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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Aug 2007 no Large caliber handgun or shotgun. I'd go with a minimum of a .40 caliber handgun, .45 just to be safe. If you're under 13, find a friend who has a hunting parent. The friend will likely know where the gun is. Do NOT tell the friend you're going to kill yourself; the friend will tell someone even if they promise to keep it secret. Load the gun, point it to the side of your head just behind the temple. Pull trigger and save the world the expense of your continued living.
31 Aug 2007 ella hello my name is ella and i am 13. my farther molested me when i was little and no one belives me. my family told me to my face that i just want attention it killed me in side and now i am so numb to everything. my best friend now hates me and i have no one to talk to. I have tried commiting suicide everyway that i can think off and yet im still here. im scared of everything and i haent gone out side my house in over two months. to everyone out there trying to commit suicide the method that took me closet to death was: drink a fuck load of alcohol ad the shovel panadol down your throat and pray to god u die because let me tell you if you dont when you wake up it is fucking shit with all the siceatrcitratments and counselers and the horrible sicknes
31 Aug 2007 anon seriously, I dont think there is a best way of trying to kill yourdelf, i have been depressed for about 4 years now and counselling dont even help! they just say what they think you want to hear i go twice a week and im still depressed! i have tried to kill myself numerous of times and all i have been left with is emotional and physical scars, i have tried burning myself while i took loads of pills so i was drowsy, and i have scars from that as some one came just in time! i have tried hanging myself and suffocating and drowning and taking aspirin i even took aload of ecsasy pills but they just made me feel better about myself so i started doing them regulary until i became a nervous wreck and paranoia kicked in, i still want to kill myself but it just seems like everytime i do it, it seems that some one always tries to stop me, i have no friends and i haven't been out of the house in 2 years except to go in a taxi to go to counselling then back again my whole family is fucked up i only live with my mum and she has told me on numerous occasions that i was a mistake and i have had to put up with all her shit for 19 years since the day i was born she favours my sister over the rest of her kids she only does that cos she reckons shes gonna be a actress one day and will provide her with lots of money, i no my life aint as bad as some other peoples but it is still pretty shit and could be alot worse than people just wanting to kill themselves cos there parents asked them to clean there rooms or something!
31 Aug 2007 Champagne To all the posters - this website is a performnce art website created 12 years ago based on a fictional French character named Mouchette who is abused, raped, neglected and finally kills herself at the end of the book to escape her hard life - she was 13 years old at the time. There was a very famous French film by Robert Bresson out in the 50s or 60s based on the book.
30 Aug 2007 Ashleigh i'm 15 i have bulimia i have severe to extreme depression i stress out really easily. i recently got ditched from my group coz i'm fat ugly and annoying... i weigh 55kg. i have recently thought about suicide. any quick, easy, painless ways. plz email them to me.
30 Aug 2007 Asleigh Since before I was born my dad has had MS (multiple Sclerosis) when I was 11 my dad was full time in a wheel chair. Soon enough Don came into the picture first as a handy man but then turned into my dad’s carer. Being Christian I used to go to a kids club on Friday nights, well one night we came back to find dad on the floor…he had fallen over. All I remember is mum and dad talking then dad saying that he can’t live here and then mum telling me to call an ambulance. Dad was hospitalized and put on a waiting list for the local rest home. I know what ur thinking right old folks home. Well they were the only ppl who can keep 24 hour care. Well about a month after dad was put in the rest home mum cheated on dad with don yes don his carer. I only know this coz I found some things I probably shouldn’t of. I resorted in cutting myself. I needed 6 stitches.

About ya know 2 months later don says he is moving over to Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. We as in mum kept in contact then announces that we are moving over there to… at first I was excited then mum dropped the bombshell….dad wasn’t coming with. I cut again but not as bad.

2 months later we moved. I admit I love it here or so I did till about a week ago. All my friends have turned against me. But anyway. Don well he hits me and threatens me with knives and says if I tell the police or anything he will kill me first and I know there is protection but I don’t want to risk it. He is one of the 2 sided ppl he can be really nice like I mean we get $100 a month pocket money and just things like that but when he turns on ya that’s when it is time to be scared. I mean I don’t cry much it takes a lot to make me cry but wen he is inches from ur face yelling at u swearing at u; u just break down and cry. And just like you my mum wouldn’t believe me anyway.

I still travel 700km to see my dad every school holidays. But Its not enough. My dad has gotten worse he cant walk or feel himself or even talk every time I go and see him I feel like I cant even look at him in case I start to cry.

Over the last few months I have developed bulimia and severe to extreme depression. I know I need to stop but I feel it impossible. My friends are trying to get me to go see a councilor because one of em used to do the same I do and she collapsed in the middle of the road and was in hospital for 3 months but that somehow doesn’t scare me off to stop.
30 Aug 2007 evil red Take a large amount of sleeping pills. Go outside in the middle of winter at minus 40 and just sleep, you should die, at least thats what ive been told.

people who tell others not to commit suicide just have nothing better to do or something. if people want to commit suicide, let them. it's their decision not yours.

my life sucks too. basically everyday my mother tells me that she wishes id never been born cuz im stupid and useless and shows no respect towards her. i have a sister and we both want to commit suicide, so if there are any other suggestions, id be happy to know
30 Aug 2007 yujiao I think none has better answer than me so far: go play World of Warcraft. If you get addicted, like millions of others do, you will probably stop thinking about suicide cuz the game has become your life, your new hope.
On the other hand, if you never thought about suicide and get addicted, you might develop mental illness and addiction and want to kill your self. hahahaha
30 Aug 2007 yujiao Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

Drowning is one of the worse way to kill yourself...

I have seen a few pictures what a drowning person's dead body after a week look like: more gross than a pot of shit.
30 Aug 2007 yujiao

my video on Owen Wilson, the famous movie star's attempt to commit suicide.
30 Aug 2007 yujiao Why Owen Wilson attemp suicide.
- Friends say Owen Wilson has battled depression for years and was taking medication, but went into a downward spiral when actress Kate Hudson dumped him earlier this summer - IN TOUCH

I thought a gunshot would be the best way to kill myself, but when I came upon a ton of pictures of what a dead guy look like after being shot, I think I will never consider gunning down myself even I am so desperate.
30 Aug 2007 brittney hitting yourself with a hammer
30 Aug 2007 Abby well....i have wanted to commit suicide for awhile now....and am also trying to find the easiest way.
im sorry i cant tell you a easy way,for i do not know.i know taht none will be easy...but maybe a less painless 1? I just miss my dad so much....and i want some one to love me...not like my family like a boyfriend would be nice.
i go to church and all....but i feel that im missing something.
Sorry i couldnt help.
30 Aug 2007 BALACLAVA_BRUVA What purpose is there in life to kill yourself?
29 Aug 2007 the funeral song. I died in my dreams
What's that supposed to mean?
Got lost in the fire
I died in my dreams
Reaching out for your hand
My fatal desire
29 Aug 2007 patrick silverstone the best way to suicide is to drawn yourself into life.make yourself so much busy that could not think about different ways of reaching the end of life.some of us try to kill ourself but i have a better idea,KILL THE TIME,but different activities.once,i exprienced lying in a grave!!!i will explain if anyone eager to hear.just bye.
29 Aug 2007 Vinny I found this site when i was 13, now i'm 20 and i still wanna commit suicide, now more than ever. When i was 13 i wanted to kill myself for having a shitty life, and it was, time went by, things got better, but they went down again, i should have known... Now i have to face a huge problem, i think my life will only get worse and i don't think i can do this to my mom or my girlfriend. There are actually so many people i would have let down if i do this, but these are the most important ones, these are the ones that will have their lives ended too if i do this... So i have to continue suffering if i ever want them to be happy. Sometimes i think i should just get away, like disappear and do it. But i just can't... Not to them, i love them too much... I think i'll brake up with my gf. It will be better for her. My life will only get worse, and she's got such a bright future in front of her... Just waiting... I had one too you know, but i threw it away. And now i have to live with it... I have to live a shitty life because i chose to and there's no turning back, or an exit. My dad... I loved him a lot, but unfortunately it faded away. he let it fade away, and now he got tired of the burden i've become. He's right... He's got that right... If he only knew now i would really change... If he only knew how much was i disposed to try. Now i have to face it. Live a mediocre life, ruining the life of a girl i love, and ruining all the expectations my mom had.
If only there was a way for them not to suffer....
29 Aug 2007 Observer To answer someone's question, I suspect the purpose of this Web site is for Mouchette to express herself without giving out too much of herself; that's what all artists do.
28 Aug 2007 medicated i know maybe where u are its illeagle. but when i want to blow my brains out i smoke some marijuana. kinda takes the edge off.

i would also like to say that anything harder than puffin on the green will just make it worse.
but seriously it works for me. cuz i got problems. dont wanna go it to it. but i can actually THINK now cuz it calms me down.
maybe puffin on the tasty treats isnt for you. but you need to find out what will help you THINK. it only takes three seconds of openminded thought to change your mind to a positive non suicidal state. this has been tested and proven. three seconds. versus u aint comming back. well im gonna get me a bowl of ice creame and take a nap now.
much better than brains on the celing.
28 Aug 2007 xTerrix i am 13 but uhm ive tryed to killmyself wow. it sucked ass my life is still shity. what ever sucks in ur life just email me and uhm i will try to find a way to look around it . my life sux ass. btw.

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