Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?

11 Oct 2010 Enzyme My dear, lilting, eviscerated, death-rabbits…

Too long have we been apart. Yes, it is indeed I, Enzyme. Back with hands of fire. Back to stir the cauldron of woe.

Mouchette! My lovable lil’ antichrist! Let me kiss your pale, evil feet.

Today we shall cross the river styx and look at that pernicious vortex: “Loneliness”.

It is a cry many of you adorable death-rabbits espouse. I know. I know what it’s like. You sit on the bus, a gargantuan, plastic maggot carting you to and from work. Or maybe in your car. Or maybe on foot. The transitions of life are the most wretched for the lonely peon. It’s the going to and from. When life grinds you down to the knuckle. That’s when loneliness cracks your skull and pours her syphilitic powder into your cerebral cortex. You think… “Wasted time. Who could ever want me? I’m too complex to love or understand. Look at these worn faces. They’re avoiding my gaze. I could spit up blood in front of them, speak in tongues, summon Achilles and they wouldn’t bat an eye. Nothing changes. Nothing ever, fucking, changes.”

Perhaps once you weren’t lonely. You cast your spirit back there. To that basement in Brooklyn. That skinned wheat-field. That wide, acrid beach. Existence seemed endless then. Full of rare, ratified adventures. And now?

I know, little mice. I know. But what IS this thing called ‘loneliness’? We use it freely to describe our maudlin state… but what does it truly imply? To be lonely means you don’t like being alone. But that’s not true, is it? Like all good creatures of darkness, I’m sure we all love our lairs, no matter how pathetic and venial. Ahhh the late hours of the night, up in my tower, playing David Bowie, watching “Twin Peaks”, reading 19th century French literature. I’m at peace. In my smoking jacket. Eating s’mores. You all love your solo time, am I right? That’s why God created Mozart and masturbation. Great combo, by the way.

So if being lonely is not really about hating to be alone, what, pray tell, is it about? Perhaps it is a need to be WITH another human being? To talk and converse, to suck on their genitals, to hold them and cry. Yes? Maybe THAT’s what we want? More people.

But let’s be honest, my little zombie tap-dancers… you don’t really LIKE most people, do you? I mean, most humans are rather boorish, dull, witless, and uptight. I mean, if MOST of the population was teleported into your cage and demanded to be your constant companion you would cringe in horror. “You??? In my lair? Messing with my collection of Zap comix? Get thee gone!”

Alright, so maybe being lonely is about wanting to be with the RIGHT person. The right person… who would that be? Well… unkempt hair… and yes, a love of film noir. Weird teeth… and a rye, pithy sense of humor… adventurous… simultaneously hi-brow and low-brow… a fascination with evil… but a tender, romantic creature at heart with a love of Cole Porter, punk rock, and good white wine. My god… it’s me! Yes, you probably crave yourself, as an attractive member of whatever sex you wanna put it to.

But wait! You already have yourself… not as another person, true… but you do have what you want. As you. And maybe if you squint your eyes in the mirror, you’re not really all THAT hideous.
So WHY do we crave another human being to love who is basically ourselves but more attractive?
The answer, little death-rabbits, is obvious.

We want to fully appreciate who we are… we want to fuck ourselves, and adore ourselves, and vindicate our misery, and lovingly molest that beautiful, perfect, innocent creature we are… somewhere deep in the recesses of our being… and say: “I love you, for the fucked up, adorable miscreant you are. I hate the monsters who did you wrong. I forgive you for your suffering. I’m on your side. You’re not alone.”

So loneliness is really the desire to truly love ourselves. And forgive ourselves. And really…. You don’t need to go through the awkward hell of internet dating to do that.

Free severed angel hands for everyone!

Enzyme of the petrified forest.
05 Jul 2010 chris Im 17 im in high school. im becoming a senior. The day people figured out I was gay in high school (Junior year btw), they all ridiculed me right on the spot. Juniors, Seniors, teachers, even parents. One day after football pratice, i was walking home and a group of guys ran behind me and bashed me over the head with a glass bottle, and they all kicked and punched me while i was down on the ground. Then they took me into a back alley way and took there turns pinning me down and rapeing me. When they were all finished they spoke amongst each other saying ' so how do you wana kill the fag?', one by one saying it over and over " lets stick a knife into this failed abortion". One of them pulled out a knife and plunged it into me, he whispered into my ear "die fag". I passed out and they ran away. I crawled my way into the street praying that some one would find me. Twenty minutes passed and finaly a car drove by and the stranger helped me to the hospital. Where i went into surgery..... My mom and step dad picked me up and took me home. And there i stayed. *The thing i want u to walk away with from this story today is, if u read this story plz dont judge me, if u do then u must have made up in ur mind that u know me now and u can tell who i am without listening to me, but of course u can tell me who i am and i cant, because obviously u know me better than i know myself. Plz dont judge.*
04 Jun 2010 Christopher It makes me quite sad to read this (I found this page by accident. I know how some of you feel. Ok Im lucky enough to say I've never been abused and i will never be able to understand the kind of pain that must cause but I know what it's like to look on the mirror and completely despise what is looking back and feel like erasing myself off the face of the planet. I spent 3 years desperately depressed and ended up in hospital more times than I care to remember. I took overdoses of sleeping pills, painkillers and a huge amount of alcohol. I've cut myself so bad that i've lost some movement in my rift hand. There is no way to properly describe fully the pain that I felt. Right now I'm trapped in a loveless relationship with a man that openly cheats on me constantly. I can't find work so I can't get out. At least work was an escape for me. My family has disowned me because a while back when he started cheating I forgave him and refused to leave him. I spend every day being told I'm worthless and a waste of space. But I know that if I kill myself I will only prove the world right so I vow to somehow pull myself out of this rut and make something of myself. I know what it's like to not be able to sink any lower and be gripped by complete desperation but no matter how desperate you are everyone is unique and special. I know you probably don't feel it but I promise that each and every one of you has a valuable place in life. It may take time to see it but I swear it's true. There is nothing so cruel as false hope so I whole hearted swear that every person on earth is amazing and beautiful in their own way. I love you all and I hope one day you can see the strength in the mirror and love yourself for having the strength to overcome your pain.
27 May 2010 charlotte Exploser son vagin avec un christ en fer
13 May 2010 Christine It's been forever ago since I've last written.
And some people have nicely written back.
Thank you.

My life has only gotten worse from here. Sure, my girlfriend is nicer now. But I'm invisible. They don't care, they never did.

I'm only "there" when they need me, they only acknowledge me when they need something.

My parents are meaner. Hurtful.
Whale. Fat.

I still crave suicide.
But, you know what. Maybe I'll stick around a little longer. Maybe I'll see what life choses to torment me with next.

THanks to those who responded. THanks for caring. You are the first.
12 May 2010 Chris Lopak Killing yourself will resolve your pain here on earth, but you will leave an incredible pile of pain for everyone else you leave behind. Suicide is understandable but an act of supreme selfishness, and never solves the problem ultimately.
Without Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour your pain is just beginning. If you die in your sins, you immediately go to Hell. Jesus describes Hell as a:
"Their worm does not die and their fire is not quenched." Mark 9:48
"There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Matthew 25:30
"...I am tormented in this flame." Luke 16:24

All unbelievers who die in their sins have to be sentenced by a Holy and Righteous God for rejecting the ultimate Love, that is Jesus Christ dying on the cross for their sins.
When you or anybody else asks Jesus Christ into their hearts to forgive them of their sins He will forgive you.

"Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13

The main reason anybody desires to commit suicide is because Satan and the Demons convince you that you are worthless, that nobody loves you, and especially that there is no hope!
"Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8

Jesus Christ came in the flesh, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and was crucified on the cross at Calvary, buried three days, and then was resurrected from the grave. And HE LIVES!!


He desires an intimate relationship with you! He is not like your earthly mother or father, who sometimes fails us, neglect us, beat us, abuse us...


Our parents are sinners, just like the very first sinners ADAM AND EVE!! They, like you, inherited a corrupted nature that is naturally an enemy of GOD. That’s why you need to be BORN AGAIN! You came into this world physically alive, but spiritually dead!!

Please, if you kill yourself and have not received Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and Saviour. It doesn't matter what you FEEL, God judges based on His Word and His Truth, not our wrong ideas about Him!! YOU WILL GO TO HELL!


"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

09 May 2010 Bitter Gun to the head, eyes closed pull the trigger.... Quick painless....

This is a reasonable question to some people, so all to christians, please stop posting crap about how it isn't worth it. The question isn't "Should I commit Suicide?" Give an answer or be disgusited, and trying to save someone isn't an answer.
13 Apr 2010 Chris To all of you who have "attemted" suicide i say your a bunch of posers. It is unbelievably easy to end your own life. To have failed at doing so means you did not really want want to end it. You simply crave attention which is the reason you probably wanted to kill yourself anyway because you did not get enough attention.
18 Mar 2010 Christine I have no idea. I came here, trying to find out. I'm turning 15 in a few months, and my life seems perfect.
I have a beautiful girlfriend and loving friends.
My parents are constantly abusing me, emotionally now. They stopped physical a few years ago. They call me a whale. A freak. You name it. I'm not perfect. I may be heavy, but it's all muscle. I'm a fucking athlete.
My girlfriend drinks at school. She doesn't seem to care about me now. Once we were perfect. Once we actually talked. Once we cuddled, kissed, loved. No more. My friends do LSD at school. As much as I love helping their problems, they never listen to me anymore. When I need help, they dont care.
I have no one to turn to, no one to love. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die.
Please. Help me find a way to stop this awful suffering.
Life's ticking by. Grain by grain. Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok.
So help me now. PLEASE. I'm desperate.
01 Mar 2010 Messenger Ending your life will not be the end of the road! It will be the beginning of an eternal suffering that you cannot even begin to imagine. There is an internal being inside of each of us called the spirit and this being is eternal. If you kill yourself now your inner man will instantly transition into hell. Before God suicide is a SIN and if you die through suicide you die in sin, and you will suffer the concequence of eternal condemnation. That's the bad news, but yje good news is that no matter what you're going through God can and will in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus? Yeah Jesus, only through the name of Jesus can God really connect with humanity. Pray in the name of Jesus and ask God the father to reveal himself to you through his Holy Spirit. He will do it and everything (all the pain, hurt, confusion, and anger) will go away. You have nothing to lose! Trust and give God an oppurtunity so you can recieve his love.
16 Feb 2010 Kelly If you hurt so badly, that you want to kill yourself, just remember, it will only be the BEGINNING of ETERNAL TORMENT. Because God punishes the sin of suicide, as well as the sin of rejecting Jesus, by giving you eternal life in HELL, where there is no torment on earth that can ever be as bad. Pain will never stop in HELL. Psychological anguish will never stop in HELL. Regret will never stop in HELL. What ever it is that hurts you now, in life, will be infinitely MORE hurtful in death, because you will be all alone with it, for ETERNITY! Think about that, my dear 'under 13'. It doesn't matter if I care, but I do. What matters is that you need to find a reason to care about yourself. Care about animals, care about the planet, care about your garden, care about a child you don't even know...just care. I must say again, there is NOTHING in this life that can compare to the awful existence that is eternity in hell, and that will be your reward for succeeding in killing yourself. And ETERNITY is a looooooonnnnnnngggggggg, loooooonnnnnggggg time to hurt. Pray this now, "God, please forgive me, send your Holy Spirit to live in me to change me, and give me the Faith to believe in the saving grace of your son, Jesus, amen." Then since you have the internet, google the Bible's book of Romans and read it. It is a wonderful handbook that Paul (once a Christian persecuter named Saul) wrote (with God's inspiration), to his friends. May God bless you and may his Holy Spirit lift your mood and may belief in Jesus give you a reason to keep fighting to stay alive until GOD calls you home. I am as far into the black hole of depression as any of you, because I have had chronic pain 24/7 for the last 11 years, but God's Holy Spirit lives in me and gives me the strength not to give up. H.S is strong and will be YOUR strength too! Please believe my words. I only came upon this site by accident, but I'm sure it was for a reason.
20 Dec 2009 Michael Excuse me but even for people who have had experiences like these and who actually have been through unforgivable events in there life you shouldn't encourage this behaviour who dare's to have a dead family member for christmas or loose there only child excuse me I just think this is in appropiate.
06 Oct 2009 my name is not important im 15 years old. All i can say is you should not because the christian bible says so. that is why you shouldnt. that is my only reason why you shouldnt... i have thought about suicide not because of my unimportance but me not having the power to change anything. to help anyone. I think i can help other people with there problems and stuff but i cant.wrote this is in depth because i am manic i know how it feels and i want to say i will help you but what can i do?die instead. all i have is God. all i can say is GOD. all you can do is pray, find God, and live for hope. please dont kill yourself if your still alive. i cant help the dead.
10 Sep 2009 Helen kill the evil inside of you. ask Jesus Christ to fill you with hope and love. All other will fail you, parents, teachers, friends, family, even the family pet. But Christ if you let him fill you with hope will save you, maybe not all things will be great or even good, but you will have a better chance at living
04 Sep 2009 Christmas Most, important year of school, everyone I talk to is crazy. The people who run my school are absolutely mad, I don't get it. The brief sections of empty dialogue I go through daily, may be all I have. Wine and cigarettes, didn't work, as if I fell endless thirst. I can't explain much, sorry. It's just. . . I don't know, there is this girl who wonders around amongst all the crazy people who don't exist, I really want to say something to her... She's three years late it feels. . . God, Mouchette why can't I talk to her? I'm going to try again tomorrow, every time I see her face lingering someone to long I'm just breathless though. Everything feels so lifeless these days. . .
28 Aug 2009 jen I'd love to tell all of you to pray to God crack open a bible he will talk to you ask him and you will receive

but above all please do what he said - worry not for the day for the day is ANXIOUS for itself -

did you know worry is a sin?

Did you know that God wants you to pray for christ and his return in your prayers striving together as one? He wants us all to be saved.

Please find God -
29 Jul 2009 brettskibeat The best way to kill your self if you are young is to simply let it roll on until you arn't...that self at any age is moving right along...this way or that, all the time....there is no funeral for the kid body,it just transforms slowly into a taller thang, and yeah you guessed it so is that depressed gooey grey fucken thing in your head. I'M not 13 man i'm fourty five and i have the priveledge to be any age i've already been...wait a bit , pick one you think is groovy and just be i'm eleventy two, that is... the eleven year old in me thinks the twenty two year old is really groovy and worth looking up to and hanging out with...the forty five year old guy is saying...oh not this shit again, but in the spirit of looking out for his imaginary children he plays the game and everyone is happy...except for the twenty three year old who saw his father die, or the twenty eight year old when his mother died, or 31 34 25 16 19 when 'a' either his girl friend fucked off with a christian dork or 'b' had his friends suicide on him, leaving him with a strange sense of abstract humour for the departed....if your thinking about a life with jesus just remember there is no exit plan from christianity so if you dont like it and want to leave as far as they are concerned you can go to hell, thats why they dreamed it up like that, trust me it doesnt matter how many souls you bring their way...when you leave they have no appreciation for it at all, i bought about 15 people to the lord and they bought others and so on,but as i left i was accused of fucking the pastors wife, not being a real man because i wouldnt get married, any amount of shit they can dream up because you arn;t a part of their club...even the bible says something about you being a thousand times worse of something....they'll sit around in cell groups praying for what they wanted for your life for years after because they have nothing better to do, its like some strange christian voodoo that they have over you because you were once theirs. i placed my ass behind a drum kit and turned depression into aggresion and went and gave over thirteen thousand lessons to a bunch of kids at a music school in rural nsw australia, i didnt tell them 'this will help with your suicidal inevitabilities' but i know some of them will be able to rise above the fucked existance that every male living in this country experiences....i'm sick to fucken death of poverty and bullshit prompting about how you can achieve the unachievable, the unachievable here is longevity and it might turn out to be the only card i hold on this so called judgement day awaiting us all,,get fucked big fella i didn't pussy out on your shit up grade me to to a planet closer to the metropolos of the rest of the universe instead of this place way out to the left of nowhere,13 year olds are too sexy and cute to be dead, they just need to learn how to take advantage of that situation, if your a boy and you are starting to grow little boobies and having nuaghty dreams...dig it dig it dig it
11 Jun 2009 the joker guys, i am 13 years of age, my parents love me to hell i seem to find myself sitting on my skinny ass playing world of warcraft everyday 24/7 except school weeks... i look at porn and do stupid things when i shouldn't be doing them... i am told that i would get in trouble with the police... i chuckle at them and say.... " if i go to jail, then i will kill my self" they get angry!!!! the best way to commit sucide is to wait til your heart has done its part... then thats when you die im hanging in there... i cant even grow the fucking gold brass balls to kill my self, then again i cant bring myself to jump out of my window (do note that i live in a very tall flat and there are 14 floors in total and i live on floor 13) so very easy to die and also ANYONE WHO IS BEING BULLIED DO NOT FUCKING KILL YOURSELVES, IF YOU TELL THEN YOU WON'T SUFFER ANYTHING... you know its kinda like eating butterfly cakes... they're tasty and its a pretty good feeling when you tell on the bullies then they are dealt with it is like exorcising a demon but yes of course that is very irrelevant to this subject - my message : don't kill yourself, instead try to work out plans... its like being in a war you just got to tidy it up into groups ETC: problems sort them into groups like... home,school,work,family or friends and if you had a recent issue with a friend then isolate yourself from them for a while while you solve all your other problems its like deafeating people... but yes, its not really a war but a emotional war i am not emo i am not goth i am not any of those people i am just a normal,sadistic a big deaf asshole who hasn't got a life because hes too focused on getting a good life i have a girlfriend and i consider myself "EXTREMELY" lucky to have her because she is the most beautiful girl on the planet in my opinion and if i commit suicide it will break her heart and it won't just hurt her... it'll hurt your friends... itll hurt your family... IMAGINE YOUR BROTHER OR SISTER COMING INTO YOUR ROOM AND FIND YOUR CORPSE HANGING ON THE CEILING WITH BLOOD COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH WITH A FRICKING SUICIDE NOTE PINNED ON YOUR ASS SAYING THAT YOU LOVE THEM TO BITS BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH - THEY FEEL TERRIBLE AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF NOT TO CRY TO SHIT ABOUT THIS... :( its a sad life out there where is the old days.. i read about the swinging sixties.. where peace and love was at its highest.. where did that go?!
05 Jun 2009 christmas How do you pay the rent with this Mouchette?
I mean, Really. Talking about Lucy's breasts is all fine and dandy, but I don't feel like it's a recession proof business.

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