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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Jun 2007 sam my friend tried killin herself (pills) & it dident work she was rushed to the hospital.

29 Jun 2007 sam thats a retarded Q! dont kill ur self...
29 Jun 2007 sam u people who want to kill ur self r so freakin selfish!!!!!!!!! dont do it!!!!!!!
29 Jun 2007 Esther You can kill yourself in many ways. During the years I've been killed. From the inside. I've been bullied for eight years, I was raped by the only one I trusted, my mom got breast cancer, and now I'm on a thousand meds or something.
They pick labels.. They connect me to meds and diagnoses.. But the fact is my life just stinks. Yes, I'm trying hard not to die. But I ended up on this site anyway, didn't I?
I know you are dutch and just an adult male. You hid yourself behind a computer. Behind a stupid movie. I've done my research, yes. Why? Because no one is to be trusted. Because I'm bittered. Because I want to die.

And you do not know how that feels. How much pain can tear your heart apart. You don't know what it is to WANT to die. Really really really want to. That means you have absolutely NO right to make such a site. You aren't a person who can help someone.
You're just a coward.

You've got yourself in over you head. This is a world you do not understand. For you own sake, close the site. To be hearing all these kids will leave marks. Deep scars.
I'm 14 years old. I've tried to slid my wrists, choke myself, take an overdose, drown myself, I've even tried to hang myself. But it's about time I give up. Two years of fighting are behind me now.

I'll die.
29 Jun 2007 Jess wow reading all your guys' stories really made me feel for you guys. Just earlier today (err yesterday) I wanted nothing more than to just go away. Be completely erased off the face of this earth. I didn't care how ANYONE felt about it. I didn't care how sad they would be. Of course it was a selfish thought, to just take yourself away from people who love and/or need you. When I read about E's solution I realized that he, or she was absolutely right. Even if you have no one to love, or anyone that loves you there are still people that need you, regardless to how bad you may be feeling about yourself. I'm not going to lie to any of you readers and say that i'm never going to think about it again, because at particular moments I can't really help what i feel. But I'm not going to give you false hope either (not intentionally anyway). There is always a way out of this horrible feeling of wanting to go away permanently. Trust me, there's always at least one person that will understand what you're going through. Please don't commit suicide. I'm not trying to sound corny, but seriously be strong. you can get through it. I did. keep your head up. =]
28 Jun 2007 Michelle I've tried to kill myself, many times. and i have a best friend who is going through the same.. and you know what, i hope one day i can actually do it.. believe it or not tonight. like 5 mins ago, i took 5 over dose pills, that can kill you when you are sleeping, and i hope i wont wake up tommorrow but the point is, i can attempt but you know, it never works, and i have a friend(R.I.P. Andrew) who killed themself, it was upsetting and i think it wasnt worth his life! so i often ask myself, if it isnt worth his life why is it worth mine? well the thing is, i hate it here, i mean i have a great life,-i'm rich, i get everything i want, nothing bad ever happens- but I just dont want that, i dont want to be alive as great as mi life is.....
ok there is this total gorge guy in mi class, and we almost had sex, and i really want to have sex b4 i die, i want to know what it's like, but maybe that will never happen..
back to my life, I think i am not scared to do it, i came close but then i got rushed to the hospital and was living off machines, i took off all the things walked out the building, and guess what, im here right now!!!:( .... i have stabbed myself, i have jumped off my quad, i have cut my wrists, i have rolled my quad, i have tried to drown, sufficate, strangle and hang myself, it doesnt work, like really, but the thing i am most scared really of is.. who is going to find me????? i mean i dont want my mom too, my dad, my sister, my brother, my friends, my boyfriend, or anyone!!!!! and i dont want to leave my cat! she keeps me going everyday!!
So what i suggest is if you think your life is really bad! think really really really hard about it! cause you could be wrong and could be making the worst mistake and your last mistake! becuase why do something so pernament on something so temperary! I think that why do that to everyone around you and have you ever thought that it could someone around you so bad they would go crazy, never speak, or kill themself???!!!! PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU DO IT! PLEASE!!! NOTHING CAN BE THAT BAD! unless you have been kidnapped or sexually abused .. now im sorry but if i was you.. i would defiantly do it, the best way possible.. so if you want to talk plz e mail me @!! "you are what you are, you cant change anything about you, but you can change the people around you, by actually commiting suicide!!"
28 Jun 2007 kim1122 To life is over

Well at least this kim is here and she can help u sweetie dont give up on me.
Really you can talk to me bout anything i wont judge u no matter wat, just keep holding on and we together can get through this terrible time ur goin through.

Listen please would u email me sweetie we can work on it, cuz the time is here if u need me, im here!

28 Jun 2007 ramona D a lot of teenagers go thru this. Im not opffering god cause i dont believe in god. But dont throw your life away at such a young age. I am 35 with 2 teenage children, a family that hates me cause im gay, an ex husband whose in jail for raping a 12 year old, 2 deadloy heart conditions, a death experience, a short time left to live, and i worry that my kids will have the same depressive issues. Parents dont fucking get it. they never see3m to. But one day youll be out of school and away from the assholes there and youll be away from the parents who probably are so preoccupied with their shit that they arent seeing the signs of your least wait till youre 25 and see what you can do with your life before making such a dramatic, end it all decision.
28 Jun 2007 faldo this site is stupid, it looks more like a pathetic poetry site, you people need to get a life
28 Jun 2007 dead inside. to back stabbed and hurt:

okay sweetheart, lets break this down. death is permanent. death is real. death is the overall equivelent. we are all going to die. i understand that your life at this point may not be good. things are probably fucked up. it probably feels like its never going to get better. but, if you don't stick around...then you'll never have the chance to see if things turn around or not. if you kill yourself, your just venturing off into the one knows what comes after death for sure. what if you only encounter more misery there? there are solutions here. there are things to help you. there are ways to fix this. there is hope. its not going to be easy, i can almost swear on that. its going to be hard, brutal even. but you need to find the courage within yourself to hold on. i wish you would atleast agree to speak to me. i will only be available for the next week or so, after that i am being forced to go somewhere...and unfortunatly, i will have no access to computers, internet, and anything of the sort for as long as i am there. the key to life is finding what makes it worth living. life is a journey. a process. take it step by step. you will find your purpose. don't give up. i am not saying this to sound like a bitch. and i don't want to regurgitate the same bullcrap as everyone else. but its need to hold on.

search remember to feel real.
you shud find me.

good luck kid, i hope you find the strength to keep going.
28 Jun 2007 mary ive never really considered suicide until now, but for the past year and a half ive botteled up so many horrible things i just dont know what else to do. i dont want a therapist, i dont want to pay someone i dont know to tell me how to live my own life that i messed up.. but id like help from someone my own age. my friends just cant understand.. nothing like this has happened to them.

i am actually 14 years old now. when i was 13, i fell in love with a boy named sean who i thought was everything- apparently everything included his girlfriend, his need for sex, and his lies to get it from me. sean was also friends with a boy named jeff- who was the first guy to ever have interest in me, and the first guy i talked about sex with. he and i were in a relationship and had considered sex, but when i met his friends sean... i fell in love with his friend instead. ever since then jeff has hated me. for multiple months sean and i would sneak out to see each other, be in each others company, and because he wanted to- i would give into sex. when summer approached, i told him i couldnt have him lying to his girlfriend anymore, and i cut it off. that september, i met a new guy named chris. my relationship with him was more serious-- he was in love with me. i tried for so long to try and love him back, but i just couldnt. later on in our relationship, sean said he missed me. he said i was the best thing that had ever happened to him, i was his beautiful and brilliant dream girl.. i believed it.. but i knew i couldnt break up with chris. for months and months i talked to sean on the phone and on aim- but never saw him in person. in late december, a friend, her brother, her brother's friend and i went on a short 2 night trip. one of those nights, i got drunk with my friend's brother and his friend... 2 drunk guys and a girl. i was taken advantage of. my friend's mom found out that we got drunk- however she didnt find out that i was taken advantage of. and ive kept it that way. but when my friend's mom told my parents, my dad beat the shit out of me. that was the first time i had ever cheated and i didnt know what to tell chris, so i lied. everything was ok until months later in feburuary that i was dumb enough to go to a party with jeff, sean, and guy named parker. when i was drunk, i went to seans arms and just started bawling. i couldnt take it anymore. when sean left though to go throw up, jeff pulled me over to the side and took advantage of me. when i woke up the next morning, my dad found a bottle of left over champaign in my room and beat me again. at the time, i was in love with chris. but having now cheated twice, i knew i didnt deserve him. so i broke up with him. when my friends found out why i had broken up with him, and who i had cheated with (they hated sean).. they dumped me. i had lost my love for chris and my best friends. when chris and i werent together, i saw sean more and more. finally chris expressed his love to me and i went back to him... but i still loved sean. and i kept seeing sean. also about this time, one of my oldest and best friends completely back stabbed me. she told the school about my old sex life, about how i had cheated, and lies about how i hated everyone in the school.. when i whole middle school hates you because of what a "best" friend did... its hard to just suck it up. back to me and chris, a few weeks ago, he said he loved me more than anything in the world. recently i broke up with him. i didnt tell him why, i didnt want him to know. but my reason was because i dont deserve to be loved. not anymore. ive cheated to many times, ive done to him what sean did to me. having loved sean and him not love me back... i know exactly how chris feels. and now.. i just really want to die. im tired being taken advantage of. im tired of having love decieve me. im just tired now.
28 Jun 2007 dead inside. Dear Lover,

I see a sense of wonder deep inside your eyes
As we're sparkling and twirling in the twilight
And after three long years, I think that we both need this
So we seal the deal in the parking lot with a kiss

And in case you
And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me
You're all kinds of beautiful as you end my day
And you sweetly retire as stars chase you away

I'd collapse to the grass, with your notes ringing in my head
Let the rain fill my mouth, and in a couple hours I'll be dead
But all the while my lips are whistling our tune
But the beauty lies in how you will revive me soon

And in case you, and in case you
And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me
You're all kinds of beautiful as you end my day
And you sweetly retire as the stars chase you away

And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me
You're all kinds of beautiful as you end my day
And you sweetly retire as the stars chase you away

And in case you were wondering, you are like a hurricane to me
Your violence is beautiful, and your center sweet
Now tell me this, do you know how we'd meet?

And in case you were wondering, you are everything to me (to me)
28 Jun 2007 E I write poetry, just wanted to put some on here.


Sticks and stones
may break my bones
but words will never
hurt me.

I know
I know what they have been
about me.

She tells him
about me
yet nothing about me.

He hears about my fire
my atheism
but he doesn't know
about my care.

He does
not know
about my kindness
my friendship and truth.

All they do is talk
about me
say I'm the
"daughter of Satan."

They say I'm possessed
I'm hell-sent
I'm the antichrist
I'm wrong.

She says he was trying to
help me
I don't need help
I am me.

I am me
I am proud
I am who I am
I am not letting them change me.

I am an atheist
I am a pyro
I am a Marilyn Manson fan
I am speaking words.

I speak words
I speak the truth
they spread lies
lies can kill.

If he really is
as insane as I think
lies can kill
they can kill me.

Me for being me
me for being the
me I want to be
me for being me.

I will die a martyr
I will die myself
I will die against him
I will die in truth.

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
and words will always
prove me strong.


Many days I am so down
Yet here is my poem to bring me back up.

Hola! Shout to the world how much you care
About your friends, your life, you matter to
People all around you and they would be sad if you
Passed on into death.
Yell out defiance to sadness!

Pain is but a moment in life
Open your heart to your dreams abroad.
Empty your heart of hurt from those who
Mock you, all that matters is that you believe in yourself.

Someday you will find that
Hate is only relative
Enclosed in those who are insecure
Dreams will be fulfilled if you
Stay true to your song.

Love will fill you to the brim
It carries you away from the loneliness.
Greet it openly each day!
Hold it in your embrace!
Tell it how much it means!

Ignorance will not capture you
Never will it fill you.

Take the life you deserve
Happiness will come to you
Eventually, just hold on tight!

Dare to be different
Atheism, Marilyn Manson fan, poet, and goth
Relive each moment with a memory
Kindle fire with a fresh spark!


No one
ever takes the time
to know him
thats why they are doing this.

I care so much
about him
if only they saw him through
my sparkling teary eyes.

They think he needs
these meds
just because he's different
unique, if you will.

He isn't disabled
he is just depressed
but in a world with them
who wouldn't be?

They want to kill
stab, decapitate, and shrink
his individuality
by turning him into one of them.

Just because he can
think, by himself
doesn't mean
he is wrong.

It is quite the contrary.
They are wrong
about him and about it all
and they don't care.

Now he's hurting
more than before
more than what they wanted to 'fix'
they are hurting him more.

If only they all
knew him as well
as I do, then
then they would care, no.

Then they would want to kill him
even more because he is
unique and in their bloody lusting eyes
he is an abomination, alas, he is not.
28 Jun 2007 derby I know a way to kill myself but I dont want to share
When you go outside on a 4th of july you'll see
its easy and simple and its very cheap
the japanese took it, but it seems so american
the way I'm going to do it
you will figure out in time, the best way to do it

Maybe I'm already dead and my sould dont know it
I'm going to close my eyes tonight for the last time here
I wish I could have someone video tape me and putting it on a website lol
28 Jun 2007 Derby And today when I close my eyes, I will make all just go away.... I'm sitting here on my sofa, drinking like a pirate, but I've never been a drinker so this is a bit harsher. And today seems like a good day, to die and be pain free. I'm nursing my glass here like my new baby boy. I love him, I adore, this glass is my joy. My sorrows and loneliness will be gone afloat.

I have always had basic cable!!!! but today I have premium, since I wont be here to pay for it, might as well make the best of it. My place has been trashed by my manic depressive state, I dont know who made this mess but I know he is not feeling well. Sex woul be nice but its hard to find someone to love the talking-dead. Smoking like a chimney, Newport 100's, got lots of empty cartons laying around, who smoked it all? Things are falling as I type this, and I will fall shortly. My expiration date is here, seems like tonight might be well. The gasses will kill me, silently it will be. Eating is painful, I never taw eating could hurt so much. I rather starve I dont see the point. And when I get drunk and high, I will do this the right way. Sleeping pills waiting, to be swallowed and tasted. I'm your typical classical manic depressive guy. I want to die cuz life is hard and I'm too weak to stay alive. I always knew I was weak from the very first time I saw life.
28 Jun 2007   It is so stupid to try and kill your self i did try and it didnt work but i learnt that there was more to life then to try and kill urself especialy when you are young.
27 Jun 2007 E I just want to let everyone know I would have killed myself a long time ago if I didn't care so much about others. I used to use this phrase a lot, "I am such a pushover, I would let myself get hurt over and over again just to keep everyone else happy."

But.... reading this site made me realize that that's not the case. I think the thing everyone here who is hurting needs, is someone to care about. If you have someone you really love, someone you don't want to hurt no matter what, someone just to hang on to, then you will be okay. I have a few ideas, I mean, if you don't have anyone in real life to love and be loved.

1. You know those programs where you send money to kids in Africa or soldiers in Iraq? Well, maybe you could become penpals or something with someone there. Those people need you, and you need them. It goes hand in hand. If you kill yourself, then who will they have? You sure as hell don't want to hurt them!

2. Go on some sort of online chatroom. Not some weird one with sex and shit, just a chatroom with people your age. Find a few people you can just connect with. Maybe you all have the same religion or the same interests. Maybe even the same stories. If you all have each other, then you'll have something to hang on to. Even if one person in the group turns out to be an asshole, then at least you will have others.

Idk, just random ideas I thought of. People need people. I don't care (well, I do care) about how many times people have hurt you, if you search and search and put your heart and mind to it, then you will find someone to care about and be cared about.

I have C. If he dies, I'm screwed. But at least I have something to live for. Even if he dies, I might try to live his dream for him or come up with something of meaning. Find someone. Anyone. Just someone to love and care about. Then you will be okay.

I hope you all know I am totally serious about all of my ideas and my story.
27 Jun 2007 E Well, I just want to share my story here. I'm 13 and have been suicidal for two years now, since sixth grade. Last year I wanted to die because I felt like I had nothing to look forward to and that life is poinless and that I'm just a small, pathetic thing in this whole giagantic world and only a few people would care if I died. I felt so empty because I was so afraid to be myself. I was preppy and pretended to be someone else. At the beginning of seventh grade I turned goth or something and started telling everyone who I was and just being myself. I told people I'm an atheist and what music I listen to and my ideals and what I think about the world. They hated me. The whole middle school shit popped up and my own friends from last year started talking about me behind my back, saying I'm satanic and shit. Then there was this one kid, I'll call him R, who hurt me so badly. He tried converting me, he told be I was the antichrist and I was possessed and a load of bullshit to do with him and his love for freaking Christianity. He turned so many people against me. (I'm talking in past tense because its summer now and school is out, but it'll all start up again next year, if not worse.) I couldn't walk down the halls without people shouting emo and cutter at me. People would walk up to me and ask me if I was an atheist, and then laugh when I told them yes. I'm just so hurt. Nearly everyone I know goes out of their way to hurt me. And its all because of me and my stupid big mouth telling people about, well, me. There is only one person I have been able to turn to, I'll just call him C. I started becoming really close to C around February. I really love him and care about him. We are nearly the same exact person. He is also suicidal, if not more than me. His parents are putting him on medication. I'm so afraid for him, because you know how sometimes those things can just make people worse, and C is the kind of person who would get worse because of them. If he dies I won't be able to live. I'm just so hurt. I hurt all the time. I don't know what to do. I feel like starting all over. And its not like I want to die, I just wish I was never born. I don't want to hurt C or my mom or brother. I just want to disappear. Damn. Now I'm crying. Shit, at least everyone in my house is asleep by now. (12 midnight) Damn it all.
27 Jun 2007 The Princess I've wanted to kill myself for the past 5 years...and everytime i got to breaking point there was always someone there to stop me...or I'd try and get stopped. The most recent one was i tried to OD on painkillers...but my parents found me and rushed me to the i am in intensive therapy...i see a therapist every day...but trust life is done...i can't live here anymore...but good ways to kill yourself this is the method i will use next "shooting yourself" almost guaranteed death...
27 Jun 2007   To stop thinking. (Got this from "I think; therefore I am.)

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