Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Oct 2007 rana I have been into this site like a hundred times and I've read alot of the comments,feelings and issues people have. Yeh maybe suicide is stupid, maybe it's wrong, maybe it hurts others. We might all be here for some reason or purpose or maybe not. Suicide could be a solution or could not. The truth is what everyone is saying is just words. Just their opinion and what they think. Yes I have good days, bad days, days when the world needs me, days when everyone would be better off without me. Most of all what I've noticed when reading everyones thoughts is a recurring theme. You've got people who just write what they write just to pass some time. You've got the potential suiciders who are blaming little or big reasons for their suicide attempts or feelings. Whether it be people around them, the way they look, what someone has done or said. You've got the good samaritans trying to save the would be suiciders. Then you've got the anti suiciders who are just pissed off. Why, only God knows. It's not like they will change anything by being pissed off.
I have all these feelings that the potential suiciders talk about. Sometimes I surprise myself that I'm still here. I think I'm too chicken to do anything like committ suicide, although I think about it all the time. Or maybe it's just that I don't really want to do it. I might not be at that point where I can't take it anymore.

Basically I belive depression is a disease. Nobody can tell you it's right or wrong because you can't help the feelings you are having. It's an illness that eats away at you until you can't take it anymore. This leads to suicide. There is no right or wrong in this situation. There is no accurate description or solution. There is no one treatment and there is not one person or situation to blame. Everything that we find to blame is just a catalyst. Words are words and opinions are opinions and nothing more.

When you get to this state of mind and you want to end it all nothing makes sense and nothing is real and whatever anyone says it just doesn't make a difference. What each person needs to decide is what they will do about it. If a friend tells you they want to end all are you going to get pissed off and not understand. If you think it's all over are you going to end it all. Or maybe you can recognise it's an illness and try and get some help. At the end of the day if the help you get doesn't work then you always have the option of ending all, but you never have the option of taking it back.

I totally understand any decision any person makes because at the end of the day it's their life and they know how much they can or can't handle. For anone who is against suicide let me tell you this. There is nothing in the world worse than waking up and feeling dread.Not being able to look in the mirror. Hating every word you speak or someone else speaks. Living in a bubble where nobody understands you. Hating yourself or the world to a point where you don't want anyone looking at you, talking to you. Feeling like you want to crawl out of your skin. The rotten feeling in the pit of your stomach or the feeling of dread in your heart. Sometimes you can snap out of it if things are really good, but as soon as something goes bad again he feeling returns with a vengeance.Thinking of death is the only sane thing, the only thing that will help you escape from how you feel. You will not be able to suffer or feel this pain anymore if you end it all. If other people will suffer as a result of your death is not real, if you are in this state of mind. If your life is no longer important then how can other people's suffering be important. You need to feel for people who see suicide as their only option, because it is a living hell in that big black bleak hole.


And yes there is medication for it, and yeh maybe things will help if you look for a solution and yeh maybe suicide does feel like your only option.

Just remember, whether you are suffering as a result of someone who has ended their life or you are thinking of killing yourself, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people are going through the same thing every second. There is no right or wrong, but at the end of the day if you try and help yourself and it doesn't quite go the way you want it you can STILL KILL YOURSELF. So maybe theres no harm in trying to get help. But what would I know. Because these are just my words, my thoughts and my feelings.
25 Oct 2007 Also im 23 and desperately needing help too because my life is pretty bad and what makes it worse is i just lost my b/f of a year and a fiance prior to that to cancer so all i wnt is someone to love me again and still nothing maybe i hear back
25 Oct 2007 Just Trying To Help if you kill yourself i will kill myself. just because i have a shitty life with shitty friends that do nothing for me or treat me good doesnt mean i will kill myself, sure some of you may have a worser life than me but until i meet some of you i think mine is in the top range of worse life category. i wont give many details but i will say ive been through alot, parents divorce, cps, foster care, protective custody, group homes, sent out of state, homeless, been on numereous medications, loner, wanderer, gothic, cutter, suicidal and have suffered depression for as long as i can remember. i want to give up so bad and shoot my fucking ass sometimes because of k.c of utah. but just because shes a bitch and makes my life a worthless shitty living hell doesnt mean i am going to do it. yeah life sucks when treated bad, or whatnot but please dont give up there has to be some happiness out there for you just like somewhere there is some for for me! lets do this together i promise not to kill my self if you promise not to kill yourself!!
25 Oct 2007 patrick R hi agen, i dont realy know how i feel right now i have no idea who to talk 2 anymore i try getting closer to talk to them but they just act like complete pricks, i suppose they dont understand me or know about my problems, so its not there fault can any1 tell me how i cud tell my m8 like what im going thru
25 Oct 2007 Tim yea, ive thought of suicide, why not? if thats what you want to do, go ahead. i dont want to commit suicide, but if shit keeps going bad maybe i will, fuck who cares? everyone is insignificant, you might have an impact on the handful of people that know you, but you'd be dead so you'll never know. everyone just gets forgotten, unless ofcourse you did something important or was famous, but who cares? maybe its a nice after thought that you'll be remembered, maybe itll give you some peace just before you die, but then you'll be dead anyways. anyone who brings up shit about god, or religion or shit like that, go kill yourself, seriously, fuck you. religions bullshit, use some common sense, use your fucking brain, you live, you die. if you're gonna kill yourself, i dont give one shit, my lifes just as bad as yours if not worse, but it may be better. still who gives a shit? im sure their are people who pity you, well, thats all you'll get if you make it public tghat youll kill yourself and shit like that, good for you. who fucking cares?
25 Oct 2007 Imnotsayingmyname Um, well I'm 13 and I'm a girl. I seriously can't list all the reasons why I want to just end my life. I also wish people liked me more. It seems like everybody hates me. When I came into 8th grade this year people hate me more because during the summer i kind of turned emo. Don't hate me for it im trying to stop being emo, but nobody will let me. When I try to buy like a pink shirt my mom or my grandma says oh you don't like pink you like black, black looks better on you. When I told my mom about suicide a number of times she never listens. She even saw my notebook with all my drawings for christ sake. I didn't want her to ofcourse, but since she seen it i would expect her to say something, but no. I've been depressed for years. I don't even know when it started. People always hated me. Even all the adults hate me. I wish I could just start it all over. Every night when I try going to sleep, I try strangling myself, but as hard as I try it won't kill me. I just can't kill myself with a knife, because I just can't. I believe in God too, I pray to him all the time. But he just won't help me it seems. I'm Catholic, sometimes I doubt God. But now I'm trying to turn to him more than ever, I pray almost every second of the day. If something in my life doesn't change soon, you are never going to hear of me. If I kill myself will I go to hell? I don't want to die, I just want it all to be different. No one will help me. Please help.
25 Oct 2007 rob Get mom to help
25 Oct 2007 Kaye McClintock This is not pretend, this is not a game... this is real life situations!!!Why would you want anyone, especially children to play suicide games? You should be asking what is the best way to live not the best way to kill yourself! These people have severe emotional problems and they feel they have nothing to live for. They are hurting and your are not helping them. I am posting because I want to help these poor lost souls and because I care about them. Listen, all of you who feel like you want to die and you think there is no hope or anything to look forward to. Life is the answer!
There is hope for a better life and hurting yourselves and death is not the answer. God is your answer and your hope!! It is God Who can set you free from all your pain and sorrow. Turn your hearts over to Jesus Christ our Lord. He saved me and He will save you! The Bible says; "I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2 I also am putting a website on here where you can get professional help. There are more out there, like this one.....please, search them out! I do hope and pray all that I write gets posted on this website. I want all of you to know you are in my prayers. God loves you so much, please let Him take control of your lives and drive those demons from you. God will make your life worth living, He did mine! He saved me from killing myself, He saved me from continally hurting myself, He saved me from my sins!! Please let Him save you!! With Him, all things are possible!!

Love in Christ, Kaye
24 Oct 2007 Inah Reading all these makes me so sad :( There's SO MANY things in life that you still need to discover! Life's unfair, it's ALWAYS been like that. Everyone has their ups and downs. There's just too many things to look forward to...I'm all ears :)
24 Oct 2007 Eva Magnusson Im sitting here in Sweden and reading all this terrible things...If anyone need a friend or someone to talk to please conntact me... Eva please write!!!
24 Oct 2007   Don't!! I have been burdened at times with the same thoughts. I am middle aged and whilst in my memory the first time may have been when I was about 15 there may have been times prior to that. Things happened to me, I did things to others, my anger has ensured that I have from time to time hurt others without understanding why. These thoughts have at times led me to contemplate my own demise and how this may benefit me and others. It benefits no-one!! I unfortunately....or maybe fortunately have been in a position to see what the outcome is when people take their lives and the affect on others especially those who love them. Undeniably bad....
For your sake....for those that love you and for the world that will unltimately benefit from your contribution small or help.....please...don't do it!!!!!
23 Oct 2007 micheal s. im the bestest uncle dad ever. my son, nick swann, is also my nephew. he is kinda slow and everyone knows in my neighborhood nick is mine by my sister. they want us to get a blood test to prove im his dad. his uncle dad. i want to die. now.
23 Oct 2007 Mark Tired and Beaten, i dont know if it will help you but just telling somebody how you feel wont cost you anything, and might help you see a different way forward?
23 Oct 2007 Marley Howdey all. Im 25 and have tried to kill myself about 4 total times so far. Im not going to lie I kind of feel like I would like to make another attempt. Im nothing special, I have the same outlook on life I see many posters have on this site. Im lonely, looking for someone, depressed all those things horrible things add up after a while and…… So far iv ran a car in my garage (chickened out after about 2mins maybe if I took sleeping pills and was unconscious it might have been successful), I also put a gun to my head (Chickened out obviously), Also tied to overdose on perscripsoin painkillers (that just lead to a hospital visit and had to drink a lot of charcoal eww). Anyway im thinking about a tobacco extraction and poisoning myself…. O well we will see
23 Oct 2007 Faye Grzanich I just thought you'd like to know Miriam killed herself...
I hope now you will take this site off the internet before someone else commits suicide too.
My heart goes out to the family of Miriam, as she was a wonderful young girl who had a whole lifetime ahead of her. She will be greatly missed by me and her family.

Please I beg you who are thinking of committing suicide to reach out to
God and his son Jesus Christ. Reach out to someone you can trust and get help while you can.

God doesn't want you to take your life.
He wants you to live life to the fullest.

I'll miss you Miriam.
with love,
from your friend Faye
22 Oct 2007 ashley higgins what is hindering me in life?
why cant i have a good time.
why cant i cut my wrists deep enough?
i got my dadies gun and tonight im sneaking in my parents room and sitting on the floor and shooting myself. my mom will hate him. i wonder if he will be man enough to tell anyone what he did to me as a little girl and a young woman. im 16. im putting it on here so everyone knows my story when im gone.
he molests me. puts hair curlers in me. while hot. he is such a worm. i hate you dad. i already emailed everyone in the family and all your co-workers a link to this site with instructions to look for what i wrote. now everyone knows what kind of person you are.
and still the humiliation u will have isnt anything compared to how i feel. felt. you bastard.
22 Oct 2007 Zach the only reason i dont kill myself is because i'm afraid of hell more than i am of earth. i disappoint everyone around me. i can never live up to my expectations. i hate myself so so so much and maybe this world would be better without me. i need help. not many people understand me because i am surrounded my a christian family and christian school and no one understand a THING that is going on in my life. i think i may just do it. it's all i have.
22 Oct 2007 nobody When your 13 or younger, these thoughts may be overwhelming and caused by a fleeting problem, that doesn't seem so insignifigant at the time. But, for others, like me, this feeling, these thoughts, they never end! I have had them intensely since about age 12, I am now 21. Why should a person have to live with such a horrible life? I have finally given up. Today I will die. I have tried medicine, therapy, religion, and nearly everything else imagionable. This won't be easy, I am married to a great guy who loves me, but I feel nothing. I have family who might miss me, but yet I am somehow detached. These were the reason's I hadn't done so yet, but this is for me. I have always done what people want. I am now ready to end this depression. I realize now that I am only a burden on those I love. good bye
22 Oct 2007 gutsd you put on the party hat. you make the birthday cake in the microwave, put the little yellow candle on it; you eat the cake all by yourself, and then you blow the noise maker. still, you would rather seek death than wait for his phone call? you feel that sad?
22 Oct 2007 alex N so, my life is finally cuming to an end, im gettin a gun on the 17th XD, im gna blow my brians out the second i get it, ive had enougth of living here, im gna take the next step, theres a world out there and thats where i wanna b, thx every1 who has responded to my posts over the last 2 years, n i just wanna say i love this site, i hope u all find ur happy ending, but from me, i guess it goodbye.......

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