Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Oct 2007 dead inside. there are people all around me, yet i feel so alone. i miss being hugged and feeling like the person was hugging me cause they actually cared about me. i don't know how to explain it really, just been feeling alone. a little confused. a little frusturated. stressed. worried. nostalgic. numb. pessimistic and optimistic all at the same time. sensative. weak. so so weak. alone. lonely. alone. lonely. depressed. intimidated by the world. rejected. restless. tired. so tired. melancholic. empty. drained. stupid. pathetic. worthless. ugly. dirty. indifferent. contemplative. nervous. discontent. lethargic. sad. hopeless.
so many words. just one truth. i'm alone. i'm alone. i'm alone.

"I am unbreakable but it looks like I could sometime soon
And you are unreachable about as possible as me touching the moon

I am unraveling unbearably empty
and if this ground gives way I just hope that you’ll catch me."
17 Oct 2007 Gabreille wow... ya kno I have never actually realy been depressed. I mean I'vebeen depressed but I've alwayz had hope and the one time I just hated everything and everyone to be honest I pushed God away and my hope was gone and it is truth to say what good is life withou hope. would life not be or seem meaning less.. I just hope everyopne here who is thinking of suicide will find jesus likme cuz life seems soo worth it when you relize how much your worthin God's eyes the creator of the universe
17 Oct 2007 courtney my f**king boyfreind is cheating on me i love him so much and besides hes one of the hottest guys in school i see him drooling over other girls i even caught him doing it with my best freind im so sick of life thats enough im gonna kill myself that girl is now my worst enemy im sick and tired i love jack so much im gonna kill myself im gonna poison myself in the cupboard were no one will no what im doing i will leave a note just incase someone i know see's this get f***ed i love jack and i cant live without i seen him doing it he broke my heart now i ll be watching him from above and i will always love you even after i die.....bye
17 Oct 2007 sophie Rolland avaler des somnifères et s'endormir soit la fenêtre ouverte en plein hiver, une nuit très froide, soit, mieux, l'allonger dans un petit bois ou un square en regardant les étoiles
17 Oct 2007 Jazz October 17, 2007

Listen Up Dumbfucks:

Most people kill themselves because of a mental condition. This is true in my case too. The condition I suffer from is that I am not normal, I am not like everyone of you "sane" people.

I am not normal in the sense that I am not like every other one of you brain-dead zombies. I can think. I can reason intelligently. I can observe and learn from life. I can make my own

decisions and follow through on them. And I can do these without any aid from celebrities, T.V. or radio. Unfortunately, every one of you shit-brained lemmings seem to lack these skills

and I can't fucking take it any more.

Since everyone else in this world is a fucking retarded drone who revels in their ignorance and unintelligence, I must put an end to my misery. I truly wish I was normal.

I wish I could be a fucking retarded sponge like all of you. I wish I could have the same conversations day in and day out about sports, politics and "how about that weather huh?". But I can't.

Sure you'll see this note and say Jazz's the crazy one. You have to it's the only way you can go on thinking you're sane and your pathetic life is meaningful. Go ahead,

call me the weirdo like everyone else surely will. Then return to your happiness of everyday mindless monotony.

My only wish is that the bullet I put into my brain doesn't kill me but only leaves me brain dead. For if ignorance is bliss and everyone of you fuck-for-brains

is truly happy, then living a life without a brain stem in a coma, devoid of any cognitive ability must surely be utopia.

Tell EMMA I loved her,


Leave My COMPUTER Plugged In You Fucking Retards,


P.S. If my Amelia's still dating interracially, tell her to get fucked
p.p.s Tell the insurance company that i was killed by 2 Abo's with tiny ankles. They will believe you with
no further questions.
P.P.P.S I wrote this so when you Look at this, YOU WILL LAUGH.(I command you)
And tell Nat to shutup because kno-one cares JESUS! and Doug go die, I'm Lonely.
P>P>P>P>S Write on my gave stone, (Jazz Barry, A son put's on a jacket to keep his mother warm.)
16 Oct 2007 Kandi This may seem shaky of me but don't. I'm commiting suicide tonight, or at least going to try, and my suicide is going to hurt alot of people. I'm suicidal because I'm 22 with three kids, one on the way, and a husband who know longer trust me because of my mistakes. Anyway you are too young, please don't commit suicide. I don't want to die, but see it as the only way. Please for me don't!
16 Oct 2007 Death i don't know what the best way would be. living as it often is is a waste of time if you're going to spend the time trying to decide how you'll die. i have tried that, it doesn't work. i don't sit here and plan how to die. when the idea hits me that's when i do it. i can't deal with life and most of me doesn't want to. i remember when i was in high school and the in-thing used to be saying that you were a cutter or that you had anorexia. i'm both now. that's alright though. i can't say that i'm happy with the way that things are going but i can say that things are still moving. i'm not happy with myself or the things that i have done but i'm learning to live with them. i've had friends commit suicide and it's gotten to the point where i can't feel anything anymore. that's alright. i'd rather be numb that have to put up with the pain.
15 Oct 2007   to die of laughter.
15 Oct 2007 Alex N hey i just wanna say somethin,
ok i am fed up with people sayin that if u commit suicide u go 2 hell, i mean come on, if there is a (god) who loves us so much then y would he send u 2 hell for endin ur life?
also suicide is a perminent solutions to a tempory problem, so why not solve this, it is good to solve problems perminently so they wont come bk, who knows what happens to you when you die?
take the leap today, commit suicide, solve all of ur problems, and no, its not for cowards, it takes alot to kill yourself!. if it was easy then why am i still here?. nyway let me know wot u think, my email is
how can you know it when you dont even try?
suicide is the right way out!
14 Oct 2007 no one in 100 years no one will know you. everyones existance is the same bleak. we all die. same thing happens to all of us. so really killing yourself is just as pointless as prepairing ahead. now let the pain leak from your heart. and become hardened to the way life is. it is cruel. otherwise you wouldnt be right here right now. if you cant be strong in this world you will not be sucsessful anyway. in whatever. so either grow a spine or dig a hole jump in and start crying till you drown. if you think about it crying dosent really do anything. sure it may make you feel better but it changes nothing. therefore there is no power in it. do you want to be weak or feared? do you want to be a victim or victor? after all in the game of life these are your choices. do not obey fear. it is like cancer. as it consumes you you grow weaker.
14 Oct 2007 alex Decapitation
14 Oct 2007   my mate cut his left arm very badly and set him self on fire im thinking of doing it to and im only 15 they say them years are the best but i have one thing to say who ever said that was fucked up 15 years in hell everyday i wanna die and no one realy cares deep down
13 Oct 2007 Carly I don't know whether I suffer from depression, or whetheer I just get very sad.
I'm 30 now and it has happened for as long as I can remember. From nowhere, the darkest cloud imaginable decends over the valley inside my mind. Positive thoughts cease to exist. I can almost see myself from the outside in, and I will know that I am only entering a "down" time. But I can't help but ignore any sense that I have left and I just sink lowere and lower into a depression.
I can't function. I'm usless at work and dread interaction with people. I question my ability. I convince myself over and over again that I have no friends, no future and no point.
The first time I tried to kill myself I was around 9 or 10. I can't remember why, but I remember isolating myself and feeling very lonely. Luckily, at that age I didn't understand how to kill myself and nothing came of it. I have entertained the thought ever since, but with age I also gained a conscience and now matter how low I have gotten since, the thought of putting my family through a never ending nightmare will always stop me from commiting suicide. I feel like that will always leave me in sort of perpetual hell, but there just isn't anything else I can do.
While my adult years have seen more depression than my teens, some days I feel like I am on top of the world. Perhaps if one day my entire family all die in the same plane crash, maybe I will finally kill myself. Or maybe I won't. Things I see or things I feel keep me going and you never know what is going to happen next. When I was 15 I thought I had seen everything. I thought life would only get worse from then on. But it isn't like that, it becomes immense and infinitely opportunistic.
Try to be a little stronger. See if it helps. See if it gets you to the next day and then see where that takes you....
13 Oct 2007 doesn't matter I've been depressed since age 11 (i'm 32 now). I've had thoughts of suicide, but never attempted it. A few years ago, I came across a poem -
The Suicide by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
It's a long poem and I'm not really a poetry fan, but this one is skillfully written. Google it to get the link and read it. There is alot of wisdom embedded in that poem and I know it speaks to me, I hope it will to others also.
13 Oct 2007 my name is his name 2 hey no name....
also, in the bible it says that God dosent desire that even one should perish. (talking about peeps dying and going to hell)
so not even god gets what he wants all the time.
12 Oct 2007 Ron I'm going to kill myself. My entire family hates me and I have no friends. I am 52 years old
12 Oct 2007 traotshAun slit wrists in the shower?


when i was thirteen i watched cartoons

im 17 now

xtremely depressed n lookin at ur site for different ways i could kill myself.

I'm tired of living __17 yrs is a long time

so goodbye world ;)
12 Oct 2007 patrick R hi ive been looking at this site and ive been wanting 2 commit suicide but i know it will hurt all of my family as they have been going through something similar but i think i suffer the worst i have friends but they all think im happy as i dont show my sadness to them i try to be happy at school as i dont want loads of people to feel my pain i want 2 share it with someone but im scared if they will tell someone else or just dont understand....
11 Oct 2007 megan. Okay..
Im 15 but I know things can get hard when you dont want to live anymore but.. just stop and think a while because you are only 13 and you have plenty more years down the road things can get better and stuff can change so please just think before you go into action
11 Oct 2007 nobody everyone has the right to commit suicide, but you should realize you're not going anywhere but where you already are so you might want to consider alternative options. i don't know where yall are from but in the united states you have civil liberties, meaning the option to actually enjoy life. my observance of suicidals is that they're people with a certain learning disability.. they have an issue with sacrifice.. depression comes from attachment, see, if you take suicide into the context of letting go and just focusing on your immediate needs, for starters anyway, you're on the right track. at that point you can pursue rational interests if you can figure out what that means. kill your counter-productive self and give life to your creative self. you have the power to change the world if you don't like it. you're going to do what you're going to do anyway so its useless to yammer about it, but suicide is gay, why don't you start a cult, that's more imaginative. you could at least join an existing one for starters. i think the best way to kill yourself at any age is to ignore the bullshit and do what you want to do, seriously, try it. i mean, like, if there's something you want to say to someone just come right out and say it, quit being a wuss. ive noticed that's mainly what it's about, the mere lack of guts to communicate with another person, cuz your parents punished you for being open at an impressionable age, well you know what you're old enough now so they can fuck themselves in their graves if they have to for all you should care, right? *shrug* whatever dude, go kill yourself.

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