Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jul 2008 hmmm nothing i fuckin write on this site is going up :(
fuck it. im gone <3
01 Jul 2008 hopefull everybodys been telling me that im evenchually gonna die from doing to many drugs :D
01 Jul 2008 Al Dear "please post this!!"

I read your poem. I know death can seem like the right way at times, but it truly isn't. Death won't bring freedom, it will end all freedom. In this life things can get better, but when your dead it is over. I know that sounds like what you want, but if you are like me, the real thing you want isn't death it's an escape from the misery. It's to feel happy, and valued, and loved. You can have that freedom and joy in this life. I found it. I would love to talk more and hear your story, and if you want share my story with you. Please email me.

01 Jul 2008 Al Dear Sarah A,

I am sincerely so sorry for what you've been through at home. Please don't let anyone, not even your parents, take away your sense of worth. You are precious, you are valuable, you have purpose. No one's cruel words or actions can rob you of your value. I would love to talk more, please email me. I'd love to listen and be there for you.

01 Jul 2008 Al Dear Jeff,

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is with you. As terrible as you feel, suicide is not the answer. Death won't honor your loved one's memory. It won't make them happy. If they could speak to you now they would plead with you to live. As hard as it is to lose someone you love (I lost 2 relatives and a close friend last year), we have to honor them and show our love for them by living an amazing life. That's what they want. In our pain it can seem like our life is over, but it's not. We still have a purpose for being on this earth. Your life must keep on going. I would love to talk more, please email me. I'd love to listen and be there for you.

30 Jun 2008 mwes i am an asshole and i lost the best girl ever because i was stupid!!
30 Jun 2008 my name is irrelevant i know i suck
but if your going to do anything right now search 'peng' in the previous entries..
read everything maybe you'll forget your plan to kill yourself and go eat some ice cream.
who knows?

30 Jun 2008 post it mouchette we're old friends :3 so mouchette, i don't know if it's some weird karma you've inflicted me with but i found a new lover i don't have to love... seeing that I''ve lost my faith after the last crazy person i dated... i miraculously went and found my self
another manic depressive lover to fuck with my head... (sorry that this is coming out weird I'm still sort of drunk..)
so today, which is soon ending, me and her got totally piss drunk.. little did i know she was already pumped up on the mood stabilizers the the doctors give her... and so now her i was with her taking care of this fragile person who just wants undress me and make all of her emotions go away...
fuck and this is the second time this has happened to me in a park(the same park) but last time my unstable suicidal lover was on acid and i was sober taking care of her so she wont have a bad trip.
i have to take care of these girl through there nervous break downs it's terrifying, especially when your just as neurotic and suicidal as them... she told me she loved me and we were going to run away forever...

this is it mouchette I'm through with love it's just and excuse to get hurt...

and so i'll
hold my tongue
forget the song
tie my shoes
start walking off
and try to just keep moving on
with my broken heart
and my absent god
and i have no faith...

but it's all i want...

to be loved!
and believe!
in my self!
in my soul!

spooky penguin of course!
30 Jun 2008 wtf. why doesnt anything i tyep show up!
30 Jun 2008 done with it all </3 i am just done with everything. i really just want to die. (i wasnt gonna put anythign on this site but lots of ppl do and no one here knos who i am anyways..) i have put up with more stuff then you can even imagin. please tell me the best way to kill myself. i already tryed slitting my wrists, and that only got me put in a phsyc ward. i wanna kno a good way that works, i dont care about pain or anything i just wanna kno the fastest way to go so i cant be found again. i dont want to be saved.(im 15 btw)
30 Jun 2008 xX the.only.way.out Xx aha so i clicked on this site kinda trying to find a good way to kill myslef, since my last pathetic attempt obviousally didnt work. i wasnt actually gonna post anything, but alot of other ppl are, and i figure no one here knos who i am anyways. and unlike some ppl i do have a cuple good (i think) reasons to go..[ my dad beats me, my brother just died (in a crash), my sister- the one person keeping me her- is suddenly acting weired and doesnt seem to really care about me anymore, my dad now said that anytime anyone does something im gonna get the frist hit cause he blames anything that goes wrong on me. He just lost his bussines and now no one in my family is employed. There are so many other reasons and some I cant really explaine, I havnt been to school for so long cause my dad doesn’t trust me to go so the only time I actually go out is if I run away or sneek out and then I end up sleeping on the streets till the cops find me. And my dad is so good at purswading ppl that no one bealives me if I try to get help. I was raped two years ago and didn’t tell anyone- so this is actually the first time iv even menchoned this at all. But I was leaving my house in the middle of the night after a fight and it started to rain, this guy pulled his truck into the drive way I was about to walk past. He got out and said I looked good and put his hand out for me to shake it, and I was stupid enouf to, he pulled me into his car….. ] i feel kinda like im not even suposed to be here anymore and that everyone is just putting up with me cause they kno im not gonna last much longer anyways. [ *a bit of history* i started feeling depressed about 3 years ago, when i was 12, and i started cutting myself. i met this girl and she didnt juge me when she found out, she introduced me to drugs and alcahol (my loves) and i stared steeling and fighting ppl for the rush. [im 15 now]i just got outta a child and adolecent in-patient psych ward cause my dad freeked when he found out about my cutting. and it was totally pointless. if anything talking to the other ppl there only gave me more ideas that im kinda thinking about now. ] its been 3 fuckin years since iv felt anything real. i really dont kno why i even bothred to write anything on this site. And I don’t wanna say to much cause then everyones gonna be like holy fuck that’s a long post.. but w/e.
30 Jun 2008 McCain4President2008 I sit here with a razor blade in my hand, while waiting for the right time to slit my wrists and neck. The tears are streaming down my face now and the thoughts are stronger now. I wish for dead and for this life to be over, whether I have anyone or not. I have no family, no friends, love or care. My life is over and in despair. I have slit my hands and palms and feet, but have not had the courage to do it to the wrists or the neck yet, I hope I find that courage soon because this life is taking me down and I am ready to die!!! If I am to live then I would hear from the only person that ever cares!! Please call me! I want to die otherwise!!
30 Jun 2008 You're life is worth it Sarah A. PLEASE READ THIS!!

You're an adult and you're 18!! Move out and leave them in the dust!! You do not have to put up with their shit anymore. Move out!! Move on with you're life!! Please move out before you end up dead. Please?!
30 Jun 2008 SARAH A, READ THIS Sarah A, I know you have a fucked up life but you do not have to live like that any more. You are 18 so you don't have to live or ever put up with them ever again. The answer is simple, just move out and don't ever see them again. You don't need arse holes like that in your life and you shouldn't listen to their shit.
30 Jun 2008 Staying around!! I have been contemplating suicide for the last while now and tonight I finally realized that there is still ONE thing that is keeping me from doing it. There is still ONE person that I care and love so much. I don't want to hurt this person because I love them and that is why I am not doing it. I don't wan't to hurt this family member. Aside from them everyone else can kiss my ass!! Find the one thing or person that you still care about and it will change your thoughts. I recommend it. I still want to do it but I don't want to hurt the one person I have left that I love so much. They're the only one I can really tell anything to and I am so thankful to have them in my life. Aside from this person I would have committed suicide but I don't want to hurt this person because I love them. It is one of the only family members left that actually gives a shit about me and that is what is keeping me from killing myself!! Please think twice as suicide is a permanent solution that can't be reversed.
29 Jun 2008 please post this!! if i died would anyone really notice?
if i died it would take a month
to know my disappearance

if i died i would be much happier
know longer fighting the ignorance
if i died no longer i be a burden
if i died my so called friends
could throw a party--

if i died my life would be better
if i died my load much lighter
if i died my heart would be gone
without another blue song

if i died people would smile
if i died i won't be a fighter
if i died my smile would be brighter!!

i think i will commit suicide
no one is really there for me
if i do this --
know my spirit is free
29 Jun 2008 Someone Who Cares To anyone reading this.
As Al has said, suicide isnt the best solution. It is a solution, but at most a last resort, and a solution that cannot be turned back upon. I have spoken with Al very recently. They have helped me a great deal merely by listening to what i had to say.
I would like to listen too.
Please, email me:
i would be happy to just sit and read what you have to type and i will not judge you. I have been suicidal and i still get suicidal sometimes but each and every time i turn myself around.
Give yourself the chance to do the same.

Please email me
28 Jun 2008 life is not worth it i hate life, and therefor i will kill myself.
28 Jun 2008 the_unuttered Go swimming in the amazonas while having your first menstruation>>>Pyranja dinner.
That would be kind of an awsome death. Dont forget to press REC before doing so.
It would be the most watched video of all time.
sick or sexy? >you decide!

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