Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Aug 2008 Ebs you dont need to. its only the easy way out. think of all the wonderful, exciting things to look forward to.. trust me, i've been down that crappy path, but now i can see things SO differently.
13 Aug 2008 bg I need, im not 13, im 18... i cant stand to live, and noone understands. Everyone says i have such a wonderful life, i just want to get all of those people into one room and blow my brains out right in front of them... why does everyone think im so perfect, when i am a horrible person and dying inside...
13 Aug 2008 shacora Clorox Does not work trust me I tried it twice last night with pills, and E&J so why am i still alive!
11 Aug 2008 dead inside. "One thing I truly knew - knew it in the pit of my stomach, in the center of my bones, knew it from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, knew it deep in my empty chest - was how love gave someone the power to break you. I'd been broken beyond repair"
11 Aug 2008 Ellie My name is Ellie, and like some of you I'm feeling suicidal. BUT I watched this insperational film called "The Secret" and it has made me see that:

-I'm a magnet, what ever I think, I will attract (eg: If I think I will get a bill, garenteed there will be a bill in the mail BUT if I think I will get a cheque, garanteed there will be a cheque in the mail.)

I highly recommend you rent/borrow/buy/watch on youtube this movie as it could be life changing. It taught me that it's your state of mind that determines your future!
11 Aug 2008 a fucking scholar disguise your self as a baguette and hang out in france.

trust me, if you don't die you'll end up between some beautiful french girls legs.
10 Aug 2008 Aureus Hello, World.

I'm here to say that either way, I'm a coward. If I don't off, its because the fear of what happens after death captivates me so. No one is unafraid of death. But if I do take in my fear and finally off, the reason for it is because I was too afraid to remain here. Too scared to see what would become of me. I'm determined to stay here for now, but who knows? Maybe one fear will outbalance the other again.

As for Kuborion, I admire and can relate exactly to what you've said. If anyone wants to talk, I'm here.
09 Aug 2008 maryann please don't my beautiful sister who i love more than my own life took hers 3 years ago and it is killing me.
09 Aug 2008 morula hi there, i can t really remember where i stoped in my story, i meant to write how i jumped off a balcony from the 3rd floor, i wouldn t know the exact reasons why i did that this is why I told you about the lesbian, so many things pissed me off that night, I was growing more and more nasty you know, the priest later told me I had this great plant that had grown in my chest, he said I lacked oxygene because the plant was taking all the space in my lungs, like it had become more and more difficult for me to breathe, he gave me this book to read too I remember the end, three little mice that march into a cat's mouth, holly fun that book i wonder if you d help me tell me what s the title, and who wrote it, I read 100 times the suicide of the little mouse, but i skipped most passages, I hate romances on TV anyway, i m a natural born hater, my aunt called me evil many times, only the priest made it sound all different telling me of the plant, the girl in the book had a waterlily inside her, I m not sure why hers had started growing, from all I know she committed no sin, the alien in my body was definitely put there for purposes of equity, I thought about the plant, my friend agreed I deserved it, now i m drifting away I meant to write how i jumped from that building, later I drove against a tree and cut open my veins but I m not so proud about those suicides, they suck, I never reached the state of bliss and happiness of flying down that building, the moment before I was choking with disgust, hate was like a poison in my body, I talked to a philosopher that night he was drunk and babbling in ancient greek, I heard him describe exactly how it felt inside me, I was gutted he knew about it, he called that a slave s moral, because it rises from resent, that guy was a professor of philosophy but he was drunk all over, and telling things he d never say normally, how humans are not equal, how they will be rewarded according to the inside of their brains, and some of them were slaves and others were masters, and the homicidal bitch I said, who comes down in every kitchen to determine who will serve and who will eat, I said that like I d been thinking about it, but i was quoting a poet i d heard before, I was only firing some guns at his face for the fun, but i knew he was right in was he said, it all depends on the quantity of resent, how much you ve born with, how much you grow over the years, how much circulates in your fluids, resent makes you despicable, i agreed as a matter of fact I could not contradict him, resent is the lowest emotion, and ugly too and despicable I know, they later called it a "plant", the priest told my mother, like I was human after all

now i d listened to all that crap in silence and i d become rather angry in effect, a doctor i met at the hospital diagnosed me paranoid, i had not told him all the details though, and how and why i felt like flying, I swear I felt genuine happiness, that s why i never talk about it, noone would understand it was more than relief I swear the pain had no more importance I was cured and purified, all the hate and anger and resent inside me, and most of all DISGUST no longer ached, the fall lasted no more than 10 seconds, SUICIDE HURTS PEOPLE, SEE THAT BRUISE ON MY WRIST IT HURTS AS MUCH AS MOSQUITO BITES AT LEAST

my email is not the one i entered in the previous message
09 Aug 2008 In 8 years... There is no best way to kill yourself when you're under 13. My advice would be to see how life past 21 is.

21 is a critical age - not because of drinking legally, but it's official. You can rent a car, drink, smoke, drive, join the army, vote, do whatever you please... at the full extreme of the law.

At 21, I've done everything possible to dull anything around me. I've fucked up too many times in my life... might as well try not to be in it. No job, no boyfriend, no real friends... just my room. I get money from my parents for drugs and drinks. They don't know though, I lie. I seem to be lying more often than I ever thought I would when I was younger, like age 13.

At 13 - I was depressed, even hospitalized for wrist cutting. I didn't know the "Down the highway, not across the street" rule. Went to consoling. I got great advice...

"Take small steps in life." For instance, You can't just wish for a peanut butter sandwich! You have to grab the peanut butter, the bread, get the knife, get the napkins, etc etc. Small steps to complete any goal, even if it's a sandwich. If you think about the big picture, seems like everything can be manageable.

By 21, I started asking the question... "What if I want to use a spoon?" ... Is everything off course now? Not that I have more responsibility... can I no longer make wrong choices? And if I do, what happens to me? In the past, I lose people, things and gain horrible memories. I don't want to make any more wrong decisions... It hurts if I do.

So, if I made the final decision... I'm sure everything stops then. Sounds like the easiest answer in the world to me.

---I don't know why I wrote here on this site. I was reading, I saw that some people just typed random stuff not even having to do with the actual question. Seems like a nice way to vent or just type something in your head that you can't say out loud to your family even... Anyways, if anyone reads this. Thanks.
09 Aug 2008 crystal the best way? the best way is to believe everything that is given to rely on other people for answers, rather than search for them yourself. believe everything you see. WATCH TV EVERY DAY. worry about what other people think. eat lots of junk food.

then, envision your family full of heartbreak, full of unparalleled angst. see all your friends miserable and forlorn. see all the great things that could have, would have been...had you not chosen to end it.

when we're young, life seems so big and bad. everything is a major crisis. and the last thing we want to hear is that our problems are insignificant. but the truth is, in a world with 7+ billion people, insignificance can be a blessing.

life is amazing, and being is bewildering.

love and light to all of everyone. :)
09 Aug 2008 morula hiya i tried to commit suicide jumping off balcony when i was 15, i was at a party at my uncle s friend that night, i d been drinking 3 cans of beers so i was slighty drunk but less than everyone else there, they were all downing tons of bottles and having fun, i hate when adults get drunk they are pathetic, m uncle s friend s always say shitty things to me, like asking if i m a virgin, like laughing in my neck with their vile breath full of alcohol, even a female adult at 1 o clock (the time where people are drunk enough but still responsable of their actions i suppose, i know what alcohol does to you and at what moment they begin to act bizarre and lose all dignity those pigs-the-adults) well she grabbed me and pulled me towards her, she told me she was a lesbian but i could have guessed all by myself, well i just pushed her away and called her a "satan a little helper" i knew she was seriously into religion and she would shit herself at the idea of satan on earth, she thus jumped away like she was hit by thunder and began shouting at me, i wouldn t stop yelling myself, i kept it just the right volume so no one would hear me downstairs, i talked like a was a catholic priest repeating "vade retro satanas", she lost control that stupid bitch first shouting and telling me to stop, it became real fun i even grabbed the crucifix around my neck and pointed it at her, like she was a vampire or something, that cow had her eyes full of panic i could see, of course she knows homosexuality is a Sin (i mean if you re catholic like her, not even inn a roman church but listening to fanatical preachers crazy all over, haha) she lost control that bitch i saw the awe in her eyes, like there was all this white in her eyes, to be honest i was frightened all the time (..)

i ll sum it up later and i ll continue my story in another message, i haven t told you 5% of the mess that happened that night, in the end i just jumped off the balcony, even though i knew there were little chances i d die falling from 3 floors, but i honestly did my best like i jumped wiht the head first, like i dived in the ocean, fuck it all i landed like i had special powers, like a cat or something i just had this bruize on my wrist and that s all, i lost conscience for 3 minutes, that s how i failed my first suicide


ok i ll tell you more later, got to go
09 Aug 2008 morula yu jump of a high speed train that the best option
08 Aug 2008 shy guy i am a shy blond jerk. i like to push my friends away. for no reason. i like to change my phone number so others cant call me. i like not paying my phonebill. i like to be a jerk. just thought i would share.
07 Aug 2008 SAW I was actually trying to look up something that my son was telling me about when I ran across this wonderful website. What the fuck is the matter with you people? I am a mother of 2 and my son mentioned killing himself one time.....I kicked his ass all over the house. All of you self-righteous little punks out there that think this shit is cool need the living shit kicked out of you, to WITHIN an inch of your life! You may not like your parents, or school, or your siblings or what the fuck ever but killing yourself is just another way of being a selfish little prick, or bitch depending on your gender. All you little assholes need to quit cutting does it go?....."I wish my lawn was EMO, then it would cut itself." Everyone wonders why things are so fucked up?! Look at this website. I've seen people die and it ain't fuckin' funny!
07 Aug 2008 Kuborion Sometimes I don't think I want to live in a world where you don't exist.
06 Aug 2008 dead inside. Dear Lover,

Do they not have pen or paper where you are?
Because I haven't heard from you in ages.
I relive each memory from time to time.
Read notes exchanged.
With all those scented pages.
It's coming back, it's all coming back to me now.

Tell me everything turned out alright.
Because I'm where we said
that we'd meet tonight.
Does [she] treat you like you want?
Does [she] ask to take your hand?
Does [she] believe in dreams we talked about?
When with no music we danced.

I thought you said that you'd come find me.
I thought you said you'd be home by now.
I heard you sang that you'd come back here.
So I wrote to remind you to somehow.

Dance by yourself and think of me when you do.
I'm not sure you understand
what this means to me, what you do to me.
But I'm willing to prove
that you're the one.
I regret to slip away
Now I know it was only you
that I've been searching for.
Been missing all this time.

I thought you said that you'd come find me.
I thought you said you'd be home by now.
I heard you sang that you'd come back here.
So I wrote to remind you to somehow.

Let the past be past.
Let's start today.
Letters won't do.
I need to see your face.
Tell me where to meet.
And I'll tell you why we should be.

I thought you said that you'd come find me.
I thought you said you'd be home by now.
I heard you sang that you'd come back here.
So I wrote to remind you to somehow.
06 Aug 2008 Mark 1 I want to die now...Why save myself now only to die 60 years later...I am sure I am saving myself time. When will people realize that nothing in this world is forever-therefore dying now maks no difference from dying later. You are just skipping the steps that are uncertain- suicide is a way to take control of your life.
06 Aug 2008 nancy my name is nancy. no, i don't have a degree in psychology. but i would love to help you all. email me. if you're legit then i can call you. please. don't do this.
05 Aug 2008 Zodiac stress, loneliness, low self-esteem, rage, and depression the things that make me want to end it all grab the gun and pull the trigger

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