Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Nov 2007 bear My life fucking sucks right now, oh and i cut myself... it fucking burned.... WTF!?!
22 Nov 2007 tongue tied. what if i'm just your best kept secret
your biggest mistake.

Please put the doctor on the phone cause I'm not making any sense...
22 Nov 2007 misery loves me. i wish i was beautiful.
just for a day even.
i wonder if life would be easier if i was thin and gorgeous.
i want to scream my lungs out and pull out my hair everytime i see a pretty girl.
why can't i have that?
i just want to be okay looking.
i'm cool with being mediocre.
just give me something god.

-the girl thats never going to be good enough.
22 Nov 2007 thaT waS sO hugE. simple things give me pleasure like taking a huge crap. you always feel so much better after that.
22 Nov 2007 all of u suck go to america and eat the food. your heart will clog on fat and you will die happy and jolly just like that pedophile named santa clause.
22 Nov 2007 jimmi By eating all my toy
21 Nov 2007 twaits hey guys almost 2 years ago i posted on this site under da name im gonna use
i jus wanna say that if anyone needs 2 talk or nefing cos iv kinda sorted out my life from it all jus email or add me 2 msn i wont say ur weak or nefing cos i was the same so if u need a person 2 talk 2 and b able 2 understand add me
21 Nov 2007 the girl i enjoy that mouchette has been nearly 13 for some years now
21 Nov 2007 hoodgard hi people
I suicide my self everyday
don't have time to live
21 Nov 2007 Enrico Macias 1) ir al centro de un bosque donde no hay ninguna oportunidad de encontrarte.
2) esperar el tiempo que es necesario.
21 Nov 2007 EssBe listening to francis lalanne for hours : it will make your ears bleed and soo, your brain's gonna collapse and leak from your nose your eyes and your ears...
21 Nov 2007 mandine etre né mort
21 Nov 2007 mandine en gobant une sucette
20 Nov 2007 Maylis J'ai une bonne idée. Viens donc en cours à l'IUT d'Arles le mercredi en cours d'info com de 8h à 12h et tu mouras paisiblement. Amen.
20 Nov 2007 dead inside. I kinda miss The Bitter End. I wonder where he/she is off too. I miss being heckled about my posts. It was something to look forward to. And Kim, your gone too. I miss you too. And the man with no name.. .I hope your finding the answers your looking for. So many lives all intermingled in one sight, and none know what the other looks like. We come here and vent and talk and then move on. Some of us come back to share a story of victory, others come back to say that they are definitly done with life now. Some don't come back at all... some can't find the light... and are buried in confusion only till death frees them, but really it solves nothing. And to some this is all just some big joke. So many different people... from all walks of life. And the only thing we all have in common... is suicide. Something brought us here. And well here we are. Says something about the state of humanity, don't you think?
20 Nov 2007 H8 Lyf Well im 13 and i tried to shoot myself but dad had ran out of bullets, i jumped of a bridge at home and weighed myself down with rocks, but i didnt die I REALLY WANT TO! life is pathetic.

But Next im gonna buy an air Rifle and shoot between my eyes... in my parents bedroom!!! any1 care to join me?
20 Nov 2007 Joe Condren There isn't a best way to kill yourself. The human mind always dwells on negative thoughts and people tend to remember those thoughts over the good ones.
If your considering suicide then you should do this first;
Phone your friends. If You have no friends then talk to the people that provided you with your bed , a computer to type your questions into. If they didn't love you at one point then you wouldn't have a computer , a bed etc.
Suicide is giving up. Its selfish. I bet you have never seen people smiling at a funeral. And i don't think they will be smiling at any of yours.
Don't say people don't care about you because nobody would bother trying to keep you all alive on this website.
I'm 16 and i nearly overdosed yesterday. I cheated on my girlfriend and , trust me , its not a proud feeling. But the thing is she begged me to go back out with her. She said that i gave her the happiest 9 months of her life and she would like to try again. Its not the only reason to live but its a big one.
So if your going to kill yourself , think about others that maybe care about you.
Chow for now.
19 Nov 2007 cynthia guys i am trying to get internet interviews for research i will not track you down or send you to a psychiatrist or anything like that all i need is reasons for why people try to commit suicide i hope you can help me and not take it as an offense
19 Nov 2007 Dypthericholy To all who meander about on the earth, searching for the meaning to life and humanity...This is it: We eat, we shit, we fuck, and then we die. There is no afterlife, there is no God. Hope? Make it yourself. Purpose? Make it yourself. My name is James and I have attempted suicide many times. My arms are scarred, and I know intimately the taste of charcoal, and most days I still don't know whether or not I'd be better off dead. But if you want my anti-suicide advice it is this: Wouldn't you like to continue eating, shitting, and fucking? That's all there is to life, after all. If you can love that, you can make it. You certainly don't have to love yourself. I don't.
18 Nov 2007 ian I'm a Christian, and we should all know what that means... to shorten my post... it means i believe in the bible. my girlfriend is contemplating suicide after i told her i was going to go offshore before college to earn alot of extra money for my college...i dont even have a car... she being manipulative? i dont understand and dont know what to do??

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