Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Dec 2007 bored to death.

if your random and weird come talk to me. im so bored i want to slit my wrists and i am serious about that. maybe we can talk about random things and pass time till waves of happiness come our way.
11 Dec 2007 lip balm for vertical lips. can you feel your heartbeat racing?
can you taste the fear in her sweat?
you've done this wrong, its too far gone, these sheets tell of regret.
i admit that i'm just a fool for you.
11 Dec 2007 Carola Wollenschlager i would put a bb gun and a large amount of bbs in the box. that way if you wanted to play you could shoot yourself in the head and live to do it again (maybe for real this time: with a real gun and real bullets), and if you wanted to be serious you could wedge the bb gun in your mouth and fire and fire and fire (and so on...) until your insides filled up with bbs and you explode, killing yourself and splattering brain matter, internal organ goo, and shit on anyone within a certain amount of feet. or you could try to eat the gun, that might work too!
11 Dec 2007 self. think for a moment. if life is art. if art is expressed as life. the essence of life, in a artistic mannerism. art then becomes unwritten history. art is happy times and art is bad times. death is apart of life. most people dont expect death. you say im taking the easy way out. i think you are the one thats afraid. go ahead if you like your life. such a dreadful feeling i have. i dont want to. but its to much and i am not afraid anymore.
art inspires. it inspired me to this point.
11 Dec 2007 wow my dad tells me all the time im a fuck up. really he is unhappy and takes his misery out on others so he can feel better.
the tradegy in this is my whole life is gonna be fucked up. i just started puberty a couple weeks ago. maybe i will be killed in a car wreck. i doubt i will get that lucky.
which brings me to the next option. you always said i never finish what i start. we will see.
11 Dec 2007 mickel eat a ton of bricks and bludgeon yourself to death with a pigeon
10 Dec 2007 c avec son cul
10 Dec 2007 Sam Talk to somebody. Wait till ur 16 if u still want to do it you will know by then.
09 Dec 2007 B.K.H.Jr Use a gun and aim for the medulla oblongata. Nice and easy. lie in the bathtub for easy clean up.... But under 13? might not have access to something like that so jumping out of a very high building is suitable... just to make sure, land on your head. Scared of heights? Play In Traffic or try and stop a moving train.
09 Dec 2007 Kimberly Trosvik To answer the question, "What is a suicide kit?": Basically, it is the perfect storm. Any number of everyday items can become weapons, and these combined with depression are a suicide 'kit'.
How do i know this? My little brother, Tommy, killed himself at age 12 because of bullying. he never told anyone, least of all my parents. He was always such a happy, loving boy, always trying to put a smile on your face. He was smart, he got good grades, and was learning algebra in the sixth grade. Tommy's death shocked everyone who knew him. His whole grade showed up at his funeral. I will always wonder what he would look like, now.
To all of you pondering suicide: I'm sure you've heard this all before, "shoutouts" from other suicide survivors telling you not to do it. I'm not going to say that. Instead, think about this: The American Psychiatric Association ranks the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide as "catastrophic", as in, family members of suicide victims will go through the same psychological trauma as someone who survived a concentration camp.
There used to be "honorable" suicides in ancient Japan, but today, suicide is purely selfish. For those who think they hurt so bad that they can't keep living, I'd like to see you talk to someone who survived a concentration camp. Perhaps then, you might see that as much pain as you think you feel, if you kill yourself, your family and friends will go through ten times as much pain, and it will hurt every day for the rest of their lives.
So, if you are thinking about committing suicide, first think about how much pain you will inflict on the people who love you.

My father is a firefighter, and when he found my little brother, none of his training could bring him back. When i returned home for Tommy's funeral, I found my father, who used to joke that he was really Superman at his day job, laying on the floor next to his bed, sobbing, frail and broken because he couldn't save his own son. Even though I wasn't there the night Tommy died, every night I see the image of my mother at the hospital, holding my brother's body, rocking and crying, and I have to push that image out of my head so I can fall asleep.
the last time I saw my little brother was a month before he killed himself, while I was home for christmas break. Now the only time I can see him is when I'm lucky enough to see him in my dreams, where he is forever a 12 year old boy who likes to taunt me until I hold him down and tickle him until he can't take it anymore.
God I miss him.

09 Dec 2007 Oblivion I've posted here a year ago or something, and let me tell you....enlightment is a bitch! There is no reason to live, LIFE itself is a curse because there are those that are "lucky" and the others who FAIL and feel like how do you fix that? destroy life itself, EVERYONE..BOOOOM, no life=no pain, no love, no happiness, NOTHING...oblivon for everyone. Sometimes i wish i had the power to kill everyone and destroy this goddamn world and to end it all. When i was younger and religious , i kept thinking: "why does God wants to destroy the world?"......but now, i COMPLETELY understand it, no no..i don't believe in any god, there is no god. But still, someday all Stars will burn out, every creature will die, EVERYTHING IS FINITE!! So there is hope, ONE DAY EVERYTHING WILL my wish will be granted and everyone will know peace.

09 Dec 2007 Tina 1. shoot yaslf in tha forhed wit .22.. 2. drop dead.. ul neva go wrng..saw it firsthand frm ma aunt 6 yrz ago.
09 Dec 2007 Allen Hi Kellzy,

The 33 year old single, mother. Please email me. I'm 27 (also an adult). Let me tell you, there really is hope. I know life can be so depressing, but truly there is hope. I'd love to talk. My name is Allen, you can email me at
08 Dec 2007 Joe Lee Ok, I am here to help, my girl friend just left me and once again I am suicidal. I enjoy been treated like a boss, but she don't enjoy to be treated like a slave. What can you say? I ain't doing shit lately, have some work I need to do but still wonder of to this crazy site. You people if any who is actually crazy need to get help, and hopefully soon. I wanted to die once, but now I want to live. I want to live until the end of the world and see you punks trying to do the same. I give you maximal of a 100 years... death isn't that what we all afraid of? no body want to die, dying is not cool, if you are dead, then you are history, and history sucks? Just step back and think it through.

Each one of you have some talent that no one else have. But you need to find it, damn kids do pron now days, but if that's what it take for you to live then fuck. You can be doing the dirtiest shit in the world, but as long as you are alive, then there is alwasy tomorrow.

Now to the more serious topic about killing yourself, do it naked in public and in a shocking way, but please don't kill someone you don't know, they might like me wants to live.

Living is good, you breath air and drink water, and eat fast food. fuck I sure am not under 13 so I am rich, biach.

No, I am serious, just find any kind of job you can do. Join the army, the navy, or marine and keep your finger crossed if there is a war. Personally I will like to go to war with China because they will be a worthy opponent. War brings death, it's a win-win situation for you. Either you die or you are a hero.

If you want to be a hooker, then fuck your way out of suicide.

If you want to be a plumber, then plumb your way out of shit holes.

If you want to be a dope dealer, then deal you way out of death.

You can't escape, and there is no where for you to run unless you can outrun time, which is always faster than our monkey ass. So If you want to speed up the ride, fucking do it then.

What's up with you kids all want to be famous or something? I am 92 years old and I seen some wild shit in my days and to this day I still want to die.
People tell me "just wait until time come take you away." I say fuck that shit until my balls don't work you don't take pussy away.

You have your whole shitty life infront of you but what do you care? You just want to die and hope people will remember. But the thing is no one will remember. Do you think people from the future will read this crap and study the artistic beauty of this shit? hell no, at least I hope not.

I want to live in the society where everyone is naked from head to toe. With no shame and no love. let me say to you this people from the future. I will be long dead when you read this, but your day is coming as well. You really have to be God himself in order to escape death.

So how to be a God? There are many ways, and all of them are crazy, un tested, and possibily works. One way is dip yourself in a pool of fresh blood, it does NOT have to be human. If you can find some chickens then just drink its fresh blood.. that is only the first step.

Step 2 is expose yourself in public naked. No one have to see, but just do it to get rid of your fear for public nudity. Do it behind a dumpster.

Step 3. Take a shit behing that same dumpster from step 2

Step 4. Try to express how you feel in front of large group of people,

Step 5. Start to kill little animals from small to big. A rat to an elephant sort of speaking.

Step 6. Do you really want me to go on? I have whole fucking day.

The point is you need to kill fucking rats so making the world a cleaner place. Eat them if you have to. I have been homeless, live onthe street sometime you get so hungry that you could eat a rat. Find some dry wood and start yourself a rat roast. It taste as good as chicken or better.

please don't kill yourself if you havn't eat rat yet. Then you missing out a lot. I have seen people die on the street in the cold, in the heat, in the rain, in the dust, and in the wind. I have seen people fucking on top the statue of libraty and in a submarine.

Life is full of excitments that waiting for you to explore. Just walk out on the street and spit in people's face. That will just be the way how you start your day. Or you can wake up to some coffee laced with rum and vodka and go to work? Whatever your taste, please just wake up another day.
08 Dec 2007 Allen CA, I read your post. You are not beyond help. It sounds like you're going through a lot. At a point I also thought suicide was my only way out, but I discovered I was wrong. I'd love to share my story of hope with you and be here for you. Please email me:

08 Dec 2007 Anonamous suicider I want to fucking kill myself, and going out in style like them damn kids on TV. Yes, they got famous but are they there to see it? This is a question we all have to ask, but some just more serious than the others. I don't believe suicide will help with your problems. but if you want to do it for fun, there is only one chance and do it right. Ok some of you might thinking of going out in style, we suggestion to you is go to Wisconsin, find a large cow, stick a fire cracker up it's ass and fire it on fire. The cow will get a little agitated and you walk right up to it and slap it in the face... that is if you want to get killed by a cow. Oh yes, all animals have their tempers. More classy style will be getting eaten alive by meat eaters such as tigers or lions. This could be hard to achieve, but you need a zoology degree or anything that permit you to work in a zoo. Go there at night and rub BBQ sauce all over yourself. Drink a lot of alchohol and pain pills, smoke a little bud, if you can get harder drugs the better. Now you walk into the tiger cage, and start calling names. The point is to get them agitated, no fire crackers, they might be shy from loud noises. but just big chunk of meat wraped around your feet and all over. If you are still alive the next morning than good for you.

The point is if you want to kill yourselfs, fine, but if you want to take others with you, you better make sure you know the person, but just some random shooting, that's too messed up, you could of shot me, and I sure don't want to die as one of the victims. You crazy mother fuckers.
08 Dec 2007 audrey fire
08 Dec 2007 ca I don't really know where to turn anymore, everyday seems to get worse and worse, my only wish is for this pain to end....but the only way i know how is suicide. every day i wake up, the feelings are still there, its like a knife tearing away at my heart, i feel empty and alone even though i have people around me, i have lost interest in everything, things i used to enjoy doing, i dont anymore....i really need help but fear i am way beyond help

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