Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Feb 2008 Kristina well right now im 14 and my life is a living hell. i try my best for my mom and it doesn't seem to work. i don't fit in at school and it seems that the knife to my heart is only getting closer. my mom even thrested to kill me. i hate life and i don't want to live it anymore. it was 14 years too many for me. my mom even said if she died i wouldn't get a single thing of hers and i be banned from her funeral. I fuckin hate my mom and this world. all i want is for my life to end. I would say the easiest way to do a drug overdose by taking too many pills. I've tried t and i was very close but someone found me just in time. suicide seems to be the only way that i will end up happy
20 Feb 2008 vagfest dont care how you do it, as long as its on mothers day.
20 Feb 2008 Emo child tickle your eyeball with a jack hammer. If that doesn't work then try tickle your jap's eye with a chainsaw. If you end up blind and cockless then try fisting yourself with a bear trap.
20 Feb 2008 wifebeta Seal every bodily orifice with cement glue, then go watch 1 cup 2 girls, you'll be sure to choke on your own sick. Don't forget the jap's eye, people always forget.
20 Feb 2008 Dakota dont kill ur self

i no this jus makes it sound lik a normal give advice but its not

i am 14 i actully jus turned 14 i cutt and cutt and cutt its the only pain i can control but its not the way i recomend to live out your life its miserable nd sad jus think if u grow out of it or things brighten up for u then ull b glad u didnt kill ur self

im your age i no how you feel but its only a way to run from ur problems wether your poor, rich, geeky, popular it doesnt matter everybody feels this way from time to time i mean im a cheerleader and i wanna kill my self every moment but its not something i want somebody else to go through because its jus a sad sad sad way to get out of ur trouble..... please please please dont kill urself please
20 Feb 2008 nel i dont no. i am 16 and want to exit. i tried to od a few yrs back but no final release. i'm older now and no its the only way but how? I think hanging is the best option, no?
19 Feb 2008 Barbara L. Newman if you truly do not want your life JESUS WILL TAKE IT and use it in his works! I CAN KINDA BE YOUR LIFE COACH ?
19 Feb 2008 Lauren ride your bike into traffic.
18 Feb 2008 DUGLOUS I was looking for methods of painless suicide and came across this web site.
a lot of what I read were bull -shit jokes about it.I am beyond depressed.Living is hell.Theres no escape!! I've tried for so long.And everything is getting past hopeless. My depression,my anger and resentments.I'm am so fucking depressed.I don't want to live.I'm reading and reading but no way out seems like a sure bet.Then I think of "heaven" and "hell" and all that bull
shit makes it harder.I just have to keep telling myself there is no such thing as eternity,fuck that!This his hell!!!!
I have no one that loves me.I have no one I can love. I have no fiends at all.NO one knows i exist.I have no family.I've lived in my own mind and world for over 13 years now.My ex deliberately broke my heart.First "girlfriend ever" Told me she was sleeping with another man.County doctors mental health profile me.I'm not human to them.They wont physically treat me and I am suffering to no end everday. So I'm starting to think FUCK IT.!!!!
18 Feb 2008 victoria i have found that cutting your wirst is one of the slowest processes ever and people just make fun of you for it sooo i have found to just over dosse yourself and maybe within a couple days you'll die from oding
17 Feb 2008 Allen If anyone is going through something, and would like a friend with a listening ear, and hopefully some quality advice, please email me anytime.

17 Feb 2008 Caitlin Hello my names Caitlin , im now 14 ,
my family life is a bit fucked up .....
well anyways , i tried to slice my wrists , i was in a fucked up state ,
i was depressed much better than i was , well anyways ,
i cut my writs horrid bad and it just made horrid ugly scars it makes me think of who i am and what i have been threw , it makes me a stronger person because i made it threw , i want to
urge you if your thinking about suicide , or attempted it , or just want to talk to somebody call this number 1800-dont-cut ..
they will talk to you , and help ,
they helped me
16 Feb 2008 Mesila Squirt guns filled with ordinary water, and fabulously overdramatic acting.
16 Feb 2008 For those of you who know me, my name could be kelly, but thats i would say that the best way to commit suicide really depends on who you are. as a semi-suicidal 13 year old, i would over dose on drugs of some sort. I suppose my friends would all say, Why do you want to kill yourself? you're awesome and funny and we love you and your life is great. But is it if you cant even trust the one person you've sworn to trust at all costs? i find myself trying to escape my self and lie to myself, the person i swore to my friend i would trust at all costs. there are only two solutions that i know of (one of which isn't fool proof) 1. suicide 2. insanity. to be able to loose your real self in madness could work but you cant really ever escape yourself. You my say that on the outside people look suicidal or not suicidal, but i've gotta say that those who are suicidal may be the last one you would expect to be
15 Feb 2008 stephanie well ive realy neva tried 2 kill myself so i realy dont kno but i tried 4 da 1st time about a week ago i stood there while a big truck wuz cumin at me cuz i mean im ready 2 die cuz if i try 2 understand wats goin on wit my live i dont kno i juz burst in2 tears cuz i mean ive lost every thang we didnt do christmas cuz a boi ran away broke in my house and my mom got put in jail 4 it my mom got out the next day and as of rite now she still cant work and withen 3weeks of my mom getin bailed out my grandma died from cancer most ppl dont relize wat they got til its gone and that wuz exacly wat happen 2 me and and aii i could do iz cry while i wuz standin next 2 her as she past cuz its so hard 2 watch sum 1 u love go but then withen a month my otha grandma got the plug pulled on her cuz she went brain dead afta brain surgery and that wuz january 12 so yea itz a lot 2 handle specialy wen all ur friends hve turned on you and da 1 u trusted da most got ur mom put in jail and the otha day i found out my best friend has a brain tumor i cant seee my neice when she turns 4 cuz my brotha sista and neice all are wit welfair cuz my mom went 2 jail and ive also neva met my dad and hiz family i mean i talked 2 him 1 day and he sed he loved me and i juz cried cuz how can you love sum 1 you dont kno and i mean ive turned 2 many thangs such as (sex ect ) juz 2 get the feelin that sum 1 loves me and cares wat im gotin through cuz i mean i cant sleep ,i cry all nite ,i dontt hardle eat as much as i use 2 ,ive had a stomic olser ,stay wit head akes ,and my grades have droped sence every thang happen cuz i sleep all day at school and ive got cronic depression ive had it sence i wuz 6 cuz when i wuz 6 i told the doctor i wuz gone kill myself the and wen my mom went 2 jail they put all my pets 2 sleep and abut 3 mths ago i lost my best friend cuz her dad wuz rapein her and the welfair took her i havent seen or herd from her in so long i mizz her
15 Feb 2008 lucy my friend just the other day tried to stab himself to death - he was just depressed he is 12 and he survived some how. about a year ago my sisters friends sister hung herself. it was an accident. her mum wouldnt let her go to a sleep over so she mucked around with a rope on her bunk bed and killed herself
15 Feb 2008 Claire Reily wait a week or a month see how you feel then better still if ya gonna go take out some innocent bystanders and have your 15 minutes of fame on route !
Seriously talk to somebody about what is making you feel like you do it always sounds less serious when talked out . Things always do get better belive me . Stay posotive and take care.
15 Feb 2008 Irrelevant I'm 17, a mere month from 18. I'm entirely indifferent about it; I don't care, regardless. All it signifies to me is how much of a loser I really am. I'm socially deprived, although I must say that recently it's gotten better (Not fearing people is a good thing). But I'm still the fuck up I'll always be.

I never leave this damn house, I have no friends, I practically live through a computer. I have no job, I'm afraid of socializing, etc. This is probably the most quintessential moment to add that I suspect myself to be bipolar. In fact, just earlier today, I felt, and even noted, how irrationally energetic and hyper and well-mooded I was; and despite that optimism, I find myself horribly depressed and hating life just as much, as is my norm, in just 12 hours time. The good moods never last.

I've come to terms with myself, in an odd sort of way. I realize that I'm not going to be anything... I'll probably work at some bullshit store until I'm crippled with age, yet it doesn't bother me at all. I'm a mid-school dropout at just fucking 5th grade, I got fucked out of a lot of shit because of some cunt teacher who was a fraud... and yeah, whatever. Suicide is always a present thought in my mind; and sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to just let myself go through with it.

Despite the pain... the torturous life I'm plagued to endure for the rest of my pathetic and insignificant years on this planet, I've stubbornly abided by the promise I made to myself years ago while first battling this sickness. I won't commit suicide; - ever. Not while I know it would cause another person pain, I am not a selfish person... possibly the only attribute I could ever fathom to possess. I've countlessly wished to be unknown; some hobo on the street, just for the excuse to final end my pitiful excuse of a life. Then, and only then, would I ultimately consider suicide.

And this does NOTHING to help me. In fact, it only makes things harder. I only fear what is to come in my life, the disappointments, the loved ones I'll lose, the even more pain I'm sure to have in later years. I - don't - enjoy - life. All I want from life is to be alone... isolated, un-bothered and entirely unknown. Hah...

I've lived in depression for so long, it's as if I couldn't imagine myself without it... which in itself is depressing. But if anyone is honestly contemplating whether or not to end your life, I strongly suggest you mark the following words, as they are to live by: Even if you are to live in a foggy hell of anguish and selfpity, being alive with emotion, even if only pain, is better than not existing at all.

E-mail me if you need someone to talk to.
14 Feb 2008 la tua cantante. lies make it better
lies are forever
lies to go home to
lies to wake up to
lies from the alter
lies make you falter
lies keep your mouth fed
lies till your death bed
14 Feb 2008 la tua cantante. Do I have to spell it out for you or scream it in your face.
Oh the chemistry between us could destroy this place.
Do I have to spell it out for you or whisper in your ear.
Oh just stop right there I think that we've got something here.

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