Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Mar 2008 Soon i bet if i killed myself no one would even notice or miss me. my friends suck, they dont care about me, they only know i exist when im in their presence if im lucky. i will shut my cell phone down soon and then i will do it.
02 Mar 2008 jaz ive allways wanted to kill myself since i was 8 n the reason is i have a cleft lip hair lip n i get really teased bout it ive had enuff
i just duno how im going 2 do it yet????????
02 Mar 2008 AAIZZ im thinking of putting end to my life too . im not scared of dying and there is noone that would get hurt . i feel worthless i feel empty and scared im in pain and every body so far away .no body understand wot i say i think no body cares ,now i dont care my self . i know when ppl say that u shouldnt commit a suicide that they dont get it , i had enough i dont wanna live anymore i get hurt every day , im 22 yrs old but i feel like im 70 , i tired all kinda of drugs but im still depressed , and it hurts so much , im just preparing my self to it , i dont want it to be painful and i dont wanna fail , and i wanna be 100% convinced. ppl think u r cowards or crazy but they dont know how much brave u should be to take ur own life and to put end to it . im tired of all ppl who keep talking of things they dont know about thing about and give u false hopes of this life . its just a painful waste of time
02 Mar 2008   I'm more suicidal than ever when Mouchette doesn't update her site.
02 Mar 2008 matty Hi, iam matty life can be shit but since my grandma died i have wanting to kill my self dont do it coz fink about when ur older having a life.
dont do it if u want to join the army.
01 Mar 2008 James Convince a doctor that youre an overgrown fetus
01 Mar 2008 philimeneski God I'm such a waste. My whole life is nothing. I dont thin I'll ever be able to sort out the screwed up mess that I ma, I just get worse and worse. Getting drunk in my room on vodka, like that's going to help me. I feel like nothing, less than that. Since I can remember I've prayed to god, asking him to kill me but my prayers are never answered.
01 Mar 2008 michael Well personly if i was going to kill myself, i would hang myself.
ive been threw horrible stages of depression,cancer and depression runs in my family and i only have very few reletives left,but still, i would never kill myself
29 Feb 2008 José Carballo On ne meurt q'une fois ... on ne vit q'une fois ...
28 Feb 2008 Cori I want to share something that I went through today. I received a phone call from a good friend of mine saying goodbye and telling me to tell his children how much he loves them and that he just couldn't take the pain in his life anymore. I immediately called 911 and drove over there without stopping for red lights or stop signs. The paramedics barely made it there. He was almost dead... Now if you are someone who is thinking about committing suidcide please listen to my thoughts as being someone on the other side and going through what I went through today. My friend did have a lot of issues going on in his life of which aren't changeable overnight, but everything can be worked through. When I got to the house today the paramedics carried him up the stairs and wouldn't let me go near him. They sat him down on a chair and asked him what his name was and he didn't know. They had to hold him up just to get him into the chair to give him some sort of a shot. I finally was able to walk over to him and I looked at him in his eyes and didn't see my friend anymore. He was almost dead and I could see it!!! I could see it!!! I promise you that no matter what your going through in your life at least one person loves you... Imagine the feeling they would feel if they looked into your eyes and you weren't there.. I was lucky enough that they saved him and hes in the hospital now getting help Please... get help!!!
28 Feb 2008 Angel First all killing yourself is stupid. If you want to kill yourself go on meds get therapy, do something about it. Also if you kill yourself think about all those people who love you and who would be destroyed. Also you shouldn't consult other sick people about suicide. Life is hard but stick it out bc before you know it things will turn around. But you will never come to that realization if you kill yourself.
28 Feb 2008 jack ballerstein jump of a bridge
28 Feb 2008 Someone Death by chocolate.
28 Feb 2008 jl A reply to your question:

Have you ever considered doing some kind of volunteer work, like maybe tutoring, or some kind of mission, ...anything that may have sparked an interest [and that is safe, of coarse] Focusing on other people and how you can help them can be really therapeutic.
And find your creative self, whatever that may be (painter, mathematician, dancer, collector of oddly-shaped rocks, photographer of Elvis wedding chapels...whatever it may be) find it and do it

Of more eternal importance, and in all seriousness, pray continuously. If you haven't done so, or if you haven't an answer yet, pray to God to let you know that He is there.

I think that only God can truly, truly change a person. The same God who created the universe, that same God knows even every hair on our head.

Also, remember that we were not made to live this life totally alone or apart from other people, so don't expect yourself to be able to. It's just not how we work, you know. We are made to help one another, and to need help as well. Know that there are so many things in the future that we can't know yet, that you would miss out on if you were not on this earth. Please know this - suicide is not a success. It’s heartbreaking. Know that you are not alone in having the desire, and I pray that you will soon find or remeber that in life which makes it worth living.

ps- I heard this recently, and it stuck with me. I think it says a lot
"If you refuse to love me, you can be sure that I will hurt, and the reason I will hurt is because I have lost something. When God loves you and you refuse to love God, God hurts too, but not because He has lost something. God hurts because you have lost something
Quote from “Ichabod, Where is the Glory” Ravi Zacharias

Oh, and check out this video when you can (i think it's good), And this song (ditto) PICK SONG 5. Tell me (us, actually) if you like
You may like this one too
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"
One last item for this kit, I heard this recently, I'd recommend as I'm glad someone did to me
28 Feb 2008 on that note alas, i am here, again.
so i might as well hang around and make a few rude remarks while acting like i didn't say that i would stop posting here.

first things first i would like to address the issue of my tobacco addiction. I've realized that the reason I've stopped my daily routines of mock suicide and a death wishes is because i am currently in the process of killing myself. smoking is a fun hobby that helps you make friends and get rid of stress while at the same time making you look super cool(I kid you not), it also happens to kill you and everyone you smoke around faster then natural causes of death do. So I've been living out my life- and strangely, enjoying it. While at the same time I'm committing suicide, I'm living a great life and killing my self, AT THE SAME TIME! I think it's rather neat, but very very very confusing. :)

And the second part of this post is simply a response to what
"x-ray cat" said this January,
I applaud you good sir, your simple plan is effective and intact made me laugh reeding how your post and possibly your life ended,
I think I'm going to remember that for the rest of MY life. :]

Well then goodnight,


28 Feb 2008 The Great And Almighty Bob Dylan Have you ever noticed that there isn't any use in sitting and wonder why, It doesn't matter anyhow.
And that there really isn't any use in sitting and wondering why,
if you don't know by now.
and if the rooster crows at the break of dawn,
they'll probably look out there window and you'll be gone.
And they're all probably the reason you're traveling on.
so just
Don't think twice, it's all right.
27 Feb 2008 tone i have felt really down lately. my aunt just had a baby and i dnt wna be prt of it and my nans doin my head in about it and i really wana just go for other reasons other than that. :(
27 Feb 2008 Suicide anonymous take a sharp butchers knife out of your kitchen and stab it through your head, or if you prefer your heart.
25 Feb 2008   I got an email trying to intimidate me. I talked about how I felt. I told no one to do anything or recomend it.This is supposed to be ananamous. don't threaten me.You know my name,Ya,what's your fucken point
25 Feb 2008 Rod Nordland I'm a journalist for Newsweek and would like to talk to whoever is responsible for this website.

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