Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Dec 2007 Steve Sometimes going to your parents isn't always going to help. I went to mine as a 13 year old and they told me I needed to keep busy. Go to the Bookstore and to the new age section. Learning about "making things happen" through positive thinking. Your intention is powerful. Also, ask god for healing. Make a nightly ritual out of it and just pray and trust some kind of answer will come. Ask for the best way to feel better. Question your thoughts: Read "The Work by Byron Katie.. I'd recommend getting rushed to the bookstore and devouring a lot of the spiritual material (read: Urantia) If you have troubling memories, try EMDR. GOOGLE IT. If you are sick.. Try NMT.MD GOOGLE IT.

Spirituality is a great antidote to suicidal ideation and depression. Try meditation.. So important if you're a teenager to do that!
03 Dec 2007   reading this causes mind drama.

you shouldnt read this.

you dont need this stress and it isnt your problem.

i am already inside your brain, controling your nervous system.

mind drama.

OH mind drama.

friends are only good for talking badly about people not in the circle. and using you for your expendable resources.

mind drama affliction.
warped reality depiction.
i caress your rage.
nothings canged.
mind drama.
mind drama pills.
late nights with hot flashes and cold chills.
spinning room and floating bed.
just shoot me in the head.
my mind is a prison with no key.
i hate you because of me.
shoot yourself if you wanna kill me.
i am mind drama.
tonight dreams of getting ass raped by a llama.
how far can i take you before you snap.
03 Dec 2007   well whats the point in saying dont kill yourself please dont cause quite frankly ur not going to listen cause you want it so much, it is your day its your night u eat sleep n breath it so why dont you swallow around 60 paracetomol easy to do but fucking painful when your kidneys and liver begin to fail. try choacking yourself hey its not possible so you cant do it. try hanging but if you change your mind theres no way out. try jumping from large heights but its not fool proof you could end up living paralyzed really what im getting at is its not worth it it starts out at first as a suicide attempt and slowly you get addicted it becomes an impulsion like cutting your wrists ar taking drugs believe me i know i was firstly diagnosed at 9yrs old and im now 17 8 years on and its still hell but i have to face one thing alot dont i cant be cured my impulsions take over and theres nothing i can do its too late for me dont let it be for you
03 Dec 2007 Kuborion This world is a cold and bitter place.
Love and hope are slowly dissolving into obscurity.
I understand why you don't want to be here.
I understand why you want to die.
I don't want to be here as well.
I wanted to die as well.
But this fucked up place is all we've got.

There's no light beyond.
After you die, you won't wake up into any better place.
You too will dissolve into obscurity.

Why do you want it?
Why do you want to leave the world that needs you so much?
Without you, this world loses even more of whatever light is left in it.

You think that nobody loves you, nobody cares for you.
But this world needs you.
We, people of this world need you.
Every single living being needs you.

The people around you may not know what you're going through.
They may even hate you.
Or maybe they just don't care.

There are people who care.
Not some worthless suicide helpline.
We are lost souls like you.
We need you and therefore we want to help you.

Please, contact me.
My email is "" and I'm usually online on Google Talk.
"" also happens to be my AIM screen name, although I'm not sure whether and how it works...
My Yahoo! screen name is "jakubslaninka" or something like that.
And for those who use ICQ, I'm 433628385.
I'm usually online form around 15:00 to around 23:00 in GMT +1:00 timezone (central Europe).
03 Dec 2007 dead inside. Build a wall of books between us in our bed
Repeat, repeat the words that I know we both said
Relax into the need
We get so comfortable
Remember when I was so strange and likeable
I just want back in your head
I just want back in your head
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray
When I get a little scared
When I get a little scared
When I get a little
When I jerk away from holding hands with you
I know these habits hurt important parts of you
Remember when I was sweet and unexplainable
Nothing like this person, unlovable
I just want back in your head
I just want back in your head
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray
When I get a little scared
When I get a little scared
When I get a little scared
When I get a little
Run, run, run
Run, run, run
I just want back in your head
I just want back in your head
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray

[back in your head--tegan & sara]
03 Dec 2007 ewganhoff Nike - Just do it
03 Dec 2007 kat I despetly need to talk to sum1 . I have unrecoginized bipolar and I dont want to be on medication 4 the rest of my life and I rufuse to take it now. I dont know how long I can keep fighting !!!!:(
02 Dec 2007 princess of darkness I think that YOU shouldn't kill yourself unless you are sure after all its permedent. Besides there are a million ways to have fun and forget about things so what if things are bad now they usually turn out okay if you do everything you can NOT to give up
Besides whats the point to rush to extreme torture in hell it doesnt make sense to kill yourself becuase you in pain to endure more pain where you will forever be trapped when you are dead.
02 Dec 2007   its almost christmas time. that means lots of poor kids will wake up and be dissapointed. i know i will. suicide rate increases over the holidays. im preparing myself for the dissapointment. even though i cant think of a single reason to keep living before the holidays. my life really blows.
02 Dec 2007 James_90 Yea, well im ready to do it. I need a practical yet humorous way to commit suicide right now. I live in a 2 story house, so i have been considering jumping off the roof for the past few hours. got around 2 hours to my parents back. so gimme some answers fast please. I wanna be squishy for mom and dad gettin home. Those cunts.
02 Dec 2007 jess well i no two good ways ..
you can drink a whole lot of nail polish but it taste yuk
so the other way is poisen ya self by putting ash from a cigarete in alchohol it makes poisen togetehr..
02 Dec 2007 Jacob Hello.

Im jacob my life is bad and good. Ive got a GF that has had sex over 15 times and she is only 15 and i have not had sex once and im 15 to. Its depressing today we just laid in her bed kissing and then it started to get hotter i laid on her and she opened her legs but then her mum got home :(.And she has this close friend and they have had se more then 5 times and to make things worse she is a bisexual.

I cut my self now and when my parents found it my dad starting punching me while my mum slapped me and they startd screaming at me. For the past 8 months ive been in my room only time i go out now is to see my gf and every now and then to see some mates. I keep my self locked away from the world and i allways have thoughts of Suicide By Cop. Ive got a friend who can get me anything and i was gonna buy a gun and walk down to the police station and just shoot random people :(. I have dreams of me at school with a gun and having a stand off with the police and them shooting me to death.

My grades are falling and teachers give me lots of attitude. Ive actualy got 4 people i wanna kill my deputy principal and my principal and the head of english and just some other teacher who allso gives me crap.

Well ill write back soon people my email is if u wanna talk and i dont want no cops trying to trace me either.
01 Dec 2007 in hell already I wish i can tell what is the best way to kill oneself when you're under 13. I mean there are all these difficulties - parents, school, relatives and friends. They don't particularly understand you or care to, but they certainly care enough to take their precious time to say or do something hurtful to you. They don't think as far as wondering whether what they've said or done affected your emotions, or hurt your feelings. They don't have time to think of you as a human being like themselves. And parents only tell you to do what they don't do. Be good, strong, dont cry, complain. Don't have anything good to say, say nothing. Be smart, don't argue. God, does that piss me off. I tried to end my life a few times when i was 12-14. failed. Took some pills i didn't know what they were, ended up throwing up for the next day or so. Tried to slit my wrists, but couldn't cut deep enough. Something in me says no, i can't. I am 22 now and feel as horrible as ever! Talking about suicide pisses other people off. The few times i tried it ended up in having people get angry at me. Apparently that means that they care, but god does it make it worse in my head! they care about the other part of me, not the one that is in pain and needs help. Now that the suicide is the only thing on my mind i can't talk to people about other things. Keeping my head above the water is too much of an effort. My resourses are run out. I've done my part in fulfilling my duty as a daughter. I've finished education with satisfaction. Most people seem to respect me now. I'm independant. Nobody's bullying me. And i just want to dissapear. Walk out. I have looked and prayed and cried for life purpose, reason, and nothing. I got "adopted" and was loved and then got kicked out for being so depressive and miserable. It doesn't get better. I am waiting for time when there's not going to be anybody whom i could do anything for. When i can leave the fear that there may be something else i could do in my life which i would regret not doing had i walked out now.
I can't give advise on suicide, but nor can i give advise on life. I can only say that if you are there, people for whom death is right there facing them, within a hand reach, then i am not alone and nor are you. Because we're on the same spot. Death is one but there's more than one of us.

Is this right?
01 Dec 2007 candy? by far best way is by slicing your trechea with a butcher knife.

make sure its sharp n quick movement to really open it up.

go look in the knive storage place in the kitchen. do it in front of your daddy watching tv.

if you do it i will give you some candy.
01 Dec 2007 dead inside. Dear lover,

I am unbreakable but it looks like I could sometime soon.
You are unreachable about as possible as me touching the moon.

I am unraveling unbearably empty
and if this ground gives way I just hope that you’ll catch me.

You came and saved me tonight.
Defending all my life.
Whoaa, now I’m content with my breathe cause I’m alive.

This is the epitome of everything you see in the movies.
This world is a time bomb ticking and I think that I could stop it if you help me.

I am unraveling unbearably empty
and if this ground gives way I just hope that you’ll catch me.

You came and saved me tonight.
Defending all my life.
Whoa, now I’m content with my breathe cause I’m alive.

My faith will never rust
No longer prone to bust
Oh finally I believe...

You are unreachable, but it looks like I could sometimes soon.
I am unraveling unbearably empty
and if this ground gives way I just hope that you'll catch me.

You came and saved me tonight.
Defending all my life.
Ohhh, Now I'm content with my breathe
cause I'm alive.

01 Dec 2007 Janelle um. rope. bleach. overdose. anorexia. cuting. bang ur head to death. jump in front of car. drugs. get in the oven. drown ur self. ill think of more later
01 Dec 2007 whats wrong w/the world? what the homosapien psyche needs is a side to stand on. as well as solid ground. a sence of justice. fairness. well actually a whole bunch of lame shit. what happens to the homosapien psyche when everything is taken away from it. even daylight. u begin to hallucinate, visual and audio. reality is twisted. distorted even. im sure you are wonder what my point is. my point is drawn out from the utmost simplicity. the discovery channel needs to cut bear grylls. you ever notice how he breathes hard and he hasnt done anything to be that out of breath. ever see the video about 30 feet from a highway in hawaii? you are such a fake bear. also notice how he wears the same clothes for days gets into muddy water with them however the next day his skin and hair is clean and his clothes have that fresh laundered look.
its sad how people can make a living at being a bullshit artist and fill little impresionable minds with lies.
bear grylls you are nominated for hypocrate of the year(2007) since there are no runners up you automatically win.

bear im so glad we could have this time together. i tresure it.
01 Dec 2007 walking dead OK little kids on this site, cut it out. please. You guys are playing with a fire you have never experienced. You talk about depression as if it is a part of you, yet the things that cause it are boyfriends, girlfriends, friends moving away, getting a bad grade in school, not getting the toy you so desire, feeling like your mom hates you because she did not let you go to a dance where you would have acted like a slut. Please get in tune with life. Many of you say you have been depressed since 5 years old. That’s not biologically possible. Do you even know what depression is? It is not feeling blue for a few days. It is not being angry for a week. It is not even being sad for a month. It is a serious disease that affects hundreds of people. It is sometimes caused by circumstances, yet it can also just happen. People that have diagnosed depression like me, people who have suffered from self mutilation habits like myself, people who find no joy in life anymore like myself, have depression. Not because they got broken up with. I look at all of you complaining little children, and I look at you complaints, and all I think is what is a America coming because little children now think of suicide when their 13 boyfriend breaks up with them. Come back here when you know what real loss is, like the death of a dear friend. Come back here when understand what hate is because you hate yourself so much. Come back here when you lose something irreplaceable like the ability to give love or even to feel it. Come back here when your depression affects you health so much that you are sick for years and lose 30 pounds in two months. Come back here when you have been locked up in a pych. ward for weeks at a time. Come back here when you see the effects of alcohol and drugs on your life. Come back here when you feel so much pain in you heart that you have to create physical pain to bear it like lighting yourself on fire or walking around all day with ropes tied so tightly around your stomach that throw up and you bleed from cuts they have made. Come back here when you are the walking dead. Don’t come back here if you do not read what I have written and not weep. For what I have written is so true for so many on this website. I have noticed for the last few years that being emo is popular now. That cutting and being depressed is a fad. Don’t come here if this is who you are. Don’t come crying to me or anyone else with your little pain. Stop playing with the fire because some day it’s going to be on your doorstep and you’ll cry weep for you will realize that you brought upon yourself. Go to the movies and eat chocolate. Talk about boys and flirt in the hallways. Love life for this might be your one chance to love it. Stop letting other people decide with their actions whether you want to live or die.
01 Dec 2007 jacob i hate my life. my girlfriend is bisexual and i cant handle it my parents hate me and hit me and when they see the cuts on my harm they hit the cuts to cause alot of pain i hate my life and the way its going i just wanna fucking die
30 Nov 2007 Winny hi there people
i wrote couple of months back that i am sick of my life and some of u tried to help me out thx for that it worked i felt better after u guys prayed for me the suicidal thought was gone but now its again coming and this time this suicidal thought is coming with somethin about killing someone too anyone anybody for no apparent reason i dont want that i want to stop this but i am unable to do so basically i am again getting sick of my life i feel worthless i am worthless can u guys do me a favor shoot me shoot me in the head pleeeeeeeeezz its a request from a person who is already dead from inside only the body is living i am a living deadbody bye

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