Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Oct 2007 samantha im 15 and ive been searching the web all day with my own different option to end it i dnt call it suicide i just think its my way to starting over im sick of life its useless no1 wil even notice im gone ne way i cut my wrists and legs every day to try get rid of the pain and how i feel but i guess this is the end hope every one has a great life and dont worry i will be hapier soon when im gone
05 Oct 2007 chris dont kill yerself rob a bank at least u can go and live yer dream
05 Oct 2007 another perspective. And she was 9 not 5.
05 Oct 2007 another perspective. also to the person with no name:

if your referring to the Quran, then it was not written by man. Those are god's word. Yeah he fought battles, yeah people died, but not cause he wanted to. They attacked him. He just protected himself. Protected his people. Which is what he promised to do. Yeah one of his wifes was 5 years old, but had she not been ready for marriage, she would have failed as a wife. Instead she was one of his greatest companions, a wonderful wife. She took care of him. And he took care of her. All hardships come from god, and all blessings come from god. I'm sorry that your search for Him came to a dead end. I'm sorry that you won't know what its like to cry and beg and plead to Him and to feel close to him. You went to churches, mosques, and temples. I went to His house, and I stood at the doors, and I felt so far from him and yet so close all at the same time. Its hard when it comes to god, I know. Sometimes I find my faith is weak too. But, if there is no God, than what keeps you sane? Why are you here? Everything people have been passing down for ages and ages, is it all pretend? If you are happy without believing in God, than so be it. Its your choice. But just know, God works in mysterious ways. He is always watching, always listening. If you seek hard and keep seeking even if all you do is come upon dead ends...keep seeking. One day you'll find Him. Whether it be in a church, mosque, or temple, you'll find him.

If you are content with no lord, than so be it. I wish you nothing more than happiness.

Take care.
05 Oct 2007 Help There is no way to kill yourself you have to love yourself first and then the thought of suicide will disappear from your head. one other and many are tire of hearing is to find God, it tiring to hear but is the best way.Hope no one commit suicide if you want to talk, talk to God close your eyes and talk to him.
05 Oct 2007 mcheek Suicide is not the answer. Everything always always gets better. Just remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
04 Oct 2007 dave eiher hang yourself or cut your neck hose are two the best ways
04 Oct 2007 dead inside. How does it feel to know you're everything I need
The butterflies in my stomach
They could bring me to my knees
How does it feel to know you're everything I want
I've got a hard time saying this
So I'll sing it in a song

Pack your things we can leave today
Pack your things we can leave today
Say our goodbyes and get on the train
Say goodbye
Just you and I in the sweet unknown
We can just call each other our home
04 Oct 2007 prep101 you people are FUUCKED UP!!! Emo bitches
04 Oct 2007   listen alot of you may have remeber ken he wrote here quiet a bit well this is his father his last message was that he had enough with life and tonight he was goiing to end it well he wasnt lying about 3 days after that he took his hunting rifle and shot himself in the head ending his life so what i am say is this dont kill yer self it is not worth it because the pain you fell now is nothing compared to what your loved ones will feel after if you want to think about that then i cant stop you but i think it is not a good idea if you like to talk to me about yer isssues or about ken you can email me at kens email
take care all
04 Oct 2007 fuck Don't Die, Eat Pie, Apple Or Cherry Maybe Blueberry? You will grow up you see and think about how silly you used to be when you were only 13.
03 Oct 2007 flip side to the person with no name:

why do you blame god for the state of mankind now? so if i slap u in the face its gods fault?
what i, having my eyes opend disern from your words is that you seek for something. you dont know what it is. but deep inside you know its there. otherwise. your search would be a waste of your time.
when you are so far down if you cry out to him and you belong to him he will answer. perhaps not even in words.
there is a difference in beliveing in him and knowing him.

i been in churches and i do agree the shallowness, twofacedness, greed, and not what it should be so i dont go. once again these are people.

if god didnt make you why would this curiosity be surfacing?
03 Oct 2007 maks the best way is when your in school tell your teacher you had enough of this shity work. then then if he say dont say that bla bla blahh be like ima comist suicide bitch. hele send you to like somebody (princible) or talk to you or piss you off so take out a nfe go to some one you love and be like i love you kiss them and stab your self
03 Oct 2007 Andrij I will kill myself because life is a huge shit and i am fucking off here BAN KAI everything or nothing
03 Oct 2007 Andrij Really i am 17 years old and life for me is shit. For the hole month i didn't go to the university but telled my parents that i did go there. Also i didn't want to see any friends (but they tried to contact me); also i did nothing. I stopped learning, though the last year in the university i had 92/100points,i stopped doing sport: aikido and football. I don't like the life maybe because i never feeled trully happy, i felt myself lonely on the planet Earth Why did i do it? The answer is simple i want to commit suicide. If i want to kill myself i decided to stop talking to friends and doing the things that hold me on Earth. I REALLY understand how much pain will my death cause to everyone but it is my decision. I don't like the university. I didn't like the situation when my family divorced and the pressure they all are putting on me!!! So i will drink sleeping pills+alcohol and i will cut my wrists at night. That is all. PS BANKAI the fucking soul
03 Oct 2007 Unknown. Okay so I believe in the Goddess and the God. (I'm wiccan).
I don't feel that my religion really affects the whole suicide thing.

I have a problem with some Christians. Not all. But I feel that a TRUE christian would not kill themselves. Christians see suicide as a sin.

But you know I don't care. If you wanna kill yourself do it, or talk to someone. Be that a preist (or someone from religion) or a counsellor.

Because just because you're a Christian (or other faith) it won't make your pain go away.

Just think about that.
03 Oct 2007   So many people say: Jesus died for you and the least you owe him is to live.

I know no Jesus. I've never met him. He was already dead before I was even born. I owe him Nothing.

The Bible writes about love. Seeing how many people god kills, I no longer believe in him being merciful... And God so hated his only son, that he gave him to the world, that the world might have him.

I've been to churches and found cold stone. Colored glas depicting sheep, staring in awe, at the shepherd. Candles burning, hoping to lure unwary travellers inside. Stories about the horrors of hell, which seemed like paradise, compared to real life. The glory of the church, plunging man into its cold and unyielding shadow.

I've walked into a mosque and settled down on the carpet. Heard empty words, about the promissed land, unstained by unbevelievers. The preaching of peace, written down by a man who has fougt hundreds of battles. Talk about the innocence of children, from someone whose wife was five years old.

I've walked into a buddist temple. Peace and serenity dwelled within, while the poor and destitute dwelled outside.

Having seen all of this, I have no reason to believe in any god. If there is one, I'd gladly slay him to rid the world of his evil.
03 Oct 2007 Axu shoot yuorself in the head
03 Oct 2007 sad and depressed So what if I want to kill myself. Whats wrong with that. Life is depressing anyway! You say dont because you have it all...otehrs dont!
02 Oct 2007 Problems.. Im 11 years old. I've been teased called Fat.i seroiusly regret meeting some people.My mom treats me like shit.
But one thing to all of you people who are reading this.I still have suiciding in my head.I've been picked on since i was a little girl.i used to cut. but i found someone online amazingly. He was nice iguess. people teased me of being too ugly to have a real life rleeationship. i really hated them. And Amazing that i think i fell inlove with him but that isn't the point at the moment.Suiciding was one of those things that i always thought wasscarey. I have thought of suiciding from age 8. I have no friends. i have nothing at all.
I attemped to hangv myself but my dad wouldn't let me
i tried running away from everything.
It never works. So To you people who want to suicide.just think what ur leaving behind unlike me.
who is going to suicide so dearly soon.
I have no future but you still do. live it right.

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