Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Dec 2007 Denise Well here is what you and people like you need to know. Yes, you'll end your pain but you'll inflict pain on your parents, brothers and sisters, your friends and everyone around you. How do I know this? I'm a survivor of my son's Ron's suicide after he killed his self following a break up with his girl friend. Ron died in 1993 from a gunshot wound to the head from a .22 caliber rifle. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him and cry. My life has been completely torn up since that day on Feb. 1, 1993 and will never be the same till the day I die! There are days when I feel like joining him. Yes, life has dealt me a lot of crap also. My husband couldn't handle Ron's death either and he covered his pain by drinking his self stupid, to the point that we divorced. Ron's two sisters have lots of emotional problems and there was a period of time they had either attempted suicide but now they seem to be past it all after years of therapy. Their therapist said that most of their problems were caused from the grief caused by losing their brother from suicide and their in ability to handle it on their own. So don't end your life and go get help now! The life you will save will not only be yours but the ones around you.
07 Dec 2007 ratfink Shotgun blast to the face. Works for children of all ages.
06 Dec 2007 beatnik jazz club hour. suicide me.
O suicide me.
Oh please,
suicide me.
i need you suicide.
fill me with your tender UN-
ooh laawrdy. is it hot in here;
is it just me?
suicide, i need you.
oh yeah.
ur so hot suicide.
Oh sui-
you make me quiver,
you make me twitch.
cover me suicide,
like a cold blanket of...
suicide me?

i dont want to live with out you,
oh suicide me.
take me away,
oh suicide,
dont cha know ya blow my mind,
suicide me,
ya blow my mind,
06 Dec 2007 just a helping voice a wise person once told me that God takes a person when it is their best time to get into heaven.....and for all of you who have tried it on their own, obviously you have something else to life for, maybe not for your own personally gain, but maybe, just maybe you were put on this earth to help someone else. Maybe when your time comes, the heart you have, or the liver you carry maybe given to another person that wants to live on this earth, they may even be your family. if not for yourself, then why not live life for another, and try to enjoy it along the way.
06 Dec 2007 dead inside. My hands are searching for you
My arms are outstretched towards you
I feel you on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for you

This fire rising through my being
Burning I'm not used to seeing you

I'm alive, I'm alive

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

My hands float up above me
And you whisper you love me
And I begin to fade
Into our secret place

The music makes me sway
The angels singing say we are alone with you
I am alone and they are too with you

I'm alive, I'm alive

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

And so I cry
The light is white
And I see you

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

Take my hand
I give it to you
Now you owe me
All I am
You said you would never leave me
I believe you
I believe

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healed

[all around you---flyleaf]
06 Dec 2007 I hate u i wish i was pretty
i wish i was skinny
i wish i was popular
i wish i ppl wouldnt hate me
i wish my parents wouldnt hate me
parents wanting me to change wanting me to be perfect lyke my sister,wanting to change my wieght ,wanting to change my apperence
saying u hate me, rumors at skool, calling me names ,ny last wish iz for everybody to leave me alone,i am a disaponment to my parents if i die than i want them to be happy because they have a perfect child 'my sister'
06 Dec 2007 Amber Well this is my second time here the first time I talked about how I've tried on a couple of occasions and I failed at it because someone was always there to find me. I'm not doing any better if anything I'm worse now then I was then I come from a family with problems my mother offed herself when I was 16 and I was blamed for it she did it a little after I got out of the nut house selfish bitch anyway the older I get the more my emotional problems become worse I dont want to seek help my help is alochol and drugs I am rarely ever sober I do everything I can to make the world go away my bf does'nt help me either in fact I was doing ok till I met him he's put me down in so many ways I hate myself but I keep going and I dont know why I feel terrible evry single day I cry when no one else is around my nerves are shot to hell and I really dont think that I will ever get better even with treatment I dont know what to do please help me!!!
06 Dec 2007 marek saar Dont... Everyone die m but not everyone lives.
06 Dec 2007 Calre I've got an idea. Don't.
05 Dec 2007 fucked up I tried to hang myself today. I fell off the stool before i meant to and i struggled to pull a chair over to stand on so i didn't die. I think i need help, I don't know what to do. I can't tell anyone because then people will think im crazy and bad things come from letting people know you are suicidal, i've seen it happen to other people. No one knew i was planning on doing it, I cant tell anyone that i think i need help. I dont know what the fuck to do.......
05 Dec 2007 somebody well i always hated life ppl wanting me to change the way i look especialy my parents ppl tring controling me parents saying they hate me tired of life wanting to die thinking about it everyday cut myself sick of life every family member hating you ur couzins brother,,dad everyone
god made us to die not live

05 Dec 2007 dead inside. why put a new address on the same old lonliness when breathing just passes the time.
unitl we all just get old and die.
now talking is just a waste of breath.
and living is just a waste of death.
why put a new address on the same old lonliness?
05 Dec 2007 my world if it isnt your time you cant die. that is if god has a purpose for you. so if you succeed in killing yourself god dosent care about you and so u will burn forever anyway.
now u see your existance for the bleek nothingness it is. welcome to hell.
05 Dec 2007 Tina haiya. ma nymz Tina..m 15 n lyk u guyz, m a ma parents say.. it startd wen ma parents gt a dvorc. twaz ol ma mumz folt. she a bitch n a goldign ho n yea..i hate her. n ma dad..cnt do nuthn ryt. m a screwup 2 him? a mistake. i was raped a fw months ago n its worsnd.ths filn ov unworthines n id rather b ded than liv lyk ths. i dnt wana bt m constantly thnkn abt kiln maslf n hv tried a fw tymz bt nufnz hapnd 4 real. i fl lyk da failur dat i am.
05 Dec 2007 Tina Haiya guyz. my names Tina.. m 15 nd suicidal js lyk da rest ov u guys.. it feels kinda relievn 2 finaly b wit ppl whu undastand hw I feel. it all startd wen ma parents gt a dvorc wen i was 13. its ol ma mumz folt..yea, i hate da bitch. shes a fckn ho n a goldiga. i luv ma dady bt 2 him im a dsapointment..i cnt do nuthn ryt.. bt mor dan ol dat, i was rapd nd i fl so worthles nd m swimn in a sea ov 'if onlyz'. i realy h8 maslf nd hv tried it ol. landed in hospital a cupla tymz.. any suggestionz?
05 Dec 2007 daniel blais what is the best way to kill your former self, to live on in a new self?

-Look back on your life, not just the parts of it that have been absolute tragedy and hardships, but also the fuck-ups you did; to recognize and own up to them. Having realized them,
forget about them, and move on without looking back, knowing that it's all in the past. That's the trick, it's simple and yet very hard, but your determination and understanding that all the bad of the past was all of the former self, and that old self has died.

This "invention" is sick, disturbing, and should be removed as it promotes the fact that children SHOULD kill themselves and there is no hope, when in reality one needs to put all their shit in the past , as trying as that may be, and move on with the new.

take care, best wishes, someone IS thinking of you.
05 Dec 2007 Jacob im crying as i write this message so i dont care if its sloppy.

hello again people i dumped my GF because she cheated on me :( it broke my heart into pieces and now i dunno what to do i love her so much and i want her but she keeps seeing this guy.

We talk and we say how we still like each other but she wants to fight but i dont wanna. Cause i wanna go back out with her so she dont get with any other guys.

Im ripped into pieces and its breaking my hurt i want to die but i dont got my gun yet :(

I got really no one to talk to and its all building up inside me so when i get angry i go crazy.

I hate my life i hate it so much all i think about is suicide and what cool ways i can get shot.

I really wanna have a Suicide By Cop and when my heat comes in im gonna cause i fucking hate people now i had yars of bullying and that has made me insecure thats why i hold things cause im afraid to talk to people cause im afraid they will turn on me.

Im allways been bullied and teased at school and years of bullying can really make someone not ok inside. People dont know how bad bullying is.

My parents dont help at all i wanna start cutting again and they go through my computer like they own it so now ive gotta install some security to keep the bastards out yes i hate my parents as a matter of fact.

Hmm if anyone wants to talk ad me on msn or email me at:
04 Dec 2007 Day Set me free before I die.
Let me taste the wind,
Let me feel the grass,
Let me hear the birdsong,
Set me free before I die.
My cage is invisible,
My pain is hidden,
My love is gone,
Set me free before I die.
I see joy,
I hear laughter,
I touch freedom,
Set me free before I die.
All I feel is false,
All I see is pain,
All I touch is misery,
Set me free before I die.
I lie helpless,
I lie confused,
I lie in death,
Set me free before I die.
I feel his hands,
I hear his breath,
I touch his face,
Set me free before I die.
I am abused,
I am haunted,
I am lost,
Set me free before I die.
He took my laughter,
He took my hope,
He took my life,
Set me free before I die.
Let him hurt me,
Let him convict me,
Let him kill me,
Set me free before I die.
He left me here,
He left me on the road,
He left me all alone,
Set me free before I die.
I will not let go,
I will not forget,
I will not forgive,
Don't set him free before he dies.
I deserve justice,
I deserve love,
I deserve hope,
Set me free before I die.
No justice for him,
No love for him,
No hope for him,
I will be free before I die.
I will learn to love again,
I will learn to hope again,
I will learn to forgive again,
I am free before I die.
04 Dec 2007 Jacob James_90

jumping off a two story building wont kill u it will just brake bones.

Ive seen people jump off 5 story buildings and survive but they had like a broken leg and minor cuts and they where in shit loads of pain.

So no i wouldnt do that if i was you.

Talk to a counselor mate or email me at or add me on msn im happy for a talk
04 Dec 2007 Oxlena I love how all the posters under 'blame' and 'sadistic' don't have depression and/or don't know how it is to be suicidal. It actually makes me giggle a little. Yeah, I'm Bipolar. No, it isn't my fault. I know that...It doesn't change the fact that I hate myself and wish I'd fall over and stop breathing. Go ahead and say that I do it for attention, but you'll be wrong. If I wanted [negative] attention I'd get into drugs and drinking and fuck everything that walked. It's ass backwards to try to get attention from pretending you're suicidal. You're just going to get into a whole bunch of shit and then REALLY wish you were dead. The last thing I want is attention; I just want to feel better. Some days I feel like being happier would make me lose a sentimental part of myself; other days I resent myself for the simple fact that I haven't committed suicide yet. I'm seventeen years old and I have a record of self-harm, but not many serious enough to be called suicide attempts. I cut my wrists, but I wear long sleeves all the time so people don't see the cuts. My mom - who is the only person who can really help - doesn't believe me. She thinks that you have to have a REASON to be depressed. I guess she doesn't realize that all the negligence over the years has fucked me up pretty severely. She's never cared about me, and she isn't easy to talk to. I asked her, just once, to help me. I reached out for help. She told me to "Go take a walk." She said nothing more and ignored all else I said. There was nothing more to say. I've said, "I'm just going to go kill myself, nobody would notice anyway." And she just laughs and mocks me and tells me I'm probably right. All my friends think my parents are nice, and they can be, but not especially often to me. They get generous enough every once in awhile, but that's no substitute for love. They think that throwing materialistic items my way is going to make everything all better, but they don't realize that I'd give all of that up for just someone in my family that I can call and TALK to, that cares, and that will keep my secrets and not run off and tell all of the rest of my family. I just don't know what to do. I don't think my friends believe how shitty my parents are to me [behind closed doors], and it makes me feel absolutely worthless. Some days I feel so helpless it's all I can do just to get out of bed and do things for myself. I'm home-schooled because I refused to go back to highschool. I couldn't handle it. I wasn't learning anything, and I couldn't handle the people because I went from a tiny Catholic school to a [seemingly, to me] huge highschool. (A lot of good Catholic school did for me, by the way; I'm an atheist now. I felt like God had forsaken me...Before I realized that the world is too fucked up to have a 'loving' God. If there is a god, He's a hypocrite bastard and I loathe him, or her or it or whatever the fuck it is, with every fiber in my body.) I have no trouble doing my schoolwork on my own, but it's about the only thing I don't lack motivation for. I'm also anorexic because I feel that I don't deserve to eat, and I'm hoping that eventually my body will just follow suit and shut down like the rest of me. I have a boyfriend, but I don't think my friends approve, even though we've been together for nearly three years. I feel like such a waste of space. I can't even believe I'm going to bother posting, actually. I don't feel worthy of being represented on this site. I'm afraid my friends are eventually going to realize that they can't help me and give up on me. They act like they'll always care for me and help me as best they can, but I think the time is going to come when they'll give up on me like everyone else. They aren't the type of people to do such a thing to someone they love, but face it, I'm beyond help. The only people who can truly, permanently help me aren't what I would consider allies. I don't want to die, but I don't want to live miserably and I think that those are my only options.

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