Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Mar 2008 Al Hi, if anyone would like a friend to talk with, please email me. A few years ago I was severely depressed and suicidal, but today I am free. I'd love to be there for others going through a lot. I'd love to try and offer encouragment and hope and support. My name's Al, please don't hesitate to email me at
21 Mar 2008 Javier Duran Well, the last time I posted on Mouchette, I was pretty much an asshole.

I have a beautiful girlfriend now.
And I'm turning 14 in June.

Life got much better for me.
Much, much better.

Then, I got arrested for Possession of Marijuana.

I still felt life was boring.

I have all these girls that love me.
I have my whole family that love me.
I have all my friends that love me.

And I let them all down...

I just wanted to try it out, 1 joint cant hurt?


I got caught by miracle, long story, don't worry about it.

But I qualified for Civil Sitation and I'm doing my hours as we speak.

Life got really bad after that, again.

Everyone thinks differently of me now, as if I'm the worlds biggest pothead..

None of my teachers trust me now..

I still have all the girls in love with me..
But I can't do anything about them because I have a girlfriend and I love her to Death.

And, idk, life seems pretty empty now.

Really empty...

I look back in life and I remember seeing myself in the future being something.
And now I can't see that anymore..

I feel like I'm going to fail in life.

Thats not what I want....

I'm pretty suicidal now

Really really suicidal...

I just need someone to talk to besides my girlfriend, or my family and friends.

Someone who might understand what type of mind fuck I'm going through in my life right now...

Please, talk to me

AIM : Purplesinmonkey

In all that is good, grand, and peace,
Javier Duran
20 Mar 2008 janey how? well, if i could kill myself i think i would probably do it some way that is not the common like jumping off of a bridge or shotting myself in the head. no. if i wanted to kill myself why not just make it messy.

in my science class there was an experiment we did on the body and how it produces gasses. well it was kind of cool.

if you consume coke (the drink) in large amounts, say by drinking half or more of a 2L and the take some MENTOS right away your stomach wont be able to handle the chemical reaction. this will cause your stomach to explode and a burst of air to go to your heart. this will kill you, but if you are wanting that effect and for it to happen quick, drink alot of pop. drink so much that you cant drink anymore, then take the MENTOS. (you must take them right away)

thats the best advice i can give.
but honestly before it gets this bad, please speak with someone. kids help phone, anyone. the people you turn to the least can become the biggest help.
19 Mar 2008 killer eat something can kill myself
19 Mar 2008 stepheny kill myself in a bathtop when washing body
19 Mar 2008 Al Chris,

I am so sorry to hear about your girlfriend's passing. My heart is with you. Please, don't kill yourself. You still have a purpose for being here, you have a reason, and we need you to be here and do those good things you are here to do. Honor her memory by living a great lfie. I would love to hear more about her and what you're going through. Please email me. My name's Al.

18 Mar 2008 chad DONT DO IT, It's really not worth it. People go through these stages in life sometimes it's hard to explain but it'll eventually get better. I'll help you. Email me, if you need anyone to talk to. I'm sure we've all been through this, I have, you have, we just gotta get through it. I'm offering my help to you.
17 Mar 2008 slue Too many of you have no idea what is what! This html layout gave me aids. 13? I'll tell you what, run away, and find medical help. You have been severely abused. You need to convey to someone competent that you have been mis-raised and require special attention to go on with any hope. I'm so sorry. I also realize I'm probably responding to a posting that's 6 years old. I didn't take care to notice. But since you ask, the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is to believe the hateful lies you guardian tells you regarding you or your role.
17 Mar 2008 Adam Does anyone here saying "you people r selfish" know what its like to HATE their life so much, that they would want to end it? WE are not doing it for attention or for people to judge US. If you have a good life, with good parents, and ur on here to tell Us how dumb we are: imagine this-MY STORY:

I live in a semi-mansion, nice right? My mom is a drunk! My dad is dead, he died in iraq, he was my best friend, the only REAL friend i could trust. He wasnt just my dad, ya know? He was there for me, when my girlfriend of 3 years broke my heart and cheated on me. When my friend Alex got shot and died, he cried with me, my best friend GONE from me forever, i wnt get to see him ever in my life. at school im the loser, everyone likes to pick on...
everyone makes fun of me and picks on me. So i brought a gun to school, and i was expelled. Im going to do it. Im going to go kill myself. Im being taken out of my misery, and im happy. Sue me
17 Mar 2008 DEPRESSED almost all of you people are trying to tell everyone its a cowards way out to kill yourself but no it isnt cause if you put yourself through what someone who has killed thier selfwent through then you have eery right to say some shit like that but tell me this........

do you wake up everdaay just wanting to close your eyes again and not have to peep out to see the world caus eyou know that as soon as you get up you have a two month old child laying nextto you screaming you have to gett the house clean before anyone gets home you dont do anything all day everyday until someone gets here which probably wont be until 6..............

not be able to use the phone until after 7and the onlyy pepople you kick it with have to be in at nine have a license you payed $420.00 for cause you were pregnant and your dad said if you payed to get your ls he would buy you a car and it has been three months and you still dont have no whip your dad is a hatefull person that everytime he gets mad takes it out on you and only you .....................

for some reason no matter if you know what happened or not you always get blamed fore it you never have money you cant ever dio anything and you family is an ass..................

when you wake up knowing if you move all you are going to do is bitch everyone out cause life sucks and you are in hell people you barley talk to dont like you cause you are prettier or smarter or just have a better life than them .........................

i am seventeen witha two month old child i hate my life and dont WANT TO LIVE IT ANYMORE ALL I DO IS SIT AT HOME 24/7 AND NEVER DO ANYTHING LIFE IS DEPPRESSING AND NOONE REALLY CARES WGHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT WHats on your mind cause once it is set there is no stopping it i will taKE MY LIFE I TRY ONCE A DAY AND IM SURE O NE DAY IT WILL WORK
17 Mar 2008 Marianne starvation
16 Mar 2008 Vicky At the age of 6 i was in and ou of hospitals than the fukin nurses were.. trust me... im only 16 now. and life is getin really hard, just split up with my 17 year old boyfriend, i now have a 26 year old... hes hard to please, but hes gorgeous and everyone really likes him, before he came along i tried to kill myself, walked str8 out infront of the 26 year olds car.. ended up in hospital. then he told me how much hed always loved me since he knew me.. now im happy.. gettin married.. expectin a bby.. nd livin with him.. yes i know im only 16 but trust me... if u even consider killin urself.. think wot could be said or happen tu yu .. sumthin good could cum out of it after... x
16 Mar 2008 John Please, anybody that reads this site, if you are considering suicide you need to find help. Whatever you are going through is a wave that will pass; whatever has put you in the place that you are now can not hold you down forever. Whatever age you are, there is still plenty of life ahead of you that you cannot let one horrific act take you down and out, that is far too easy. What shows true strength is to fight that act or circumstance and live.
Please, please go talk to an adult that you can trust about your situation. If not your parents, then a teacher or a counselor or a hot line. If you break a bone and go to the doctor to have it fixed, it is not shameful. Depression is a similar circumstance, it can be mended but you need help. Please find some!
16 Mar 2008 Zack Hey guys my name is Zack, i have tryed to kill my self several times and failed. i have had an extremely painful life from being abused from my father after my mother and sister were killed in a train accident that i was in and seeing them left me cold. and not even a month later i watched my cousin kill himself infront of me. there is alot more that has happiened to me and i am willing to share it and help other people that are tihnking about killing themselfs, i am here to help email me please and it may save a life..
13 Mar 2008 afraid to tell ive read alot of these storys and compared to me there lives r alot worse than mine ALOT. ive tried to kill myself twice but obeoousely havent succeded once from pills and once from jumping im 12. ive cut befor and still do it but not on a regular basis only in momments of distress when i felt i had nothing to live for, me and my mom fite constantly its neverending we frite about everything form school to just everyday life. but every else in my live is pretty good. im popular i hav great friends and i get wat iwant and even though it seems i hav something to liv for... witch i do my mom drains soo much out of me shes so controlling and everytime we fight i always end up histaricly crying on the bathroom flor door locked and cuting myself with sisors on my nee. and its not all my mom ive had a strange past my aunt just killed herself this year (hung herself) because of her drug abuse it made my dad really sad and cry all the time witch made me sad. for some reason i feel ive always been depressed i went through strange stages in my life that i feel for some reason arent normal but 6th grade was a turning point in my life. i had just started cuting (becuse of my mom) and decided to tell my best friend of 8 years. i trusted her. she told me i had to get help but i refused i told her not to tell and she promised. PROMISED. she told her mom who told my mom i covered it up because im clever after this she refused to be my friend witch made me deeply sad and depressed.even though my new friends were popular and pretty i felt a loss in my life. ive never trusted anyone again. i keep everything inside because im ashamed and embaresed about cuting my mom and everything i want to be happy i really do but its almost as if its not in my hands its in hers. not only hav i attemted suacide twice and cut but i hav also though about killing her then killing myself by electricuting myself in the bath (it seems like the best way) but at the same time i want myself to die and her to suffer because u no she loves me. i no... these are sick thoughts witch is why i cant tell any1. if i did i would probebly be but in some facility and my whoole world woud fall apart. my friends, my popularity, and afraid. if i die everything will go away. it will be a relese just like cutting except in a bigger preportion. i hav considered running away but that never solve the problem in fact i think it will probebly make it bigger. suicide seems like the best way outt. i NEED to get out. i want to talk to someone like me (not an adult) who feels the way i do about like... some1 i can reate to. my email is im 12 and i no i fucked up especialy for my age but im not a bad person i no i cut and tried to kill myself twice but i hav troble trusting ppl because i always get tricked but all im saying is if you feel like i do talk to me not to help urself or to help me but just to talk anyway i no my life seems great but iff it is then y do i cry all the time? i hate my mother and i hate even more what my life has become dying is the best option i hav the nerve to do it just hope that it works... i really do. i will try as soon as i hav the opertunity to alll those others like me on this site if u feel like i do try to make ur life word but if u cant do it (like me) go ahead and kill urself because somtimes thats just the best option even if i am 12 it dosent matter theres not other way out...
13 Mar 2008 chris my name is chris ive had enough my girlfriend killed herself on 23/05/04 i cant cope anymore life was getting better then i just get kicked down again ive had enough i dont even want any help anymore i just want out life is shit
12 Mar 2008 totally doing it from time to time i enjoy coming to this website and reading posts. does this make me sick? should i consider suicide? and if i do consider it, how will i know its the right choice for me?
from time to time i spank myself and choke myself. i dont really enjoy it. i dunno why i do it. ive always wondered wtf is wrong with me. its just what is wrong with me has this overwhelming sence of apathy. im not sure if suicide is for me yet. definite maybe though. and im still contemplating the method. however i know when/if i do, previous to doing it im going to put like 10 toy cars in my anus so the coronor will be all wtf??? im sure they will laugh. maybe not right then. maybe later when they are about to go to bed.

im a lil antisocial too so if u email me and i dont email back for a lil bit its just cuz im argueing with myself why i should get out of bed to brush my teeth, but if i dont maybe they will all rot out and i can starve to death instead of doing it myself.
i ussually end the argument by telling myself this is stupid and begin laughing in a high pitch tone thats not quite a laugh but not quite a deep crying sound like a child getting beaten. i made a lot of those when i was a child.
all i know is i was on the bridge sitting on the edge and a big truck pulling a trailer came flying by and the wind almost and then i got real sad cuz it didnt knock me off. didnt matter though. prolly wouldnt have killed me just broke me up real good.
sometime i wonder if i just rub shit all over me if people would leave me alone.
i saw a woman in my dreams last night. she was naked and squating in a corner of a room eating her menstrual fluids. i remember thinking in my dream i wish my mom did that to me. the dream was silent. i remember i could hear my tear drops falling. i woke up laying sideways on my bed. i felt queezy.
oh yeah dont email me if your gonna say a bunch of crap about hope or living or relatives. seriously i already have problems.
11 Mar 2008 anonymous im 15, and dont have a lot of choices available to me.
no chance of carbon monoxide, i cant use the car in a confined space
no guns, i dont wanna use a blade, theres nowhere high i can think of to jump from
theres 1 place i could hang from in my house, but im not sure were i could get any rope, and i may get caught in the act
im not sure if we have any hypodermic needles for the "air injection" method, which i have heard is painful
the only opttion i can think of is an overdose. but i have heard this is a slow, painful death, and i may be caught.
my fear of pain is what is preventing me from doing it. i also want to be sure that i wont be caught as failure could result in problems such as scarring or brain damage
11 Mar 2008 Are friends Electric? Hi. My name is... well lets just call me Marilyn Monroe. Oh fuck it, my name is Liz, i'm 16 going on 25, and i'm just so fucking through with life. Is it bad to want to stop living becuase of certain things you can't control? I have a weired take on life. I am hot when i am cold (if that makes sense) I mean, I'll get to school (a society of it's on, main brainwashing facility for us 'pre adults' that don't know what we want) and i'll sit in class, surrounded by human beings that are just on a different planet than me. I hate them all so much, i can't relate to any of them. say one word and they'll act like your best friend, then bitch about you behind your back. They think they're cool if they sit with me, or pretend to dig the same style or music that i do. I can see right through them, and at the end of the day they all just think i'm a freak. And home aint to much better. I'm stuck in this shit hole of a town, and i hate every fucking one. I guess the problem is the generation, i can't relate to them. What i would give to have been a 50's teenager, or 70's, or anything but now. I can't exactly explain why, people where just so much more real then. There was less socialogical rules and people wern't trying to be something that they just wern't. Then again, people are still people. And abserd circus, a pathetic wasteland for the filth of humanity. And i feel trapped, trapped in a bad town on a bad planet in a bad generation. and i read all of your problems,and they don't compare to yours. Kids that have been abused, raped, they have cancer, they are homeless. but in the end, that's not really the problem, is it? and i can't imagine anyone else on earth feeling the way i do becuase i feel as though there is only one occupant on this planet of mine. abserd i know. and i feel so very angst filled. I mean, i'm the only person i can rely one! no one else, becuase everyone i love goes away in the end, and i can't take the heartbreak. You know, i like the foreplay.. i will play with men, sweet talk them, let them hear exactly what they want me to say, i'll play it cool, act my part all to feel wanted and loved, and then i'll puysh away before i fall for them. and why?.. becuase i'm fucking scared! and i can never really be happy becuase i will never let myself be loved. I just feel hopless, there are no words to describe it. and yet, i find myself sitting here typing madly hacking away ay my keyboard snarling. I suppose i feel like this world holds nothing for me, as much as i complain about this town and the peple in it, i wouldn't know what to do if the world was mine. I can't stand to be alone with myself, but i love it all the same. I need salvation, I need something absolute. something real to hang on to. I've tried, oh elvis fucking christ i've tried! standing infront of a train track, freaking out last minute. I guess i hate the thought of giving them all the satisfaction. they'd all make up some bullshit reason, like i was 'misunderstood and confused' or 'lonely and depressed' probably make me seem deep, along with being a local fucking legend, more so thani am now (people are amused by me, they think seeing a busty blonde in 4 inch creepers, bright red lipstick, psychobilly 50's style black button up and cats-eyed sunglasses is.. oh what was that word.. 'totally sick bra' pssh) oh they are so mornoic. and i'm not depressed, i'm not insane. i'm more sane than anyone else! I just can't justify living in this world that seems so pointless. i mean, we are all born to die. no denying it, what happens in the middle make no difference to your fate, so why bother trying to slow it down? i'll just never find what i'm looking for, becuase everything i believe in is fiction. books, movies, songs, bands they are my only friends. put on a vinyl and i'm not so lonely. but is it enough to keep me going? what happens, when your future is clowded and uncertain, and i can't figure myself out! how am i supposed to live with myself if i can't figure myself out?! SO FUCKING ANGRY AND MAD AND FUCKING SAD! i don't even know what i want, it's all so meaningless! i can see through everything, like fucking cellophane. dying won't help, and if i end up living it will only be out of curiosity. But a part of me is numb, and a part is feeling way too much for me to handle. I don't know what i fcuking want, i just want out of this world...

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