Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 May 2008 meow. i can sing along to every song on the radio, how sad is that? i mean seriously. i suppose i shud consider suicide now eh?
24 May 2008 Jeff Is it true what they say,
are we too blind to find a way?
Fear of the unknown
clouds our hearts today.

Come into my world,
see through my eyes.
Try to understand,
don't want to lose what we have.

We've been dreaming
but who can deny,
it's the best way of living
between the truth and the lies.

See who I am,
break through the surface.
Reach for my hand,
let's show them that we can
free our minds and find a way.
The world is in our hands,
this is not the end.

Fear is withering the soul
at the point of no return.
We must be the change
we wish to see.

I'll come into your world,
see through your eyes.
I'll try to understand,
before we lose what we have.

We just can't stop believing
because we have to try.
We can rise above
their truth and their lies.

I hear their silence
preaching my blame.
Will our strength remain
if their power reigns?

See who I am,
break through the surface.
Reach for my hand,
let's show them that we can
free our minds and find a way.
The world is in our hands,
This is not the end!
23 May 2008 non-doucher dead inside,
it is ok to be yourself. in fact i like it when you do. are. w/e
you arent wrong life is wrong. cold and cruel. i think though you shouldnt live to please others. live to please yourself. it is your life.
i hope you realize you are more than enough.
i hope.
23 May 2008 Al, just answer this Please port this:

Al, you're an idiot and your words makeme sick. Please give up, people either come here for a reason. either to find help, or not find help. answer one thing, how many people have actually emailed or asked you for help? I am betting out of all your "encouraghing" posts to everyone only one or two. Please answer this.
21 May 2008 Al Dear Chloe,

I'm so happy to hear you're alive!!! It sounds like you've been through a tremendous amount. You can work through your pains and struggles and go on to lead an amazing life. Suicide isn't the answer. I would love to talk more, please email me.

21 May 2008 Al Dear "dead inside,"

I know the pressure for others to approve of all of us is a powerful thing. We all want to feel supported and encouraged. But whether you feel that right now or not, it doesn't strip you of your value. No man decides how wonderful you are, God does. You have great worth. You don't have to live up to any person's expectations, but the Lord's. Be encouraged. I'd love to talk anytime, please feel free to email anytime.

21 May 2008 Al Dear KyraDeSutra,

Thank God you're alive!! I'm so sorry to hear of all you've went through at school. Being bullied is an awful feeling. You are at a new school, with a fresh start. Make the most of it. Come into things with a fresh mindset and a new view on life. I tell people all the time, your past doesn't have to be your future. People can be really cruel and stupid. But regardless of how they act you can act better. You can find peace in the middle of the storm. Something that helps is talking about your feelings with someone you can trust. Also, whatever they made fun of you for, is thier issue not yours. No matter if you have a handicap or are overweight or look different, it doesn't matter. You have value. You are special. Appreciate all you are. And be on the look out for new friends at your school. Force yourself to be outgoing and friendly, I'm sure as you settle in you'll make some great new friends. I'd love to talk more anytime, please feel email anytime.

20 May 2008 dead inside. I allowed myself to believe that it was okay to be me for a little while. Life made sure to point out that I was wrong to believe so. I will die trying to please everyone. Its never going to be enough. I'm never going to be enough.
20 May 2008 my mask is more handsome i have noticed that most people, that post on here seem to have this whole suicide is wrong or bad. im not saying that it is good either.
it is one of the most personal "things" a person has in the relation ship with oneself. so please dont speak about it like you are better. sometimes you never know what someone has been thru.
you may be the one that says the one thing that makes, unknowingly of course, you know what idk why im wasting my time on you dumbass closeminded superficial greedy good for nothing no heart having used douche puddel licking parisite.

fucking die.
20 May 2008 manic_monday i've lost everything worth living for..the one person i thought would be there for me through anything. just stopped talking to me. now i'm sitting here trying to find the best way to die, but i'm too busy thinking about my family after i'm gone..
19 May 2008 Al Dear "kill me" who wrote on May 11,

It sounds like a lot's going on. Death is NOT the answer. I'd love talk and be here for you. Please email me.

19 May 2008   al, get over it. im done. nothing change my mind k? tired of diapers
19 May 2008 KyraDeSutra Hello...
I am 15 years old, and I've attempted to commit suicide about 5 times now. The worst time I've tried was when I swallowed 8 pills of Iboprofen... Funnily enough, I'm still here.

I think I'm suffering from manic depression. It all started when I was about 11 years old, when I started secondary school... During all the 5 years I've been there I've endured with them bullying the crap out of me.

I was an emotional wreck.

The girls at school would cut parts of my hair off while holding me down to a chair...

They would write lots of death threats on my locker, put hair gel all over my books, and even spread poisonous rumors about me which was fake. I blamed myself for everything, even the cancer that came on my brother...

My mother says tha being really emotional is good, but I think that for me it is the worst type of curse. Maybe I won't be taunted by the horrible memories if I had a heart of stone.

But now I'm going to a new school, I wonder what may happen there?

I've tried to think of reasons of why I want to live (back when I was seriously depressed0, but it then goes back to why I wanted to end my life...

Well... What should I do to stop me from being seriously depressed?
18 May 2008 Al Dear "tired of diapers,"

Your life is about so much more than a boyfriend or getting married. Those are things you'll probably do, but they're not your purpose.

Everything I said about a guy toward a girl in my last post also goes for a girl seeking a guy. What makes someone beautiful is what's inside, not outside. Our world brainwashes us into thinking the wrapper is what matters, but they're so wrong. It's no accident that 50% of marriages end in divorce. If you work on making yourself a 10 you'll attract a 10. And a 10 won't care whether you're covered in scars or blind or badly burned or wear adult diapers. He will love you for you. That's not some Dr. Phil psychology, it's a fact. This is coming from a real guy, who knows what he's talking about.

But putting that truth aside, a man is not your purpose for living. Your have your own purpose, a reason why you were created, and it has nothing to do with a man. Don't let anything distract you from living an awesome life and making the most out of the opportunities you have. You have breath in your lungs, you have the chance for an amazing life. Please, make the most of it.

18 May 2008 Kuborion Sorry, Al.
I know that you're trying hard.
You're doing your best to help these people.
You were doing your best to help me too.
But I have to say this.

That's utter bullshit what you keep telling here!
18 May 2008 tired of diapers al,
im female and diapers make me unattractive to the males i meet. sorry, but im out.
18 May 2008 chloe Well I Tried To Kill Myself The other Week. Overdoses Never Work. And If You Survive It The First Few Weeks After Are The Hardest To Get Through But Get Through Them And Things Will Get Better For You.
18 May 2008 jaze i donno how many times i've tried to kill my self
bt the most sucking thing is that none of them worked
i m dying to die bt this death is playing with me, making a fun of me
and my life is sucking me taking everything out of it bt not my life
its so yuck to be like this
i'm so lonely
i've frnds bt they r all busy
family that's away fm me
n ofcourse a lover who says that i've given him so........ much love that he feels he need some space and time fr himself he need time to be away fm me
so that he can get those feelings agn
hell with me i donno wot the hell to do
xms are standing on my head n me jst
wasting myself tryin to live
17 May 2008 Al Dear Richard,

It's so great that reaching out for help. I know you can work through your depression and go on to lead a great life. I know from my own experiences. I'd love to talk, please send me an email.

17 May 2008 CHRIS My name is Chris im 21 i have been sick for a long time ive been to the doctor i dont have insurance i dont make much money so theres not much i can do rite now people think im crazy they think its my nervs sucide has cross my mind more than once but im a fighter im not looking for a easy way out of life nethier shuold anybody else just remeber this A HOPLESS DOG IS BETTER THAN A DEAD LOIN!!!!!!

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