Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Sep 2007 ruth i entertain thoughts of suicide.
more frequently than you use the toilet.
why dont you stop eating ruth. ur so fat and ugly.
04 Sep 2007 scott i do not want to kill myself or die at all. i just want a release to make what i feel inside go away. it helps me to talk about how i feel sometimes.
04 Sep 2007 Jolisa [[alone]] well i have thought bout suicide but honesty never ever had the guts to do so . i have cut my self many many times but i feel that wen i cut myself it releces pain. killing yourself is not gunna do any better your loosing your life over depression .... well i am a very very emotianal person and about everything i cry about its hard for me to talk to ppl bout how i feel or how im feeling at the momment. but everyone here i see feels alone or feels like they have no one to talk to but look its not true ... we have eachother to talk to about how were feeling... now take into consideration that this life were living today is once in a lifetime chance .... we only live once and only once ! so why let it go. well if you guys need anyone to talk to i am allways here . my email address is were you can reach me im always here to listen and i am a very good listener ...

Love, Jolisa[[alone]]
04 Sep 2007 Jodie I've already written here, but my life is NOT getting any better. I want to kill myself, literally, can you tell me the best way of killing myself? I'm 12, and i cant live my life anymore, because i'm sick of calling the ambulance all the time because my mum's having another hypo (she's diabetic). I'm telling you to try and stop me, i can't stop myself anymore.
04 Sep 2007 miriam i have tried to commit so many times that i'm not sure if there really is a quick end it all way so far the method that got me closest was jumping from the roof of my house i was in hospital for ages and i suffered the most damage through this method but i am sadly still alive, so this method is only good if you alredy have a fairly weak health.
04 Sep 2007 Ellie987654321 I don't know the best way to kill yourself but . . . I NEED TO KNOW! I hate my life - I've hated it since I was 4 when my mum died. From then on my life has been shit and I can't take it any more :( Please Help me - Give me an easy way out . . . I've suffered enough pain . . . No one needs me! But I need help!
04 Sep 2007 sam well i cant really tell you whats the best way to kill yourself seeing as i failed three times myself. at 13 years old i had my first baby. i had 2 more by the time i was 16. i grew up with 18 brothers and sisters. so growing up i never really had much. all i had was a father who abuse me mentally physically and sexually. at 12 years old i was diagnosed with being schitzo effective bipolar manic depressive and having PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder) three days before my oldest daughter was to turn 5 years old she was killed along with my wife. that was the first time that i tried ending my own life. i am not going to say how that way im not giving out any ideas. i have gone my entire life without the love and care of others. then my middle child my only son was taken from me by his mother. i was not allowed to see him after he was a week old. i have gone through soo much in my life that most people havent gone through at 40 years old and im only 21. so for whatever reason you are thinking about ending your own life..... just remember that there are others out there that have it worse off than you and would kill for a life like yours.......
03 Sep 2007 Ellie I don't have an answer . . . I'm looking for one though! I'm going through a really rough patch at the moment and I just hate life. My mum died when I was 4 and things have been getting worse ever since. Like when my dad married another women who had a son - She is so mean to me - I don't need to self harm she does it for me. I can't cope - Tell me the least painful way to go so I can end my pain :(
03 Sep 2007 Scott why do i feel this way?
why does it hurt everyday?
why cant i just let go.

i feel ashamed of myself for feeling this way.
i hate to cry, i hate this emotion.
i cant handle love. i cant handle myself.
i try to be perfect for myself .
i am never happy enoguh. I AM NOT CRAZY! i am just in pain.
i cant talk to anyone because its selfish. everyone has problems, this is mine. i am not ready for life. i am not ready for myself. i dont know if i ever will be.
i dont want help, i dont want anything but to not feel, care, love, or hate anymore. its all too overwhelming.
i hate to cry, i hate this emothion.
03 Sep 2007 dead inside. FUCK.
I am sick and tired of hearing that little kids are killing themselves over something as stupid as "oh no, she stole my boyfriend!" HOLY FUCK. there is more to life than teenage love. move on. Yeah it hurts. It kills. But it gets better. Why the fuck does no one understand that life is just a one time thing. YOU GET IT ONCE! There are so many fucking options. If your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you and your 10-20, honestly, it will get better. That person was probably just not meant for you. Couples are made in heaven. You get who your suppose to get. It just takes time. The person you think is perfect for you at 11, might not be the one for you. You will find love again. If love was meant for you then you will get it. I promise you that. But you can't think that you won't find love again, when your 13, ok? God, it fucking breaks my heart. Honestly I fucking feel like slicing my wrists when I hear stuff like this. JUST BECAUSE EMO IS IN DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE SUICIDE THING! God, I'm emo, I listen to depressing music, but suicide isn't the answer sweethearts. There is hope. Get away if you have to. There is hope. God, there is fucking hope. Your killing me kids, your killing. Your so small. So young. You have so much to look forward to. A clean slate. To fill with whatever wonderful things u want. Yet your giving it all up. Please think twice about your actions. You probably think i'm bullshitting you, but honestly i feel like my heart is caving in. This poor girl. She is such a sweetheart....I can't believe all thats happened to her. FUCKING HELL. Just be kids. Sex, booze, drugs and death will all be there in the future. For now, just be kids. Just be innocent. Like your suppose to. You only get that once. Being young and innocent, its only a one time thing. SEX, BOOZE, DRUGS, and DEATH will always be there for you to do. For now, just be kids. Ok? Please. For the love of god, or whatever u believe in, just be kids. My innocence was ripped away from me. And I hate to grow up fast, and I fucking regret it. You have the chance now, leave love and sex and booze and drugs and death for when your older. There is so much time for it all. I'm crying right now. My heart is bleeding for you all. But your not gonna believe that, right?
Just be kids. Please. Its all I ask of you. Just be kids.
02 Sep 2007 SuicidalBitch CPS is going down on the "we protect our children chain." I was once taken away by them because of my father and what the hell do they think they should return kids to pathetic parents. Why the hell do you think my mom divorced my dad? because he was whacked and abused my brother and i emotionally and physically to my brother durting their wrestling matches. My mom took us away from that and cps believed my mom was the bad one when in fact it was MY father who was disturbed!! CPS needs to wake up and realize what they are doing to the kids!!! I now only have a relationship thats totally good with my mom, whereas my brother and I are TRYING to make a relationship with OUR father who has put us through a lot of hurt. The shit started when I was 11 yrs old and my brother was 12 yrs. We were taken away from our mom when we were about 13 and 14 due to our sychotic father and sent to live with my moms parents in Montana!! How fucked up is CPS to believe that children will be ok with abusive parents? Im glad that they returned us not to my father but to our mom wonce they realized how fucked up they were for taking us away from her!!! CPS, the courts, and the system SUCK !!!
02 Sep 2007 andrew i'm past caring, i just want to die. ive suffered from depression since i was 13, im 19 now. theres no hope on the horizon, i have no-one, no family, no friends, no nothing. im better off dead, i was abused physically, sexually and emotionally and i just cant get past it. i wish you all luck, everyone says suicide isnt worth it but sometimes its the only option. the feelings are crushing i cant cope anymore
02 Sep 2007 Sara Honestly, it's not worth it. I know that if you're going to kill yourself or has thought about it, that you've heard that line, and it pisses you off because you belive it is. but trust me - from one suicidal person to another - it isn't. when i was 14 i walked out of my house with a noose in my hands. my parents didnt know, and neither did either of my siblings. i went down to a tree where this other kid had hung himself. i went there because i had gone down there a lot to visit with the kid (yes wile he was dead, i would talk to him, pray for him, stuff like that) and so i thought that maybe if i did it there - it would make him and i closer. i understand that his spirit isnt there and that the person that i talk to is only a matter of my deranged mind. however, i had gotten into position and everything and kicked the cross that was holding me up, yes, the boys cross, over and my brother and his friend just so happened to be walking down there to get to the river a little bit more south and they saved me. i again tried after a few months (once i was able to handle rope and everything on my own without being watched) i almost had it but the spot i put it on was rotted a little bit and i didnt notice it. i fell down and hit my head on a rock... and was passed out for about 4 hours. after not being home to check in my sister came looking for me and found me with the noose around my neck. considering i wasnt going to try something like that again, because 2 fails and i'm done, i dont belive in 3 times the charm. i had decided to drink poisen... and my dad for some reason had come home from work early and found me half dead and called poison control. so yea - it's not worth it cuz if you try it something is just gonna fuck up your attempt anyway. so - it's been a year since my last attempt. i'm not allowed to have any sharp objects, which makes no sence to me because i'd never cut myself, i'm not allowed to have any kind of ropes, i'm hardly allowed to touch belts. scarfs i cant use - even in dead winter. and when i clean a bathroom or something i'm to be watched. they dont understand my state of mind. in my bedroom is a computer, my bed, a tv, a stand to hold it up, my guitar, closet, dresser, a stereo, and my nightstand. now - i can kill myself with any of these items. trust me - i could think of some sick way to kill myself with a peice of paper if i had to. but they think that with those things - i'm save. but honestly, i'll never be safe. and i'll never get my old happy life back. for now - the only thing i have to live for are my two nephews julian and deandre. shall they ever get taken away by my sister i of corse would die inside a little bit more, but i want kids because of how sweet and cute those two little guys are. so seriously - just try to look on the bright side of everything -weather it be your closest family member dieing or anything else that makes you so upset that you cant take it anymore. because if you look at the little things, you realize that life IS worth living.
02 Sep 2007 Matt i would say is just not killing yourself... even though you want to a better way is to speak out and reach people around you hell its gonna be hard but just standing up to someone who makes the pain might even make you feel better
02 Sep 2007 Faye Grzanich Please..PLEASE! Dont kill yourself....Instead, ask Jesus into your heart. He is the one you need right now and He is here for you if only you will reach out to him.
Here is all you have to say:
Jesus, I come to you today asking You Lord to come into my heart to stay. Forgive me for my sins Father and have mercy on my soul. Break these ties that keep me from you Lord, and set me free so that I may always love thee and always do thy will. Come into my heart today Lord Jesus, come in to stay. Amen

Then watch what happens...I can tell you this from my own personal experience that when you do your best to obey his Word, and have a daily ongoing relationship with Christ..your life will change dramatically. I urge you to read the Bible daily, and pray with all your heart and soul asking God to change your heart and make you into the person He wants you to be...and He will do just that.
God loves you and he's waiting for you to reach out to HIM. He sent His Son to die on the Cross for you and me..and He doesn't want you to live like your living now.
He has a purpose for you and you will find this purpose in due time. Ask daily for His guidance and strength to fight the daily battles you may encounter.

Be strong child and fight the good fight. You do have someone that loves you more than anyone could ever love you. And that is God. I love you too child. We all are given the "choice" choose HIM or not..I hope you do for if you do then one day you will meet him face to face and He can give you eternal life.

I pray God will open your eyes and ears and you will see your need for him. He is all we need!
God bless you child. Give your heart to God.
02 Sep 2007 parvathi juss slit ur wrist lyk u neva felt the pain
01 Sep 2007 hmm... I wanna be a sexslave.
anybody wanna play master?
01 Sep 2007 Ryan Get an air soft gun, paint the orange tip or take it off, call the police, tell them your going to kill yourself at your address when they show up, walk aggressively toward an officer, or get a real gun, shoot an office or towards one, or lunge at one with a knife or something...
01 Sep 2007 lou i wish someone would put me in the ground alive
01 Sep 2007 brittney yesterday i was on my computer and my ex came. i was happy. i got a game. lets all try to guess his name. no its not mouchette. its a common american name.try to guess. hmmm.....tom?george....john...Errrh! wrong! play please!

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