Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Sep 2019 head lamps I found this tattoo ink that contains a special ingredient. Its glow in the dark ink. And of course I tattooed my nipples. Now when the lights go off my nipples glow at around 72 lumens. All the kids at school invite me to sleep overs. Everyone asks to see my nipples in the dark. At school on fridays we get to watch a movie. The teacher turns off the light and my nips glow thru my shirt. I lift up my shirt and techno music begins to play and confetti falls from the celing. All the students rave out on my nips. Glow sticks are out. Glow nips are in. You NEED to get you some glow in the dark nipples. And look, the tattoo ink is radioactive isotope free. There is literally almost zero risk to your health.
12 Sep 2019 jesca living for more 80 years.
12 Sep 2019 BRATANUHA LoL
11 Sep 2019 self improvement 101 There was a study done with teachers and students. Some students were treated as dumb students. But the ones that were treated like they were the smart ones did better. They were trying to live up to the encouragement and treatment they recieved, however some of these students scored lower on i.q. tests as well as apptitude tests. They were in fact the dumb students. Whats the moral of the story? Dont listen to negative people. Go stand in front of a mirror. Tell yourself you are smart untill you believe it. You could even say to the mirror people like me because i am a good person, and i am so likeable. It may not be true but you can make yourself believe it.
09 Sep 2019 make it stop, just make it stop please! I ate a medium sized bowl of beans today at lunch. This gas is killing me. Oh its awful. Its already bad but the last bit of aroma gets worse going to a putrid burnt pop corn smell. And I am bigg ripping it every two or three minutes.
09 Sep 2019 Mallory Hi im Mallory im 13 I always wanted to kill myself ever since i was 11 because ive been given up hurt bullied my tempory family says wear this and that makes me wear stuff and its hard but I slit my writs with a knife or razor works really well and i have over dosed on achol and pills nothin happed ever
09 Sep 2019 Little shit Stap yourself
08 Sep 2019 white pants parade Go jogging while on your period with no clothes on. Period blood going everywhare
07 Sep 2019 alan watch anime
06 Sep 2019 Blook Join the Dawlatul Islamiyah.
04 Sep 2019 e.m.s. Why do you need the best way? Are you trying be be the most efficient? What does it matter? If you are going to kill yourself it shouldnt matter. You shouldnt even be thinking about killing yourself. You should be thinking about covering the inside of your house with glue and glitter. Maybe add some more lighting to make it more sparkely.
03 Sep 2019 D.N.O.Y.C. Try to read every post on this website. If you do this your life will be over before completion. And if you have done this i have five words for you. Deez nuts on your chin.
03 Sep 2019 my name is here. Being trampled and pecked by a flock of angry emu. If no emu flock is in your area llama you be a close second best way.
03 Sep 2019 menstral menstrations of mental divergence Associate with people. Anyone. A little part of you will die with your interactions with each person. This is due to either they will lie to you, cheat you, use you, or they will just be a complete utterly useless sack of shit with the IQ of a small matchbox full of grean peas. It is amazing how humans have survived for thousands of years. And the funny thing is they just keep getting dumber and dumber. This will take a lot of time. If you want something quick go into a womans restroom and get all the "sanitary napkins" also known as maxi pads or tampons. Put the pads in your pockets and hang the tampon strings around your ears or necklace. The smell of menstration attracts bears. And bears will eat you.
02 Sep 2019 what makes you think i have a name? Bananna flavored popcicles.
01 Sep 2019 Sofia Probably just watching my little pony
31 Aug 2019 shark steak Yea uhm, you can buy these DNA splicing kits for beginners on ebay now. Just alter your DNA and become whoever or whatever you want. It has a chart that tells you how to splice new DNA code into your own and how to get it to replicate once implanted inside you. So you can go mild to wild. Simething simple like changing your hair color or something more complex like turning yourself into a hybrid such as a you x a komodo dragon hybrid. Or you could be part lion. You could even do a crazy mix like oxen x tiger x eagle x your own DNA.
29 Aug 2019 Barney the dinosaur does not love you. Watching little children tv shows that have characters that are overly happy and jipper. And songs. Those gay little songs children love to listen to. After only 6 hours of this your brain will begin to melt and then your head will explode.
29 Aug 2019 Joel Dropping your Easy Bake Oven into the bathtub
27 Aug 2019 franklin On my trip to africa i saw many things. I saw a large buffalo put his horn into a lion and the trample him into a broken mush with a pool of muddy blood around the lion. I also saw tribals riding giraffes like a horse. I saw a baboon rip open a hyena with his claws. I also saw mass starvation. I even saw warlords being excecuted.

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