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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Nov 2004 Will Snow Hey 'NO', perhaps youre fucked up too. Well, you came here so you must be thinking about suicide eh. Well, how are you all my darlings? Ooooh sorry, i feel a bit silly today. Where im living at the moment is a mad house. I thought the B+B was bad enough, but this place, geees! Of course they all know im gay and they wanna be friends with me. Im a bit shy and get a little anxious but they keep saying i shouldnt lock myself away. They also say that if i get bullied to tell them and they will beat them up. I hate violence. Ummm, better be going.
17 Nov 2004 Will Snow Well, if you wanna kill yourself dont ever use medicines. I experimented at the weekend by overdosing slightly. Well, it felt worse than actually feeling suicidal. I tell you, I wont ever do that again. Here endeth the sermon......
10 Nov 2004 Will Snow Ooooh mouchette, are you on your holidays then? It will be so boooooring now. Well, the hostel im staying in is more interesting than the B+B i stayed in. I stay in my room nearly all the time with my Walkman. Gets a bit boring after a while but i feel safer in my room. I even get scared to use the toilet. So i often wait until there is nobody about. I have to fetch my own breakfast so that is the only time i see the other people. Hopefully not long now before im out of there.
01 Nov 2004 Will Snow For those of you that dont understand what it feels like to want to kill yourself, why are you at this site. I got way down at weekend. To cutting up my arms. Blood everywhere. In fact it wouldnt stop. But i felt better afterwards. Perhaps im sick but those that dont understand, PLEASE go away!!
27 Oct 2004 Will Snow Hi, Im now living at a hostel for men. Or teenagers i should say. Im gay, so there's temptation(joke). No, I keep out of their way. I get nervous of people. They have fights and all sorts there. But, its clean and warm and I get breakfast included. My suicidal thoughts seem to have gone. Whether its my meds or whether its because i know things will be great when i get a place with my friend. I was on a low. And particularly when I had to leave my B+B, I had to leave my best friend behind. It was the worst thing ever. But things are getting better. You cant get any lower than being homeless. And MMichael10, dont let your manager abuse you. You have rights. He is breaking the law. So go to the authorities. It will be him that loses his job. Bye for now folks
19 Oct 2004 Will Snow Well, i managed to sleep another night at the B+B. Ohhh my landlord has someone that is ill that is below me. He told me yesterday that it is no concern of his and when the time comes he will call the undertaker. I thought to myself 'how cold you are'. I just hope he has the same sympathy when he is ill!!
18 Oct 2004 Will Snow Well, today i had to go to council with my landlord for recovery of the rent debt. I just wanna hide in a corner somewhere. Got no food left. Have to give landlord money from my bank account. So no food for a few days at least. Feel really down. Well, I have been on a high recently. But now im so scared. Id rather sleep in my car. Oh well.
07 Oct 2004 Will Snow I still cant bloody well get in here!!! Stupid stupid WEB MARSHALL. I will shove it up there ARSE SHALL.....
05 Oct 2004 Will Snow Ooooh, I cant read the bloody thing. Ive been blocked out by the 'Web Marshall'. Damn the rotters!!
04 Oct 2004 Will Snow Well, it looks as though my time is up at the B+B. Ooooh im not looking forward to going back there tonight. Im kinda scared.
01 Oct 2004 Will Snow Ohhh, didnt wanna get up this morning. My disability makes me exhausted sometimes. But I got woken up by my landlord. I heard her come up the stairs and I thought "Oh no, hope she doesnt knock on the door!". Well, I sleep with nowt on and it would have been embarrassing. But instead she put her bill under the door, thank god....
28 Sep 2004 Will Snow Well, I still havent found a loft hatch at the B+B. Perhaps if im 'kind' to one of the other guys that is living here during the week they may let me share their room. I could be a 'rent boy'. Ummm, some of them look pretty ugly actually. Oh well....
25 Sep 2004 Will Snow I might lose the room im living in at the B+B. So im trying to think of ideas. Well, I cant find a loft hatch so that I can retreat to a loft like I used to. Yeh, I would retreat to the loft if 'MAGGIE' became too much for me. Oh, those were the days of cuddling up to the pink loft insulation. Yes i did say PINK. Sorta goes with me being gay. But oooh, does it make you itch though. Loft insulation i mean!
24 Sep 2004 will snow Flamer, I thought you said you were gay? Ummm, youve confused me now. So you are lonely. Hmmm, I thought as much. I get lonely too sometimes but i dont get nasty like that. For FUCK sake get a life!!!
23 Sep 2004 Will Snow FLAMER, I guess you were abused by your father? Well, Ive been bullied at school and was sexually abused once at school and I actually abused back at school too. But only once and I am ashamed of that. Plus I abused someone in the family and that is the lowest of lows. I think about it often what I have done. My father abused me (so my sister says) and he hated me laughing or anything. I was so scared of him. He died 17 years ago and strangely, I miss him dearly. In fact when he died I became depressed and went into myself and wouldnt talk to anyone. But after a year I opened up again. And Im gay too. But I kept it quiet until fairly recently. I was married as well. So you see. Im really bad and I am ashamed for the things ive done. Im not ashamed of being gay anymore though.
18 Sep 2004 Will Snow Flamer, WHAT IS YOUR PROB? You seem to be offensive to everyone here. I guess youre the one thats a complete ASS! You seem to have a bigger problem than anyone else. I assume you are lonely. Thats the only explanation or youre jealous. I have been shy with people for well as long as I can remember but sometimes I can talk to people ok, although when Im nervous I get my words muddled up or my voice goes funny.
14 Sep 2004 Will Snow Well, I did the most silliest of things yesterday and tried to hang myself. Thankfully I got scared and cried. Which probably did me good. To cry that is. Anyway apologies to those that know me cos it was a selfish act and it only hurts people you really care about and i fully regret doing it. But I get really depressed. I do try to hide it. I dunno why I get depressed cos Im actually happier now than I have ever been. Ummm, somehow that doesnt sound as though it makes sense. Anyway, I will be putting my washing line in the bin when I get home. Well folks, Back to my 'House of passion'. No, No, No not me! The other residents. You would love to know what goes on....
10 Sep 2004 Will Snow Hi SAD, dont do anything silly. I left my wife after 22 years marriage. Life was hell really. All the put downs etc. I just used to put up with it. But I was going through a difficult time myself last year and decided I had to tell the truth about my sexuality. Yep, I told my wife that I was really gay. I kept it quiet from about age 11. Well, I thought my parents would go mad. So I tried to hide it in getting married. Im not saying my marriage was all bad, but I just found it too difficult with being told to shut up or 'who wants your opinion'. It got me very very suicidal and I have tried it. Anyway, I have moved away to be with 2 friends who I love to bits. Theyre absolutely the best. So you see, life can be great after a marriage. Hang in there (excuse the pun). Things will be alright.
07 Sep 2004 Will Snow Death is coming soon.............
06 Sep 2004 Will Snow For a start 'God' and 'Jesus' and the 'Holy Spirit' are the Holy trinity. So God and Jesus are the same even though Jesus is Gods son. I know its terribly confusing. Even i get confused sometimes by that. Well, I thought of hanging many times, particularly in my B+B bedroom. It would be easy to do as i have washing line with me. ummm.... perhaps one day.

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