Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 May 2007 Billy Talk to your parents, are you guys fucking serious?

GG on being an arsehole. Do you know how much funerals cost? Do you know how upset your friends/family will be? Do you not see how fucking lucky you guys are?

Get over it, life's too short.
21 Apr 2007 Felicia The Great It's Felicia the Great again!
I guess it's safe to come back here. Some idiot was posing as and it didn't really phase me.

Where have Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak gone? Nobody knows.
05 Apr 2007 shelly jest to let you know everyone is different.I've tride to kill my self more that 20 times and I'm still trying I took rat poison 2 days ago and it takes 6 days to do it you want to die ...die I'm not going to give you some silly story telling you your going to go to hell... or your gonna hurt your love ones but don't do it cuz billy doesn't like you do it cuz you lost your vigernity to billy and he fucks you and your best friend < this is't real I hope jest an example> and yall been datein for 5 yr. or because you caught your gurlfriend sucking some random guys cock in the boys bathroom and you've been going out ever since 7th well my ex donnie fucks me over all the time and I've been hurt more before him he says he love me then leaves me he says he can't live with out me but stabs me in the back say he hates me but then aks for me back so I'm going to die to be a pure ass hole a big one....hey you don't love me Donnie fine then cry cry and my grave and I think its really cool that I'll get to haunt him till he dies hope I don't go to hell I jest want to bother ppl.

1. gun
2.posion <note rat poison takes 6 day at the most>
3. hanging..<for 10mins...>
4. slit your wrist.<you got to be pretty mad to cut that deep.oh and stupids it's down when cutting not across>
5.stabing your self in the neck <owwwwwwww>
6.moms or dads or even grandmas pills <make sure there sleeping painkillers or heart meds..>
7......lets see...sit in the care while its running put a sock in the muffler stupid.
8...wat eles have I tride well um...,.....the guns the best.......or like um......real posion like the shit you can't get.....

well Thats all I got oh and jumping but thats a mess...make sure you think about it 1st I've been tryin since I was 8yr. old and I'm still not dead and the pills they make you really sick so try to keep them down......I'm going to take more rat poison now hopefully it will speed up the processs and I'll die this week yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayayayyayaya

good bye internet....shelly
14 Nov 2006 BillyBoBJoE you shouldn't. that's all i have to say.
12 Oct 2006 Erik Hey A.L. I read about half the posts on this site during the past couple of hours but yours stood out to me. I am a 35-year-old white male whose life has sucked for the last 20 years. No, it never did "get better" as people told me it would when I was a teen-ager. I can't commit suicide because it would destroy the rest of my parents' lives. I always say to myself "no one deserves to live like this, not even a murderer", so certainly my parents don't. But that's what my suicide would do to them. So it's just living in this "Hellhole of a life", as A.L. put it, day after day, year after year. There's no other choice. The most twisted, ironic part of life for me is when someone tries to counsel me by saying "life is a gift". Heh, ain't that a kick in the arse! Who would want this gift? Another funny "joke on us" that is quite similar is in Christian scripture; it says if you ask your father for a piece of bread, will he give you a scorpion instead? (If that's not exactly right, the sentiment is still correct.) Well it's funny, my dad certainly would not hand me a scorpion, but that's what I got out of life! Another funny one that preachers tell is that "Jesus came to give us life in abundance". Yes! More please! Have you read all these posts? Yes, what we really all want is more of THIS. Something else that is funny: Dying quickly by jumping off a tall building is "selfish" but dying slowly, a little each day, during the course of 20 or 30 years, living a completely pointless, frustrating and miserable life, is acceptable and even honorable! Hey, and don't you just love those preachers who say "God wrote The Bible", or, "The Bible is God's letter to you." Heh. They are hilarious. Well, my dog wrote "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater". You want to hear something even more hilarious? Once I was so desperate that I . . . Nope, no razor blade . . . Nope, no noose . . . Nope, no bottle of painkillers . . . Nope, not even my handgun . . . I was so desperate, I actually started giving money to one of those televangelists! Yes, it's true! I actually gave that son of a bitch more than $300 before I wised up. Now I can't even pay my rent! I have to borrow money from my parents to pay my rent! Talk about being a loser. The girls are all over my broke ass. Speaking of televangelists, they suck! Here is some news to some of you: human beings, imperfect just like you and me, wrote every book, including The Bible. Don't let some jerkoff tell you that if you pray for something and "believe" with all your might that it will happen for you. Odds are, it won't. The problem is, enough people will get lucky and then tell you about how their prayers were answered ("Oh God has blessed me SO MUCH") and it will just confuse you and make you wonder what you are doing wrong. (Why, you are sinning, of course! You idiot!) Do you know what it really means to "believe"? It means to take heed of a warning or follow some advice. For example, if someone says, don't walk on the subway rails or you'll be electrocuted, and you are a "believer", you won't walk on them. You won't need proof, you just won't walk on them for fear of being electrocuted. It's not some mental exercise, so stop "wishing" thinking that if you wish hard enough things will change. They probably won't. Here is something interesting. Have you ever read in the Christian scriptures about Jesus being "tempted in the woods"? Do you know what the writer meant when he said that "Satan" tempted Jesus by encouraging Jesus to hurl himself off a cliff? Bingo! It meant that the hero of the story was tempted with the very same horrible crap that is dragging us all down -- thoughts of ending the suffering of self. But trust me, there is no way of getting around the problem of hurting others with your suicide (I have studied on it a right good while), so it just won't work. We're stuck here in this "Hellhole of a life", as A.L. put it, and that's just the way it is. (The good news is, you don't have to worry about going to Hell, you're already here!) I guess, maybe, if your entire family and all your friends, if you all committed suicide together, and didn't leave anyone behind to suffer for it, then maybe it would work. But how can that work? There is always some friend somewhere who is going to be left out and left with the sadness that he or she doesn't deserve.

So then what is left for us to do as we suffer through this crap-o-rama in this sewer we call Earth? Did you ever see the film "Sling Blade" with Billy Bob Thornton? Well there is a scene where Billy Bob's character (an ex-mental patient and killer) is discussing with his new friend (a boy of maybe 10 or 12) the experience he once had of witnessing the body of an aborted baby (it may even have been his little brother). And he said of the girl who destroyed the baby, "She ought not to have done that. He woulda had fun sometimes." There is your answer. Fun. Try to save up enough money (or time or whatever resource it takes) so that you can go and have fun sometimes. Whenever you have fun you can almost escape for a few moments. I'm not saying that I agree with Billy Bob's character that a few moments of fun make a lifetime of hell worth it. But since we're already here, it's different for us.

Good luck A.L.

06 Jul 2006 Matthew Mclean aka Billy the Freak monday morning went off with out a hitch. routine pencil pushing and paper grinding. not a speck of work has left my desk. my desk found adjacent to the break area has me overhearing every bit of idle chit chat . i am hardly amused by the other flunky's exploits over the weekend. their conversation is as flavorless as the coffee they slurp into thier gullets. i don't care what the mamma from the cosmetology school got, or what position she got it in. fuck your trip to maryland... they move and shake out motions to acompany the stories. what the shit! now my chills are in full swing, and god does my back hurt.
"shut the hell up!" i scream across the divider. " i am trying to work here!"
mostly from weakness my body drops, naturally thinking my chair was below me, ( it must had pushed away when i stood up) i gave no effort to stop myself from falling to my ass and busting my head on the armrest of my chair. the pain, along with the dope sick was unbareable. now the jackasses are laughing hysterically, staggering to my feet i storm past the bastards.
" you work too hard." one coffee breath office jockey called out to me."you're obviously stressed out."
i have no clue why i turned around.
"go on vacation." he stammered between a chuckle; folgers crystals about to erupt from his nose.
"take a trip... tee hee... i'll see you in the fall"
the right ignorant cunt- i mean stupid ignorant. a 'fuck you' was all i could muster in a breath as i escaped the ill situation that had me the butt of a lame joke. i could bear the jones no longer.
i exited the cavernous office space into the hall where two bubbley cosmo girls (the marketing firm i slave for shares a floor with a beauty school.) engaged in conversation outside the rest rooms. sweat dripped from my brow, i know i looked to fuck. i couldn't care less, not like it's my lucky day. i haven't had an erection in weeks. no cosmo girl spread eagle could sooth my angst. i nod as i pass and enter the men's room.
i rummage through my pockets to find my old camel cigarette flask. once in hand i gave it a reassuring shake. bliss. in one steady movement i had the final stall door open and locked behind me. the flask ajar and resting on my knee as i sit on the john. my eyes scrutinize the contents of the treasure chest before me. at the top of the list: three wax paper packets of fine brown heroin, a lighter, a small tablespoon sized measuring spoon, cotton balls, and a fresh rig procured from my diabetic aunt. in the ritualistic motions that follow i am cooked up, tied off, and riding the mellow wave to pleasantville, all in under ten minutes. i normally don't panic like that. my mind was playing tricks. my body didn't need the dope. this is not going to be an o.d. situation. can barely breath. i'm so hot. not this. i jump up and dunk my head in the toilet in desperate attemps to cool down. i continue to splash my face, getting weaker... eyes blurring out of focus. i can't breath. everything fades to a light grey then progressively turns to black.
24 Apr 2006 Felicia The Great To the people inclined to hate me!

So yes you may say that I post stupid posts on this website but...

...That's what I do. And do you know why? (Not involving Lucy Cortina or Billy the Weeping Freak. But to the KNOWN CRITIC who promises a freaking rose garden to me, a diamond, and LATER gives me lip and calls me a cunt because I refused to bone him!)

All because my boobs are bigger than all the girls that he HE-WHORE’s with and he is just freakin jealous. The only time he masturbates is with bread and later he calls it his ham sandwich. I could tell him to eat me, but he can eat himself.

In the long run, he might enjoy it. But if he is flexible enough, he can do an encore by leaving a suicide note, sticking his nose up his ass, and farting his way to Jamaica.
12 Apr 2006 Becks I really dont know the best way to kill yourself, but I was announced dead September 3, 2005 and look where I am now. I took 50 of my 150mg anti-depressants and my ambulance broke down, I was announced dead at the hospital, but (Unfortunately)Im still here because they tried to revive me and it worked. If you're going to try to kill yourself, make sure that you're alone and will be alone for several hours so that you end up dying, not just doing something and having ppl walk in on you when you're doing it. I really think that I dont deserve to live, and I just feel like shit and I wish that someone would come and kill me so that I dont have to do this myself. If I could turn back time to when I was happy, I would be sad thinking about what's going to come and would have prolly killed myself then and there so that I wouldnt have to put up with the pain that I have now. Someone tell me how to do it right so that I can go through with it. PLEASE! Im begging you to help me out. I need to go. Just help me out and tell me how to do it right. If you want to yell @ someone for causing this, yell at me for bringing it upon myself....I shouldnt have fallen in love and gotten myself into this sopt in the first place. Im sorry...
05 Jan 2006 Felicia The Great Dear Mouchette,

It's a cold, cold 2006. I have been on this site for almost four years, can you believe it? I never realized that this website was a forum.

The history of me writing in this post website began in late December of 2001. There I was lamenting over a hopeless relationship of lost dreams. It was the year of drowning misery of guzzling Peppermint Schnapps in a cold, cold room on a dark hillside. It was so cold, you can talk in the room and a mist of warm air came out of your mouth. Now you wanted to know what it was like for a bum to live in a cardboard box. Think of it as a cardboard box bedroom. I was ready to end my life then. I lay awake on a cold, cold bed staring at a ceiling, bundled in a jacket, knit cap, and Nike shoes filled with thermal socks.

It felt like Heaven’s Gate at Hale Bopp for me, but Applegate already left the building.

Then Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak came to the rescue.
04 Jan 2006 Felicia The Great It seems that I have a fan.

I have a young man who wants to shower me with Tiffany diamonds, a house, and a Mercedes. I predict Lucy Cortina will get jealous about this.

I am afraid she will hate me if I plan to have plastic surgery for a double 38 B and cushy silicon breasts.

I see her fuming now. Oh.... I see her fuming now. Billy the Weeping freak beware. Be very aware.
21 Dec 2005 Felicia The Great It seems I have major fans. Nobody knows what it is like to live on the rim of extinction. Billy the Freak is back, Lucy Cortina is in full swing with her knockers, Just a Girl is in hiatus, and as for me, I am just yammering away and reading these posts from the unfortunate and the too fortunate.

I will explain to you what a suicide kit is. A suicide kit has ten digits and a brain. At the present moment, as you are reading this post, your brain is functioning at will. In 25 or 40 years you will develop memory loss. You will die eventually some day, it could be tonight, it could be tomorrow. So stop making attempts in killing yourself and let nature take its course. Don't fast forward your life ending it with suicide because its too much work.

Would you find it too much work to do something thrilling like sky diving? Or surfing? Or working on occupations that are life threatening? If you plan on taking your life, why not enjoy it by helping others? You can save another person's life by risking your life. I see people everyday on a death wish. Their thoughts are to help the unfortunate.

As for me, being a dog groomer has its death wish too. You can be mauled to death by bathing a Pit Bull, Mastiff, or Rottweiler. Or get an infection from a fear biting Shih Tzu and die from it.

Death is all around you. Make the best of it. It only gets worst when you wallow in the "Woe is me" mentality mode. Has it occurred to you that there are mysteries out there you really should know about?

I salute to Billy, Lucy, Just a Girl, and the people that helped warm up this website, despite the cold, cold world.

And for you, I would like you to remember this that you are not alone and your life is not over. Feel free to email me whenever you can or simply submit to this seeking help posts in this website.

With Love Always,

Felicia The Great

08 Nov 2005 billy the freak due to suicides recent rise in popularity i have again decided to cash in on other peoples misery. hopefully this makes me a lot less miserable. the idea has been crawling around the vacant lot for awhile now and i figure it is time for it to get up and start running. introducing billy's suicide solutions:
imagine this classic problem.
you've been up all night. pure vodka seeps through your pores as you labor over the penmanship and wording of your farewell letter and no matter what you do it just doesn't look right. well no more. let our professional writing staff do the work for you. for the low price of 49.99* you can have a perfect end to a not so perfect life. heres how it works. give us your name, the names of people you might want mentioned in your note, a few choice phrases, and a brief but detailed rundown of the events that led to your final decisions. then pick a parchment and a font. five business days after the completed order date you will have a beautifully styled suicide note. less the strife. at billy's suicide solutions we want your final days easy as possible, because we care about our customers.

*not including all applicable taxes and surcharges minus shipping and handling
08 Sep 2005 Ray I am 17 years old ,and I live with my mom. I been in foster care along with my 2 brothers sence I was 4 years old ,because my parents got a devorce. Well, my dad last year tried to commit a murder suicide on his new wife ,because she was trying to screw him out of everything. Now I live with my real mom who is a asshole out the world. She makes me feel as if things were my fualt. She is a complete ass to me because I do things diffently then her. She blames me for being the way she is ,as in the way she looks. I am tired of her blaming me ,and dealing with her crap. I want her to feel my pain. I want her to know it was her fualt I died. I want to let everyone know what she has done to me. She left me and my brothers at someones house and told them to tell the cops she abandoned us so she could put us in foster care. She screwed up my life. I just wanted to know what would be the best way to die and make her feel how I feel. I want her to know she made me do it.
12 Aug 2005 John Doe listen to Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" or any Marilyn Manson or System of a Down album.
16 May 2005 macca plrobilly the easyest way to kill ur self is to put some bleach in a drink and drink it
10 May 2005 maca not uffication coz when u pass out u start breathing again and live so probilly drowning coz when u pass out u wont start breathing again
02 Jan 2005 Lucy Cortina Hellooosh everyone helloosh Mouchettie it's new years eve and Ive had a little drinkie-poo, yes I have. At least it was new years eve when I had my first drinkie-poo. Oh Im so glad to be back again, where is my Felicia? And my Billy? I didnt mean to slice off his sausage meat. I have so much to tell you all because Ive been to the afterlife and Ive experienced my boobies expand to boobnormous heights. I should go nowsh theres a policeman staring at me through the window. I did have my breasts presshed against the window earlier and they left a sort of patch of condensation where they were. I didnt realise that was illegal though.
20 Dec 2004 President Bobo of the SSSS agency Lucy Cortina has now been successfully revived and is in full working order. Her boobs are now stable, after going through a process of inflation and deflation. Our team of specialist doctors spent many weeks pumping out the air from her breasts. Once the air was gone they would fill up again and inflate to bursting point. Imagine the scene: Lucy Cortina topless on a hospital bed surrounded by nurses, with enormous breasts the size of 2 large beanbags. In the end we managed to force the air out by strapping her breasts against her chest very tightly with a tight black PVC bra when the air had been pumped out. We believe Lucy Cortina suffers from a breast abnormality that encourages her breasts to fill with air and then release it again, almost as if they are breathing. We have heard rumours that her breasts may actually be alive in themselves, and that her current boobs are actually a new pair of tits that have been reborn, after her previous knockers departed to The Great Boobie Heaven (where they say that boobies fly around and squish against other passing boobies, whilst men observe them).

We have also sewn on some new nipples for Lucy as the caps from the cola bottles that we used as temporary nipples shot off her boobs during a "nurse! theyre about to burst!" episode. It looked like 2 corks flying off enormous barrel shaped wine bottles. It was actually this that enabled us to force the air from her breasts once and for all.

She is still slightly confused and dazed but has been calling out for "my Billy!" quite regularly, sadly we do not know who she means. If anyone can help us, please do let us know.

We shall keep you informed of her progress and hopefully she may even give you a little visit. But don't expect too much, her breasts are still undergoing tests as they still inflate quite a lot sometimes - we think this may be a permanent 'illness' that is only found in very beautiful women.
11 Oct 2004 Felicia The Great Dear Mouchette.Org and Friends,

On a mental note, one day I ran across a handwritten article that my deceased father left in a manilla folder. A month ago, I sufferred a nervous breakdown and cried my eyes out to two therapists. Oh.... the tissues were used up and I cried so hard, I swore I almost gagged out a lung. Till that one day, I read the article my father left me, it struck a chord for optimism. Now, I know it may not work for everybody. Some excepts may be confusing to some, but you will kind of get it. In other words, through conscience reading, you'll get the point. Unfortunately, some of the readers will think that this is some kind of bullshit, but to be honest, it is helping me.
So folks, if you dare to read, please keep this advise to yourselves and don't let any family member or friend of yours know what you are doing. (I am referring to people not reading this post site.) I have heard so many people promise that they would change themselves and fail. (I'm a good example.) But to someone who feels like a complete failure and to the next person, just realize that if you stumble and feel down, realize that you are not alone in this cruel, cruel world. And to Phil, my inspirational friend, and Billy The Freak, who is really the one eyed green monster with two legs, and to the frantic people hanging on a limb and trying to survive, before you contemplate suicide, even if you are an Athiest, read on and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Ready? Here is the article.

The Seven-Day Mental Diet
By Emmett Fox

"The subject of diet is one of the foremost topics of the present day in public interest. Newspapers, books, the Internet, and magazines teem with articles on the subject. The nutrition section of bookstores is filled with volumes unfolding the mysteries of proteins, starches, vitamins, carbohydrates, and so forth. The whole world is food-conscious. Experts on the subject are saying that physically you are what you eat. Your whole body is really composed of the food that you have eaten in the past. What you eat today, will be in your bloodstream after the lapse of so many hours, and it is your blood-stream that builds all the tissues composing your body - and there you are.

Of course, no sensible person has any quarrel with all this. It is perfectly true, as far as it goes, and the only surprising thing is that it has taken the world so long to find it out; but in this pamphlet I am going to deal with the subject of dieting at a level that is infinitely more profound and far reaching in its effects. I refer of course to mental dieting.

The most important of all factors in your life is the mental diet on which you live. It is the food, which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life. It is the thoughts you allow yourself to think, the subjects that you allow your mind to dwell upon, which make you and your surroundings what they are. As they days, so shall they strength be. Everything in your life today the state of your body, whether healthy or sick, the state of your fortune, whether prosperous or impoverished, the state of your home, whether happy or the reverse, the present condition of every phase of your life in fact-is entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which you have entertained in the past, by the habitual tone of your past thinking. And the condition of your life tomorrow, and next week, and next year, will be entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which you choose to entertain from now onwards.

In other words, you choose your life, that is to say, you choose all the conditions of your life, when you choose the thoughts upon which you allow your mind to dwell. Thought is the real causative force in life, and there is no other. You cannot have one kind of mind and another kind of environment. This means that you cannot change your environment while leaving your mind unchanged, nor-and this is the supreme key to life and the reason for this pamphlet -can you change your mind without your environment changing too.

This then is the real key to life: if you change your mind your conditions must change too- your body must change, your daily work or other activities must change; your home must change; the color-tone of your whole life must change-for whether you be habitually happy and cheerful, or low-spirited and fearful, depends entirely on the quality of the mental food upon which you diet yourself.

Please be very clear about this. If you change your mind your conditions must change too. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. So now you will see that your mental diet is really the most important thing in your whole life.

This may be called the Great Cosmic Law, and its truth is seen to be perfectly obvious when once it is clearly stated in this way. In fact, I do not know of any thoughtful person who denies its essential truth. The practical difficulty in applying it, however, arises from the fact that our thoughts are so close to us that it is difficult, without a little practice, to stand back as it were and look at them objectively.

Yet that is just what you must learn to do. You must train yourself to choose the subject of your thinking at any given time, and also to choose the emotional tone, or what we call the mood that colors it. Yes, you can choose your moods. Indeed, if you could not you would have no real control over your life at all. Moods habitually entertained produce the characteristic disposition of the person concerned, and it is his disposition that finally makes or mars a person's happiness.

You cannot be healthy; you cannot be happy; you cannot be prosperous; if you have a bad disposition. If you are sulky, or surly, or cynical, or depressed, or superior, or frightened half out of your wits, your life cannot possibly be worth living. Unless you are determined to cultivate a good disposition, you may as well give up all hope of getting anything worthwhile out of life, and it is kinder to tell you very plainly that this is the case.

If you are not determined to start in now and carefully select all day the kind of thoughts that you are going to think, you may as well give up all hope of shaping your life into the kind of thing that you want it to be, because this is the only way.

In short, if you want to make your life happy and worth while, which is what God wishes you to make it, you must begin immediately to train yourself in the habit of thought selection and thought control. This will be exceedingly difficult for the first few days, but if you persevere you will find that it will become rapidly easier, and it is actually the most interesting experiment that you could possibly make. In fact, this thought control is the most thrillingly interesting hobby that anyone could take up. You will be amazed at the interesting things that you will learn about yourself, and you will get results almost from the beginning.

Now many people knowing this truth, make sporadic efforts from time to time to control their thoughts, but the thought stream being so close as I have pointed out and the impacts from outside so constant and varied, they do not make very much progress. That is not the way to work. Your only chance is definitely to form a new habit of thought which will carry you through when you are preoccupied or off your guard as well as when you are consciously attending to the business. This new thought habit must be definitely acquired, and the foundation of it can be laid within a few days, and the way to do it is this: Make up your mind to devote one week solely to the task of building a new habit of thought, and during that week let everything in life be unimportant as compared with that. If you will do so, then that week will be the most significant week in your whole life. It will literally be the turning point for you. If you will do so, it is safe to say that your whole life will change for the better. In fact, nothing can possibly remain the same. This does not simply mean that you will be able to face your present difficulties in a better spirit; it means that the difficulties will go. This is the scientific way to Alter Your Life, and being in accordance with the Great Law it cannot fail. Now do you realize that by working in this way you do not have to change conditions? What happens is that you apply the Law, and then the conditions change spontaneously. You cannot change conditions directly you have often tried to do so and failed but go on the seven day mental diet and conditions must change for you.

This then is your prescription. For seven days you must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought. You must watch yourself for a whole week as a cat watches a mouse, and you must not under any pretense allow your mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic, kind. This discipline will be so strenuous that you could not maintain it consciously for much more than a week, but I do not ask you to do so. A week will be enough, because by that time the habit of positive thinking will begin to be established. Some extraordinary changes for the better will have come into your life, encouraging you enormously, and then the future will take care of itself. The new way of life will be so attractive and so much easier than the old way that you will find your mentality aligning itself almost automatically.

But the seven days are going to be strenuous. I would not have you enter upon this without counting the cost. Mere physical fasting would be child's play in comparison, even if you have a very good appetite. The most exhausting form of army gymnastics, combined with thirty-mile route marches, would be mild in comparison with this undertaking. But it is only for one week in your life, and it will definitely alter everything for the better. For the rest of your life here, for all eternity in fact, things will be utterly different and inconceivably better than if you had not carried through this undertaking.

Do not start it lightly. Think about it for a day or two before you begin. Then start in, and the grace of God go with you. You may start it any day in the week, and at any time in the day, first thing in the morning, or after breakfast, or after lunch, it does not matter, but once you do start you must go right through for the seven days. That is essential. The whole idea is to have seven days of-unbroken mental discipline in order to get the mind definitely bent in a new direction once and for all.

If you make a false start, or even if you go in well for two or three days and then for any reason "fall off" the diet, the thing to do is to drop the scheme altogether for several days, and then to start again afresh. There must be no jumping on and off, as it were. You remember that Rip Van Winkle in the play would take a solemn vow of teetotalism, and then promptly accept a drink from the first neighbor who offered him one, saying calmly: "I won't count this one." Well, on the seven-day mental diet this sort of thing simply will not do. You must positively count every lapse, and whether you do or not, nature will. Where there is a lapse you must go off the diet altogether and then start again.

Now, in order, if possible, to forestall difficulties, I will consider them in a little detail.

First of all, what do I mean by negative thinking? Well, a negative thought is any thought of failure, disappointment, or trouble; any thought of criticism, or spite, or jealousy, or condemnation of others, or self-condemnation; any thought of sickness or accident; or, in short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking. Any thought that is not positive and constructive in character, whether it concerns you yourself or anyone else, is a negative thought. Do not bother too much about the question of classification, however; in practice you will never have any trouble in knowing whether a given thought is positive or negative. Even if your brain tries to deceive you, your heart will whisper the truth.

Second, you must be quite clear that what this scheme calls for is that you shall not entertain, or dwell upon negative things. Note this carefully. It is not the thought that come to you that matter, but only such of them as you choose to entertain and dwell upon. It does not matter what thoughts may come to you provided you do not entertain them. It is the entertaining or dwelling upon them that matters. Of course, many negative thoughts will come to you all day long. Some of them will just drift into your mind of their own accord seemingly, and these come to you out of the race mind. Other negative thoughts will be given to you by other people, either in conversation or by their conduct, or you will hear disagreeable news perhaps by letter or telephone, or you will see crimes and disasters announced in the newspaper headings. These things, however, do not matter as long as you do not entertain them. In fact, it is these very things that provide the discipline that is going to transform you during this epoch making week. The thing to do is, directly the negative thought presents itself - turn it out. Turn away from the newspaper; turn out the thought of the unkind letter, or stupid remark, or what not. When the negative thought floats into your mind, immediately turn it out and think of something else. Best of all, think of God as explained in The Golden Key perfect analogy is furnished by the case of a man who is sitting by an open fire when a red hot cinder flies out and falls on his sleeve. If he knocks that cinder off at once, without a moment's delay to think about it, no harm is done. But if he allows it to rest on him for a single moment, under any pretense, the mischief is done, and it will be a troublesome task to repair that sleeve. So it is with a negative thought.

Now what of those negative thoughts and conditions which it is impossible to avoid at the point where you are today? What of the ordinary troubles that you will have to meet in the office or a home? The answer is, that such things will not affect your diet provided that you do not accept them, by fearing them, by believing them, by being indignant or sad about them, or by giving them any power at all. Any negative condition that duty compels you to handle will not affect your diet. Go to the office, or meet the cares at home, without allowing them to affect you. (None of these things move me) and all will be well. Suppose that you are lunching with a friend who talks negatively-Do not try to shut him up or otherwise snub him. Let him talk, but do not accept what he says, and your diet will not be affected. Suppose that on coming home you are greeted with a lot of negative conversation-do not preach a sermon, but simply do not accept it. It is your mental consent, remember, that constitutes your diet. Suppose you witness an accident or an act of injustice let us say Instead of reacting with pity or indignation, refuse to accept the appearance at its face value; do anything that you can to right matters, give it the right thought and let it go at that. You will still be on the diet.

Of course, it will be very helpful if you can take steps to avoid meeting during this week anyone who seems particularly likely to arouse the devil in you. People who get on your nerves, or rub you up the wrong way, or bore you, are better avoided while you are on the diet; but if it is not possible to avoid them, then you must take a little extra discipline that is all.

Suppose that you have a particularly trying ordeal before you next week. Well, if you have enough spiritual understanding you will know how to meet that in the spiritual way; but for our present purpose, I think I would wait and start the diet as soon as the ordeal is over. As I said before, do not take up the diet lightly, but think it over well first.

In closing, I want to tell you that people often find that the starting of this diet seems to stir up all sorts of difficulties. It seen is as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be disconcerting, but it is really a good sign. It means that things are moving; and is not that the very object we have in view? Suppose your whole world seems to rock on its foundations. Hold on steadily; let it rock, and when the rocking is over. the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart's desire.

The above point is vitally important and rather subtle. Do you not see that the very dwelling upon these difficulties is in itself a negative thought, which has probably thrown you off the diet? The remedy is not, of course, to deny that your world is rocking in appearance, but to refuse to take the appearance for the reality (Judge not according to appearances but judge righteous judgment).

Closing words of caution-Do not tell anyone else that you are on the diet, or that you intend to go on it. Keep this tremendous project strictly to yourself. Remember that your soul should be the Secret Place of the Most High. When you have come through the seven days successfully, and secured your demonstration, allow a reasonable time to elapse to establish the new mentality, and then tell the story to anyone else who you think is likely to be helped by it.

And, finally, remember that nothing said or done by anyone else can possibly throw you off the diet. Only your own reaction to the other person's conduct can do that. "
11 Aug 2004 Felicia The Great Gatsby What Is A Critic?

A critic is a person who pays attention to every detail you do. Maybe it's because they care or maybe it's because they hate you. In this website, it can go both ways.

Does it matter that I'm gay? What if I wasn't? Does it matter if I'm Asian or Hispanic? What if I was African American? Why is it that some of you have a gripe when I speak with Phil or Lucy or Bill or Todd? I truly adore Phil because he made me laugh out of my misery in this website (apparently he emotionally saved my life). For Billy the Freak, I honestly believe that he is a comedian who collaborates well with Lucy. Why? Because I feel it and that this man should seriously get into acting or writing books. For Todd, I don’t know what happened to him but I honestly think that he is a cutie. (Well, from a girl’s standpoint, he truly is.) And to the affiliates, you have a gift in creating such an opinioned website.

As for the comment from Cracker Jack; is making conversation truly wrong? Does the fact that humans conversing in harmony bother you? Is it because that when you find that something so weird and perplexing cause you a disturbance? Say something that brings you to this concern. And please don’t have the fear of becoming homophobic…. I believe that you are a heterosexual and will not consider you to be a homophobe. Since I live in the capital of a gay community, San Francisco, I have friends in both sides.

Take a look at the world around and open your eyes to culture. You do not have to accept it or you can take it with a grain of salt. I'm sure you have something of value that you would like to share with me and Phil OR if you choose not to, you can share your insights with others that can relate with you on the same level. All people do not have to think alike. Always make note that “people are entitled to their own opinion”.

Be discreet and show courtesy to the suicidal minded people. These people are finding ways to console themselves by finding help or keeping occupied. Maybe having them read this website can give them the incentive to keep on living,

This is a website where all people of ethnic diversities are welcome to post their concerns, humor, advise, insults, and more.

Don't hold back and remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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