Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Dec 2008 Da Devils son Dont commit suicide! The reason why you are feeling that way is because of people in society. Why should you punish yourself when in actuality they should be punished. People dont care about you, they really only want to better themselves even if it means to hurt you. dont let people tell you to stop acting like a victim because YOU are the victim and and they made you that way. So dont kill yourself, kill ALL of them instead.
06 Dec 2008 Snakeman If your searching out for help with your suicidal tendancies, from your friends, your family or even on the net. Dont fol yourself any longer. Speaking to someone or even therapy will never change the fact that you've been hurt. Whether it be a fist, a finger or even a dick, it wasn't meant to go so deeply inside your tight little pooper. And uncle Joes big toe should have never been near your little pre pubesant genitals. Even if you pussy looked like a piece of cotton candy covering a paper cut. Suicide is a great escape from all this pain, even if it hasn't happened to you yet. Spare yourself. My pesonal favorite recomendation is to paper cut your whole body, then roll yourself down a hill of hereoin ( Ratsac can be used as cheaper alternative). This seemingly painless yet highly effective method has proved itself as a number one method time and time again amongst most of my old friends. Remember Life sometimes just aint worth it. Take the Snakeman death roll into consideration, you'll be remembered that way
05 Dec 2008   all u lil fuckers that wanna kill urself do the world a favour and do it!!!! seriously get over it ur under 13. u dnt even kno wat its like out in the real world. i kno that there are some kids that really hav problems but really there are too many kids that think they hav life so hard wen really they havnt gone through shit!!!!
04 Dec 2008 meet a guy death by heartache
04 Dec 2008 Jess Neufeld I am not 13, I don't have any problems, I drink when I go out with friends, I don't do drugs. My family is unreal and loving, I have lots of friends, I play a university sport, YET I still feel sad. I can't tell people whats wrong when they ask because I don't even know whats wrong. I just sometimes think that life is not worth it and life after death would be so much easier. I have so much going for me, but i just always feel the pressure, like maybe i dont want to be successful. Sometimes I feel myself wanting to have an abusive family or a drug problem or go to jail, just so I have something wrong with me! What is my problem?
04 Dec 2008 xxemoqueenxx look if your into killing yourself that bad im here to help. i have tried so many times and it has not worked. i have many reasons y i wanna stop, but i tried suicide because i used to be abused, verbally and physically. i dont anymore but it was hard to overcome it. i will help anyone that would talk to me. it will be only between u and me. noone else. ill try my best to understand and help u and ill listen. so e-mail me if you want.
03 Dec 2008 Troy Troys guide to escaping the mental ward.

*note* to hide guide put a fake to do list over
it with a paper Staple and a fudge "think postive"
note on the footnote of the to do list page.



to do:




your mental status.

step 1 checkmate.

you need to leave your docter in the dark with your
mind set in order to leave.

you have to leave him in check mate.

so he doesn't know if your subtley withdrawing
in a bad or in a good way.

like the orgins of social withdrawal.
he must not know your reasons.

step 2

don't make any drastic actions into
reaction of how they responded to the
reason,you are being held there.

do subtle slow changes and he won't
suspect spoofed recovery.
ir you don't or are not what the
docter said you had.

hint pointer.

all ungraceful actions will make
them tighten there grip on you.

last note...

above all

don't be hostile.

keep your chin up.

ok now the reasons for steps 1 and 2.

step 1 is so your docter can't be certain on your
mental status and can't force you to talk openly
and therefore giving him nothing to hold you
against your will.

step 2 is a spoof recovery,this is a play,to
make it look like you just got over your tramua
induced state and woke up from a delusional world.
but its only an act to get you out.

this means,only the sane ppl use
this method,insane ppl are normal.

now about sucide,if you have nothing going
for you,believe me we have all been there.

i am not afriad to die,im just afriad of failure.

listen to this...
youtube - popcorn by hot butter!!! (original)

thats the music from my year 9 sex eductaion video.

think of it this way when you were born you won the

gods pocket watch has a tear drop on it with the kiss dynasty

666 the beast breathes fire to kiss dynasty i was made for loving you.mp3

just make sure if you do it,its what you want before you do it.
i got thrown in a mental ward for being normal (insane)

*passing a psyche docter test cheat*

answer yes or no.

say the sky is blue.

i remmber my gf's birthday.

the meaning of life is 42.

and i hate abba.

also say ink blots are fun
they remind me of a venus sperm trap.

for any questions questioning my sanity
that are in my favor the answer will be

if the context is in my favor.

also a problem seems to be caused by LOL_I_DUNNO_WHAT_IS_WRONG_WITH_YOUR_COMPUTER

for all other answers press hash

#go fish..

Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At
plays...please wait your call will be
answered shortly.

tele adverts.

Dr Kawashima's Brain Washing
The point where Nintendo was forced to use subliminal messaging to sell its new product.
"Look into the are feeling are under my control... hear my
and you're back in the room".

Brittany spears newest perfume
Make your man, hiss and foam at the mouth.
With La smelly cat.

sudoku activity and an online degree was
detected your call was rejected.

Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night *plays*

ok just a few things you should know.

beware what ever you say infront of your docter
they can bend the truth and write it in 3 rd

whats common sense is if you hear voices
never ever admit to hearing them,thats just
common sense,else they will hold you against
your will a long time under the mental health
act 2008.

amanda van stones tantric mantra.

now when they hit you with sucide related
questions don't puase or stop to think
when they ask them or your fucked

just say no by default...

just be calm and collected
don't be sauve they hate it
its like satire to them.

remmber when the docter writes on your file
its in there words and not yours,beware.


Troy+melissa= trouble

R.I.P ROC....xD

03 Dec 2008 Troy Troy says

Hey guys guess where I was…xD

In a mental hospital,to make a long story short
,I tried to be funny infront of a psychologist
that had no sense of humor.

Eg; instead of saying “oh look its tom cruise”

Mina xD wink wink

Replace the tom cruise with borat…..LOL

I saw mohpus mowing his lawn,and then xenu
Came on my lawn and kicked my dog..etc..xD

For mouchettes sake here is my official suicide suggestion

Harakiri by wii remote.

(Japan) ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword; practiced by
warriors in the traditional Japanese society

Dr Kawashima's Brain Washing
The point where Nintendo was forced to use subliminal messaging to sell
its new product. "Look into the are feeling
are under my control... hear my voice...BUY A WII BUY A WII BUY A WII
BUY A WII... 321 and you're back in the room".

LOL ...xD



and oxymorons for all...

to be contined.....
03 Dec 2008 Chris when you try so hard and so long without success, when you can not sleep st night and the pain is crushing you. When there is nobody who undderstands you and the ones you talk to laugh at you. When people tell you "thats the stupiest thing to do". When you are 30 and you never felt love in your life - neither to give nor to take. When everything around you annoys you. When you wear a mask in front of everyone to keep your job and not to be thrown in an mental institute, because nobody understands you. When you are different and you cant say why. When nothing that you ever do really is fun. When youu cant remember the last time that you laughed. When you keep crying at night and there is nobody to care for you. When loneliness is the way of life. When you are too ugly and no girl considers you... When all hope is gone and despite waiting big time, it doesnt feel better. When you dont believe in miracles any longer.... all that is me. And dont you dare telling me that I dont have right for it!
03 Dec 2008 Tanya If anyone really is thinking about suicide and needs help and doesn't know what to do.. you can contact me and maybe i'll change your mind for suicide isn't the way to go at all.
02 Dec 2008 The heretic its my last day in the mental ward.

and i think i have found out the meaning of life.

the meaning of life is to live the life
your givin and not wrap it in cotton wool.

this doesn't mean you let your life go,
this means you should cherish your life
from beginning to end.

the meaning of life is reproof of
instruction,the search for truth.


the beast breathes fire to kiss dynasty - i was made for loving you.mp3

turn to gensis,death just gave you a
extra day to your life,cherish it.


the mental ward in australia

mental health act 2008

is fucked up

i see the sudoku firing squad torrow.

the best way to kill your self is the
death of hope.

chin up guys,the the amount of sorrow
a person can hold in there heart and
still keep his sanity is what
makes that person rank.

gods pocket watch has a tear drop on it
with the kiss dynasty symbol on it.

My doctors frequently shit there pants, they sense my dark masculinity
Every time I talk to them……xD

*kiss dynasty air guiter* xD

i'll be back....

wink at miss murder 667

02 Dec 2008 Claire Hey everyone,
Been reading a few of the responses on the website and just wanted to add my own thoughts. As much as I understand what people here are saying, the ones who are serious at least, yes sometimes suicide seems like the best answer. To those who criticise the site's purpose, pretending theres nothing wrong never solves anything and if the people here know they genuinely want to die, then yes they know how they feel.
Mainly though I wanted to talk about a girl at my school who killed herself in July. She was 14, I never knew her, but she hanged herself in her room. She went to school on the thurday, and on the following morning her parents called up to say she was dead. All this without a word to her friends, family or boyfriend. She wasn't fat or ugly or stupid and she had many friends.
I remember walking home past the bus queue after the assembly. They wouldn't tell us how she died but by monday morning it was all around the school. I remember how the wordless screams of her classmates were one of the most terrible sounds I have ever hear in my life. I would have hugged them if not for social restrictions. Mainly I wanted to say that, well I'm not even sure, I guess it just made me reflect on how you'd never think of the pain it can cause. Things do get better, less than a year ago I could have easily killed myself if it wasn't for my cowardice. I literally couldn't see the point of living, and at the moment I'm suffering from depression but I've still got so much I want to do when I recover that killing myself is out of the question. Things can only get better.
02 Dec 2008 Help now I just made the BIGGEST cuts ever on my left inside wrist. I am hurting and I don't really want to die but I still want to kill myself. What is going on here? things were so good a week ago. I miss someone and think I am in love with them. They are the most kindest, person I have ever met and I know if i lose them I will take pills to end the misery of the loss. I don't know but if someone can help me please DO.
30 Nov 2008 Kuborion Life...
There are people who want to keep it forever.
There are people who want to get rid of even the little they have.
Neither are very successful.
Both are very stupid.
30 Nov 2008 Erwan HI there instead i suggest the beauty-kit for little girl from pleix, if it doesn't work, then kill yourself with a spoon
30 Nov 2008 Umar There are many good ways to kill yourself.

1) Alcohol poisoning- drink a lot of alcohol very quickly such as spirits i.e vodka, whiskey etc...

2) Jump of a very tall building, ideally more than 7 storeys, the taller the better.

3) Run in front of a speeding car, train, boat or even plane, which ever is more easily accessible by you.

4) Get very drunk and drive a car very fast, make sure your not wearing a seatbelt and don't stop at any red lights, you can either wait until someone hits you or you can hit in to a wall or car, building its up to you.

5) Overdose on prescription medicine such as sleeping pills or anti depressants, make sure they're not over the counter medicines as they're not strong enough and also you can drink lots of alcohol as well in fact with all suicide methods listed you should be very drunk.

6) Same as above but overdose on heroin or crack/cocaine.

7) Go to a airport and pretend you've got a bomb so the police will shoot you in head, it does help if your a muslim your guaranteed to get shot in fact you might not even need to pretend you got a bomb if your muslim, if your not muslim i advised you get a tan before you go.
30 Nov 2008   I hate my self. I don't hate my life, It's alright I guess, But I do in fact hate myself. There's a difference. Think about it. Do you hate yourself or do you hate your life?
29 Nov 2008 Richie Carry on with life. If your not dead already you soon will be. Because nobody cares about you, all there worried about is those that we leave behind. They would rather we suffer for ever so they can lead the lives they wish without their heartache.
29 Nov 2008 DEEETROIT Ok my friends, I was just on google and searching something else, when i saw this website. There have been times where i thought about dying, and if other people would care. But its never worth , you dont want to die sad, youd want to die happy, because i know id much rather having that feeling of happiness be my last feeling. I know happiness is not easy to find, but you can find it. You just can't judge your happiness off of other people's happiness. You have to sit down and think about what would make you truly happy, and then you go about trying to make that happen. There is so much greatness and beauty in the world. Dont be afraid to talk to people, just talk, you dont have to talk about how you feel, if your afraid thatwill scare them, but just be yourself and enjoy that feeling of having the freedom to be yourself. Life can be great, you just have to make it great, because life is pretty simple.Good luck my brothers and sisters
29 Nov 2008 Lennie Melvin I'm not sure if suicide is the right answer, sometimes I think it is and sometimes I despise the mre thought of it.
One thing that annoys me, is that I have a friend, called Louise... and no that's not all! She told me that suicide is the coward's way out.
I wonder if she's ever tried plucking up enough courage to put her lights out! Cause it sure ain't that easy...

But no, I didn't come here just to ramble... I know how hard it is to read those really long posts - I normally give up after the first "No one understands me!"

Although I'm sure they're helpful to whom ever is writing them, just to let out all that grief.

Something that those of you who aren't so keen on killing yourselves, and have possibly not been taken seriously enough for anyone to bother actually getting you a counsellor (stupid form tutor, thinking my problems weren't serious HAHA), woah, ignore the pysco here! Just visit "moodgym", you can probably Google it, before you do anything too rash.

I remember, er... I forget, but email me if you'd like. I'm not usually this slurred.

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