Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Jun 2008 kf weither you want to believe it or not, i have had thoughts of dieing since the first grade. i remember spacificly what i had done one day in that class, till this day i strugle. I was looking up the easiest way to die, and i came across this site. I have attempted suicide a couple years ago, in ninth grade, although my parents still dont know, i still live with the consiquenses. Ive been picked on and assulted since elementery school for being overweight, in special education classes, and even just liking the things i like. Ive had technically two boyfriends both fucked up freaks, (trust me if you knew them you'd agree), in high school i had a crush on my friend who she constently had asked me out, saying she was by and leading me on, till the last day of school where she told me she was only playing around with me, she was never bi and that she could never date any one like me. I now have a fiance, who should be visiting from the uk on the 10th. but things have been going horribly wrong, I am not elligible for finacial aid, my job(now second for same reason) is basicly harrasing me yet not enough to go to corp. for,my mother is worse then ever now that shes collecting unemplyoment and staying home everyday for abount a monh and a half now(shes been with her company for 11 years and now all of assuden they "got rid" of her postion), my mother is bi polar and in denial and always blames me for things i havent done or for not getting straight A's and honor roll like her; My real father when i was an infent, had kidnapped me for about two months, (mom got me back, but weekend coustody with my father continued), he had basicly abandoned me for his girlfriend when i was 13. when my parents were together, it was an abusive relationship. Around 3 or so my mother was with my step-father. He is sometimes nice to me now. Hes angered easily, his cultural up bringing has brought him into believeing that women are low, bet their children and they tell the woman what to do. Although i have been around him since i was 3 i still feel uneasy and unconfertable with him. up until sixth grade i had no friends, literaly no one, my best friend was in eighth grade whilst i was in sixth. we're still friends. Ive been with my fiance about 1 year and four months now. i met him on xbox360 playing Phantasy Star. he lives in the uk as i had mentioned and i live in the us. I know what hes doing and where hes at pretty much all of the time. recently hes been kind of nitching at me, critising and useing fat jokes(ive told him not to on many occasions). Im also rather paranoid, to be honest i dont think anyone has acctualy read this far and im sorry if im have been annoying, and some what boring.

i had an episode that i have never encountered before a couple months ago, only my fiance and i know about it. he had started stating i was controling his life and that i was ruinging the night.aparently he didnt even relise what was happening until i had emailed him what he said a few nights later. I lost it i couldnt stop shaking all i could say was im sorry and rock back and forth. for maybe a hour to an hour and a half he had left video chat,thats when it all started to happen. i had gotten tremors which i couldnt tell if it was from stress or due to the complications from the ninth grade. i felt like i hurt him, i made him angery. after an hour and a half he had sent me a video chat invite, and then noticed what was happening, i started to be more responcive after he tried to help me. i couldnt stop saying sorry and i didint stop shaking until next day.

ever since i could rememeber i can here my mom yelling my name, its very clear, i would here it and then id ask her if she callled and she said no, theres been times where my ears would start ringing and id go blind for a moment. i dont understand anything anymore, ive just been getting more andmore depressed and i feel like i might do something.
02 Jun 2008 Al LHLHY, jo, kill me already, AND TO EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS,

I know you're all going through a lot. Let me tell you from my personal experience... THERE IS HOPE. Life can really be terrible sometimes, it can seem hopeless, but it's not. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things can get better. You may not realize it right now, but you have a purpose for being on this earth. You're not here by accident. And you must keep on living to discover and live out that purpose. I would love to talk more, and try to encourage you and and be a friend. Please email me.

02 Jun 2008 Al Dear Tired of Diapers,

It's great to hear from you! I am happy to hear that there may be a way to ease your condition! I really hope it works out for you. But either way, your life is worth living (please re-read my previous posts). Please let me know any updates you get about the procedure.

02 Jun 2008 ktnsara just dont fuckin do it u losers christians are well fuckin sick in fact all religion is fucked up!!!!!!!!!!
01 Jun 2008 Jeff Take the light and darken everything around me
Call the clowns and listen closely I'm lost without you
Call your name every day when I feel so helpless
I've fallen down but I'll rise above this, rise above this

Hate the mind, regrets are better left unspoken
For all we know, this void will grow
And everything's in vain, distressing you though it leaves me open
Feels so right, but I'll end this all before it gets me

Call your name every day when I feel so helpless
I've fallen down but I'll rise above this, rise above this
Call your name every day when I seem so helpless
I've fallen down, and I'll rise above this, rise above this doubt

I'll mend myself before it gets me
(I'll mend myself before it gets me)
I'll mend myself before it gets me
(I'll mend myself before it gets me)

Call your name every day when I feel so helpless
I've fallen down but I'll rise above this, rise above this
Forty eight ways to say that I'm feelin' helpless
I'm Falling down, falling down, but I'll rise above this, rise above this,
Rise above this, rise above this doubt
01 Jun 2008 estaban vajillo dear mouchette,
it is intriguing to me as to why you continue this madness. i dont mean that in a mean way either. i wouldnt keep a website like this running for very long. i think it would loose intrest. which is my curiosity why you keep doing this. is it the movie? are you that much a die hard fan of the movie? is it to look at how pathetic people are? is it to say i do/dont have it that bad? is it because sometimes your life gets boring and you just need something to do? im not saying you should be shut down. or that i blame you.

why do i come here? because i am suicidal and completely addicted to this website. i think because it gives me insight on how others lead shitty lives and how it makes them feel. i think it makes me a more efficient predator to learn what weaknesses one has due to lifes hardships and then i can exploit them.
01 Jun 2008 Kuborion Everything will be all right in the end.
If it's not all rtight, it's not the end.
31 May 2008 62meandyou Individuals who happen upon this site and bitch about how terrible it is need to get a life. If people want to die then it is their right to die. who are you, mortality police? Leave the miserables alone.
31 May 2008 for mike w i still loved you and you were blind, you never cared, or showed that you had the resepct and love for me like you said you did. i am now gone and it's all because of you. Because of you I never stray too far from the sidewalk. Because of you I am afraid. Because of you. Because of you. You never gave us a chance and you never will, so stop leading me and start being honest with me. this is why i didnt return your calls and I CANNOT TEXT back because it costs money!!! stop being a jerk to me now!!!!
31 May 2008 chris ana my name is chris i dont normally email but you remind me so much of my girlfriend she was anorexic as well she killed herself in 2004 it has totally ruined my life i hope you get so help you are so young and have so much to live for if you wana email feel free
31 May 2008 pamela38 the best way to kill yourself when you are under thirteen is a fast way : throw yourself in front of a big truck on the highway, or in front of a passing train. It doesn't come in a sweatly backed box, and it's free.
31 May 2008 nice guy. everyone here hates you big al.

go away.
31 May 2008   mouchette please stop posting als posts.

he just makes me sadder.
31 May 2008 at the bottom... al i just want to know if you are doing what you are doing because you think it will please god or get you in better with him? you being a youth minister and all.
i want to tell you something about your god and bible al. in the book of revelation it says john got grabbed up by a lock of his hair by an angel. and a loud voice says to all in heaven who is worthy to open the seal. he looks and sees no one and begings to cry. then the angel says to stop crying we found one. he looks again and he sees a lamb slain on an alter.
there was no youth minister saying praise god 700 saved in my congregation on sunday.
god shares his glory with no man. no flesh. therefore all your work is in vainity. god dosent need your help. im quite sure however he dosent caRE about how my/your/anyones life is. thats why it is so shitty.
al i want to say from the bottom of my heart, fuck you.
30 May 2008 Jeff I don't know if some of you think about what you're saying sometimes. Some of you would make the most horrible suicide counsellors.

Someone posted this a while ago and I saved it because it is so true, think about it:

one of the main reasons peeps wanna kill themselves is cuz other peeps saying things like dont be selfish by killing yourself, think about the people you will leave behind.

isnt that the most selfish thing ever. dont kill yourself because "i" will be so sad. i know ur sad to the point you dont want to breath but i will be so sad. so dont do that to me.

its low level metality types that say things ,like this, that will push a suicidal person over the edge.
because u dont get it, u are not there for them, and they have no reason to believe you will be.

instead of talking about yourself and you wanna help why dont u talk about something besides yourself. after all your biggest problem is someone u know killed themself. not problems u have making life unbearable to the point of self murder.

Seriously think about that. The person is so sad that they want to kill themself, and the best you can come up with is "don't kill yourself because it will hurt the people who love you"!? Get a freaking clue! That kind of logic is not real to someone who is enduring thoughts of suicide. You seriously need to think about things like this, because that is really the type of lack of understanding that will drive a person to the edge in the first place.
30 May 2008 the boss you people are sick telling children how to kill themselves do you not have a concionce or what? my stepdad shot himself when i was 12 and i find this disgusting and cruel. even if it is supposedly playing why in the hell would you teach children how to kill themselves? would you feel bad if they actually did it? suicide is NOT a game and it's not fun how disgusting you people are! uhhhhh you should all burn in hell!
30 May 2008 Tim Hi, I would like to tell you that suicide is not a good solution to resolve problems. I did feel like commiting suicide when I felt unloved, uncared for and its like nobody bothers to help me solve my problem, no one who cares to hear my sadness and burdens in my heart. I also tend to search for emo pictures to describe myself. But you see, the thing is that, if one keeps on telling himself/herself that he/she is no good, keep telling him/herself that is sick almost everyday, eventually, the person will become sick or emotional overtime.

As you know, we always think that no body cares or loves us, but we were wrong, there are people who does care for us and love us. But it is just that we refuse to believe that they care. I give you an example. Let's say a friend loves you alot and cares for you so much, but the problem is that we do not notice their love for us and take them for granted. Then you come to a point where you are upset and cannot find the meaning in life, the only thing you can think of is suicide. You try ways and means to make yourself happy but you end up in a much deeper pit and you will start to have stress accumulating. Then you will become depressed and the thing you can only think of is suicide. Well, let me tell you this. The people that you think do not care for you are actually the ones that care for you the most.

If you kill yourself, what do you think your friends and loved ones will feel? They will definately feel sad and will be feeling strange. They might ask, why did he/she die, was it my fault, so please think for others as well as think for yourself. Dont hurt yourself as it will definately hurt your loved ones ok?

Take care of yourself.
29 May 2008 I hope you read this. you never cared or meant the things you said to me, and now i could be gone, all because of you. i said so much stuff about how much you meant to me, you never listened to me, you never replied back to my emails, or called me. you never treated me right. and i think you should know when i said i cared and truly did love you i meant it. now he wants nothing to do with me. i told you i thought you were the one, i said i really did care, and you were blind to see it. i gave you so many chances to spend time with me. i wonder if you could get your head out of the sand and see what i really am. you never gave me a chance and you never will. i love you and always will, but it must be time for me to fall out of love with you unless you give me a chance.
29 May 2008 mummy dieing the only death i know is breathing, hearing, seeing, tasteing, smelling, feeling, LIVEING.
29 May 2008 tired of diapers Al,

I found out from my dr. that there is a procedure that may work so i can get out of diapers!!! i am so happy. but if this doesnt work then i still have to wear the diapers for the rest of my life, so i hope it works!! otherwise, i will be bummed. It is also a costly procedure and i hope insurance will pay for most of it, otherwise i can not do it and will be stuck in diapers. if it doesnt work i will end my life, so i really hope the procedure will help me get out of diapers.

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