Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Nov 2007 freckle boy. man its so sad the world is like it is. i cant believe that it is like this.
17 Nov 2007 dead inside. i always knew i was easy to forget.
17 Nov 2007   I am a suicide survivor. My son committed suicide and I just want to die. Last week I put a belt around my neck and I almost killed myself. I miss my baby boy so much more than anything in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did he do this to me? The pain is so horrific I just want to be with my baby boy. I will never never be happy again in my life until the day I die.
17 Nov 2007 Kuborion Ok.
I'm writing this in case I don't make it.
In case the demons get me.

The world around me is collapsing.
The reality is crossing with illusion beyond recognition.
I don't know what is real anymore.
Maybe this all is just in my head...

The world is fucking up.
When I feel like I can feel once again, like I can be happy one more time...
It's just a matter of time until everything goes wrong again.

Maybe it's my fault.
Maybe I'm too idealistic.
Maybe I should have seeked proffesional help, a psychiatrist or something...

This world is beginning too much for me.
And I'm just 16. What if it wom't stop? What if it'll keep getting worse?

I WILL keep fighting.
I'm not that selfish. I know that there are people that care about me and that would miss me.
I won't do anything as long as I'm in control.
But I don't know how long will that be.

To my best friend:
Thank you for being there. Thank you for supporting me. Sorry that I wasn't strong enough.
Please tell her that I loved her and show her this.
I hope that you aren't reading this while I'm still alive.

To my love:
If you are reading this, you probably already know that I loved you.
I don't know how do you feel about it.
I hope that it isn't as bad as I fear.
I'm terribly sorry that I didn't make it to tell you myself.
I'd hate to see you cry. If you are, please don't. I'm sorry for everything. I just wasn't storng enough to cope with it all.
I'm sure you'll be happier without me.

Thank you, Mouchette for this site.
Whoever you are, you're a great person.
Please, keep up the good work and good luck with your local weirdo.

Good bye everyone.
Don't bother with sending me any support. As long as I can fight, I don't need it.
And when I lose... it will be too late for anybody to save me.

I fear what awaits me.
However, I have no choice but to go on.
The descent to madness.
I hope that there will be a light on the end of this tunnel.
Wherever that is...
16 Nov 2007 dead inside. I'm tied to your tragedies.
I'm tired of your miseries.

I'd get away but I'm handcuffed to your heartbeat.

Like your bomb hands.
Like your bomb hands.
Get back.
16 Nov 2007 Melissa Hey. This is my 2nd visit here. Last I was here was 4th September 2005! That night I had written bad things here, I hated my self and was suicidal.
Now its 2007 and I feel much better. I got over the whole suicide thing, because I changed things in my life and I seeked help from a professional.
I see my scars on my wrist, but I just smile because thats the past and im heading for the future.
Don't let depression win, why should it? You're all stronger than 'depression'. Just practice controlling your thoughts. Its works.

Love Melissa.
16 Nov 2007 witheld I find it hard to go out, Im 31 and married. I dont expect anyone to understand that, so thats fair enough. But occasionally the thought of ending my life does cross my mind, although Ive never tried. It would be so much easier than living like this. I have the woman-from-hell living on my street, who really does make my life hell whenever she sees me, snide comments, nasty looks, half-threats etc. Id expect that of a 12 year old, not a grown woman, even though she IS a chav. I live in a tiny village, so cant blend in like in say, London. I dread going to get my kids from school, knowing I'll see her there. I cant see my life getting better.
15 Nov 2007 Cliff Greene Ugh, I broke my leg yesterday. the same one as last time. I think it's my right leg? okay no matter. I miss you! I remember when i nicked your ear when I was cutting your hair. I felt so bad...
15 Nov 2007 Fabio Gomes Mrs Kaye McClintock, if God is the answer tell me why is the world the way it is. Full of idealists who talk about all that is wrong with it and the only action they take is to get as much money from the people as they can, under the excuse of so called "causes". Or why the only real "God" the whole world serves is a piece of paper with the face of a Queen or president? if there is an answer for this i'dd very much like to hear it.
15 Nov 2007 Mich Well, I would say that all people have a choice whether to live or to die, and those under thirteen have this choice as well - the more options available, the better, although the mass of society would disagree with this.

I am 20 years old, and I know that I will be permanently damaged, if not gone, in 3 days. I know that I have lived life as fully as I could, tried as many ways to survive, tried my absolute best to make sense and logic of this world, but nothing works. There is absolutely no understanding from anyone available for my situation. There is no compassion, no sympathy, no connection. I want to go to a place where these things are there, and I want to bring them back to earth. I want people to stop suffering. I want to see the reason why people suffer. And I want the love and compassion that we are here to share to be natural rights to every single individual living on this planet. I hate injustice with a passion.

This idea of yours, this suicide kit, is quite an inventive idea. My best hopes and wishes accompany your invention and its propogation.
14 Nov 2007 Mike Have you ever fougt tear drops only for ur heart to stop?
Have u ever dreamed of seeing the heavens only to be unable to reach the top?

I am not dying, I am sure that I'm dead
So fear is gone along with hope, jus waitin' for blood 2 shed

Scared of absolutely nothin', runnin' from the dungeons
And everytime I think I'm out I get slung back in

Somethin' has 2 happen to save me I'm askin'
I've been soaked with useless shit like a napkin

Nappin' has me graspin' the true meanin' of demons
I see them and alone at night hear them speak on

Plan's form as thoughts swarm, my hearts torn
Pains been born, shot storms, eye's scron, body grows warm
14 Nov 2007 Mike I let it go a long time ago... Fuck em is what I say I've prayed everyday for the pain to go away, but it wont leave, its apart of me, and only death can remove it
14 Nov 2007 dj go in the army thts what im going to do next year when im 17 my parents think i need to be perfect all the time but they dont goddamn sob get the fucking idea tht im not so fuck god and everyone else!!!
13 Nov 2007 Nauri There is much to say on the subject of suicide. I know that I have tried a few times when I was younger. I had a reason for wanting to die, not that I told anyone why, everyone thought that it was because my boyfriend broke up with me. That, in my opinion, would be a stupid reason to die. But I still feel like I want to commit suicide every so often. What do you do then? Some would say to get help but what if you can't get help because you don't have the money? I don't know what to do about it. I have self control but what would happen if I get to upset and lose control? It really scared my mom the last time, what will happen if it happens again?
13 Nov 2007 Amber Rae Oh what a wonderful world it would be
13 Nov 2007 boony A vision of the dead and the inbread of the backwoods
Muthafucka born inside a tool shed
Momma never loved me never paid me no attention
Daddy was a rapist 30 years upstate in Fulton County Prison
And I was raised by my own will
Survivin offa scraps and bones
Bear traps and road kill
Spendin my days and my nites all alone
N my mind is gone there sumthin wrong wit my dome
They shoulda put me in that tomb
I didnt ask for this life
When they cut me out the womb with a dull pocket knife
Now i walk with a scythe
And a murderous ability
A corn-fed muthafucka filled with hostility
Cracked out and im gone off the moonshine
A hundred eighty proof wine made from that muskadine
Out in these corn fields learnin all these wicked skills
Swingin slicin choppin dicin
Country boy born to kill

Dont get lost in the woods in your black expedition
On a dark dirt road so suspicious just trees and ditches
Headlights flicker and it's got you turnin switches
Now you so damn scared you bout to shit in your britches
You cant think straight all you hear is heavy breathin
Are your eyes just deceivin wut it is that you seein
When i pull up the eight four pistol in the floorboard
Blast out your back glass got you screamin oh no
You finna know the reason adn you bout to find out
Wut it is to suffer with a rusted blade in your mouth
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Bein stalked by the scarecrow the blood line of Malakai
I hear these voices talkin they wont leave me alone
Tell me snatch up this bitch by her hair and drag her home
Over my shoulder in the back of a pickup truck
Cant wait to get her home and hold her bleed her then chop her up
13 Nov 2007 annie-laure wait til schoolbus approaches and jump in front of it before it stops.
12 Nov 2007 tina hey. i came to this site like years ago, man. mouchette has been 13 for the past few years. who is mouchette? no idea. i've gone through abuse, was mentally unstable, and suicidal. got locked up in a psyche ward for a week. life is what you make of it. suicide is weak. its basically telling everyone you give up. but really, think about it. what is it that makes you so depressed? or angry? figure out what it is that makes you feel that way and overcome it. that's life. that's strength. i still live with an abusive father, but i'm working on it. i have a case filed out and hopefully my therapist and social worker can help me move out. you only get one life. if it's fucked up, don't whine about it. nobody can fix it for you. find support. find help. get yourself back in your game. find out what makes you tick. suicide can really eat away at your insides and make you feel like total shit. i know, and i've been there. you're too tired. too empty. and you feel alone. find reasons, and the small things that can pull you free. you only get one life, and be anything you want. seriously. that was me right there. life can't get me down, because seriously, i'm winning. you can email me if you need somebody to talk to.
12 Nov 2007 pfft. Mouch, i hate how u didn't post what i wrote about nunga-nungas yet u post all of lucy's stuff? wtf?? i took that from the same books she did. pfft.

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