Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Oct 2007 Eva Magnusson Im sitting here in Sweden and reading all this terrible things...If anyone need a friend or someone to talk to please conntact me... Eva please write!!!
24 Oct 2007   Don't!! I have been burdened at times with the same thoughts. I am middle aged and whilst in my memory the first time may have been when I was about 15 there may have been times prior to that. Things happened to me, I did things to others, my anger has ensured that I have from time to time hurt others without understanding why. These thoughts have at times led me to contemplate my own demise and how this may benefit me and others. It benefits no-one!! I unfortunately....or maybe fortunately have been in a position to see what the outcome is when people take their lives and the affect on others especially those who love them. Undeniably bad....
For your sake....for those that love you and for the world that will unltimately benefit from your contribution small or help.....please...don't do it!!!!!
23 Oct 2007 micheal s. im the bestest uncle dad ever. my son, nick swann, is also my nephew. he is kinda slow and everyone knows in my neighborhood nick is mine by my sister. they want us to get a blood test to prove im his dad. his uncle dad. i want to die. now.
23 Oct 2007 Mark Tired and Beaten, i dont know if it will help you but just telling somebody how you feel wont cost you anything, and might help you see a different way forward?
23 Oct 2007 Marley Howdey all. Im 25 and have tried to kill myself about 4 total times so far. Im not going to lie I kind of feel like I would like to make another attempt. Im nothing special, I have the same outlook on life I see many posters have on this site. Im lonely, looking for someone, depressed all those things horrible things add up after a while and…… So far iv ran a car in my garage (chickened out after about 2mins maybe if I took sleeping pills and was unconscious it might have been successful), I also put a gun to my head (Chickened out obviously), Also tied to overdose on perscripsoin painkillers (that just lead to a hospital visit and had to drink a lot of charcoal eww). Anyway im thinking about a tobacco extraction and poisoning myself…. O well we will see
23 Oct 2007 Faye Grzanich I just thought you'd like to know Miriam killed herself...
I hope now you will take this site off the internet before someone else commits suicide too.
My heart goes out to the family of Miriam, as she was a wonderful young girl who had a whole lifetime ahead of her. She will be greatly missed by me and her family.

Please I beg you who are thinking of committing suicide to reach out to
God and his son Jesus Christ. Reach out to someone you can trust and get help while you can.

God doesn't want you to take your life.
He wants you to live life to the fullest.

I'll miss you Miriam.
with love,
from your friend Faye
22 Oct 2007 ashley higgins what is hindering me in life?
why cant i have a good time.
why cant i cut my wrists deep enough?
i got my dadies gun and tonight im sneaking in my parents room and sitting on the floor and shooting myself. my mom will hate him. i wonder if he will be man enough to tell anyone what he did to me as a little girl and a young woman. im 16. im putting it on here so everyone knows my story when im gone.
he molests me. puts hair curlers in me. while hot. he is such a worm. i hate you dad. i already emailed everyone in the family and all your co-workers a link to this site with instructions to look for what i wrote. now everyone knows what kind of person you are.
and still the humiliation u will have isnt anything compared to how i feel. felt. you bastard.
22 Oct 2007 Zach the only reason i dont kill myself is because i'm afraid of hell more than i am of earth. i disappoint everyone around me. i can never live up to my expectations. i hate myself so so so much and maybe this world would be better without me. i need help. not many people understand me because i am surrounded my a christian family and christian school and no one understand a THING that is going on in my life. i think i may just do it. it's all i have.
22 Oct 2007 nobody When your 13 or younger, these thoughts may be overwhelming and caused by a fleeting problem, that doesn't seem so insignifigant at the time. But, for others, like me, this feeling, these thoughts, they never end! I have had them intensely since about age 12, I am now 21. Why should a person have to live with such a horrible life? I have finally given up. Today I will die. I have tried medicine, therapy, religion, and nearly everything else imagionable. This won't be easy, I am married to a great guy who loves me, but I feel nothing. I have family who might miss me, but yet I am somehow detached. These were the reason's I hadn't done so yet, but this is for me. I have always done what people want. I am now ready to end this depression. I realize now that I am only a burden on those I love. good bye
22 Oct 2007 gutsd you put on the party hat. you make the birthday cake in the microwave, put the little yellow candle on it; you eat the cake all by yourself, and then you blow the noise maker. still, you would rather seek death than wait for his phone call? you feel that sad?
22 Oct 2007 alex N so, my life is finally cuming to an end, im gettin a gun on the 17th XD, im gna blow my brians out the second i get it, ive had enougth of living here, im gna take the next step, theres a world out there and thats where i wanna b, thx every1 who has responded to my posts over the last 2 years, n i just wanna say i love this site, i hope u all find ur happy ending, but from me, i guess it goodbye.......
22 Oct 2007 Aloise No the rain won't go away. But that's the trick of it, you see. Because the world is darkness. It's already there. The only thing you can bring is light. Are you going to bring something or are you going to give in? Giving in is denying who you are, which is light. Even if your light is incredibly dim, almost out, you are still light. The only way you can lose this light is to choose to die. But as long as you're still alive, you do have it. So hold on, or better yet, do something unneccessarily kind. Laugh at how stupid you are. (You are stupid, you know.) Watch the light grow, just a little. Then try to make it bigger. It's an intoxicating, powerful feeling. It can become your pet project, your chia pet on the window sill. See how big you can grow your light.
Another thing I'd suggest is sprouting a sweet potato:
I'm still too obsessed with killing myself to try this, but they say its fun.
21 Oct 2007 In pain Personally I am so depressed because my life is so fucked up im disabled and on pain medication. im at a point where the medication does not help and my doctor wont increase my medication. I dont want to live like this anymore i will never be pain free in my life and now im going to be in more pain then ever. i made a promiss when i first got hurt after months of being stuck in bed and then going on pain medication it gave me my life back i could leave my bed for the first time on my own. but now it seems im going back to that. i promissed i would never go back. even if i had to kill myself. what purpose does my life serve when i cant do anything. i dont see anyway out of the situation beside death none of my family understand they steal my pills because i use to much to stay out of pain now i cant get enough and im always in pain soon im just going to hang myself with my bed sheet. and leave a note explaining if they just but out of my life it would of never came to this. i already attempted suffication by twisting the sheet up and putting it around my neck and i held it til i passed out and woke up a few hours later. now i have made a not in 1 end and put it on the top of a door and closed it with the other end i have made a slip not so when i put it around my neck it will slide down tight and choke me pass the point i pass out. im planning on doing it after classes today
21 Oct 2007 pee in my ear i agree with flamer. this site needs something new. maybe a memorial page for all those strong enough to conquer what many are to scary to go thru with.
perhaps a new page keeping us updated with mouchettes thoughts like her public diary. perhaps even a new background. or even a page where i can listen to someone urinate. i got myself on digital audio if you need a good audio file mouchette.
21 Oct 2007 16 I have tried suicide once before and I have thought about it as of lately. I've come to realise something. Its permanent. And I'm grateful that I didnt complete suicide the first time. I was only in grade 6 when I tried it. I would have missed so much. I would have never found true friends, or my own identity. I have also become a little more secular over the last 4 years, I'm 16. Before I thought that if i commit suicide I'll be in heaven. But now I wonder if there is a heaven, and If there isnt and there is nothing after life, then what's the point of me going black. The thing is that life does get better, and sometimes the really hard events, such as having no friends, feeling unloved, ignored by the world, or dealing with complete morons for parents, does help you to see it. There is always another alternative to suicide, and no matter what it is, and what some of the consequences are, you have to do it. Just stop caring about the people who make you feel down and do it.
21 Oct 2007 juju b go stand on the corner. men will ask you for sexual favors for money. do what they want. one of them will have a fatal disease and you will catch it.
who knows maybe u will like it
21 Oct 2007 dead inside. note: Dead inside below is not me, just someone with the same name, or perhaps a copycat :(
i would never give little kids ideas to end their lives. never.
21 Oct 2007 karl getting older than 13.
20 Oct 2007   Bash your skull into the computer
20 Oct 2007 Brandon I am not gay.
I am getting told I am, and made fun of about it!
Im thinking about killing myself right now! D;

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