Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Oct 2008 P.Beatriz I have a friend who has tried to commit suicide. She is my best friend and she told me her life story. All you people who say the family and friends will be the ones to suffer the most are right. Because if my friend was sucessful i dont know what i would one knows she is like this only her friends know because we have seen the scars the cuts. we want to help but what can we do she is already going to therpy she is on meds but its not working. she says she wants help but she hasnt told the cops what has happened to her. shes scared about what might happen to her sisters and brothers.her life story is so fucked up you would most likely think im making it up. she told me her dad raped her when she was 5 and has been raping her till she got her period.thats when she started fighting back in fear of getting pregant.whats worse is her older brother raped her too.her dad and brother would rape her toghter and the fact that kills her is that her mom knows.she knows and she didnt do anything how fucked up is that.she has also told me that both her mom and dad have tried to kill her many times in the past. both of them beat her everyday and she smokes and she drinks and cuts herself because of them.none of her brother and sisters know about this.i want to tell someone so she wont have to be in that hell hole. but shes scared of what might happen to her mom. i dont know what im doing but can someone please help me.
07 Oct 2008 maya gunshot
07 Oct 2008 im22 I would definately shoot up a school and then get the cops to kill myself. Make sure that you kill as many people as possible...wait until school is just over and the hall is really packed full of people....try and block the main exits too...bring as many bullets as you can. You could also set off the fire alarm and when everyone is rushing out or else lined up at the assembly point, blow their fucking brains out.If you could get a few automatic guns it would be amazing! just make sure that you get as many people in as small a place as possible.that way even stray bullets will kill.
06 Oct 2008 crystal Dear one who responded to my first post,

I love you, as well as (y)our humanity. It might seem like you're on the wrong path, but I want to assure you, you're right on track. It's easy to be a conglomerate of everything we see and do. It's kind of resourceful of us, in a way, and tends to be a comfortable methodology, despite whatever unsettled feelings we may have.

I used to think I was pretty idealistic. Then I realized the only difference between ideals and reality is action. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), getting to the action is the hard part. Character helps to glue the pieces together.

You'd said that most people don't think the way I do. I beg to differ, though. Despite these trying times of economic crisis and social instability, i've seen more considerate and loving people in this past year than I had discovered in my life before. I can't really attribute my change of attitude to any particular event – all I know is that once I started the domino effect of transformation, the entire world changed with me. It was, is, and will continue to be utterly amazing – words cannot adequately encompass the magnitude.

Shifting mindsets is indeed tiring. But if you don't shift a paradigm or two, there would be no way to take into account everyone and everything. Holding too rigidly to anything will choke even the best of intentions.

This might be the most helpful epiphany I've had – no one will fully be able to appreciate the epiphanies that don't belong to them. That's what makes us so unique, though we share the same genetic codes, body structure, chemicals and elements, thoughts, opinions, emotions, experiences, etc. etc. etc. Living really does rock – it's just all the silly extras we've created that jumble it up and make it difficult.

I really do love your spirit. I wish you the best, and am confident that you'll be just fine, whatever you may do. :)
06 Oct 2008 rediah im 16 and really depressed and thinking about suicide help me please.
05 Oct 2008 Waiting Do you think my life is sad? Every week what i look forward to is going to my brother's apartment to play a game. thats the highlight of my week. all my friends have alienated me. and all the people at my current school are assholes to me. then I come back to this place I call home and my parents yell at me for not doing a certain chore...whats the point of this? why do I live like this? Personally I think its pathetic, especially since most people would believe these kind of things are petty things to stress out about..
04 Oct 2008 Somebody's Baby Help me kill my time, because I'll never be fine.
04 Oct 2008 sarah i am 12 years old and my hated life it is a tragic story that is too depressing for me to bring up but, i have tryed to commit suicide 4 times and each time i was never able to do it cause someone would come home or something, and i had told my best friend joslyn and she told her mom, her mom threatened me that she would call the cops but i made joslyn swear to her mom not to tell anyone to this day on we are not friends due to her careing to much about me, cause shes afraid if i die she'll have noone cuz we dont have many friends and were not the hottest girls on earth and have shitty ass lives, before we began breaking up our friendship we planned to run away and kill each other by jumping in front of a train together but when we tryed my 6 yr old cusin wouldent leave my side and wouldent stop following cause he knew what we were gonna go do. and right now im doing okay now that were not friends i geuss its for the best but i still have thoughts of it... so kids, just do whats best, for you, friends and family, kill yourself if you may, even if you must but plz for mine and everyone else's sake make sure its for the best!
02 Oct 2008 the poet's entourage What's with being left out and feeling like its your fault entirely?

02 Oct 2008   God saved me. This is a website that may be a true eye-opener for you:
01 Oct 2008 IM OUT well, today is the day that i kill myself. its been a long waited plan for 2 years and it will now happen. i have no one, im not worthy of having friends, i found that out just in the last 2 days, i am a loner and will be til i have committed suicide then i will have friends when i get to the other life. oh and if he ever comes on here yes I DO LOVE U AND MISS U but you were blind to see it. peace muther fuckin out.
30 Sep 2008 beto well not so sure but u can always lick as much frogs as u can
30 Sep 2008 Alpha Well, I am quite intelligent and rationally suicidal. My decision is after long deliberation and careful weighing of all possible options. Make sure you do the same, and nothing foolish.
30 Sep 2008 Alpha Shouldn't kill yourself when under 13. There are lots of avenues out. However, if you are already 23, and nothing good has happened yet, go ahead boil the potatoes. Remember, if you have someone or something that you can rely on and who/what relies on you, there might be still hope. Otherwise go ahead and to scuttle the ship.

This is how you go about it:
1. Make sure you want to die, and not just attract attention.
2. Do not go around announcing your intentions. If you are doing that, its a cry for help and you don't want to die.
3. Make sure you are 23, not 13.

1. If American, buy a gun. Deliver a special message to your head, better than your heart. Heart can be risky, you might miss and survive. Shoot through the mouth upwards.
2. Hang yourself. Find a sturdy beam or ceiling fixture. Buy a thick strong rope (cheaper than buying a gun). Make sure you can't get down once suspended or not near any furniture. Wear diapers.
3. (My chosen one!) Poison yourself. Cyanides (potassium cyanide and sodium cyanide) are the best poisons, but very difficult to get. You can try strong insecticides (worked for me mum), but they taste horrible and you need to drink a lot. Prescription drugs sometimes work, but you need a lot. You need more than 4gms of acetaminophen (~30-40 tylenol pills) if you want to try over the counter medication. Except cyanides and other strong compounds, poisons can be flushed out of your system if you are found. Poison yourself severely and make sure you aren't found overnight.
4. Jump off a very very high building. Make sure you are willing to have a closed casket funeral.
5. Lay down on railway tracks and make the headlines for the local newspapers.
6. Be innovative! Maybe you'll be remembered for your new suicide method.
My preferred method is poisoning, and I am just counting the day to my personal D-day.

In summary:
1. Wait till you are 23+. 13 is too young to be sure.
2. Do not tell anyone or talk about it. Otherwise you want to live and are looking for an excuse.
3. Choose whatever is handy and suits your needs/lifestyle. Does not matter as long as you end up dead.

Good luck!
29 Sep 2008 Satellite Do any of you even know what real pain is?

Anyway... if you're under 13, I think playing in the street is still a good bet.
29 Sep 2008 Waiting I really don't understand anymore, being able to freely think doesn't seem like its serves any good purpose. It seems that all the other things than us on this planet get along just find without thought while just having their instincts. If we didn't have a mind at all we wouldn't suffer like this, we in a way would be free. And if we were gone, the rest of the world would be better off. So why did this god give us this mind of ours? Did he/she/it want to torment us with all our thoughts? Or did he/she/it simply want us to try to get over it and solve our problem at hand?
28 Sep 2008 Abby Hi. My name is Abby. I am 20 years old and I would like to believe that I am the strong level-headed person everyone believes I am, but I am far from it. I have had three suicide attempts.
The first time I considered committing suicide is when my overbearing parents threatened to pull me out of middle school if I did not make the honor roll. I had just moved to a new school and along with the pressures of adjusting to a new crowd, I was expected to excel. I fell short of their aspirations and out of fear of the beating I was about to get, I decided to take my life by overdosage. I took 24 pills of plain paracetemol. I was 12 at the time and I knew nothing about what type of medication I had to take. I spent the next two days sick to my stomach vomiting and passing out.
My second attempt at suicide was in university. I went to university on the other side of the world in Canada, which was far away from home. One night, I was attacked an left to die in a parking lot. After I came to the realization in the hospital that I had been raped, I couldn't even look myself in the mirror. I tried death by asphyxia. I found a cylinder of helium in my friend's garage and I tried suffocating myself with the help of the gas and a plastic bag. Luckily, I was found. I attended two months of therapy after and then I left.
The third time I attempted suicide was when I was 19. I was depressed. Depression hit me after I realized how badly my life was going. I decided that the best way to go was by carbon monoxide poisoning. That summer when I went home, I closed myself in my garage and turned on the car. My neighbors heard the car running and they knew that my family was away for the weekend so they called the fire department.
A lot of people question me about whether I am ok and how life is treating me but I find that the best way to answer a question like that is just affirmatively. I realize that taking my life might be the easiest way out and sometimes is a wonderful alternative but I still live to die another day.
I am an emotionally unstable individual but after being so close to death three times, I have learnt the value of life. I treat every moment of my life like my last. Because I don't know when I might just give up or circumstance might take me away. There is not a day that goes by that I don't remind the people that I love how much I actually love them.
Right now I am absolutely depressed. I've had a hard couple of days. My boyfriend's mother has inhibitions about her son dating be and he is being forced to chose between his mother and me. While he tries his best to resolve this issue, I am left in anxiety and despair. Being as emotionally unstable as I am I have considered taking my life so often over the last two days. It hurts me to see him hurting and as dire as this situation is, I am being hurt the most out of all people.
I am so tired of losing things in my life that losing him might possibly the last straw. I just hope that he can fix this problem because the thought of losing him is impossible for me to handle.
More than anything, this is a cry for help and a cry for your prayers. Pray that this girl who has lost everything in her life gets to keep the love that sustains her life.
28 Sep 2008 Kuborion I still remember the Demon Days...
When all fell apart...
Why do I feel so much nostalgy?
28 Sep 2008 emo13 first of all i'm an emo myself, And the best way is to get a large group of depressed ppl like urselfs. this is when we are all at our prime, we make fun of each other's popularity amongst the cool kids and how we wished we were like them and that leads us to step 2, Then at highschool we organise the mass suicide (It's better to die ina group then alone) All you fags jump out fucking windows with ur wrists split open! if this doesn't work try taking a bottle of asprin first this helps to thin your blood, (or even 5 grams of acetaminophien) if you're not dead then.............. go to the ghettos and call a group of black people niggers and see what happens to you then. Make sure your wearing your nicewhite pointy hat! :)
26 Sep 2008 a flamboint artic bastard Kuborion, you mother fucker you are no celebrity.
However, your salery will be paid via food stamps and toe-nail clipping, I will send them to you via postal service.


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