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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Oct 2007 Tony First, start watching C.S.I - Crime Scene Investigator (The series that is). If that doesn't take your edge off, see a counselor, a shrink or just find someone to talk to. Step out of your skin (Not litterary!) and try to find the cause of your death-desires. Then, once that has been determined, do something about it.

I know I'd be devastated if I had to bury anyone of my kids. Not only is it a very sad thing to do, but it's also the aftermath: Constant reminders where ever you go. A sensation, a feeling, moods can set it off.

Although I've never (Yet, thankfully) lost any of my two kids, but I can only imagine what it would feel like.
I was sadden by my mothers passing, and we were somewhat close, so I did indeed feel a great loss.
Although I didn't have a breakdown like most ppl. do, I felt worst the first week, then it dissapated gradually.
At present time my grandmother is suffering cancer, and I'm kinda expecting her to... Well, let's just say it's either way. Hopefully not the worst.

I could go on forever on the subject, but I'm tired beyond reason, so I'll leave it at that.

This should be a sticky for all of those in suicide- thoughts. As sort of an reminder to what the after-effect could be.
20 Oct 2007 Ghandi Mcdonald There is only one proper way to kill yourself without the so called stigma of "sin" (at any age) and that is simply to stop eating. People do it everyday in 3rd world countries..GIVE IT A GO!( well they dont actually do it by choice). it takes a few weeks or longer so you have plenty of time to change your mind. but if you really want to die, thats the way to go. If you simply wish to drop out of life, stop eating go find a spot you enjoy and stay there. Or walk around I dont really care, its your suicide, make it YOU BABY! other ways of killing yourself are simply intense emotion or stress and happens when you aren't thinking.(so you might kill yourself when you REEAAALLY didnt ACTUALLY want to , you were just having a baaaad day) If you hesitate for 1 second, you won't do it, because it's not what you really wanted to do. All suicides commited by anyway other than "volluntary drop out" are technically accidents because the person wasn't actually thinking properly at the time.;)makes you feel better huh?
dropping out = the best :
1. its non violent
2. up until the point when you pass, its completely reversible. (lets say your 100% set on dying, and a month into sitting there starving you suddenly meet the love of your life...WOO HOO dont wanna die anymore? no problemo, go grab a junior bacon cheeseburger from wendy's.
3.when you die this way of just letting go, its not sad because really they are just ascending to the next level.
20 Oct 2007 laura im 13 and i came here to this site not to find help, but to find a way out of this world. i started to read and i couldnt stop. all these people have a different story to tell, but they all have the same message. live your life. so take 3 seconds to just breath.and remember "life is what your given, and it becomes whatever you make it and the only way you will every really succeed, is if you try.
yours forever,
20 Oct 2007 klee i posted in here earlier but i cant find it.
but i personally think that the best way would be to take a massive amount of sleeping failing that i'd say hang urself somewhere that isnt in ur home.
i tried to kill myself again last night.
if i die my myspace is going to be made into a memorial hopefully.
this is it
it says im still in a relationship but im not.
20 Oct 2007 Chrisy i dont know but i am Considering doing it and im 13 I cut myself several times a day I have bin doing it for the last 3 years itÂ’s the only thing that keeps me from killing myself
20 Oct 2007 klee i honwstly tried to kill myself last night, i can't cope anymore. i had to go for a brain scan yesterday and then my boyfriend dumped me. im agoraphobic, i have panic attacks and servere depression. i've had a life of pure tradgedy and i can't cope with it anymore. i've told one of my friends to make my myspace account into a memorial site if i die.
this is says im in a relationship but im not. i just cant change it.
my arm is carved to pieces....i dont want to die and i dont want to live.

this is me

suicide junkie
20 Oct 2007 Maade Very interesting site, one of the best pieces of internet art ever made. I'm curious though, why did I recieve email from the moderator/artist notifying me about this site when I have never visited this before and the site seems to be long dead?
20 Oct 2007 delacroix wheter someone's 13 or not and they contemplate on suicide i think that honor can only be gained if they don't let a note or never mention anything to no one.otherwise, these persons are nothing but some weak,desperate lost souls.those who are not anything like this belong to a superior existence,because they know they're strong enough not to seek the so-called 'love' and put an end to their lives for themselves,without expecting that after their death everyone's going to cry at the my point is that the best way to kill yourself is to do it in a place where no one is going to find you (at least,not very fast) and never mention your thoughts to nobody(that means no death notes or crying for attention).no one can understand what's inside you,maybe someone can feel sorry for you,but they can never ever know what you've been through.and neither can you understand somebody else.
good luck for those whom suicide is the answer for their questions and good luck for those who can still live without being disturbed by suicidal thoughts.
19 Oct 2007 kait when your under thirteen drink murphy's oil soap and it will kill ur heart i kno i tried it before but my mom found me
19 Oct 2007 Tired & Beaten' Every time I said I felt depressed & suicidal, I was told that it would get better, that I should hang in there... but my sad truth is that it never did.

I've never had "true friends" they were all casual high school buddies that I would hang around. I have always felt lonely, even when I tried to hug my mother for comfort, to feel that I was loved cared for, she always rejected me or turned me away...I will never know why...

This is how I am, dead and cold inside, looking for a way to end it all. I've seen some ways to commit suicide but they seem painful/ or they have the risk to be "botched". I don't want to experience more pain. I've lost all hope, finding a way to commit suicide led me to this site

I met many people through out my sad life and I've found out that people can be cruel and destructive. I've heard people say if you commit suicide is a sin...but to me there's no such thing.

So here I am, trying to see which methods fits me, a gun blast or car smog...
19 Oct 2007 Siren of Sadness I hope no one continues to try and destroy their own lives....I also knew George Palladino for a long time his family his lil sister and his brother their dog his parents. I moved away only a year before he did this. It hurt me because i found out through ana article the day after. Two days later i got a phone call from a friend asking me about it. I was angry that i awsn't there for him and angry i wasn't there for our friends and family. I can say that I loved him and love him still as a brother and a friend. I wasn't as close to him as others maybe but his life still meant more to me than my own. If anyone wants to talk you can contact me at I have cut myself attempted overdosing and many other things i won't mention and i'm not proud of it. No one should do it. When you do it others will try too and once you do it 99% of the time theres no going back.
19 Oct 2007 kaetii having so much love that you cannot possibly contain it
19 Oct 2007 jean carbon monoxide poisoning, least painful.

drowning, after the struggle, the most beautiful and sad.

drug overdose.
19 Oct 2007 Frau Haislett Get a box full of oil based crayons and eat them. Than go to your dad's liquor cabinet and drink everything in there. DOn't forget to eat the bottles the liquor comes in. Than go to the medison cabinet and eat everything in there also. I think that should do it but just in case go into the garage find some sort of rope or something and hang yourself from the rafters. Wala, your dead. Be sure to haunt me.
-Ich bein Frau Haislett
19 Oct 2007 i love you M.W. wanting to kill myself because i think i lost the greatest guy ever because of my loser ass friends... its now after 2am and i lay here thinking how i could end it all becuase only god knows if i can still be with him.. i am in love with him NOT my loserass friends. He IS THE GREATEST THING that has happened to me and people cant see that i care deeply for him.. well tough then they dont have to be my friends. i just want to be happy and be with him!!! or i will literally kill myself if i am not
19 Oct 2007 loraine Act like an grownup and you will die instantly
19 Oct 2007 Dead inside First, have a hell of a night get late, get drunk, the after it depends if u are feeling so much paint tha u dont care about it just search for a bridge over a river and jump, or keep drinking until u getr into a coma , if not just drink some more and shot a bottle of painkillers just make sure no one is close or will call u or anything so u just dont get help for anyone for the rest is up to you there is more of a 1000 ways to end ur life but depends if u really wanna die or just u are looking for attention
18 Oct 2007 Flamer Mouchette, I think this question has run its course, and it is time for you to expand in to suicide education. Yes, people need to be educated on proper suicide etiquette. There are so many rude people in the world, and what could be ruder than leaving a messy dismembered body for others to see and clean up. Suicidal depression is no excuse for rudeness. Your question should be "what is the most polite way to kill yourself when you're under 13"

Some pointers....
= take a crap before you commit suicide
= if it's going to be bloody, please do it in a bathtub.
= leave trains alone. Engineers don't need the extra hassle.

More suggestions welcome.
18 Oct 2007 reba ok so this is my first time reading this and it really made me sad, alot of ppl have just cause for wanting to die, you rbf or gf breaking up with u is not one, not everyone in this werld is going to like u its a natural part of life, i am 20 now and still feel the urge every now n then , depression isnt caused by the things that happen in your life its an acutal medical problem, ok things can trigger it and make it worse, i was always a really happy person loved everything i was a dancer top of my class in school and had a a lot of friends , i got into drugs and decided i didnt want to live my life that way so the ppl i was closest to my very best friends jsut turned on me to the point i have restraining orders against them ,i no there are ppl out there wiht werse problems, neways my point is its 5yrs alter and i still have thoses thoughts even though i have an amazing bf who i plan on marrying i have a great mom and step father and my first neice or nephew on the way , i go to university and i work, most ppl woul dbe happy wiht my life but every now n then and sumtimes everyday i think of ways to kill myself, ive had docotrs and i have been in the hospital , medicalion helps dont be afraid to ask for it , i learned the hard way that the first medication may not werk it may take trying a few ive been threw about4 different kinds and i have beeen told i will be on them fer the rest of my life , i hate talking to ppl my family, my bf no ne nos this but if u cam just get thru taday , everday .
17 Oct 2007 someone i've been depressed since i was 8 but i thought about commiting suicide until i realized it would'nt help me i asked for a punching bag for christmas when i was 12 to turn my depression to aggression and anger and turned the bag into a pile of sand and rags and became one of the best child boxers in the state...please don't commit suicide

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