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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Nov 2007 lisa If you are seriously thinking of killing yourself, then you MUST talk to someone. I was very suicidal starting at age 13. In my early 20's I finally told my mother and she got me a Christian counselor. This counselor talked with me every week for 2 years. during the time I spoke to her, she had me tested to see if medication would help me. I went on the medication and I have been on it ever since. I'm now 30. I have not had one days worth of depression or suicidal thought since then. Some people don't have enough seratonin in their brains. If they don't, they will be very depressed and unable to cope with their problems. You may be one of these people. Don't kill yourself until you find out. Good Luck!
08 Nov 2007 Gina The best way to distroy your life when your under 13 is to make your mind up to endure life. Life is hard. Killing your self is easy. At 13 you haven't lived enough life yet to know if this is a good idea. So much can change by the time your 21. Go to an adult that you trust and tell them your depressed and want to talk with a therapist. It you have no one to go to,go to a counselor at your school,tell them that your depressed. You don't have to tell them you are thinking of suicide. Juse tell them you are very depressed and wish you could talk out your feelings with a therapist once a week. Believe me, talking out your feelings with someone who knows how you feel, and how to make you feel better, can help a lot. It helped me when I was your age and depressed. The other thing that helps people feel less depressed is to help someone else. do you know an elderly person who is lonely? Go visit them once a week. It will make you feel good to help them. Find other people who are in need and get involved in helping them. This has helped me, and I know it will help you too. And remember, God loves you. He created you for a purpose. As you grow older, you'll find out what that purpose is. In the meantime, pray to Him. Ask him to take away your depression. Ask him to give you the courage you need to get thru each day. He is always with you.
08 Nov 2007   ganz viel bohnen essen und den after verstopfen dann explodierst du
08 Nov 2007 sdfsf quit being a bunch a pussies life is not that damn hard get a fucking life get a girlfriend or maybe a boyfriend and do it or just kill your self no one wants to here you bithch
08 Nov 2007 wolf After talking to some mates over at #ash and other places, I noticed many did not know about the Legion. Its a place that will let you change your name, and by serving a three year period you'll be able to get a new citizenship in France, it does not matter where your from nor does it matter what past sins you've commited. All you have to do is travel to France and either go to their recruitment office or grab the closest policeofficer and tell him to take you to a Legion office, they will than send you to "Farm" where they'll do basic tests and if you work hard you can make it.. You'll get paid, a new identity you can escape it all without taking your life.. Im going to go their in some months.. Wish me luck..

Heres a link to their official website:
Its also some groups on Facebook containing alot of information about em..

peace out wolfe
07 Nov 2007 ClqMs`_^ Jump of a bridge with a dinamite stick ;-)
07 Nov 2007 Zanzi My life is really fucked up i dont know where to begin iam dead in the inside it is so fucking painfull and lonely, i wish for me all sorts of horrible things death,accidents,murder and all this to me.I am 20something but my hair are turning grey really iam fucked up
07 Nov 2007 Alex N hey, i guess this is gna b my last post here on mouchette =(, i sed in my last post that i would b dead by the 17th and i will b, but hupfully it will be as early as the 11th, thankyew for all of ur support although it didn’t really help. Does anybody have any good advice for writing wills?
Im finally gonna b leaving this planet on my 20th suicide attempt lol, well I have a powerful hand gun now, so hopefully it will be a pretty instant death,.
Ok I wanna say a few things to ppl,
Christian are gr8 ppl, I kinda am 1, but I h8 there view on it is wrong to b suicidal and that you will go 2 hell if you commit suicide. Dosent it say in the bible, there is nothing you can do to make god love you more or less?. If there is a god that loves us so much then y would he send you to hell for killing yourself just cuz u culdnt cope in this shitty world that he created.
thankyou mouchette for creating this site. I have known this site for almost 2 years now and it rules.
Right well im off now to right my will I spose. Has nyone got any good tips?
Email me

If ur planning 2 commit suicide. Good luck. Bye xx
06 Nov 2007 Death I've written here before and I know that I'll write here again. What is the best way to commit suicide? Is there such a thing? I doubt it. Everything that you try to do to end your life has a potential drawback. There will be an instant when the wrong person will walk in or you will realize that you don't really want to die or something like that. Unless it's something fatal and quick. A gun shot wound to the head usually does the job nicely but even that has the chance of you surviving and living out your life as a disfigured freak. Be graceful in how you commit suicide or attempt to commit suicide "an elegant suicide is the final work of art."

I'm not going to tell you that this site is wrong. I'm not going to tell you that there is a god that loves you and that you have so much to live for. That's a load of shit that too many people are all too willing to swallow. The world is a black pit that is full of people willing to destroy themselves for nothing at all. I'd rather live in hell. Maybe I'm already there. Probably. There's no help for me. I know that and have known that for a very long time.
06 Nov 2007 dani stab yourself
or sit in the garage in your parents car thats on until you dead from the toxic fumes. thats how my uncle did it, thats how i want to.

im 14. noone understands me, noone seems to get what im going through. im bi and im in love with my friend rebecca but she loves her best friend alexandra. i really really hate how much i love her. i hate who i am, that im even in love with a girl. I have a negative way of thinking or you could say its really realistic. there is nothing to live for, we all die anyway. why wait our turn? death seems like a way to get out. freedom from all thought and emotions. i really dont want to be alive anymore. if anyone wants to talk my email is
06 Nov 2007 Colin I dont think you should because a ) its bad for your folks-funerals are like 5-10k b) get somne life experince first...alcohol, drugs, your first car,sex if your lucky....

the way I am planning my suicide (im 18) is im going to first make sure I work hard enough to have around 5k in the bank (so my folks wont be left in the lurch for my funeral), then I will crush up a cup of apple seeds (cyanide poisen look it up)...drink some alcohol+ some pot...will try to make it look like an overdose (will buy some harder drugs to make it look like that)

im not doing the note thing either...go for accident me its better for everyone
05 Nov 2007 dead inside. one year. hmmm, this song reminds me of us so much.

You were drowning
and I picked you up and set you free
I was fading
and you breathed the life back into me
can I be sure this is what I've been looking for

'cause I'm dying to meet you
and I'm trying to reach you
as of yet we've not met
but I'm here waiting always for you

you were trembling
and I held your hand so close to me
and I was crying
and you whispered that you'd rescued me
I planned a day when I see you come my way

'cause I'm dying to meet you
and I'm trying to reach you
as of yet we've not met
but I'm here waiting always for you

I can't wait to sleep so I can always see your face
and I hate to wake up 'cause you're gone without a trace

can I be sure this is what I've been looking for

'cause I'm dying to meet you
and I'm trying to reach you
as of yet we've not met
but I'm here waiting always

yeah I'm dying to meet you
and I'm trying to reach you
as of yet we've not met
but I'm here waiting always for you

Can't wait to finally meet you love.
05 Nov 2007 brad hi its me again and i just want to let mouchette know that even thought maybe ur life is dreadful and painfilled...ur lucky that u have life so many of my loved ones have died and i really dont appreciate that u want to kill yourself when ur fine u dont have cancer or anything at all so quit complaning this is not funny suicide is no joke at all so stop being so stupid u are all blessed because u guys are fine this note may not mean anything to any of u but i am really mad that u guys are thinking of suicide enjoy life! (its so short)
05 Nov 2007 brad well there is endless ways to kill yourself....and sometimes life is just not fair and hatefull.i dont recommednd 4 som1 to kill them selves but who am i to tell them right?so if u want to end ur painful life nice and easy without pain at all u can leave the stove on and let the gas fill the room and u will die nice and easy because of overdose on gas chemical..i know this because i almost ended my life and my best friend actually died because of this i was in a coma for 3 years.once again im no one to tell any of you wat to do but if u like take my advice.=)
05 Nov 2007 BaZaaR Trois personnes que j'aimais énormément se sont enlevé la vie au cours des 6 dernières années.

2001 - Mon père
Je crois que la maladie mentale a eu raison de lui. Parfois, il se sentait suivi, épié, regardé ; souvent, il se sentait seul ; par moment, il devenait une autre personne ; un jour, une chose le faisait rire, l'autre jour cette même chose le faisait pleurer. Il était pris dans un monde de contradictions où il ne semblait plus trouver sa place. La mort fut son choix. Sa vie, il n'en avait plus le conrôle. Il a cependant eu le contrôle sur une chose : sa mort.

Son kit de suicide : barbituriques en quantité monstre.

2004 - Mon ami A.
A. avait connu de graves problèmes à l'adolescence. Il ne voulait plus manger parce qu'il se trouvait laid. Il croyait que pour être aimé, il fallait être mince. En même temps qu'il maigrissait, il commencait, petit à petit, à changer d'attitude envers les gens : mentir sur sa vie, sur son alimentation, sur ses fréquentations et sur son usage de plus en plus marqué de cocaïne. Mythomane professionnel, il cherchait l'amour dans le mensonge. L'amour, il l'a cherché, mais ne l'a jamais vraiment trouvé. Des relations multipliés, des relations physiques, sans plus. Je pense que personne ne l'aura jamais connu comme je le connaissais... Sa vie, il la racontait différemment à chaque personne. C'était sa façon personnelle et particulière de devenir important au yeux de quelqu'un. Un matin, je reçois un appel de ses parents. À ses pendu dans le garage durant la nuit. Un mal d'être inguérissable pourrait-on croire... Un geste irréfléchi sur l'effet de la cocaïne ? Je ne crois pas. C'était pour lui sa façon de se détacher de ce corps qui s'était dressé comme un mur de béton entre lui et l'Autre.

Son kit de suicide : un cable électrique accroché au plafond du garage.

2005 - Mon ami M.

Mon ami M. était avec mon ami A. le soir de sa mort. Tous deux en quête d'amour dans un nightclub, ils s'étaient séparés en fin de soirée alors que, fidèle à son habitude, A. devait quitté la discothèque parce qu'il ne se "sentait pas bien", parce que tout-à-coup il voulait disparaître du regard des autres qui lui était insupportable. M. laissa A. retourner chez lui et retourna faire la fête dans le club. Nous étions tous un peu habitué aux réactions soudaines de A.

Le soir là, A. est mort et M. ne s'est jamais pardonné de l'avoir laissé partir seul du club ce soir là. S'en est suivi le départ de M. pour une autre ville afin de se faire une nouvelle vie à Montréal. Bien que nous étions proches, je ne connaissais que peu de choses sur ces états d'âme. Il était toujours souriant. On m'avait pourtant dit qu'il pleurait souvent. Moi, je ne l'avait jamais vu pleuré. Il semble que la mort de A. l'avait affecté à un tel point qu'il lui était impossible d'accepter la mort de son ami. Son déménagement nous a éloigé.

Un an plus tard, bien que nous nous sommes parlé à l'occasion, M. Revient dans ma région et pour une dernière fois, nous avons été prendre un verre et discuter ensemble. Il me semblait bien triste et il disait ne pas savoir où sa vie le menait. Un mois plus tard, M. est retrouvé mort dans sa chambre, chez ses parent, pendu lui aussi. À son poignet, le bracelet noir et blanc que A. portait le jour de sa mort.

Son kit de suicide : une corde toute simple.

Et moi là-dedans, et bien moi je n'ai jamais jamais oublié le corps mort de mon père lorsque je suis allé l'identifié à la morgue. Son corps noir et bleu, le sang séché qui lui était sorti du nez. Malgré cette image d'horreur, je voyais sur son visage une expression de quiétude et de délivrance. Il avait l'air bien. Je n'oublirai jamais le corps embaumé de mon ami A. qui semblait si peu naturel, comme un mannequin de cire, lorsque nous sommes allé le voir au salon funéraire, mais que j'aurai aimé voir se lever de son cercueil pour qu'il puisse constater à quel point il était aimé de ses proches. Je n'oublierai jamais ce que le prêtre à dit à la fin de son discours sur mon ami M. lorsqu'il a dit "Ton ami t'attend en haut, tu vas enfin pouvoir le rejoindre.".

Je suis probablement l'une de rare personne en se monde qui ne condamne pas le suicide. Je crois que ces personnes ne se sont peut-être pas senties assez armées pour livrer le combat de la vie et qu'elle ont décidées, à leur façon très personnelle, de chercher quelque chose de mieux pour elles. Quelque chose qui n'est pas corporel, quelque chose qui n'est pas matériel.

Il y a des blessures qui ne guérissent pas, quoi que l'on puisse en dire. Moi, j'ai fait le choix de vivre et d'accepter le choix de la mort de la part de ceux que j'aime. Ma vie, je veux la vivre avec ma joie, mes peines, mes blessures, mes plaies ouvertes et cicatrisées, mes petits bonheurs, mes regrets, mes souvenirs, mes morts, mes désirs. Je ne crois pas que ces expériences soient plus ou moins des motifs valables de choisir la vie que ceux qui ont fait le choix d'aller voir ce qu'il y a ailleurs, après la vie, telle qu'on la connait.

Je respecte le choix de ces gens que j'ai aimé. Je ne le comprends pas, mais qui suis-je pour les juger ?
05 Nov 2007 raven i don't know the answer to this, i wish i did. i'm not 13, i'm 23, but i'd still like to know the answer. i don't want to jump, i'm scared of becoming a vegetable, then i'm even more screwed. i don't want it to be messy, my family don't deserve that. most of them. i want it to be easy. pills, what if someone finds me - kidney dialysis, screw that. i can't do this anymore. i don't want to be in my head anymore. my thoughts, images, i don't want, can't take. please please tell me how
05 Nov 2007 Hardcorepawn I don't personally care about anyone posting on this damned website. The "shit" you people have been through... well its mild to say the least. There is always someone worse off than you! Do you see them killing themselves? No because they aren't atenttion seaking Idiots. My only advice to anyone seeking to kill themselves is run through a major cities subway system with a backpack and a scarf round your face screaming ALA ALA! That should do the trick. Suicide: The act of killing ones self when said person has no balls! Or the courage to just deal with the4 probelms life throws at you.
I only have 2 more words for all of you;

Your Cunts!
04 Nov 2007 Melissa Reed Hey ya'all... I'm here to try and help anyone who wants it... you can e-mail me at or IM me at jokercamaro87 on yahoo messenger. I just want to help... suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem... and if you wait long enough the rain will go away...
03 Nov 2007 john Suicide Prevention Help
03 Nov 2007 Li colocha: Im still here...PLEASE e-ail me as soon as possible my addy is still Ive had 2 hospitalizations since we talked but still have my rope ready and will need to use it....hope to hear from you soon. Li

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