Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Jan 2018 Akhil I need to die ......... im looser failed in 3 subjects .............. im burden to my family
17 Jan 2018 follow me on instagram @6one66 the best way to kill yourself if you under 13 is to play minecraft way to much as to the point you think you are in the game and you get up getting yourself killed . OOF RawR XD
17 Jan 2018 Cutter They say they will never leave. But they did. I say im not hurting but I am.
16 Jan 2018 amara fake smile
dried eyes
scratched wrist
bruised thighs
white pills
rope tied
gun loaded
15 Jan 2018 mercedes live enough, think about how empty you are
enter this website
remember how empty your life is
does it bother you?
Yes= finish it
No=Keep reading
13 Jan 2018 Just say no It is such a tradegy when a young person kills themselves. There is so much possible to do with ones life thrown away like a baby in a dumpster. Its such a waste. Its like having a mountain of money but never spend any of it. So dont kill yourself. Live and fight to make the world better so no one else has to go thru a shitty life like you do.
13 Jan 2018 Max Remain lonely, cry your eyes out, calmly starve.
12 Jan 2018 Heroin addiction simulator The best way is with your dolls and stuffed animals. They will never tell anyone.
12 Jan 2018 Alonzo So uh... yeah i’m Alonzo and I want to die... badly but i’m to much of a wuss to do it... today i tried to overdose with multivitimins well i want to do it because my highschool life is dead.... me friends hate me the girl i will never get hates me i have horrible grades and i’m just so tired... fo Gods sake please let it end....
12 Jan 2018 Michell Pills
12 Jan 2018 Divyansha Please help me. I cannot live.
11 Jan 2018 Whats that smell, is sumthing burning? A suicide kit is a box. It says first aid on it. Take all the pills inside and wrap the strechy rubber thingy around your throat and tie it tight. Thats all you need. A first aid kit. You can buy them on amazon or ebay. They can be found in the nurses office at your school. Doctors offices. A small fire in the bathroom trash can is a good diversion to get the goodies.
10 Jan 2018 Niggerfucker21 Just fucking taking a big ass knife and fucking slit your throat u lil bitch ass pieces of trash, or jump out in front of a train. that works too
09 Jan 2018 I dont know who i am I am a boy. I was born a boy. But I have memories of me years ago as a girl. I am very confused. I saw a movie and they could do a memory plant in someones mind. Could this be what happeded to me? I know this sounds crazy but what else could it be? How is it i have memories of telling every adult i knew back then there were invisible robots in my room. And when you go to sleep they probe your vagina. I remember the robots probing my vagina.
09 Jan 2018 An alternative... Why kill yourself when all you have to do is Just tell a cop your parents abuse you sexually. You can get a whole new life at 13. Later when they have you talk to a counsellor You can even say you have panic attacks so bad you cant breathe, and they will give you some very nice medicine. You should at least try what i am saying first before you kill yourself. What if you like your new life? You might get a new mommie and daddy that are loaded. Just think at 13 years of age, that in just a few years you could be driving a BMW, have your own bank card with your allowance and milk money. And if you dont like your new mommie and daddy you know what to do to get another new mommie and daddy.
08 Jan 2018 Divyansha I lost you :( Mouchette
07 Jan 2018 Suicide Sally Jump sally jump. Jump sally jump. Off that old water tower.
07 Jan 2018 Die laughing My grandfather once told me my generation is to reliant on technology.
I told him, no your generation is to reliant on technology.
Then i disconected his life support.
07 Jan 2018 Monty the taipan Go to a chemical factory. Watch employees go in door. If they use a key card this is the place. Wait in parking lot for shift change. Wait for a worker thats late. Hit them in the head with a metal pry bar and take security clearance badge. Go inside. Jump in a vat of chemicals. As you jump you could shout, cannonball.
07 Jan 2018 Jugular Bacon grease injection Go on a pedophile dating website. Meet new pedophiles in your area at least three times a week. In 2 months one of them will kill you.

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