abusive, and whacked out. He would always threaten to kill the pets and us if so and so ever happened. Anyways, so CPS took us away where my brother and I were sent to live out of state for a few months to live with our grandparents. We came back later in June 1998. We had just started high school and then we were taken to a group home so many miles away which didn't work out so then they took us to a foster home where we gave clues to our Mom so she could come see us when the courts said she couldn't because of my father. Then a few months or so later we got moved back in with our Mom. I still have no friends at school so I am a loner wandering the halls and quad areas, and locker rooms aimlessly waiting for classes to start. After school was nothing but dreaded days because it was homework time until I finally realized how to get it done in school. When I was about 14 I adopted my greatest dog ever who became my only friend. He was there for me when no one else was, I loved him and he loved me back. He was a loyal pet and never put me down like the many people I came into contact with. He trusted me and I trusted him. Then came the day that we had to move because we were low on money again because my father never once paid child and spousal support so we had to give my BEST friend up. MY dog and I were good friends. I miss him to this day and wish with every breath that I take that I could find him and re-adopt him if he is still around somewhere! If anything was almost as hard as growing up through a divorce it was the day I had to depart with my dog! We lived out of the car for a month or so with 2 cats, and 2 dogs too. We had to move into a motel for 3 months. Then we move again. The cycle never endeed. I am now a h.s. graduate with some college and I still am not employed, I thought I had made friends 2 years ago but those friends just walk all over me, and don't care like they say they do, I moved back to my fathers house because otherwise I literally would be living on the street if I didn't. Before I moved back I was in the job corps until they kicked me and some other people out. Sometime after I moved back I met my fiance through his dad in 2003 when he was sick with cancer. He lost that battle in February 2006. Again I thought my life had ended. One year and a few weeks later to his passing, our dad (his dad) had suffered a major stroke. I felt like joining the dark/gothic side of the town I live in so I could be heavily sedated with dark clothing, black nail polish, chains, and the works. Of course I didn't though. I am also a full-time volunteer/backup worker for an animal organization. I fell in love with another guy whom is the world to me but hasn't been able to see the same way yet he tells me he is in love with me and cares about so much but doesn't ever calls or returns my email. So I am to think he is playing with my heart as well. Then there was another guy that had cheated on me before he gave us a chance. He is the wheelchair bound dude that is a hillbilly redneck. Now that I reread that statement about the redneck, I think I am ok not being with him. Now my play-with-my-heart guy comes crawling back and wants to give us a chance ... again. Im at a loss at what to do because I don't know want to be hurt again. So then my ex-friend wants to set me up with a guy who turns out to be a jerk too. I still at this time love Mike Westerman and want to still be with him so I think I will take him back and see if he really has changed and if so will stay with him. I could go on but I think I will stop writing now.

As of tonight I am going to be ok!! I know life throws rough patches but remember that there is SOMEONE that does care and GOD LOVES you, I LOVE you, People LOVE you even if you dont believe it. Your life will get better, TRUST me. It did for me.
27 Sep 2007 Just trying to help Hey all, I will not be back here again, so if you need me those can just look for me with my old email address on here . I am going to live!! This suicide shit is bogus!! Do the hapy thing and make something happen!! Come on there are better ways to move on than be feeling lonely, depressed or whatever. Email me please if you need to talk!!
27 Sep 2007 impale yourself. stop being a little baby. grow the fuck up. oh im gonna kill myself cuz i have problems or cuz i have depression. abraham lincon had depression. he was president of the united states of america. so dont kil yourself. but i wouldsay the best way would be self impaling on a tall tree trunk thats been topped and sharpened to a point.
it will hurt bad but will make such a bold statment the pain will be worth it.
27 Sep 2007   why do you want to kill yourself my big brother did 3 year ago and we all miss him and it not some game game for kids to play
26 Sep 2007 George's kid i will be dead after my dreaded work day tomorrow.. i am tired of shit and am going to kill myself after work tomorrow... bye usa of fuckin people that never do show a fuckin care to anyone in this world... fuck this world... now where did i put that beer? if only george would talked to me.. if only i had someone one person that cared... but i dont so fuck this life... im out
26 Sep 2007 Cant take it I just broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. She is sleeping with my old best friend. I love her to death and she just wants me to sit around and be her "friend" while she fucks him. i cant take this anymore. I have no life. My parents hate me, i have no car, no job, no one to love me anymore. i want to end my life tonight... im thinking of a shotgun straight to the mouth. that should do it shouldnt it???

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