Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 May 2021 no fuck off this website is fucked you're fucked go away
29 May 2021 a firey comet There was a guy i know. We did radio shows together. All sorts of educational topics. From raising chickys to chickens and all the way to the hot grease to diy mechanic help if you call in. On one of the programs i noticed he was not himself. He started talking about mushrooms. The magical ones. He spoke on a pineo gland in your brain and hiw it becomes calcified but the shrooms restore your brain and now you can dream again. The next show he said he was taken up in the stars and shown everything. He had met king david in the bible and told him he had been chosen for the upcoming war. Next show he was coming to terms that he was the chosen one and he had all the powers of Jesus. Later that week he was put into a mental institute for the criminally insane. Its part psych ward and part maximum security prison. Its not safe in there. Some people in there are x military. They tried to go home after the war but they keep flipping out and as soon as someone gets hurt they get shipped here. And they think they are a P. O. W. Always trying to escape. Always trying to kill everyone. Anyway, im not going to tell you what he did to get in there. But he cant even wipe his own ass now. They have him in a straight jacket. All this guy wanted to do was expand his mind, but he got seduced by devils giving him visions thru the mushrooms. They got him believing he was jesus. And now he is locked away where no one can really help him. Only pump him full of drugs to keep him calm. Slow motion calm. He wont ever get out. And he shouldnt as he is a danger to himself and others. He wants to be crucified. He cant do it by himself so he wants to find someone to help him.
29 May 2021 Тучка Таблетки...
29 May 2021 grugio A recent study claims people who suffer from chronic depression and masturbate frequently can find some relief from depression by sort of, self medicating. Another study concludes long term chronic masturbation leads to depression.
I know. Its a vicious cycle. And its got your head messed up, dont know if you are coming or going. You start taking extremely long showers. You stop socializing. You may even fake an illness to miss school or work. And before you know it you are down the road breaking in to the neighbors house and sniffing all the panties. Its at this point you are wreckless and careless.
28 May 2021 die laughing Tongue twister, say it thee times fast:

My fat but fierce feline freind flatulates frequently
27 May 2021 In Memory of... I was born in Japan but moved to the west as an infant with my parents. My mother drinks saki all day every day. My father is the grandchild of one of the last samurai. I was raised in the way of bushido. My dream is to become a rock star. Get myself an addiction to heroin. Get myself the skankiest dope whore possible. Well, she has to have most of her teeth. And then one day go hide and put a shotgun in my mouth and blam. The only part i am unsure about is what am i going to call the rock band. Should i just do my name The Curtis Kobyashi band. I have always wanted to go back to Japan on a world tour but take back over there duffle bags of ex tabs and just rave out. And then leave the country. I have been seeing so many lightning bolts in my mind when i close my eyes. And trust me on this when you get an asian hooker that was hooking straight out the rice fields... Under no circumstance... What soever do you let her know where you live. My neighbor down the street is ruined. She made up identities posing as my neighbors wife. But his wife found out when the bills came. And she got 12 credit cards with this fake identity. Maxed them all out. She figured out his schedule and when he is gone, she comes to the house and swims in the pool, eats all the food, and even turns tricks in his bed. She also rubs his toothbrush on his dogs butthole. He got some kind of flesh eating bacteria in his throat and the doctors told him when it gets bad we can ease the pain. Basically, you are going to die in pain. This is not a good way to go.
26 May 2021 the doctor. Good evening everyone. This is Dr. Q Archabald reporting to you live from The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain ski resort. Ladies and gentlemen, this is..
Thee highest peak in the world that you can easily ski. 4700 meters my friends. This is cherry for "an accident"
You just go as fast as you can which is way faster than you need. Just lean forward and bust your face and start doing flips down the mountain. 4700 meters my friend. Thats a lot of flipping. Tumbling. Neck breaking. Spine breaking. 4700 meters. So ring your travel agent and book a trip to china today. Oh yeah. Thats the other good part about this. Its in china and one more dead tourist at 4700 meters above sea level will be swept under the rug very hush hush. You are getting your organs harvested and sold and the rest of you gets donated to the much needed Endangered Buzzard Preservation of China. If you have never heard of them its because they are slightly less than reputable and have no affiliation with The Audibon Society. Its even rumored they are all a bunch of hash heads and they have work parties where they dress up like animated animal cartoon characters and smoke kilos of hash and proceed to have wild orgies where they do not speak a human language, but they only make animal noises. Anyway, i digress, a ski ing accident is a best idea because first off you dont get remembered as a looser. Your family does not carry that burden either as they can tell the story of my child had a accident ski ing in china and died. And thats is another positive people wont want to go to a ski resort in china. Its not good to fund communism. When you do thats how mass graves always get filled. And they usually put people in ski resorts in concentration camps. Just dont drink the water. Hepatitis. Cholera. Malaria. I have seen patients vomit their own poop with advanced cases of malaria. It makes your intestines operate in reverse.
Just imagine your accident scene. All those broken bones piercing out of the skin, leaking deep red blood spattering on top of white snow. All the way down. Rocks and tree limbs. And...
With all the coruption in the world today do you realize you can get 8n more trouble for killing puppies than killing yourself? And pretty much that is the main reason i sleep in the nude. The secondary main reason is when the spiders bite me i can swat them with a leather belt. Whelping my own skin right where a spider bit me. And almost instantly my flesh begins to decay. Hooray!
25 May 2021 my friends call me, a thick british accent Call all the major metropolitan cities police departments. Ask to speak to homicide. Explain to the detective you are traveling and want to know if it is safe in that city and no potential serial killers on the loose. When you find one, go dress up like a hooker and stand out on the corner of that city. Just wait then. Your knight in shining armor will arrive shortly, and esquire you he shall. Take you on the most memorable car ride of your life. And wouldnt it be ironic if the last thought you have before you die as you arebeing strangled or stabbed, is... Gee, maybe this is why mom wouldnt let me go on dates.
I saw this one prison interview where the inmate said he didnt like living girl friends. So there are all kindsof sick nut jobs out there. You just got to find one. And when you do you must seduce him say things like, those strong arms of yours would feel so great chokeing me. Then show him you neck and say see its so soft and tender, wont you choke me just a little, make that vein in my forehead pop out. Make me pass out over and over until finally you just dont let go. Or wait, i have a big butcher knife, you want to stab me in the chest and see how many times you can stab me before i die?
And maybe lift up that skirt a little bit. Show some thigh. That kind of behavior will surely get you everything you want and more out of life.
24 May 2021 cheese wiz extraordinare. Rub acetone on your nipples and then set them on fire. Oooooou yeah baby. Ooou yeah.
24 May 2021 sam i dont know
23 May 2021 Maria Fernanda Gonzales Salvatierra Tomarse veneno de ratas
20 May 2021 joke_genius Acetaminophen and alcohol
20 May 2021 belvë#5791 my brain is diseased
18 May 2021 lfuzzy wuzzy I cant do this anymore. This is so unfair. Its not my fault i have hyperactive lactation diso77urder. I just sit there and i lactate all over my shirt. Two big wet spots. I just want regular nipples. I would even settle for some puffy nips if they dont leaks or water fall.
18 May 2021 peeping tom fantasy #3 Outside my window. Constant rain crackeling and splashing. Rolling thunder. Gently rolling causing a soothing and relaxing vibration from the rumble. Lightning flashes so bright it lights up everything like day. And all of the sudden there is a man in a black hoodie looking in my window. Crawling in my window. Swinging a crow bar at my head. Sleep.
17 May 2021 ragel i wanna die but not painfully just calm no fear no pain im 13 and just hate myself
16 May 2021 rectal catharsis. The spectrum of human emotion is, when you give thought to it, likened to a volcano. Over time pressure builds until it is no longer possible to contain below the surface. Violent explosions of spewed hatred that melts everything it touches, and a smokey cloud of ash hotter than a match flame blanketing all that you can see. All in proximity void of any sign of life, and even those a far can feel the wrath. Suffering. Choking, blinded, sun blacked out for days, etc., Etc.

Because of this truth it would be wise to keep a pair of pilots goggles and some fire resistant fabric wraps for your head and face. Something to filter the ash out of the air you breathe. And maybe a few tubs of burn ointment also. Keep these close to you all the time. Unless of course you have a volcano in your back yard. Then you just get a hammock and some margaritas and some sun tan lotion spf 150 and just wait for vacation to be over and its almost hell on earth. And that reminds me, there are only two places to see a fire tornado. And that is hell and california, an ultra left wing, ultra socialist state in The States. And thats what is so awesome about life. Natural disasters make the crunchy granola types so fearful due to their constant fantasies of running for their life to escape a disater, but they only end up dying tired. I think these human emotions described are not like a volcano, but a sink hole. People swallowed up by sinking sand. And with such emotions running wild coupled with various other problems, such as the Orthodox Jews wanting to tear down the mosque on the temple mount and build the third temple and having made preperations already like corner stones cut, menorah and altar are finished and they are making grain offerings already, along with other problems like aliens, and also another big problem is how difficult it is to get an animal on the endangered species list with hunters coming from all over the world to bag the first bigfoot. And the next person to tell me to wear a useless mask, i am going to have an ocean of emotion for them when like a tsunami i wash them away, and wipe my ass with their mask and put it back on them. I hope its hot that day so i will be extra sweaty.
In fact, there are so many problems in the world today, emotions are running high. So if you feel overwhelmed with life its ok. Its perfectly normal. Because once israel builds the temple and brings back animal sacrifice the Antichrist will come and there will be so much genocide the nazis will look like a bunch of chior boys. And it should happen soon as the shot is the first installment of marxist of the beast six six six burned into your genetically modified soul. Patented and owned by big pharma. And just remember if you can not afford becoming a slave astro zenicuh may be able to help.
And look everyone knows that babies have a unique smell.
16 May 2021 Ислам Коше Я не убивал
13 May 2021 quincy Donate your body to a cybernetics firm so you can come back as a cyborg. Try to find a company that has contracts with at least one super power country for energy weapons. Lasers capable of vaporizing steel armor plate like what's on tanks. Then become a mercenary. Soldier for hire. When you die the second time it will be spectacular. Glorious. Maybe even nuclear. And you can donate all your war money to sponsor another generation of cyborgs with lasers.
There were many times i would have loved to have an automatic laser cannon in Kandahar.
12 May 2021 nice evening graveyard walk I did some reading in a scientific journal a few weeks back that this website reminded me of. The data contained in this journal says its a solid 99% probable that you will die if you use this method. There is only one issue tho. Timing. This has to be timmed perfect. You must be mid-stream of a self induced orgasm when your grandmother walks in on you. This mixture of climax and shock should be enough strain on your heart and mind you just stroke out, literally.

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