Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Aug 2008 Kuborion Sometimes I don't think I want to live in a world where I exist.
05 Aug 2008 dave i have tried everything, i tryied hanging drowning setting fire to myself. wats the point of living if u have nothing to live for, my own dad says he wished i died at birth and im a faliure. i need help coz if i dont get any ill do it and sucedd, if u have any help plz email me at
ty i just want to die so badly!
02 Aug 2008 where r u ? where did Al go? he hasnt lent support to anyone lately. guess he was fake.
02 Aug 2008 zaroalex Im 17 and well life is freaking gay. it sucks ass.. nobody fucking cares about each other no more.. people are so freaking shallow and selfish that is really funny and annoying!! you go loving someone and they say they dont fucking like you and ending up liking your friends.. yea friends... it didnt happened once and they damn girls ended up liking all of my friends but me!! FUCK!!! THE ONLY ONE THAT REALLY LIKED, OR BETTER YET, LOVED THEM!!!! i dont fucking get women.. then they go all sad and crying because their boyfriend did this or wants to break up with them.. well.. THATS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET FOR GOING AFTER THE FUCKING GUY THAT DONT LIKE YOU!!! THE ONLY REASON WHY THE GUY IS GOING OUT WITH YOU IS BECASUE YOU LIKE HIM!!! really.. but its sad how one guy can love someone sooo freaking much.. someone who stopped caring about them because he did this or got and how many times or how many crap has your boyfriend done it to you??? really.. fucking messed up... now theres nothing left to do but die... ive learn things that most people live their whole lives trying to learn.. but i learned it faster then most.. now i can die in peace..only one regret... that she wasnt my girl...
02 Aug 2008 Jeff Life is totally not worth living alone. I hate getting so fucking depressed whenever I'm by myself. On Thursday we went to the Nine Inch Nails concert (Nick, Bill, Nick's friend Fred, and myself) and towards the end this girl came up and we had all been drinking a bit and she acted as if she knew Bill though later I found out he didn't even know her. Anyways she heard me singing and told me she wanted to hear more, we were flirting around a bit cheering for Trent together and stuff while he was playing "In This Twilight". That was so fucking beautiful. At the end she told me I was her boyfriend for a few minutes.

I can barely manage anymore. I've never been so low for so long. I just wish things didn't seem so hopeless. I don't know what the fuck is wrong, why things just aren't working out. I don't know why no one loves me. It's like I have this poison in my mind now that's trying to destroy me. It's like God is laughing at me. Taking away something I needed so bad. Not ever letting me have it. I am 24 years old and I just want to die. I cannot live without love. What's the point? I hate being fucking sad all the time, I hate feeling like nothing's worthwhile, I hate having nothing and no one to live for, I hate feeling like everyone thinks I'm a loser or something, I hate sleeping alone all the time. I don't know why the world and me seem to be at odds all the time, and I don't know why I can't find anyone else who truly understands.

Watch the sun,
As it crawls across a final time
And it feels like,
Like it was a friend.
It is watching us,
And the world we set on fire
Do you wonder,
If it feels the same?

And the sky is filled with light
Can you see it?
All the black is really white
If you believe it
As your time is running out
Let me take away your doubt
We can find a better a place
In this twilight

Dust to dust,
Ashes in your hair remind me
What it feels like
And I won't feel again
Night descends
Could I have been a better person?
If I could only do it all again

And the sky is filled with light
Can you see it?
All the black is really white
If you believe it
And the longing that you feel
You know none of this is real
We will find a better a place
In this twilight
01 Aug 2008 dead inside. This is the end. I can feel it in my bones, in my skin. Like a disease eating each molecule of my being one by one. Something inside me is dying. Again. I can feel it. It makes my bones ache. I can't afford to let anything more die inside me. I've lost so much...I've been hanging on by threads. A cool breeze came and saved me a few years ago. It filled me with fresh life...I felt alive. I could feel with every nerve in my body. My blood flowed through me like a clean river, cleansing each organ, each memory, each thought. The parts that died so long ago were awakened. They rejoiced. Drank from the river as if it was the last water left to drink from. Each part of me was alive...or atleast working its way to being alive again. Being fully functional again. But in some deep dark part of my head I knew that it was just a breeze. It would come and go. Like all things in life. It would come and cleanse my world, awaken me.....then blow away, to find someone else....leaving me to die all over again. But to my surprise, it stayed. It kept vivifying me with its life. Whispering secrets in my ear. Willing me to live. Willing me to feel. Willing me to breathe. And so I lived. And I felt. And I breathed. Every morning, I'd wake up thinking, this is the day it I will be alone again. But it stayed with me. It completed me. Like a puzzle. It filled in all those missing pieces. It covered me. Like a lover. It stayed over, keeping me safe. Protecting me. Loving me. When the wind blew from the other direction, my breeze fought it. The other winds tried to blow me away....tried to suck me into their abyss of nothingness....but my heavenly breeze was strong. It blew and fought....until all those that tried to hurt me, that tried to take me away from it, faded away. It stayed with me on all those black nights when I was sure something big and bad would jump out of the shadows and consume me. It fought for me. It kept me alive. It strengthened me. And so I started believing that it would stay with me forever. For all of eternity. It would hold me together. Everything inside me became clean. Pure like a virgin. Unharmed and untouched. It caressed me where no hand can touch. At each caress, my nerves tingled with life. And just like that it became my whole world. But then, when I let all my walls down...when I started believing that I would never be alone again, never be left at the worlds mercy blew away. Just like any other gust of wind. My heavenly breeze blew past me. Away from me. Taking all the life and warmth it had brought with it. And I was left gasping for air. Each breath of air felt like poison, because I couldn't taste the sweetness of that comfort that I thought would always be mine. My breeze left me just like that. Like I was nothing special. Like it had better things to do. And I know that it is out there now, protecting someone else. Someone who deserves it more then me. Yet, I am was mine. It was my protector. It was my lover. And now I am dying inside all over again. Each part that was caressed now withers away like the remains of a long forgotten corpse. Each organ that once bloomed to life, like a rose....has now deflated; become hallow once more. All the life, the warmth, the comfort, the love.....all of it is gone. I am empty. Just a shell. I try to beckon it. Try to will my breeze to come back to me. But it doesn't hear me. Maybe it was all a distant dream. But at night, when the demons come out to take my soul away....something inside me trembles, shudders with the memories of my breeze. My aura still lingers with the scent of the protection that was once there. The demons eat chunks of my soul. The try to devour my heart. But I wrap my arms around me, hugging myself, whispering to that distant breeze, calling out to it, coaxing it, summoning it to come save me again. No one comes. I am dying again. I cannot survive the world without my breeze. I whisper to it at night. I believe it is out there somewhere. The world will not let me survive. Without it I am nothing.

I miss you. I will always love you. The places you once filled inside me are still empty...awaiting your return. I won't survive this without you. I need you. Please breathe life back into my bones. Please gust my way once more. Please.
01 Aug 2008 Cody hanging yourself i guess.
31 Jul 2008 nick My Name Is Nick...I would like to help you guys you guys can talk to me and maybe i can help you.. you dont need to kill yourself...just try to work through your struggles or talk to some one. my msn is and my emial is the same
31 Jul 2008 Just to see the starry sky I would answer but I feel that it would only encourage those who still feel sad enough to die to die. I am thirteen and have tried to die twice but have thought of it many many more times and I can say that in my darkest times, I didn't give a damn to anyone who said, "DONT DIE! IT"S A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM!" That made me want to die even more, in fact. I will say that my parents know about one attempt but not the second attempt and at times I feel like no one loves me and I do not deserve to live, because there are people in worse situations out there, right?

If you are in that situation right now all I can say is to find why you DON'T want to die. Try with all of your might and try to find some reason to why you don't want to die, even if it as simple as seeing the stars once again fill the sky, or eating a jelly filled doughnut.

I really care for all of us who feel this bad and I encourage you to email me at even if it's hatemail. I'm still struggling through this and I want to help all the others who are also struggling.
31 Jul 2008 Leanna to tell you the truth...death is one way to get rid of yourself. right? BUT...the memories of you does not go away. you think that your not there but people that you talk to know that your there..its not emotionally but mental.we dont realize the outside just the inside and how we think..Dont do it.I know that you people out there are depress. i WAS too. but things change.Rape, for girls, depression for men, its just a whole line of our life. You cant do ANYTHING to the pass, so change the future by making yourself happy. I understand. Because you can think that your life is shit. But its not. Others in worst situation are. So think of not yourselves, because your not like that.PLEASE.
31 Jul 2008 orin barbituates
30 Jul 2008 Your mom We need a major war, I believe war will bring out the best and worst in human nature, most of technological advances happen during the war. Old people alwasy brag about war this and war that, and how tough it was, and how they survive and stole everything from others... fuck, where is the major war that every youth of this generation can brag about it in the future. Fucking bullshit, the society is not progressing naturally, maybe we are simply confused and not knowing anything about life and what we are suppose to do, that's why we rather die than live like fucking zombies. World War 3 is going to change mankind forever, what are you scared of? Death? fuck, you want to die, you little bastards, might as well go out in a bang. Evolution occur when people really let go everything and simply try to survive.

If just one individual evolve to the next level, but millions or eve nbillions die along the way, it is fucking worth it. We are cancer of this planet, so for the benefit of mankind in the universal time scale, we need a revolution against all systems, we need evolution from the youth, and we need to fucking change this world.

Think what you can do to make this world the way you wanted, and fucking do it. If all you little cock-suckers work together, maybe you could really be something. Imagine what will happen if all 13 year old little dick bastards just decide to running around naked all over the world on the same day. You won't even go to jail because the law can't lock away all 13 year olds in the world. Plus it will be hell of sight to see.

You can change the system if you unite.
29 Jul 2008 Evgenij Hanging has proven to be the best way for all ages.

I am going to try it tonight.
28 Jul 2008 JJ To not kill yourself!! To get help, if your parents find a child crisis hotline onlin and call them... suicide is not cool. 13??? Shit I didnt think about that tell I was 17-18
28 Jul 2008 Shinigami well, somehow, I´m glad of nor living in america or those "advanced" countries jeje. Anyway there are probs everywere.
I am the "god of Death" and have my own blog of asistance on this. Sooner, we´ll all meet.
But since then, I´ll propose this, try to inject some on you vains (yeap, guess is lot of tv, right?) It´s suppose to give you a heart attack, and of course death. That´s only if you don´t wanna show you are commitin´ suicide, ok? this is for those "selfish" (read the sarcasm) people who donñt want to bother everybody around. After all, they can think "well, was about his time to die" and blame god and not you jaja.

Cya comrades!
28 Jul 2008 tom The answer is simple
The end of innocence is death of soul
Soul is life itself
You are here
You are dead
28 Jul 2008 mouchette sucks mouchette didnt post any of my posts with which i wrote under the name of mwes and with my mw_mucic email address.
27 Jul 2008 Troy ok dude this my idea,U take a round of opium, numbs the body and suffocate painlessly,don't ask me how u get the
opium thou.
26 Jul 2008 sparkles shit. idk. I would say taking a bunch of liquid medicine. it worked for my friend. but anyways. I've been thinking about suicide for years. I'm 15 turning 16 on august 3rd. my life has been shit since I can remember. my dad left on my 3rd birthday. my relationship with him is shit. my childhood was shit cuz I was always moving around. my family says they care but they always lie to me. my friends don't understand wat I'm going thro. my bf doesn't fucking give a shit. he only cares that I look good. my mom is a total bitch and she doesn't give a shit wat I think. she tries to control everything in my life. I don't have a say in my future or wat I wear not even wat I wanna fucking read. on April 16, 2008 I was raped{he took my virginity}. my mom didn't believe me. I tried several ways to commit suicide in the few days that followed. I tried jumping in front of a moving car{just ended up in the hospital} tried hanging myself{hospital} tried cutting myself all over my body{hospital&counseling} swallowed almost 2 bottles of pills amongst other things. nothing fucking worked. I'm still fucking here. I c no reason to live anymore. I've been depressed since I was 4/5 and I've had anger issues like my whole life. I have no reason to live. no one believes me no one cares about me. my cuzin{the only person who ever believed in me} got shot 3 times in the head and chest becuz he was trying to save me. I should b dead. my whole family turned on me and don't believe me wen I tell them my mom abuses me both physically and verbally. I no longer feel beautiful or like I'll ever be able to do anything with my life. I need serious help. but I can't get help if nobody believes me.
26 Jul 2008 Heartbroken I give up with life. I lost my beautiful 21 month old sister 2 years 5 months 3 weeks and 5 days ago. In a tragic accident. I miss her so fucking much. I want to be with her. I need her. I'm going to be with her soon, one sweet day.

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