Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Dec 2007 J. Campbell I first wanted to kill myself when I was 16. I got through high school because of my emotional disturbed girlfriend and lots of drugs.

When I started college everything felt really good, I was out of my old town, away from all of the people that I knew. A few months here and I have fallen back into my old habits. No amount of drugs or alcohol can save me from my thoughts of failure. I am tortured by life but scared to end it.

I waste my days sitting, wishing that the clock would move faster. I want all of this to end, but I'm petrified by my fears.

The earth is so vast and so old. I am so small and my time on it is short.

However I'm beginning to think that I should make the best of it. The earth is 4.5 billion years old, I'm 18 and I'll probably only live to see 73. It will all be over soon enough.
16 Dec 2007 insane really...
man, holy fuck... I am sitting here, drunk and middle class... what the fuck do I know? I can imagine how you are suffering, and I would help you... I mean, fuck, we have all been there, if to a lesser extent. I don't think there are many people who have never been depressed, or even suicidal... but that thought doesn't make it any better...
Hmmm... what the fuck was I even trying to say?
What the fuck am I trying to say now....
16 Dec 2007 Andy Hi.
a few months ago i posted here under another name, Tom. I wanted to die then.
I read the things people had said about it getting better and i didn't believe them, but they made me doubt myself. They gave me hope.
Now i am happy. i'm not going to go into the details because i'm still working through it, but i genuinely came out the other side. I know that if you read this you'll think i just got lucky, i know that you'll read this and hate me for trying to understand you. Noboy can understand but you, i appreciate that, but maybe i'll make you doubt, give you hope. Maybe you'll hold on and this place will save you like it did me.

Don't hesitate to contact me, even if it's just to yell at me, i'll listen.
16 Dec 2007 Lestat Hello muchette is been a while since you last emailed me. But your site is still up and running so must still be amongst the living. Anyway I think I know were you are!! Is it in Los Angeles? Getting close? Maybe near rosedale cemetery?
15 Dec 2007 words on a page. exclaim my rage.
15 Dec 2007 a friend People of mouchette, I would like to help anyone i can, if you have a problem or would simply like to talk PLEASE send me a message, i will be here for you whenever you need me, i am 18, i cut at times, but this is not about me, it's about you. so message me, i'll be here.
14 Dec 2007 Allen Dear Hollie,

I'm sorry to hear about your breakup and your struggles at home with your dad. It sounds like a very tough time. Please email me, I'd love to be a friend and be an encouragement to you. My name's Allen. You can email me at:
14 Dec 2007 Allen Dear Taylor,

I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your friend and all of the things going on in your family. I've been through a whole lot also, and I'd love to offer you some hope. I'd love to talk. Please email me. My name's Allen. My email is
14 Dec 2007 ritch everybody hurts sometime. it will pass,so hold on!
13 Dec 2007 stacey hi my name is stacey. i am 12 yrz old and i am now opening a bottle of pills to kill myself i want to tell every one i love goodbye
13 Dec 2007 teresa jane taylor start smoking cigarrettes!
13 Dec 2007 teresa jane taylor forgive someone who hurt you so badly, that you wanted to die.
13 Dec 2007 Serra Hi... I'm Serra and I am currently 12 (I know Im young plz dont bother me with it). My life is going blue. Idk y n idk how but I'm scared of going home from school because my mom will be there and start screaming. I never want to come home. I want to die but I'm too scared. I dont want to end up not dying and being disabled. Idc about the humiliation since there is none. I want to die. My life is a mess and I cant take it. I wake up at night randomly to cry and sometimes I want to cry but I cant. I feel I dont deserve to be in this world and I am n ot needed at all. Plz someone help I cannot take it. I fear that when waiting to be stronger, something is going to happen to make it worse. I want to get help. But Im scared of the reaction my parents will give me if I randomly come up and say I wanted to see a professional. I dont know what to do.
13 Dec 2007 dead inside. One last glance in a taxi cab
Images scar my mind
Four weeks felt like years
Since your full attention was all mine
The night was young and so were we
Talked about life, God, death, and your family
Did not want any promises,
Just my undivided honesty, and you said

Oh, things are going to change now for the better
Oh, things are going to change

I am the patron saint of lost causes
A fraction of who I once believed (change)
It's only a matter of time
Opinions I would try and rewrite
If life had background music playing your song
I have got to be honest, I tried to escape you
But the orchestra plays on, and they sang

Oh, things are going to change now for the better
And oh, things are going to change

Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you
Lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through
Dismantle me down (repair)
You dismantle me
You dismantle me

Give me time to prove
Prove I want the rest of yours (prelude)
Call this a prelude to a lifetime of you
It's not that I hang on every word
I hang myself on what you repeat
It's not that I keep hanging on
I'm never letting go

Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you
Lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through
Dismantle me down (repair)
You dismantle me
You dismantle me

Save me from myself
Save me from myself
Help me save me from myself
Save me from myself

Oh, things are going to change now for the better
And oh, things are going to change

Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you
Lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through
Dismantle me down (repair)
You dismantle me
You dismantle me


this song sends me into a calming depression and then the numbness takes over and i give in to it because i am weak.
13 Dec 2007 dead inside. Sorry confused, your 16. my bad.
but that doesnt change much.
still a kid.
2 more years then.
hang in there.
13 Dec 2007 dead inside. Hey Confused.

I know where your coming from all to well. But listen kid, truth is your 14 you need your parents for a long time so don't fuck things up with them. Yeah you love this boy but they will never accept it. I am saying this because I know. Trust me. I'm guessing your muslim too then? The whole dating thing isn't going to go down smoothly with your parents. I don't know how religous and or cultural your family is....but had I done anything of the sort I am almost certain I wouldn't be here right now. Be careful. As much as you want it to be as easy for you as it is for all the other kids at not ever going to be that easy for you. Your different. Plus your young kid, let the urges pass, be a good little girl, follow the rules. 4 more years. When your 18, get the fuck out of then you can live your life by your own rules. Thats my plan anyways.
if you wanna talk more.
13 Dec 2007 sarah

this pain youre going through, it will pass.

and if you think that youre alone in the world, think again.

look around you...nobodys perfect.
i bet if you just fucking open your eyes, you could find a million things wrong with just about everyone.

by commiting suicide, not only are you hurting yourself, your hurting everyone around you.
you only get one chance in life to make soemthing of your self.
once you cut that chance short, there is no turning back, no re-takes, no do-overs.
i beleive that everyone is here to make a difference on someone else...make a difference in the world we live in.

in the past 20 years, more than 32439 people have died due to suicide.
no wonder the earth is going to waste and go for the worst, because that is 32439 people that really could have made a difference, but wasted thier 1 chance.
13 Dec 2007 Taylor i found this site after googleing "how to kill yourself". im 21 and like all people i have had thoughts of suicide. my best friend died in october of a heroin overdose...i didn't even know he was using such things. the worst part is his life could of probably been saved- he started convulsing and the people he was with freaked out, took their stuff and left him. lets see, on top of that my sister has run away, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, my grandfather's retnas completly detached from his eyes so he is now blind and i watch my mother get worse and worse in her miseries each passing day. this all happened within a couple months. my body has been unable to handle all the stress and i know have stomach ulcers that make it so i can't keep any food down and its very painful. i'm so sad that it hurts...everywhere...mind body sould whatever. i randomly break down for no reason during the day...i'll be fine and shopping for groceries and the next thing i know i'm drivin to my knees from crying so hard. i've read these posts of how selfish i am for wanting to end my life...but frankly, i don't give a damn. anymore, the people in my life are miserable and treat me like shit. the only reason i'm here right now is because of myself- and now i'm a miserable piece of shit as well.

i'm not sure what i was looking for when i googled "how to kill yourself". a way out i guess. i keep going over what i could do in my mind....i can't slit my wrists because 1- don't like blood 2- don't want to chance not slitting deep enough. i don't have a gun or know anyone who does. theres nothing to hang yourself on in the dorms (some student tried and the closet came down on him). so i can take pills or do the whole carbon minoxide thing. truthfully, i've already tried to take a shit load of sleeping pills- the irony is my stomach ulcers made me throw them all back up.

anyways, i just wanted to say fuck off with all these comments about how you need to think about the people you're leaving behind- none of them would of left you behind if you would of actually fucking cared about them. i see these suicide stories and am jealous that they have gotten peace and freedom from such a horrible world.
13 Dec 2007 Gia I want to die. This world is not mine. I have stopped taking my anti-depressants, they are just numbing me from reality. I have so much to look forward to but I just don't want it when it feels like this.

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