Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jul 2008 Worthless Teenager I am a worthless piece of shit, and I deserve to die. This works out great, because I *want* to die.

Here's why:

-I am a fucking retard. Or at least, I must be seeing as that is the way pretty much everyone treats me.

-There are only two people who care about me. My girlfriend, who is a wonderful person but who deserves someone better than I. And my mother, who is a lying, criminal bitch.

-I have nothing to offer society. I'm stupid and physically weak, leaving me with very little career opportunities. The only thing I could do is mindless, repetitive manual labour, and I would rather die than do something like that for a living.

-The world is a shitty place, where only the greedy and callous succeed.

-I am socially inept as all get out, and then some.

-In order to get anywhere in life, one has to give up their individuality and act as a cog in society's machine. Fuck that!

-I hate myself with unrelenting fervor.

-I'm a fucking cowardly pussy.

-I am the product of a man's infidelity. In a perfect world, where people do not cheat on their mates, I would not have been born. I'm really not supposed to be here!

-Life is too fucking complicated. I'm sick of it.

-Everybody wants me to die.

-Why the fuck is everybody doing drugs? Am I the only person on this fucking planet who detests the act of getting high?!

I'm sick of everything. I need to die. NOW.
25 Jul 2008 sarah well. if you hate yourself then do it really painfully.
if u just want to die cuz of something thats not u then do it quick. maybe stabbing yourself.
24 Jul 2008 James Im 18 now and my life is completly nothing, Everyone around me has things and are smart and have good memory, Ive realised im not good at anything I have no friends I'm just lonley and i think about sucide alot and I wish things could get better but they arent im gonna set a date to die soon.
24 Jul 2008 AAG a rope, some maskintape and a knife.
23 Jul 2008 chris Christ, do I have to be so obvious as to drill the answer into your skull? - Wait, I’ll be killing you and that will be putting you out of your misery… So here is my second attempt at an answer: DON’T COMMIT SUICIDE! Throwing your life away is some mamby – pamby, nuevo riche thing that most people think about, and for some reason or other they are still alive and thinking about it and not dead and not thinking about it or not reading this tripe! God, my great grandparents fled Alsace with nothing but the clothes on their backs in 1880 just so they wouldn’t get killed in the Franco-Prussian war, moved to America and worked 10 hours a day, six days a week to make a living. Did they think about how bad it was? Did they think of committing suicide? HELL NO!!!! They were too damn busy struggling to put food on the table to think of such crap. They had the balls to deal with lifeDo me a favor kid; find a hobby to occupy your time and forget this suicide shtick before you or someone really zap themselves.
23 Jul 2008 deadmanwalking I know how it feels when every cell in your body screams to be released from the agony and stress of this world. when every breath you take aches weakens, and, pains you. death is the only escape the only release only salvage from this hell on earth. so once you find an answer to this question I would love to know because I too have family that would need to collect insurance after my death and fear of leaving them unable to collect is the only reason why I haven't taken my life.
21 Jul 2008 fuck you what the fuck is mouchetees problem??? fuckin update already shit!!!!!
21 Jul 2008 louise well im not answering that beacause no one should commit suicide there must be something better in the near future i feel your pain belive me i do i have no family that cares the one person that was suppost to protect me thats my mother found out my cousin was repeatedly rapping me and she didnt do anything and would not let me get help i became pregnant and was made to get an abortion i was beaten by him and called many things he even stalked me she didnt care i hate my mother for treating me so wrong i hate all my family they all blamed me that is not a mother i was 14 going on 15 at the time and now 16 i feared my life everyday and was in so much shock i would not speak to anyone i tried slitting my wrists but i never died i hung myself but someone caught me i took an overdose but was made to be sick i hated life all i wanted was my destruction to see what they have done to me i hate them and always will but i have someone to live for my boyfriend since i met him i was in love i cant wait till im at the age to get married and move away from this so called family i hope these bastards rot in what im trying to say is do not commit suicide theres always going to be a light somewhere if you look hard enough .... x i love you all
21 Jul 2008 Chris Schnieder Dude, THAT’S NOT THE QUESTION! When I was your age I thought of committing suicide, then I realized that the question was: When will I get my first kiss (or get some while your parents are away,) go to the Big City, have my first drink while no one’s looking, read a porno mag for the first time, look at a dinosaur in a museum for the first time, see an X-rated video, collect my first trilobite while fossil hunting, etc. I suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness until I was twenty four and I made it with the help of my family, friends and psychiatry. Get help, get out of the house and experience life, go to the library, get a hobby, ANYTHING! Life does suck at times but it doesn’t improve if you are not living.
20 Jul 2008 singlechic1 kids dont have problems. why are they going to commit suicide. I need suicide ways for adults pls!
18 Jul 2008 medic673b kill yourself while ur younger cause it dont get any better.i am 43 and would love to have thecourage to kill myself
18 Jul 2008 life is not worth it after i close everything down, im commiting suicide
17 Jul 2008 Andrej To eat too much puding.
17 Jul 2008   okay this is absolutely ridiculous. suicide is the most pathetic form of dealing with your problems. it solves nothing. for you christians out there who are saying heaven is better than this life, ill enlighten you on the rules of going to heaven. one is, if you commit suicide, free ticket to hell. there is nothing, barring extreme, and i mean extreme PHYSICAL pain, with no end possible. life is such a miracle, such a complex web of absolute chances that it does NOT deserve to be snuffed out because of some stupid event, like ur mom doesnt believe you about something stupid. it doesnt EVER deserve to be ended out by outside forces. life is not something you play with, its a "new toy". fuck all you guys, dont kill yourselves there is always a silver lining, and if u feel that ur life is in the dumps, then it cant get worse. it can only get better.
17 Jul 2008 hayhay i pretty much think about suicide everyday, and pretty much try it every week

i know its a stupid thought, and lifes suppose to be a happy fucking thing where you chase butterflys, but my life isent like that, i get beat, tortured and pretty much run out of my house.

but everytime i actully push myself to do it, i cant...because i think about the people that do love me; its very few but it keeps me going.
try it, helps me. =/
16 Jul 2008 v eat something...
16 Jul 2008 taylor mariah Don't kill youre self, you have soo much, along ahead of you? Never live unnoticed there's a wild side to every innocent face. Youre life is not a significant SHIT until you impact lives of others, I lose my self, at night. To.Feel.The.Rush... of tearing my skin apart.. As i Am saying "DO NOT KILL YOUR SELF" youre not even close too 12% but my self, my family, and where i am from, My family mostly, my aunts,my mom,some of my friends killed there selves. Plus my dad killed him self in jail, Hung his self, but no way. Don't even think about it, if people are judgemental to you? Girl/Boy? Dont do it. I always wanted too try, But never youre not alone. Please im just being concerned don't do it. Alot of people, will miss you, even your bestfriend/brother/sister? you can talk to them. There's plenty of way. But donot KILL your self. IT's not fun. Regret this.. Don't Killyour self... For everyone who thinks they know you? you forgive them... Nobody said it was gonna be easy, They just promise it'd be worth it. Flashing the peace sign, isn't just a friend. its a way of life. Here's to life. You have soo much ahead of you? one day Youre going to have a family, husband or wife.. An always get the Education but don't think about suicide.
15 Jul 2008 zacarias zuax eating glue
14 Jul 2008 jonnie hmm, its kinda creapy when this site sends you stuff in your email
14 Jul 2008 spooky penguin im

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