Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Oct 2018 The one Take pills, drowning, hanging
14 Oct 2018 danielle don’t. it’s hard. Ik it really hard. But you will get thru it! I swear! please PLEASE think of all the options. if u need help. im here
14 Oct 2018 :pensive: play END ROLL at
13 Oct 2018 The shaman dose Tin foil hats will protect your thinker from bad thoughts entering your mental cavity. When you wear only that and pure bleached white cotton loin cloths you will feel free and supercharged with energy. Ready to frolic in fields of daisys and pink pussy willows. And when you find mushooms on your journey eat no less than three and then the magic happens. The flowers will sing and the ground will breathe. The clouds will melt. Giant dildos will crush the sun smoldering rubber will melt and pieces of the sun will burn out and fall to earth. You will hear your ancestors pray for you, but you will not know their tongue. As you dance to their drum beat and their hand clapping you will see flashes of light around you. The lights are angry and will burn those who try to harm you with fire. You will see around you thunder and you will hear the lightning. If you lay your head on the TV you will enter the wires traveling as electricity, you will solidify into one still frame image of light and be projected into the screen and out into the room. You will hover until you put your feet down and turn to look at yourself, with your head laying on the tv. You will go sit back in yourself, and begin going thru the wires again. From a small hole in a picture on the wall you will see grasshoppers made of light marching in wavy lines out onto the walls, floor, and celing. You will feel them crawl on you and you will begin to laugh hysterically. Your body will be numb but you will have heightened senses. And you will move as fast as light. You will feel deep under your feet the earths spirit shift roll and change direction and only moments later the wind will blow. There will be discoveries that defy science and leave you knowing things unable to speak with words. But if you are weak minded they will come for you and turn you into a glass of orange juice. You will be terrified to sit or lay down so you will not spill.
13 Oct 2018 Juanito Valdoza Tacos y tequilla. Un chile para tu culo guey.
13 Oct 2018 charb you keep forgetting to take your medication
lets take it all at once

in your dreams everything is repaired
lets discover a way to never wake up
13 Oct 2018 margot loserton Once i was trying to kill myself with 20 pills of ritalin, it doesn´t work but but vomiting after that is really painful, know i thin i´ll try with other stuff like prozac, i thin 35 pills and cheap vodka will help, but also if you really want to die maybe taking some sleeping pills in between idk Auf Wiedersehen
13 Oct 2018 Mr. Brightside Get a razor blade and slice your arms until you bleed out
12 Oct 2018 joe nathan bigsbee This is a message of great importance that can help anyone and everyone. You all need to hear this message. This is a message that will not only bring sanity to the mentaly deranged and hope to those who have given up. But it can also bring world peace. This message is so simple, so short, and so sweet. It only two little words which is, deez nutz.
12 Oct 2018 Amanda I would hang myself, but first I would dress out very slutty, so my parents would get a double chock about watching their only 12 year daughter dressed out like a whore with garterbelt nylon stockings stilettos...all in black of course. I`ve seen real hangings on youtube, and it seem to be over very fast, I hope it is not too painful...would I get an orgasm while I hang? I wish
10 Oct 2018 faping with mayonaise and horseraddish. The best way to kill yourself is make a website that you have to manually update and then never update it so when people go to this website they learn its pointless and they all stop coming there and then you cease to exist.
10 Oct 2018 rocky mountain tumble. Getting attacked by a falcon with huge talons and being dragged off a cliff and dropped by the falcon.
10 Oct 2018 sakura Watching anime or other radiation induced delusions in cartoon form.
10 Oct 2018 chester cheatah, the new thundercat. It aint easy... being cheesy.
10 Oct 2018 sally oh you know
10 Oct 2018 wild pig hunter and zen master Probably the best way is not they way you thinking. Instead find a wild pig. Inject her for deep sleep. Cut her open. Implant yourself inside her womb. Wait to be born as a wild pig. After that the chances of a hunter shooting you are fairly good.
09 Oct 2018 cow genocide When they kill cows in the slaughter house they have a device that shoots out a pointed shaft that looks like a nail. It goes right thru the skull and the cow drops dead.
09 Oct 2018 wild e. coyote Giant death rabbits with penis lasers.
09 Oct 2018 bruised memory bank 36a-24993241 Get one of those lasers that removes hair. Point it at your forehead and it will slowly burn a hole in your skin, ever so slowly thru your skull and into your brain. Once it burns completely thru your skull it will catch your pillow on fire. And the smoke will go thru your laser hole in your head which will preserve your brain. Then they can hook your dead corpse to a computer with sensors and send a small electrical pulse into your brain and download your memories into a hard drive and load that into a computer running the latest A.I. and you family can talk to the computer as if its you. You can even think about them as your last thoughts and the computer will tell them your last thoughts. Computers and science has come a long way since glass tubes. Those things are really only good these days to be disassembled and hooked up to a vaccuum pump for your nipples.
09 Oct 2018 lyc arent we dead already? because i feel like it

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