Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Oct 2008 wwww sincerly, I Havn't got a best way
12 Oct 2008 Troy mouchette my sucide suggestion is 35%
down. after what bella wants me to do
on her bed post.

Troy says

hey guys,im in shit again.

this girl i know has something bad,they think
the chemo killed her sea monkey eggs too,they
might come back after a few months,im going to
canada in feb 1st to see her.

i have to sell my motor bike,GPRS system,take out
a loan and save every pay check from now,just to be
able to afford a airfare ticket.

its fked.

but things look up abit,her step mom is having a kid
in the next few days,i ordered a mushroom 1up cap
for him when i visit,won't fit him striaght away
but he will grow into it,and heh plus her sister
bella wants a lap dance from me.


i said,show me your bed post when i get there
dim the lights,and play jimi hendrix - foxy lady.

but fuck if i can't make it,im gonna break into
pieces,if she dies,i think i might join her,a book
my sensei got from europe,he gave to me shows you
how to do that thing they call the delayed death
touch,the one only taoist preists are meant to know.

if anyone wants to know how to do it,just email me
with your chinse star sign,and i'll find and scan the
page,with the name of the pressure point you have to
hit at a certain time which is listed on there with the
moons cycles.

im the tiger in the chinse zodiac,my pressure point that
cuases death in a average of 15 days,is called the median

im not in great conidtion right now but better than last
year,i had a run in with some psychic stalkers,that were
obessed with not normal auras and the time life magzine.

i damaged one of my brain hemspheres really bad,one side was
slower then the other,i couldn't drive,or throw a baseball
or play video games without getting creamed in 10 seconds.

i recovered,but another incident like that,and i don't think i
make round 3,with a pulse.

Psychologists watching if you want to put your money where your
mouth is,email me,if you think you can help me with air fare

if i can get there in feb,me and another friend who are going
nick from washiton state,have a plan,i have a some paw paw leaf
extract i got from japan,its strong shit,can cure some forms of
cancer,nicks going to try and convince her to try it.

poor bugger,by law they have to write a report if they think
there patient is going to hurt them selfs,only i think that they took
it out of context,she only refused treatment becuase she didn't
like the side effects,so her psyche docter writes a sucide report
for her,how nice. NOT!

i know shes going to try mary jane on a med script too,to try and
kill the cancer cells.

Psychologists,and other do gooders that can't sit still
email me

if you think you can help me with air fare money.

after everything i am going to do,that i addded up.
i'll barely have 40% of the air fare.

by the time feb comes,i've got more docters bills hitting me
again,making it a tight sqeeze.

if your not normal or whats considered normal,docters want to
milk you with Fascist drug companys,and tell you,you have ADHD.

i need 3000$ before feb 1st,good idea to get it to me,50%,40%35%
of it atleast 14 days before,i've been looking at the air line time
tables,trouble shooting a route,so i can get there the same time as

i can get almost 40% of the fare by my self.

the plane ticket to canada costs about 2200$ approx and thats
without luggage fee's,plus you need alittle cash on hand,other
wise customs won't let you thru,they'll want to know why you
are coming into country,hear your life story,provoke an outburst
and then take you away.

if you don't have spare cash on hand to support your self while your
there,even thou,i will be sleeping on her floor.

any Psychologists That does any unsolicited Behavior concerning my
ip and Identity.

not related to the topic.

can expect to see me in person,blink with a cats eye while lighting
a match without a box,before i turn there sanity into a Paradoxical oxymoron
worse then microsoft works.

i just had my passport photo done,worse photo in history,looks like a real mug
shot without the betty boop stickers and the empty tear drop tattoo.

i look like a drug dealer just converted me.

thats what i get for staying up 3 days at a time working and listening to gary
glitter - full monty theme.

i look human,and i can imagine anyone that hears things that they can't understand
will obviously think its crazy like tpycial parents who can't see someone elses
point of view.

but if you ever see me,i can do good things and bad things,im the only person
in history that whos full name can spell death,gucess what i look like?

the x genration version of death.

not the classic,black robe and sickle from wal mart with a hello kitty backpack.

my index finger can cure Infertility,with just one tap on the nose.

i might be able to do it easyer then everyone else without needing to do what
you would,but if god was made in
mans image,and you love your parther,one tap on the nose and wait a few
months,sea monkey eggs will come back,if you love her,it will work,just
have faith,the magic god uses,that can't be tampered with,is called love.

and i can also kill anything i touch if i want it to.

ironic i can't kill my self that way if i wanted to go.

Unfortunately i don't have a normal life,and have done and seen things that
would make an atheist turn pale.

only advice i can give you guys is don't mess with the zodiac or get too curious
with star sign settings,if you manage to get deep enough in it.

you won't have a normal life,expect psychic stalkers,as soon as they sense how
much purpose you have,they will target you.

and stalk your steps.

i still can't believe how silly they are,thinking something that is either already
dead,or fictional to atheists like edward cullen,can die.

i saw one of there posts the other day on the local notice board,and some disturbing
graffiti,there looking for me.

it said,"free psychic readings"


play The Beatles - Come Together

with a

poker face.

10 Oct 2008 Kuborion Sometimes I just feel like dying.
Then I realise it would be no fun at all and quickly abandon that idea.
09 Oct 2008 BRANDY 3LL M3 SUMTHiN....H0W D03S iiT F33L oO2 B3 R3J3CT3D 4 WAT U R..... N B3 ACC3PT3D 4 WAT U N0T....!?!?! iiTS LiiK3 AM B3iN L0V3D BY 3VRYB0DY 3LS3 BUT MY 0WN FAMiLY.....SMH.....iiTS HURTiN iNSiD3..BUT ii N3VA SH0W iiT 0N D3 0UTSiD3...BUT N0W i'V3 H0LD iiT BACK 4 2L0NG........iiTS LiiK3 3VRYTiN ii D0 iiSZ WR0NG...BUT W3N 0THA PPL D0 iiT 2 D3M iiTS ARiiT3..iiDC..iMA G0 LiV3 0UT 0N DA STR33TS 0F N3WY-RK 2 SURViV3 BUT ii WiLL MAK3 iiT...ii WiLL FULLFiLL MA DR3AM....N0B0DY HAS iiT 3ASY BUT iiT S33MS LiikK3 ii HAV iiT DA W0RS3....ii WUD N3VA DiSGRAC3 MY B0DY ND PRiD3 2 MAK3 M3 RiCH 0R SUP3Ri0R...W3N U CLiMB A LADD3R..U START FROM THE FiRST STAiR..D3N U G0 UP..U N3VA START FR0M DA T0P...U START FR0M TH3 B0TT0M O2 G3T 2 DA T0P....N0B0DY WiLL S33 DA T3ARS ii CRY B3HiND D3S3 3Y3Z 0F MiN3...Y3A i WiLL SMiL3 ND ACT LiK3 3VRYTHiNG'S ARiiT3 BUT ii N03 AM DYiN iNSiD3....THR0UGH0UT DiS Y3A 2007-2008 ii B33N THRU AL0T 0F SHiT....FiRST MA 0WN FAMiLY DiDN'T LiiK3 DA LiViN H3LL iiN M3 ND Y3T STiLL D3Y WAZ SMiLiN iiN MA FAC3 ND ii TH0UGHT DAT 3VRYTHiN WAZ ALL GUD.....N0W ii CAM3 2 LiV3 WiT MA MUTHA THiNKiN DAT THiNGZ WUD B3 GR3AT..BUT NAHH iiT AiN'T NUTTiN CL0S3 oO2 GR3AT..N0T 3V3N GUD....N0W SH3'S R3ADY oO2 KiCK M3 0UT && WALK 0UT 0N MA LiiF3..BUT U N03 WAT?? iiTS ALL GUD..SH3'S MA MUTHA...BUT SH3 ACTS NUTTiN....LiiK3 ii S3D iMA R3ACH 4 DA STARS..iiF ii FALL iMA LAND 0N A CL0UD...AM S00 CL0S3 2 C0MMiT SUiCiD3..BUT ii D0 THiNGS Lik3 DiS 2 R3MAiN SAN3.Y D03S iiT HAV oO2 B3 M3???Y DA FUKK i G0TA G0 THRU DiS???...Y CAN'T ii LiV3 A N0RMAL LiF3 LiK3 3VRYB0DY 3LS3??????? Y ALL DA BAD SHiT HAPP3N O2 M3!!!!!.....3VRYB0DY LUK @ M3 LiiK3 ii G0T iiT 3ASY BUT D3Y D0N'T N03 DA TRUTH S0N..iiF 0NLY D3Y KN3W WAT ii G0 THRU......ii G0 THRU AL0T MAN AL0T..!! ii F33L LiiK3 KiLLiN MAS3LF ND ALL MA PAiN WiLL ST0P!!!...iMA B3 BiG....RiCH...A SUPASTAR 0N3 DAY..&& ALL TH0S3 WH0 HAD D0UBT iN M3 && WALK3D 0UT iiN MA LiF3 WiSH D3Y N3VA DiD.......DATS ALL ii G0TA SAY N0W

"ii B33N THRU AL0T 0F SHiT iiN MA LiF3..BUT iMA K33P MA H3AD UP LiK3 MA N0S3 iiSZ BL33DiN!!!"
09 Oct 2008 dead stop being a bitch and do it you sorry pieces of shits
08 Oct 2008 Camilo Vargas choking on a waffle.
08 Oct 2008 Viola Tione Start by attending enough school so that the social pecking order crushes your spirit. Listen to all those who tell you it is only temporary to let your agony drag on and on. They of course don't share your problems. Eventually you will get so that you have no spirit left in you and suicide then is irrelevant.

Mental health professionals will make money off of you, or your parents' insurance, if they are lucky enough to have health insurance, making themselves richer by prolonging your life and trying to make you see that it is worth it. This desire they feel for you to live is really their own fear of death, not any concern for your well-being or whether you want to live. They want to you to be a rich person's servant your whole life. They want you to be a member of their "community". But it is all a lie. Their community is filth. People might pretend to care, but don't be fooled. Nobody cares. Nobody. You are ALONE.

Playing on the old footprints in the sand poem it must be said that if you look back and see only one set of footprints that was because God was riding on your back and whipping you to make you go faster.

Consider also that humans are incapable of altering their own collectively self-destructive behaviors while the seek to remedy the individually self-destructive behaviors of others.

Ask yourself do you really want to live with these people? Do your friends and family say they "love" you? Or are they venomous liars who love only themselves and are incapable of seeing anything beneath surface appearances?

There are two excellent methods. First, shoot yourself in the head, not the heart or anything else. If you live you wont remember what happened anyway. Chances are you will die. Second, if you have a working syringe, (it need not be a clean one for this method), fill it with air, put it into a properly popped out vein and give your heart a breath of fresh air.
08 Oct 2008 Waiting To me, I always used to imagine that I would jump off a building while smoking a cigarette. It seemed like the best way to go, feeling so serene and calm and then the sudden stop, or I would shoot myself in the face with a canvas behind me, so when they find me they would say, hey look, at least he made something cool to look at. But now I think bleeding to death would be the best, for one reds my favorite color, and secondly I think I don't want to leave a giant fucking mess for everyone to pick up cause if i was them I would be so pissed to have to pick up lumps of human, thirdly I believe there should be at least a little bit of pain involved, if there was no pain then it would just be like traveling to a new town that you don't know anything about except for its name.
07 Oct 2008 P.Beatriz I have a friend who has tried to commit suicide. She is my best friend and she told me her life story. All you people who say the family and friends will be the ones to suffer the most are right. Because if my friend was sucessful i dont know what i would one knows she is like this only her friends know because we have seen the scars the cuts. we want to help but what can we do she is already going to therpy she is on meds but its not working. she says she wants help but she hasnt told the cops what has happened to her. shes scared about what might happen to her sisters and brothers.her life story is so fucked up you would most likely think im making it up. she told me her dad raped her when she was 5 and has been raping her till she got her period.thats when she started fighting back in fear of getting pregant.whats worse is her older brother raped her too.her dad and brother would rape her toghter and the fact that kills her is that her mom knows.she knows and she didnt do anything how fucked up is that.she has also told me that both her mom and dad have tried to kill her many times in the past. both of them beat her everyday and she smokes and she drinks and cuts herself because of them.none of her brother and sisters know about this.i want to tell someone so she wont have to be in that hell hole. but shes scared of what might happen to her mom. i dont know what im doing but can someone please help me.
07 Oct 2008 maya gunshot
07 Oct 2008 im22 I would definately shoot up a school and then get the cops to kill myself. Make sure that you kill as many people as possible...wait until school is just over and the hall is really packed full of people....try and block the main exits too...bring as many bullets as you can. You could also set off the fire alarm and when everyone is rushing out or else lined up at the assembly point, blow their fucking brains out.If you could get a few automatic guns it would be amazing! just make sure that you get as many people in as small a place as possible.that way even stray bullets will kill.
06 Oct 2008 crystal Dear one who responded to my first post,

I love you, as well as (y)our humanity. It might seem like you're on the wrong path, but I want to assure you, you're right on track. It's easy to be a conglomerate of everything we see and do. It's kind of resourceful of us, in a way, and tends to be a comfortable methodology, despite whatever unsettled feelings we may have.

I used to think I was pretty idealistic. Then I realized the only difference between ideals and reality is action. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), getting to the action is the hard part. Character helps to glue the pieces together.

You'd said that most people don't think the way I do. I beg to differ, though. Despite these trying times of economic crisis and social instability, i've seen more considerate and loving people in this past year than I had discovered in my life before. I can't really attribute my change of attitude to any particular event – all I know is that once I started the domino effect of transformation, the entire world changed with me. It was, is, and will continue to be utterly amazing – words cannot adequately encompass the magnitude.

Shifting mindsets is indeed tiring. But if you don't shift a paradigm or two, there would be no way to take into account everyone and everything. Holding too rigidly to anything will choke even the best of intentions.

This might be the most helpful epiphany I've had – no one will fully be able to appreciate the epiphanies that don't belong to them. That's what makes us so unique, though we share the same genetic codes, body structure, chemicals and elements, thoughts, opinions, emotions, experiences, etc. etc. etc. Living really does rock – it's just all the silly extras we've created that jumble it up and make it difficult.

I really do love your spirit. I wish you the best, and am confident that you'll be just fine, whatever you may do. :)
06 Oct 2008 rediah im 16 and really depressed and thinking about suicide help me please.
05 Oct 2008 Waiting Do you think my life is sad? Every week what i look forward to is going to my brother's apartment to play a game. thats the highlight of my week. all my friends have alienated me. and all the people at my current school are assholes to me. then I come back to this place I call home and my parents yell at me for not doing a certain chore...whats the point of this? why do I live like this? Personally I think its pathetic, especially since most people would believe these kind of things are petty things to stress out about..
04 Oct 2008 Somebody's Baby Help me kill my time, because I'll never be fine.
04 Oct 2008 sarah i am 12 years old and my hated life it is a tragic story that is too depressing for me to bring up but, i have tryed to commit suicide 4 times and each time i was never able to do it cause someone would come home or something, and i had told my best friend joslyn and she told her mom, her mom threatened me that she would call the cops but i made joslyn swear to her mom not to tell anyone to this day on we are not friends due to her careing to much about me, cause shes afraid if i die she'll have noone cuz we dont have many friends and were not the hottest girls on earth and have shitty ass lives, before we began breaking up our friendship we planned to run away and kill each other by jumping in front of a train together but when we tryed my 6 yr old cusin wouldent leave my side and wouldent stop following cause he knew what we were gonna go do. and right now im doing okay now that were not friends i geuss its for the best but i still have thoughts of it... so kids, just do whats best, for you, friends and family, kill yourself if you may, even if you must but plz for mine and everyone else's sake make sure its for the best!
02 Oct 2008 the poet's entourage What's with being left out and feeling like its your fault entirely?

02 Oct 2008   God saved me. This is a website that may be a true eye-opener for you:
01 Oct 2008 IM OUT well, today is the day that i kill myself. its been a long waited plan for 2 years and it will now happen. i have no one, im not worthy of having friends, i found that out just in the last 2 days, i am a loner and will be til i have committed suicide then i will have friends when i get to the other life. oh and if he ever comes on here yes I DO LOVE U AND MISS U but you were blind to see it. peace muther fuckin out.
30 Sep 2008 beto well not so sure but u can always lick as much frogs as u can

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