Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 May 2008 DoesItMatter? Omfg How Sad Are You People This Has Been Going On Since 1997 Get A Grip All Of You And Go Out And Get A Life Its Really Sad To Tell People How To Kill Themself. This Really Has To Stop Somebody Should Close This Guestbook.
01 May 2008 slyblade i decided to do it. i dont know when though.
01 May 2008 ¹^¢ensor i am afraid sometimes that. i dont want to. not really. but i can feel it every day. like an onion. peeling layers away. but in the core there is darkness growing. sometimes it is overwhelming. i actually feel guilty when i dont.
some people deserve more misery than life has given to me.
if i dont get a break soon im going to break.
some times i can feel fate sqeezing me.
01 May 2008 Mollie S. to prove to you that i am what i say i am.

there are two dead bodys in the trunk of the car parked at 66 granite dr. dayton, ohio 45415
30 Apr 2008 no one important eat paper, then choke yourself.
30 Apr 2008 no one important my "friends" suck and don't care.... im going to kill myself
30 Apr 2008 Silusm often people come here looking for cheese i suppose.
other times people come here and they genuinly want to die.

i will be greater than J.W.G.
30 Apr 2008 Silusm Al,
id rather not email you yet cuz u seem a bit to friendly. as in you only want to help me for your good. do you feel a need to help me? why?
and what makes you so sure you even prepared for my problems. kristo kid, eh? yeah i know you are armed with the krisco website. oh im all better now all smiles.

30 Apr 2008 Rico I was there once, in that dark horrible lonely place, wishing every day was my last. I fantasied for years about how to kill my self from the age of about 8-13. I was bullied, teased, victimised and generally a figure of fun. I was in a school full of toffs where it was the norm to be good at everything and try your hardest. I however could not. I wanted to sometimes just to fit in a bit better, I was made to do some stuff to another kid in my first year aged 7 and this hauted me for the rest of my school life. I not only wanted to kill myself but also the S**T who was 13 who made me do it. I then went to another school aged 13 and life was better, I was still misbehaved but fitted in much better. I suppose what I'm trying to say is no matter how lonely you are feeling there is always some good just round the corner, so never give up because you will miss out on alot of good stuff ahead.
30 Apr 2008 Kuborion I will live forever,
I refuse to fade away into the never
I don't wait for heaven,
I will leave my mark right here on earth instead!
29 Apr 2008 empty never mind mouchette we broke up the day after I posted here, so I ditched school and chain smoked in side a hole in the ground roughly about the size of a grave, it was visually poetic.

and wow, I got such response from simply shinning my face in here again for a minute.



-most likely written by the great 20th century writer spooky penguin.
29 Apr 2008 Al The 15-year-old who just got kicked out the house (you didn't say your name),

I'm really sorry to hear about the situation. It sounds like a lot has happened for you to get kicked out. I'd love to talk and hopefully offer some good advice. Please email me. And please don't let suicide be a thought. It sounds like the situation stinks, but death isn't the answer. You can work through this and go on to lead an amazing life. This isn't the beggining of the end, it's the end of the beggining. Things will work out. I hope to chat soon.

28 Apr 2008 Al spook peng,

Congradulations on your new girlfriend! I'd be careful though if you're both seriously depressed. You have to be careful you don't pull each other further down. Maybe you guys could help each other by spending time together with upbeat, encouraging people, or getting into some counseling together. I'd love to talk more, please send me an email.

28 Apr 2008 Al Silusm,

It sounds like you've been going through a lot for a long time. Please don't let your mind wander to hurting people. Their pain won't take away your pain. There is no justice in their suffering. Please, email me. I'd love to talk. It might help to talk about what you're going through and get it all off your chest with me rather than doing something you might regret later.

28 Apr 2008 dead inside. Dear Spooky Penguin.

Hehehe, I think your silly penguin :P Well to be honest, most of it is songs that inspire me to keep going....or they remind me of something or someone or something random like that and i post them hoping they'll have the same effect on others. But a novel eh? I might even take you up on that one. I might even dedicate it to you!

28 Apr 2008 ilutoo. if you stay...i don't need heaven.
i'm always here for you.
i want to help you find peace in life.
we'll make it, we will.
you'll always have me.
ilu more than words can say.
you are my life now.
27 Apr 2008 spppppooookypeng you know what?
if you are serious about killing your self, you have a fucking huge chance to do something amazing.
People without a death wish must follow rules and guidelines and think about they're self image.

But not you!

You don't give a fuck about the world, you want to die, so why not fuck around a little in this world before you depart!?!

Spray paint everything in site!
Tell everyone you hate to fuck go themselves!
Burn your school down!
Run naked through the streets!

Break the law!

As long as you can run fast and truly do not fear death, you can rule the world, as if only for a moment...

you can do it!
27 Apr 2008 dear mr.dead inside, I will say to you the same thing I said to another much like you,

You're seriously the only undead factor to this site. How many god damn emails must you get?! Geez man; You should get paid for this kind of work. I protest, this sub-journalistic blogging inside of possibly the strangest site I know is fucking nuts. This bloody domain is 25% your own. you surpass me in so many ways. I don't even understand it nor do I have any idea what the fuck I'm talking about. I'm Sorry to rant mindlessly about nothing- but for fucks sakes bro write a god damn novel!!

with love,

27 Apr 2008 spook peng Mouchette! Mouchette! Mouchette!
I have such wonderful news to tell you,
I've found a girl mouchette!
She's very beautiful and very intelligent, and she has an obsession with pandas!
I love her mouchette!

but she's very depressed, very very depressed, just as me.

I don't think I've ever been more confused and happy in my life.
I feel nearly as blinded by the light as I did the first time I tried to hang myself using scarfs and belts.

It's nice.
27 Apr 2008 Silusm today i realized i might as well live. i mean look at all the bullshit i have survived. all my sufferings.
if i kill myself it would all be for nothing. but either way it dosent really matter.
today i carved in plain sight for someone to see that has brought my life woe upon woe...
then i got one of thier hats and impaled it to the wall with the butcher knife.

i feel like my mind has snapped.
has ur mind snapped when you no longer care that you are going insane(r) OR has it snapped when u start doing what is considered evil?

i want them to be tied up and
i want them to be helpless to the fact they are getting knifed to death.
thats the kinda enviroment that makes buttholes spit in thier pants.

it gives me hope that there has been several cerals uncaptured due to the ineffectivness of the so called powers that be,.


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