Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Sep 2007   Once again Mouchette did NOT post my answer. I protest!
09 Sep 2007 tight-EwhitiEs is this the best place to look for ways to kill yourself. i mean people posting here obviously wernt very successful.
at least you are doing your research though. i mean you can only kill yourself once so it needs to be special.
however, homicide is something that can be done over and over. afterall, the end result is the same. dead bodies. now thats sexy.
09 Sep 2007 Dushawn Mandick if u gotta come to the internet for ways to kill yourself you dont know enough about life to take your own.
since you are here, id say you dont really want to. u prolly just need a shoulder to cry on. i know this because when i first came here i didnt want to. not really. deep inside i wanted to live. i wanted change. no one else will live for you. if you want change you alone have to make it happen. do i have problems. yeah. some days i want to blow my brains on the celing. i have depression. ptsd. some other bullshit. i didnt finish reading the psycological report.
dose it matter. fuck no. no one gives a shit about my problems. (just ask yourself) and i still have to deal with them. life, the fucking speck of dust called earth dosent stop spinning for my problems. life isnt easy. for some its more difficult.
do not use ur problems as a crutch to enable the same thing/s to happen. instead use lessons learnd from them as well as use them for motivation for a better life.
this is life. everyone has problems. even the people who are to stupid to know it.
09 Sep 2007 ramble on. like could u honestly update more often. like every other day would be nice. come on. isn't this a suicide site. i mean i bet them people that want to kill themselves want to see their post up here before they do it. isn't that the point. so someone can help them before they do it??? if you update once a month, chances are they already did it and no one could help them cause you took forever to update. good god. some forum this is. i'm out...
09 Sep 2007 Françious There's a lot of ways, if you slit your wrists it won't work because you still can live from losing a lot of blood.

Hang yourself.
shoot yourself if you have a gun

best ways.
09 Sep 2007 sarah suicide is for me. im pro suicide. my lifes purpose is suicide.
its simple really
my parents had me to make me so miserable i kill myself. im glad i can make someone else happy and fufill my destiny at the same time.
09 Sep 2007 rafi 18 and very problematic with my situation, i don't knw were i belong..i dont know what am i really i..i've never been sure in my life like this before...i so deeply in love with the right person(morally speaking) but the situation never gave me the chances to be loved by the right person..there's no justice in im in a deep pain, insane, sad, lonely and alone..i wanna die...but still i want to fight..but if the only last resort for me to take over this situation is to attempt suicide, i will..
09 Sep 2007 rafi capacio be misserable with problems in life..youll be having the best heart attack ever..
08 Sep 2007 say you'll never leave. 2 more years and i'll be done with school and you'll be making history like you do.
08 Sep 2007 . . . Suicidal . . . People out there who haven't experienced suicidal thoughts can't comment on how us suicidal people feel - You don't know what it's like! It's nice that your trying to help but until you know what it's really like you don't really help. And as for you people telling suicidal people they are stupid - Your as dumb as ever! Holy fuck that could puss us over the edge!! If you don't like what you read don't visit these kind of site . . . they are for people wih problems!! Thanks for reading :)
07 Sep 2007 hope little love, life is not what you think it is.

someone i know just attempted suicide two days ago. it was not a cry for help, it was intended to be final. failed on the first try because of an unforeseen intervention, this person tried again yesterday morning, in the place they were taken to after they were found. today, this person is sobbing, weeping, and realizing what happened, and now desperate for help to rid themselves of the horrible pain and suffering they feel. this person knows that people aren't supposed to feel that way, and that dying is not the answer. they would have left behind a spouse, a sister, and many more whose lives would have been devestated by their death. those that are wanting to die are suffering from depression or another mental health problem, either genetic or situational. it's normal to feel bad once in a while or to hurt or struggle, but if it's overwhelming and makes you hopeless and want to die, there is help for you. medication, counseling, friends... trusted loved ones... these things can help you find your way back to a path of less suffering so that you can live a normal life and be happy. there is so much to live for. you must take your life in your own hands, not by your own hands. there is so much help out there. there are many, many resources. so many people waiting for you. remember, without some pain, without sadness, we would not know what joy and happiness were. but too much pain, too much sadness is a very serious problem that CAN be fixed. find help. 13 is just the beginning of life. it should never be the end.
07 Sep 2007 Ellie It's me again - I just wanted to ask again What is the best way to kill yourslf when you're under 13? Please Please Please answer! I need an easy way out - My whole life has been complicated I want my ending to be quick and simple . . . Please Give Me An Answer!
06 Sep 2007 liz how is the easiest way to kill yourself?
06 Sep 2007 fred my girl is dead.I need a new one orI will die
05 Sep 2007 Angel First off all I am very sorry to hear so many sad stories, some of the stories here are incredibly sad, my heart feel for you. I dot think anyone´s a coward for wanting to kill themselves, afterall it´s just a way of scaping the pain THEY feel, Do you hear that all of you who judge them?, It´s THEIR life and their decision, not yours, you don´t understand their reasons and you aren´t in their shoes, so don´t call them cowards, suicide is a tremendous decision that requires courage (that´s right, I said courage) and determination (sometimes it´s easier just to live a shity life than to end it), so to anyone contemplating suicide out there, remember it´s your decision, for your reason and noone else´s. If you´re not sure how you wan´t to do it then by all means get help, improve your life in whatever way you can small though it may be, do ask god for help, but do not depend on him, ultimately it will be you who will have to climb out of the hole, God will not save you because your already saved, I believe that a truly loving God will welcome you into his arms even if you end your life for a truly loving god will feel for your pain and will not codemn you to an eternity of fire and torment for seeeking to end your pain, that would make him a very cruel god in my book, so if you want hope and love look inside you and ask g od to help you through this time but YOU get to work on making it better do not wait for him (that goes double for all of you who posted really sad stories about your lives but decided to pray to god to surrender to his love and do nothing, goodluck but be prepared to wait for a long time, maybe your whole lives). For those of you that do decide to take your own lives please only think in the pain that will cause to your loved ones as unfortunately your suicide will hurt the ones you love, so at least consider that, you owe them that much, I think, if you however decide to take your life do your research properly, you don´t want to cripple yourself, hurt the ones that love you and live in a loony bin, then your life will truly be a nightmare. phew, a long post that was, please feel free to write to me if you like.

I love you all boys and girls no matter what you decide.

05 Sep 2007 Faye Grzanich Killing yourselves, taking drugs, drinking, cutting, sniffing, not the answer...
...all these ways are wrong...
God does not want you to harm yourself or others. This is not the answer to pain and heartache.
Trust me! I know firsthand the troubles you all are going through..I've been there many times..
And it was losing my husband that brought me to my knees. I turned my back on God, and was so angry. I got off on the wrong track, like to have ruined my life and my four kids...but thank God, He had his hand on me and others were praying for me..for He brought me too my knees.
When you feel at the bottom of the pit with no way out, there is..and that way is reaching out to God.
He's waiting for you, he was there for me and he will be there for you.
Trust me..
Give Him your all, lay your burdens at his feet..and watch him lift the load.

He wants us to love him most of all, and then he wants us to love one another as He loves us. He wants YOU too!
Living is tough, but the tough times will make you a stronger person if you don't give in to them. Fight the good fight.. there will alwasy be hardships in this world for God doesn't promise us a life without pain. But, He does promise us that he will be with us through it all..look at how he suffered on the Cross when your suffering and remember how He gave his life for you, so that you may live with him and have eternal life.

When your young, you may not see this, but when you are older like me, you will.
I thank God for the hardships in my life for they have brought me closer to him.
You kids that are having troubles, do the best you can to go on with life, and try to stay out of trouble and stay out of the way of others who want to cause you trouble or get you into trouble. Their time is coming, there will be a reckoning for those who have harmed you...

Find something you like to do and keep at it. Go to church, be a volunteer for something thats good and helps others. We are all given gifts (talents) each have one too and maybe even more than one....All you have to do is ask God to help you see what yours is and work on making it work for you.

I've read that kid's brains are not developed fully in frontal cortex where thinking and reasoning are until age 21, and so when you think as you do it is because you are not thinking straight...especiall when you think of need professional help...
and its out there, you just have to ask your doctor...or Department of Human Services.
I'm telling you this truth, that Jesus is the best help you could ask for. He is the great Physician and he can help you change your ways of thinking, seek him and ask for mercy.

May God bless each of you who are struggling today with problems. You may think they all are beyond your control but they are not beyond God's control for He still is in control of this world.
Turn to him for help.

I can't say this enough...for my heart breaks reading the stories some of you write. God hurts too for you even more than me.. Let Him draw you close..reach out while there is still time.

God bless each of you..
Faye Grzanich
04 Sep 2007 ruth i entertain thoughts of suicide.
more frequently than you use the toilet.
why dont you stop eating ruth. ur so fat and ugly.
04 Sep 2007 scott i do not want to kill myself or die at all. i just want a release to make what i feel inside go away. it helps me to talk about how i feel sometimes.
04 Sep 2007 Jolisa [[alone]] well i have thought bout suicide but honesty never ever had the guts to do so . i have cut my self many many times but i feel that wen i cut myself it releces pain. killing yourself is not gunna do any better your loosing your life over depression .... well i am a very very emotianal person and about everything i cry about its hard for me to talk to ppl bout how i feel or how im feeling at the momment. but everyone here i see feels alone or feels like they have no one to talk to but look its not true ... we have eachother to talk to about how were feeling... now take into consideration that this life were living today is once in a lifetime chance .... we only live once and only once ! so why let it go. well if you guys need anyone to talk to i am allways here . my email address is were you can reach me im always here to listen and i am a very good listener ...

Love, Jolisa[[alone]]
04 Sep 2007 Jodie I've already written here, but my life is NOT getting any better. I want to kill myself, literally, can you tell me the best way of killing myself? I'm 12, and i cant live my life anymore, because i'm sick of calling the ambulance all the time because my mum's having another hypo (she's diabetic). I'm telling you to try and stop me, i can't stop myself anymore.

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