Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Sep 2008   prolong your death with alcoholism
23 Sep 2008 anonymous Just a different spin on 'Autodecapitation'...

The rope doesn't need to be tied to anything but your neck. Lean your head out the car or bus window, toss the loose end out on the freeway and (assuming it's long enough) it will be caught under the wheel, apply all the weight on that wheel and momentum of the car at 102fps (at 70MPH - or whatever speed you're going) to the rope and rip your head right off 'instantly'.

Works from any position in a car as long as the car's going over about 40MPH. Even a jump-rope wrapped around the neck should do from the back seat of a small car. In something like a school bus, you'll want to sit just in front of the rear wheels, and do it while the driver and other passengers are distracted.

Has the added bit of denial for people shy about pulling the trigger. You can believe 'maybe it won't even get caught under the wheel'. But not for long.

If you're driving, be sure to set the cruise control so you can add a blood-spattered, driverless, rampaging car to the carnage along with the bloody head bouncing around the freeway from fender to bumper. It might even become a 'meat missile' into oncoming traffic, or just be run over by a truck wheel and splattered all over the place like a watermelon.

Definitely closed-casket.

Maybe a fun Halloween trick.

Not really much more gruesome than other motor vehicle carnage can be, though it's guaranteed to be mega-traumatic for everyone who witnesses it.
23 Sep 2008 Natalie Mitchell Right now i'm 14 and at this moment im thinking of a way to kill myself...I have birth control pills but I dont think theyll work. And i dont have any sleeping pills. So maybe Ill just take a whole bunch of this and that and hope for the best. I've had 2 close friends commit suicide. Thing is people always say im overreacting cause my parents dont even hit me or anything. but i want to help my family by killing myself because then they wont have to pay for my school tuition or anything anymore....
23 Sep 2008 Tyler i rate take a whole shit load of your moms pain killers, and a loads of alcohol....
works for me.. :)
22 Sep 2008 Dakota The best way to kill yourself is like chopping a fish in two. I have tried many times. I fell in love with this girl who is always there when i need to talk. We both have tried to commit suicide. See every thing about her says yes.But i figured instead it is easier to way and go into the military and pray to go to the Iraqy war. See my dream is to come back to my middle school and tell her goodbye. Mostly because she is a my age but she got held back so i will be able to say my goodbyes her. I will always love how she is always telling me not to hurt myself bcuze then i would be hurting her.Everybody take an easy do one bone at a time, or the best thing to do is get a quad bike and go super fast and turn and u will flip and mostly be injured so much where u might not even live. In the next year i will be buying my next quad bike and maybe a dirtbike.
21 Sep 2008   im going to do it becaus emouchette reaslly doesnt care since she never posts my stuiff
21 Sep 2008 oh where oh where ive written 4 things and still none of them have been posted!! where the eff are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 Sep 2008 suicide2008 Jody,
Your my idol and thank you.
Please write me ASAP!!!
thank you,
20 Sep 2008 suicide2008 At this time I think of you
Your eyes so bright
Your heart so true
I never got through to you
Your prick ways messed with my head
I'm at the end of this rope
Must go tighten it on my throat
Death is near and death has come
20 Sep 2008 raveprincess i tried to kill myself nd im only 13 my birthday is in less than 2 weeks[sept. 29] nd i jump off my roof nd had 2 broken ribs.
i tried again and cracked my skull.
i tried again and started cutting myself.
i loved it bt then my parents caught on and put me in therapy it helped alot and i want to help other kids deal with their problems email me for futher help call dawson mccalister 1.800.394.hope
please call it help really!!! he helped meh and everything is confedential.
19 Sep 2008 Spooky Penguin pffft.

I still write here, what a joke. I'm a joke. We're all jokes. Anyways I'm no here to pester you with ridiculous ideology or stupid sentences that you can't relate to. No, no, I'm here to call upon another of your worthless twats. In-fact I've read the posts of Kuborion and all of the relevant and witty things he has to say to you lot of readers.
God if there's any hope for meaning you'll find it in the things that he writes.(or she, not sure sorry.)

Your fucking brilliant Kuborion, please continue being brilliant and writing short things I can read then run outside and think about over a cigarette.

Yours truly,

Spooky Mother Fucking Penguin
19 Sep 2008   This is a website that has profound things to say about life and God that you might appreciate:
19 Sep 2008 Troy Troy says

hey guys
mouchette why are you taking
so long to update the page,i've done
like 3 other posts and they all have
Educational information in them like this one related to the topic

are you running sin clair 2k?

gah windows is so gay,it feels like im typing with a
Ojiui board,someone hack windows and change the start
theme to korn so microsoft commits suicide already.


ok Mouchette

who do you think would win?

Mr. Hyde or the hulk?

gucess what i pick locks with?


my cia issue lock pick,my credit card
thats right,my credit card and my foot
on the door.


gucess what i did today?

guys,i get about 15 spam email messages a day
if you never check it,you should have about
800 spam messages by now if your with windows
hotmail,the spam messages are Usually about
something really annoying,either legal european
vigra or used sex dolls,i got an email that made
it thru the spam fitler.

Personal Dietician
No more cravings - just compliments. A plan that truly works.

wtf google thinks im a fat chick now?

sorry ladies who are err,lets say my cawk isn't big enough for


ok guys what i was doing is whoever spamed my email address i would
send them a email with the title hammer time,and when they opened
it they would see that i just sent them the lyrics to-
MC hammer-U Can't Touch This

i've sent about 10 in the last week,im sure a few of those spammers
are saying WTF ITS MC HAMMER,i just got owned.

Mc hammer-U Can't Touch This

who ever wants to listen to it.

watch the famliy guy version of it.

peter time

*suicide suggestion*

a classic way to die would be to leave the hair dryer pluged in
and drop it in the bath tub while your in it,with the tub with
water in it.

you would die knowing you did it like they did it in the

i can't think of a more Dignified way to go.

Lethal injection is not the way to go
they make you wear Diapers,cos ppl who
die that way crap there pants.

thank miss b for that,she told me
i had no idea,i was gonna do that cos
my parents plan to kick me out in a week
either that or sign up for an organ donors
card and comatose,but its ok for now,a meeting
about Rental assistance was canceled and changed
so i have another week.


the person that was gonna pick me up,had to visit her
husband in hospital,im glad that happened,they were
Patronizing and using me,and yet they still expect me
work for there drool on your self and fart smell company.

Troy says

18 Sep 2008 Easier Said Than Done No-One Ever Finds Life Worth Living; They Have To Make It Worth Living
18 Sep 2008 Please kill me now I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with me. Just something very very wrong with this fucked up world. I'm not sick and i'm not mental the only sick is i'm fucking SICK OF ALL THE SHIT. I have a right to feel this way. Anyone does. And without being judged or sent away to a mental place or drugged up. Aren't people allowed to feel? But just because others see it as a bad thing the tell us its wrong and that needs to be fixed. Why can't we just die if we want. I'm not afraid of death and i ask for it every day. I am a coward. But in the way that i'm too cowardly to end my life myself. I'm not selfish. Fuck all the people who say i am. People wanting me to carry on living in this pain are the selfish ones. Because who would wish that of anyone? To live a life of pain? If you ask me that sounds rather more selfish to me. I'm not trying to hurt anyone but i just can't be bothered anymore. I can't wait to die and just wish this life would hurry up and take me. I'm pretty sure everyone will get over it and forget about me. At least i can say i tried. But it didn't work.
Well fingers crossed my time comes soon...
17 Sep 2008 Kuborion Hmmm... I wonder whad death feels like.
Please, guys, if any of you actually kills him/herself, come and tell me.
Pretty please.
17 Sep 2008 mike hurt me therefore i will die! im kill myself tonight. whats the best way? slit wrists? overdose? drowning? hanging? what?
17 Sep 2008 please post he did exactly like eveyone else done in my life. walk all over me then turn around and leave me, backstab me. guys are jerks! especially every one named mike!
15 Sep 2008 please post because of so many people and so much shit im gunna drowm myself in the lake tonight at midnight. there is no one there for me. people just push me away. they hang out with me then after a few months they move on saying "i will try" in reference to calling me. i am done and therefore i will die a happy die tonight for my spirit will be free!!
12 Sep 2008 Chad Austin I dont even know where to start. I was born i guess is a good place to start. My aunt physically and sexually abused me. All I know is I am thinking about suicide. I need someone to talk to. I cant take this. I just want to die.

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