Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jan 2008 Carmen I will not tell you how to kill your self, but i am going to ask you to read what i have to say.

At the age of 17, i tried to commit suicide. My boyfriend left me after 6 years, my father was using heroin, my mother was a self pitying alcoholic, and over time i secluded myself from the world around me. I had no one i could talk to. And the people who said they were there, i didn't believe.

So one night, i went home and filled up my bath tub. Unplugged the phones. Turned off any sort of communication i had to the outside world. I shut my windows, and poured myself a drink. And another and i waited until i was pretty intoxicated and then i went and got a razor from an exact-o knife.

I took all of my clothes off and lay in the bath. Then i slit both of my wrist with a little more then a quarter inch deep cuts, 4 one each side.

I lay bleeding and waiting to die. Until i realized that this wasn't what i wanted, so i lay bleeding to death praying for help.

And then i found god.

My mother came in seconds after i started praying for help. She took me to the hospital and if i hadnt gone when i did i would have been dead.

Now i wake up and i am happy to be alive. Nothing in my life has changed except for me and the way i have decided to see things. I have friends who i never knew i had. I had to open my eyes.

Even if you dont believe in god, theres always hope. ALWAYS. i cant tell you how glad i am to be able to smell the rain and hear cars go by...

if you ever need to talk.

Feel free to email me at
22 Jan 2008 nobunny I'm 23, and my life is absolutely not getting any better. My boyfriend doesn't give a shit a bout me, no one comes to visit me, not even him, he's screwing his friend cause he would rather go see her than see me. I have been suicidal since I can remember, my therapist hates me just like everyone else, I know they are not friend, I wasn't askin for any. I think I am gonna overdose on lexapro or somethin cause i haven't been taking it, just savin the pills in a baggy and when there is enough, I will take them all, plus some cold med on top of it. So, fuck everyone!
22 Jan 2008 Chuck I'm a non-religious, semi-depressed guy who's curious why you might spend time on somthing this retarded. Anywho, I'm sure theres no chance to convince you what you're doing isn't cool, so instead I'll give a shamless plug to my website There you will not find crafty ways to snuff yourself out, but you will find some kick ass action figures. Collecting our action figures will give you a purpose, and goals, and fill your head with more positive stuff.
ps. Things I hate: Pro wrestling
Extream Sports
Fast cars
Fast drivers
South park humor
Jackass humor
Emo people
People who dance
Street Gangs
Rap music
Things I love:
Expesive food
Wizrds, elves, trolls, unicorns white freakin' tigers
comic books, B horror movies, Guitars, amps, microphones, wires, radios, ice cream, soda, making stuff from junk, pencils, paper, ink, paint, clay, and dragons
22 Jan 2008 Jen I was suicidal at 13 - it was a horrid time. I am now 36 - three 13 year lifetimes have almost passed, and I am BLISSFULLY HAPPY with myself and my life. Life is very hard but we must be patient. The deeper our capacity and understanding of pain the deeper our capacity and undrstanding of joy. You can't even begin to imagine how amazing you will become and how much you can actually love yourself.
22 Jan 2008 Stewartess Just Fly Delta!
21 Jan 2008 just a shell i think sometimes u delight in my misery. only nice enough to keep me around. oh i hope u need me still. its been like this so long it dosent seem right if im not being used.
21 Jan 2008 Jeanne you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Your ignorance and insensitivity is endemic of your age and lack of judgement. I can't believe that you think this is either funny or instructive to anyone. Get some help, keep your idiocy to yourselves and quit blaming all around for youe lack of personal insight. Stay off the internet, turn off the TV and read a book. It will surely improve your tiny little minds and can't hurt with your grammer and spelling either. In other words GROW UP and quit blaming others for your self made miserable existance. Again, you should feel great shame at what you are writing. I pity the world you will someday be in charge of.
21 Jan 2008 G I'm in search of a good way myself, so far I have ruled out many options I thought were great, such as pills overdose, slashing wrists (even in a warm bath), jumping off buildings, etc. All of these have undesirable success rates and less desirable aftereffects. The best way is probably shooting yourself in the head, but even that is not a certain death, not to mention you can't get a gun because you aren't even a teenager yet. Your dad wouldn't happen to have a gun, would he? Unfortunately for me, I am not a US citizen so I am not allowed to buy a gun, but I'm doing more research on this method. I'll let you know when I find something useful.
20 Jan 2008 vy non si fa
20 Jan 2008 dead inside. I thought I'd explained it clearly before. Love, I can't live in a world where you don't exist.
19 Jan 2008 Lexi committing suicide is really bad, but I felt that I needed to because my life was terrible at this point. try not to be mad or upset, live your life because you have a chance out there. I know that you do and I know that you can have a great life. I can’t imagine how many times Hannah has told me not to do it but no, I had to do it anyways and she also made me promise I would never cut myself and I know I broke/am breaking my promise. I really am sorry, I truly am, but I couldn’t stand my life any more and no one really understands how bad my life really is. Everyone thinks that I’d have a good life because they say I’m rich but I’m really not. That really annoyed me, I mean a lot! I don’t get everything that I want and I definitely don’t have it easy at home. Well I kind of take that back, but only because my mom did a lot for me at home and paid for all of my cheer, dance and singing, and my dad always cleaned my room and made all of my food and paid my mom support. But my mom was always so mean to me and strict, she wouldn’t even allow me to be nice to my step-mom and if I was I had to hide it. My mom also used to abuse me because she’d make up any excuse just to hit me or yell at me so that I would get hurt and in trouble. My dad was different though, he used to try to abuse my MOM, yea the person that tried to abuse me; EXACTLY!!!! My point here, maybe that’s why, but I don’t have any room to talk here so I’ll just move on. Yes, I would be an idiot for doing this, so im not going to. im gonna get over this serious suicidal and depression thing because life is precious. i kno ur prolly thinkin that that saying is bullshit but its not, its true. Hannah, if you read this, then I’d just like to say thanks for always being here for me and loving me enough to care what I did with my life. the book The Pact by: Jodi Picoult, helped me decide how i was going to do this. So if you’re here right now, and you don’t want your kids or anyone to get any information on killing themselves, then don’t let them read it. I personally think it’s a great book, it’s actually my favorite book. But that’s beside the point, my point is that a lot of people tried helping me overcome cutting myself, the four main people that helped me recently are as follows: Hannah Hayes, Kaylee Clark, and Lindsay and Joey Thomas. I owe them my life, well I can’t say that literally now, can I? But they did so so much for me, and I’d like to thank them super much because if it weren’t for them then I would have killed myself. I also don’t want anyone to think it was their fault *ahem mom*, so don’t blame it on yourself *mom*. back to Hannah, Kaylee, Lindsay and Joey. You are all really special people because you saved my life. I know all four of you and even a lot of other people are mad at me and yes, I would be mad at me too if I were you, but I’m not you. And you might not be mad because i didnt do it, but if i wouldve then u really couldnt cuz i wouldnt b here! I always hear that life is short so have fun and a lot of good memories, and I guess my life would be shorter than a lot of people’s are, and just so everybody knows, I didn’t have a lot of fun. I mean sometimes I had some fun or a great time, but never a completely awesome time, except when I went to the Hannah Montana/ Jonas Brothers concert and met the Jonas Brothers. I just want to let everyone know that no, I didn’t really want to kill myself, but I felt I had no other choice. I mean obviously I did have another choice, but my life was making me miserable and I just couldn’t take it anymore, even with the people I love here. It always felt like I wasn’t loved, and everyone needs to know that they are loved. And that’s a reason that I wanted to kill myself. I guess I coulda killed myself for a lot of different reasons, and sure, you think they’re awfully dumb reasons to take away your own life, but I didn’t feel that way because these things are WHAT took my life. These things ARE important and if your child or a relative or any person you know shows any of these signs, then you may want to listen to what they have to say and help them before it’s too late. Here are the signs of depression and suicide:

1. Pre-occupation with death
2. Sleeplessness or change in eating/ sleeping habits
3. Rebellious behavior
4. Withdrawal from people or just outright running away
5. Act persistently bored..
6. Difficulty concentrating
7. Drug/ Alcohol abuse
8. Falling/Dropping grades
9. Neglect appearance/ personality changes
10. Psychosomatic complaints
11. Giving away prized possessions
12. Joking/Talking about killing themselves

Even if a person doesn’t have any of these symptoms, they can still be suicidal. Watch carefully, because you don’t want them to end up like me, do you? I didn’t think so.
19 Jan 2008 Michael :(
19 Jan 2008 Phillip Well from what experience ive had its unclear whats the best way. When I was 13 I went through alot of shit with a girl who I loved (foolishly of course) and she lay ruin to my life, when I brought myself to it I tried slashing my wrists but stopped before I even bled. When I think about it I wish that maybe I had killed myself then, although I know now that wrists slashing has a 5% success rate... -_-
Ever since then I went very dark, everything was depressing, I did things intentialy which brought pain and suffering to myself. I became very paranoid where small things were suddenly attempts at making me sad and the thing is when your paranoid these things seem so realistic.
I become much more emo/goth but it was all because of my emotions. After an incident at my school where I was bullied very badly alongside a friend I hated myself and had to get rid of the emotional pain, and the best way I found was through inflicting physical pain. Many people including my parents have asked me since I first started self-inflicting (after my suicide attempt, im 15 now) where I get some of my poorly covered injuries from and I manage to hide the truth although I suspect people back-chat me and reckon I do.
I thought I was alone for a long time and life seemed very down, as I didnt know what to do or what I was going to do or could do. Things seemed to brighten after I met a girl a few weeks back, who was my first girlfriend for 2 years, she was sado-masochistic and I found that I was too, although she dumped me 2 weeks in.
Since then I find even the most un-sexual pain stimulating, its gotten to the point where I dont know if im burning myself through depression or sexual release. I thought for sure that I was mentaly unstable and that I was so different from everyone. Then I met another girl, whom due to my "raging" hormones I become very strongley attracted to her.
When I told her she was very sorry because she didnt like me but she talked to me about stuff, and I found out that she too had tried commiting suiced on many occasions, and self-inflicted. Were friends now (not good friends because she avoids me so im not hurt so much cause I still like her) and I feel like there is some hope. Her life was pretty fucked up so she tried overdosing. It feels good to be able to tell someone how you feel and they've been through it all aswell. I realy love her and im so worried that she will kill herself.
So realy, if your going to kill yourself, make sure you succeed because if you dont, its hard to hide the scars, both physical and emotional.
19 Jan 2008 Chelsey Just hang yourself. It's so simple, all you need is a sturdy pole in your closet or a good tree. Just remember to look up how to tie a noose on Google first. Get the right type of rope. Make sure whatever you're going to hang from can hold your weight.

It's simple, have fun.
19 Jan 2008 dead inside. I'm sinking like a stone in the sea.
I'm burning like a bridge for your body.

I'm sinking like a stone in the sea
I'm burning like a bridge for your body.

I'm sinking like a stone in the sea.

I'm burning like a bridge for your body.
19 Jan 2008 i love u isf. to "does the shoe fit"

I'm sorry for being selfish. But I can't let you. I'm sorry. I don't want you to go. I know that life is unbearable for you. And I didn't hear from you last night. I'm worried. I'm so sorry for being selfish. Just please dont leave me here alone. I need you. Please. Please. Please. If you go away, I will follow you. Life means nothing to me without you. Please stay. Please. I love you.
19 Jan 2008 dead inside. To "Help Now".

Im over 18 but below 20. Is that ok?

Always willing to help. But to help with getting better. I most certainly will not give you suicide tips. Please don't put me in that position. Add me on msn. Email me. Whatever works for you.

Take Care.
18 Jan 2008 Jeff Amen to that "does the shoe fit??? post!

What a suicidal person needs is love, support, and encouragement. And there are so few people in this would who know how to do that. Everyone is just too concerned about their own damned self, they don't even realise the damage they are doing to people around them.
18 Jan 2008 help now TO dead inside, if your between 20 and 30 please let me know if your avaible for giving help?????? thanks

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