Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Apr 2008 Al Stepheny,

If you're thinking of killing yourself, please know that's not the answer. If you read the other posts I've put on here you'll know that I can say from the heart that there is hope. I nearly killed myself years ago and today I am so glad I didn't! I found freedom from my pain and healed. You can too. I'd love to talk more. Please email me.

02 Apr 2008 Al Megan,

I read your post. It sounds like you're going through a lot. I'd love to talk more and try to be there for you. There is such hope. You can work through this and heal from whatever you've been through (I know from personal experience). You can be happy again. Please email me.

02 Apr 2008 Al La tua cantante,

It sounds like you have been through a lot. It also sounds like past memories have been torturing you. I can say there is freedom from your pain, and suicide is not the answer. I have heard some of the worst stories imaginable and I've seen people find freedom from their pain. Most people who want to kill themselves don't actually want to die, they just want the pain to stop. You can heal from whatever you've been through and go on to lead an amazing life. I'd love to talk more. Please email me. Your not alone.

02 Apr 2008 Johnny Rage what you'll need is a 20 ft tall building, some super glue, and about 15 ft of cheese or piano wire... so here's what you do, secure one end of the wire to the building, and then secure the other end snuggly around your throat... squirt some super glue onto your dick beaters and stick em to the sides of your head... now take a feet first dive off the building... the end result is the wire decapitates you and since your hands are glued to you melon it looks like you ripped you own head off... if you wanna go for a bonus, find a buddy who's equally suicidal and have him do the same deal, except super glue your hands to the other person's head, then it looks like you ripped off the other person's noggin... you've been a great audience, i'll be here all week
02 Apr 2008 Chet The best way to commit suicide is to wash your face with water and Say it outload"I commited Suicide" "and this is not me I am the New me" Face all your old problem and clear it, nothing is immposible to clear it, and live life like if it were your last days do ur best in everything
doesn't matter if it work out, when people says you are a loser or quiter they have no idea that you are the stronger person than they are, they put u down, show them that u can put yourself up never quit even if you try, try agian, fail try again. u'll beat that son of a bitch some day. The funny thing is PPl now a days are having research on How to extend life form and you are researching how to shorten it , Trust me not worth it, the following things may scare the shit out of you Buddist religon believes if you suicide, you go to hell and you get totured for 1000 of years and for the first 500 years u will be put to climp a tree full of needle and if u fall u fall into burning hot lava, but u don't die u just get tortured by the heat and things and everyday they will put a needle or a pin beneath your nail until it reachesur upper arm, Okay next is Catholic if u suicide you will be raped over and over for eternity , for Indian religons believe that u will be stinged by millions of scorpion and snakes above you.

And this is exceptionally for commiting suicide if you lost your love ones, if they truly love you they will want you to stay alive and have a good life and if you insist on commiting suicide u will never ewer see them again no matter what u will be condemn into darkness and never return
01 Apr 2008 Marc Everybody stop! I posted on this website years ago when I was depressed. I didn't know what to do, I hated my life, and I wanted to kill myself. I even got kicked out of school because somebody found my post on this website. four years later I've learned something about life that I would like to share with you suicidals. First things first, for those of you who think that there might be one last chance for someone before you kill yourself. I'm not a self righteous guy, but I believe that me and you should talk. Email me. I'll tell you my life story, and trust me, you'll want to have tissues present. And if your comfortable, you tell me your life story. Tell me whats wrong and I promise I won't just judge you because four years ago I was slicing my wrists with a razor blade. I just never cut deep enough. I have the scars to prove it if you want to see them. My AIM screen name is fatherxix and my email Is I don't want you to kill yourself, however if you need help to slice deeper or pull the trigger, or jump or something to chase all those pills you swallowed, Alcohol. Lots of it. It isn't called liquid courage for marketing reasons. Seriously though for everyone ewlse that would like to talk, Fatherxix is my AIM. is my email, Marc B. Anthony is my facebook, is my myspace. Unfortunately there is no other way to contact me via the internet. However if are a genuine person and can contact me any other way and are serious about killing yourself we can talk via phone
01 Apr 2008 bRIAN The best way I have figured out as far as painless goes is to don't include blood. At least for me, ending my life is as a relief that I can't wait to experience. There is nothing that i can say to change anybodys mind. LOTS of Xnx, Dixopn, and alcohol. That will do it. I don't want any person to to do it, but if your gonna do it might as well to it right the first time. Who ever reads this i plead not to follow through with it. It's not worth it. Especially when they are sticking that huge tube down your throat and it hurts like hell. iT GETS BETTER.
01 Apr 2008 Megan. I'm only 14 and you probebly wont believe me when I say it but, I would say the best way to kill yourself is to not. Trust me, its better. I've attempted suicide 13 times and for some reason I'm still alive. When I think about it, I realize what I'm leaving behind me, my friends, and the people who love me. Sometimes I feel like they dont love me, and I often feel that way all the time. I dont want to whine about whats happened to me, whats happened, happened, its how I feel now that makes it worse. I hate waking up every day and seeing the smiling faces of everyone, you see how they really feel, you can see if there hurt, or if there happy, but for some reason, my best friend cant understand how i feel. I told her how I was feeling, she cant tell I feel it now. Its not even been a year since I told her. She doesnt understand that I'm asking for her help. Now I know killing myself cant help, but just thinking about how nice it would be to not feel any of this. I still stand by my statement, just dont, just imagine how you will leave your family. Like some people stories tell of how bad there family life it, imagine how they would take it, your family would go deeper into there bad habits. I find it would be horrible to leave my family in a worse state than now, but anyways, just think about it.
01 Apr 2008 mimi crawl into the oven its cosy and warm and i love it in there
31 Mar 2008 Liz x If u guys realy didnt care bout ur lives nemore u wudnt b on ere asking 4 advice. u obviously valu ur life more than u think + thats gr8, its jst circumstances hav dragged u deep in2 depression. If u want sum1 2 chat 2, email me
31 Mar 2008 hefs i wish i could just sleep for ever and ever. im tired and cant sleep. i hvae to be up at 7 for school and still im awake at almost 2am. please i need some sleep and want to be on time but i can not get any... i try to shut my eyes but i lay here while i try and fall aslep. please help
30 Mar 2008 christine my family and friends suck. i dont think i will be having anyone to help me move..... everyone and everything sucks!!!!!
28 Mar 2008   i need friends... i wish i had friends
27 Mar 2008 help please its the way out when you have nothing or nobody there for u
27 Mar 2008 la tua cantante. the memories come back so vividly some days. its becoming harder and harder to forget. i can't talk to anyone about it because i refuse to accept that it happened. but it did. and i pray to god to just erase it from my head. but he won't. because i was bad. and i'm being punished for it. bleeding seems to calm me. but i can't cut no more. i made a promise. i feel so alone right now. i'm scared.
25 Mar 2008 Nancy Hey. I'm Nancy. I'd like to hear about your problems and I'd like to save your life. You matter to this world. E-mail me at
25 Mar 2008 Nancy Hey it's Nancy here. I'm fucking depressed but I love hearing people's problem. It's my calling. I'm here to help. E-mail me at I will e-mail you back as soon as possible! I care a lot! :D
25 Mar 2008 jodie marsh ok, so i found this page through my ex. fuck so much happens in life. at the mo i feel like i need to get all this off my chest. my bf dumped me because he couldnt handle being me. i am officially fucked up. i tried to help my bf with his problems but he wont open up. apparently he thinks i woudnt understand him. whats fucked me off the most is the fact he thinks i havent been through near as much shit as he has but he is wrong. we only lasted just over two weeks and we hadnt really sat down and talked about things. what i cant get my head around is the fact he's 17 and im 15. ok thats no the problem its the fact that before he took my virginity i asked him if he was gonna dump me after but he said no. the day after i heard fuck all from him and that swhen i realized what a HUGE mistake i had made. i went around to his yesterday to try and sort it out but i dont think its gonna work. he wont open up to me. he doesnt realize what he's done to me. its not the fact that hes taken my virginity its that when i was a kid i was sexually abused by my birth father and i really trusted alex but he goes and does this. it makes me feel SOOOO dirty and it brings back all these memorize i have of the past. i dont hate alex i just want to sort this out because i know there is no way on this earth i could live day by day without him. i just want someone to love and understand me and not take advantage of me. thats not too much to ask is it??
25 Mar 2008 Chris Now tell me if this is odd. I want to kill myself or die in some other fashion, so I can get out of this world. I hate humans, I hate this world, I hate this life. I really wonder what happens when you die. I don't want to be human, I know that much. Animals are nice, but still... I want to know what happens when you die. And what better way to find out than by killing yourself? I'm sure this sounds odd. But then again we are all a little messed up in the head I think. I just don't like it here, I want to get out of this world, and away from humans. I want to know what happens when I die, and since I don't like it here, I don't want to wait for myself to die in 60 years or whatever. What would really be sad though, is if I died, and came back as a human again. That would really piss me off. But then again, I wouldn't know it. I guess it all depends on what you think happens when you die. None of us really know, and I don't think we ever will. But I wouldn't mind killing myself to find out. Although I am chicken >.< But I'll get around to it some time, I hope. Many people say, if you don't like your life, change it. Well, I would have to say to them, it can't be changed in the way I want it to be changed. This world is completely screwed up. Humans are generally evil, and we are all killing each other anyway. Why not kill myself? First of all, money. What is the deal with money? I think it's the stupidest thing around! Money truly is the root of human evil. People are killed over money. The world is destroyed over money. Money is evil. Humans are evil. You should be allowed to kill yourself. You should be allowed to kill someone who is on their deathbed if they want you to. But noooo. Everyone wants to save you. Everyone wants to save everyone else. They want to keep you alive when your 90 years old and have so many problems your confined to a hospital bed. That is so so stupid. Why? Really... why? Let them go. If someone wants to leave this world, let them leave in peace. Don't try to keep them alive. If they are trying to kill themselves they are meant to kill themselves. Stop intervening. I really am sorry, this seems to have turned into a rant of sorts. I just have a lot on my chest. Things I really don't like about this world and the people in it. This is all why I want to die and leave this place. And since I obviously can't depend on anyone else to do the job for me, I will have to do it myself. But no, I'm not going to jump up, go out, and try to kill myself. I believe an opportunity will present itself in due time. I do not believe in God, Heaven, and Hell. But I do believe there is some type of higher power, as we are higher than animals. And that there is fate and destiny... AND freewill. Your life is planned out for you, but you do alter that plan. So however you alter it, it is still a plan. So for instance, if you want to kill yourself, like me for example, and you do succeed, your life path ended at you killing yourself. Meaning it was MEANT to happen. Anyway, please feel free to email me and talk with me. Please do. I would like to hear from you. chris604gcom [@] hotmail [.] com
24 Mar 2008 alex N hey its been a while since i have last posted on here but i thought i would pop on n say hey.. anyway i just wanna tell every1 now about atlancia and the main reason why i do not want to be here on this planet. but first i just wanna let ppl know that i do not have the coping resurses of the average person cuz i do suffer from clinical dperession witch is meh. but hey i lean to live with it i learn how to survive. anyway what is atlancia. well in a short word it is my planet. its where i wanna b. i belive it is part of limbo (limbovia) when we die we will go there and go 2 any planet there what we wanna, atlancia is a technology/christian planet with christianity and god right at the center. basically there is so much to say but i have no idea where 2 start.. so

here goes
atlancia started out about 8 years ago as a kinda space ship lol, and then it was officially made into a planet in 2005, since then its just grown and grown into the huge place it is today not to mention the number of planets connected to it. well that is gods plan,, the new earth. i am the admin well co-creator of atlancia and i have tried to kill myself 19 times to go there, still not got lucky yet. although the next oppitunity will be in august where i wont get stood up i hope. becuase the onli way that i reli wanna die is by gun but i always have a blade on be so if things get that desperate i guess i can just cut my wrists. nyhoo atlancia is miles better than this planet could be. technology makes sure of that, there is no money on atlancia so you are not a slave to it! although you are limited on what you can get each day but all the stuff is repoduced by computers anyway so it doesnt reli matrter, all elci comes from the sun well 6 suns that atlancia has even though the average outside temp on A is around -220c other planets are hotter we are one of the coldest. uhhh there is so much more i could go on about but im not gna cuz i cant think str8, n as 4 this hittin rock bottom thing. i hit that along time ago n then i found god and at leaste he has made me kinda happy cuz i no that when i do die i will be dyin for something amazing.. atlancia (limbovia) the futer of earth, well thats whats been in my head for the last 8 years anyway.. thanks

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