Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Nov 2007 rana It's me again with my words and thoughts. I feel such helplessness and despair coming through alot of what you guys have to say. I feel for every single one of you people suffering because it is such an awful feeling to be having. If it helps anyone, you are not alone. And once again let me just say to all the people criticising or not able to understand the feelings of the suiciders. The awful feeling in the pit of my stomach I've had for the last week is not to be criticised or belittled guys. It's real and it's crap and basically using this site as a place to vent or release your feelings is not a bad thing. How much more can a person take before it's over. I recently read something that said a person wanting to commit suicide was tormented up until the moment they decide they want to take their own lives. Then they are at peace because they don't have to deal with the torment anymore. Their mind is made up. At the moment I am looking at photos of some people I love and I want to be there for them for as long as I can. But on the other hand I want to be at peace and my mind to be made up. I want this awful feeling inside to disappear and I wish I could help alot of you guys feel better too. What is depression and why do we feel the stigma or inability to get help. HELP, such a simple word but full of so much meaning. But once again this is just what I think and words are just words. We make words have feeling. We make them have meaning.
30 Nov 2007 secretosity. If this is your excuse for suicide "oh no I'm 15 (or younger, or perhaps a little older) and I've never been kissed" than you being very silly.
I am 19 and I have never been kissed, I've never had a boyfriend, and I've definitly never fucked anyone. But you see my sweet little nincompoops that isn't what life is all about. You are merely kiddlings right, kisses, fucks, one night stands, and relationships will all come in life, you just have to wait for them. Honestly, there is a time and place for everything. When the time is right it will happen for you. You see, I do have a special man friend now altho he is miles and miles away, so we I can snog him for a while still, I'll probably be 21 when I get my first kiss. But the point is, YOU ARE LITTLE KIDDIES. No matter how mature you think you are just cause your 14 Oh goddy god god, that is nothing, you are still A KID! Enjoy it! I would do anything to just be a kid. I never got the chance...
Anywho, just wait, ok? And I promise one day even if your 25 by then, but one day you will get that kiss and it will be the most wonderfullest thing ever. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Good luck my little nincompoops.
Enjoys your kidd-ness while it lasts.

30 Nov 2007 Allen Hi Jeff,

You sound like you're going through a lot. I would email you, but you didn't leave an email address. Please email me, I'd love to talk more.
30 Nov 2007 Rachel aka veggie Everyday i fight a war against myself I don't understand why he would do this to me I love him so0o much and he goes and treats me like im worth nothing baby you were my life but now it feels like my like is worthless I never thought you would do this to me I really don't understand why I am slowely dying inside and you don't seem to make it any eaiser I really think its time I let you go and moved on before I end my like just to stop this pain and misery I loved you soo much xox Rach
29 Nov 2007 dont kill yourself live life your a kid im 51 my life doesnt matter any more. but as a teen u got so much to see. enjoy it. i did now ?
29 Nov 2007 ross i wated to say my story
i have tried to kill myself by slitting my rists but the stupid doctor saved mee
just now i am goin through a rough time i havent got a girl(kissed) and im 14 nearly 15 and i have never had a girl friend and i just feel like killing my self every day if you can help then plz email me at
29 Nov 2007 Amy I guess jumping is one ofthe better ones I ve tried loads of overdoses and never got any where as of yet. Strangulation almost brought me to my death
29 Nov 2007 danie emmm slit ur wrist and swollow pills and bleach
28 Nov 2007 leserlie depressed english girl,
one day you will look back and be able to smile becasue u did lose ur virginity to someone u cared for. honestly i dont even remember loosing mine. i lost it that long ago. oh god im such a slut. im gonna kill myself now.
28 Nov 2007 THebigfriendlyBallsack ...

28 Nov 2007 Jeff I don't know if you all noticed but
the reality of our world is that
it is a cold and bitter place.
There is no love here,
I wake up every morning
only to go out and get hurt by world the again.
All friends will eventually betray you
and prove that they were never
really your friend to begin with.
My own family turns their back and walks away.
I cry out to God, but no god answers.
When it comes to the things that really matter,
that are really important,
that really mean something,
there is nothing to be found
here on this cold and bitter earth.
28 Nov 2007 Allen Hi Alice,

I just read your post. I would love to talk. I was also bullyied when I was in school. It hurts like nothing else, I know, but there is hope. You can happy no matter what people think of you. I'd love to explain more what I mean. I would email you, but you didn't leave an email address. Please email me, I'd love to talk more.
28 Nov 2007 depressed english girl me nd my friend never went out:(

everythings just falling to pieces, i don't talk anymore, i dnt smile anymore, i used to be known as the girl who always smiled now, i feel my minds deteriorating and im slowing becoming someone else, someone i dont like......Help :'(
27 Nov 2007 combat barbie hey all i never thought that i would have ever thought about taking my own life, but i did and the other night i almost went through with it. it was hard but i thought about all the accomplishments that i have made, i mean i have a daughter and a beautiful one at that, ive been to iraq and i made it back alive. i was a good soldier and a great mom and for a minute i almost let that all go. i want to thank everyone for their support, al the emails and the concer from people that i dont even know. it was amazing! a life changing experience. thank you all! if anyone is thinking about commiting suicide please dont its really not worth it! there are people to help!
27 Nov 2007 anti suicide If you're giving up at age 13, then your stupid. 13 years of your life is nothing, its still immature, you have so much more time to live. You're rediculous for even thinking about this. Boyfriend problems and marriage shit is no reason to kill yourselves--get over it... people suffer from diseases everyday and you guys want to kill yourselves? The people who are encouraging you are low lifes.. get some help... talk to a parent ... and dont encourage suicide...if your bored with your life.. and you want to kill yourselves.. do something with your life.. travel.. study... socialize.. DONT GIVE UP... suicide is permanent ... while this little problem your suffering from is temporary.. don't let it end your life..don't let it be stronger than you... and hurt the people who love u ... think smart... you can make a difference in someone's life just by walking away from suicide... you can save others.. you may even save the world... after you get over this thing that makes you sad or depressed you will feel so relieved you didn't go through with it... just wing life... cuz you only live once!!!
27 Nov 2007 Allen Hi "Depressed english girl" it sounds like you're going through a whole lot. I'm really sorry to hear how you guys broke up. I can't imagine how painful it must be. I would email you, but you didn't leave an email address. You can definitely work through this. Your life is not over; it's just beginning. You will make it through this and have happy times again. Please email me, I'd love to talk more.
27 Nov 2007 alice iv rely needd 2 find a place 2 talk abot my problems 4 a wile im 14yrs old nd iv bn badly bulyd sins i was abot 8 i always usd 2 fink abot endin it but i cud stop myself by thinkin abot starvin african kids nd that eventaly wen i was 11 the bulyin stopd wen i movd scols nd i was fine 4 a few yrs but abot 6 months ago i startd havin a bunch mor problems agen nd the starvin kids in africa thing didnt work anymor afta that i atemptd suicide bt faild nd was ultra depresd a month l8a my dad was diagnosd with cancer wich wirdly stopd my depresoin/ suicide atempts cos i couldnt let 2 pepl die in my family it didnt seem fair now im depresd nd suicidl agen cos dads got the al clear nd iv got loads of problems im so glad i found this website cos b4 i cudnt say a word as my m8s r al self harmers, suicidl thinkin abot self harmin or just wud h8 me 4 it soz 2 warfl on thanx
27 Nov 2007 ian I am 21, my first memories of feeling depressed date to the fifth grade. I had thoughts of hurting myself, and other schoolmates in the seventh grade. Since then, the only progress made is now I don't want to hurt anybody but myself, because it is not right or fair to hurt somebody else. The only happiness I found was a 2 year long relationship, I put so much into it that when I was dumped suddenly I never dated, or attempted to again. I have no desire for sex, children, love, relationships, companionship. I can have the greatest day, with everyone being nice, with me receiving positive reinforcement, love from others, money, whatever it may be. And I will still go home and feel empty, sad, unappreciated. I am too paranoid, others are not nice to me because they want to be, but because they feel they have to be, or don't want to directly insult me. I know I am smart, I have always been, and I have thought logically about life and death. Why go on when, even when I get exactly what I want, it is never enough? I can't help the greed I feel, I can't help the chemical imbalance that causes my depression and anxiety. Everytime I feel I do the right thing, I end up regretting it. I'm glad for the experiences I've had since my first suicide contemplation, and I know there will be many more good times to be had, but do I want to bother with them? Should I wait for them to happen? Are they worth experiencing when I'm just going to cry about it the first chance I get? I can be happy, with nothing going wrong, then a few minutes later, for no reason at all, I will want to hide myself away, in a small room alone, and cry. I sneak into the bathroom at work sometimes just so nobody will see me break apart. I've opened up to "good friends", I've been so psychiatrists, I've taken the meds, and nothing works. Nothing seems to free me of this. I'd rather not feel anything at all, than feel the feelings (good and bad) of life. I've been used by others to get closer to other people I know, for my material possessions, as a last resort, for comedic purposes, all unappreciated in the end. I will call or text friends who I see regularly, and not so regularly, just to ask how they are doing. I have never had anyone do that for me. I can't bear to be close with my family, I can't bear to have those connections. They have never expressed love for me, even if they do, I will never express love for them, even if I do. I know my suicide would hurt them, but, because of how I am, I somehow don't care. I have given and given, but never received. I only found happiness once, and now I can never trust enough to get into that situation again. I don't believe in religion, and if I'm wrong, oh well, I'll burn in Hell, but there's so many contradictions of the Bible, so many OTHER religions/societies with the exact same stories that the Bible stole (the story of Jesus has been told millions of times with other prophets), so no Bible quotes or religious reasoning will change me. I tried to accept Jesus once, and it was a complete joke. I am not sure if, or when I will kill myself, but I think about it daily. And a train seems to be the most sure way to do it, I've never heard of anyone surviving standing in the middle of an Amtrak's path.
26 Nov 2007 Sorry I might survive this Disclaimer: The following is coming from the unedited emanations of my heart, a 13 year old has SO FAR saved my life… My sarcasm, cynicism, or seeming lack of humanism is merely the result of that which I have witnessed in last few months of my life. But for one more day I choose not to see my peers as vile and depraved, they… like myself are afraid… I choose this for you Megan, whoever you were.

How to Kill Yourself- for 13 year olds:
Well all you really need is the help of your neighbor girl friend's deranged mother. Let me illustrate-
Hypothetically- say your name was, Megan Meier, again.., just for example. You’re 13, suburban girl, boy-crazy… probably total drama queen and lovin it! Goin to the movies, the mall… that normal 13 year old stuff. However, at that age the social bombs are flying, of course, because “ he said she said, that she thought she heard…” But what are the usual casualties? BFF’s obliterated one week and new alliances constructed the next.
Except if you are Megan. See, you and a neighborhood girlfriend, Sarah, have a little political spat. Though because you and Sarah are 13 it seems more like the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Enter Sarah’s so-called mother: She decides, instead mixing her fabulous martinis with her fellow desperate housewives, to come riding to the rescue of Sarah’s precious junior high reputation. In her valiant attempt to save Sarah from the fleeting pangs of sophomoric gossip, Mother creates an online boyfriend for you (Megan), for spying purposes of course. His name is Josh Evans. He’s home schooled, from a broken home, and most peculiarly, Josh doesn’t have a phone right now. This mother NEVER intended to humiliate you by dragging your heart along, via Josh, only to expose the prank to all the students for some sick self serving satisfaction of revenge? Would she?

Ok Megan, here’s your minuet:
You’re self conscious about your weight and on anti-depressants. However, the braces are FINALLY coming off; you’re passing out invitations to your up-coming 14th B-Day; you just dropped 20 pounds; and finally, you have a little flutter in your heart from meeting this “super cute” new guy! According to your father, Ron, "[You are] the happiest [you] ha[ve] ever been in [your] life.”

Until he turns on you and tells you how you’re not nice to your friends, you’re a bad person and the world would be better with out you. Unbeknownst to you, the password for Josh’s reality was passed around the neighborhood for all your depraved neighbors to “Play Josh”. The bulletins are flying, parents are yelling that computer time is over, you’re panicking wondering why everyone is posting bulletins about you, “Megan Meier’s is fat” or “Megan Meier is a slut”. You’re last words to your mother might be, "You're supposed to be my mom! You're supposed to be on my side!" As you run past your father, he might say, “They obviously don’t know [you], and that [you’ll] be fine.”

The Grand Finale:
You’re hanging with a belt, YOUR belt, tied around your neck. It’s getting tight and an instinctual fear begins to pervade your consciousness. Well, what’s left of it. You know they say you change your mind when the rope gets tight…
As long as your mom take’s at least 20 minutes to find you, you’ll be pronounced dead the following day at the hospital. Josh Evan’s will recede into the obscurity (or the back of the neighborhood parent’s minds- if you will) from which he emerged.

That’s all it takes: just one suburban mom with a vengeance; too much time on her hands; some cesspool borne neighborhood adults;… oh a myspace account and a 13 year old and you have the perfect recipe for a suicide.

Megan, you saved my life today… I can face this world, today.
26 Nov 2007 aashley why would you want to know "what is the best way ti kill yourself when you're under 13?" encouraging people to kill themselves? i DO believe this relieves people's emotions because, they can talk about it with strangers. They have to let it out.

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