Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Jan 2009 bruno F**K.... why would you wanna kill your self at such a young age. i. all i can say is have sum kids and grow the fuck up!!!!!
07 Jan 2009 beauty I want to kill myself because I'm really dying to know where my soul is going to be

I don't trust in heaven nor hell

I'm just curious!
07 Jan 2009   Man, I'm torn here...I can understand both points of view. I'm in my 30's...I first contemplated suicide at 13...only later did my mom tell me I was abused by a neighborhood kid and by a babysitter. I've tried sex, drugs, alcohol, God, Buddha, philosophy, prescription medication, counseling...nothing has worked. I've held on over 20 years thinking things can get better, but they haven't...when people tell you how others have it worse, that is really patronizing and does NOT help. All that does is invalidate your feelings and make you feel like an even bigger loser. However, someone commented earlier that it seems like all it could take is just one person to love them and I agree. But how long do you hafta drag yourself out of bed EVERY SINGLE DAY before you can say that you honestly tried. It's true...a lotta people have no clue what it's like to be a punching bag your entire life, so it's easy to sound like a Hallmark card (hang in there, things will get better,...). All of that said, I made up my mind (or do day to day) that if I can't live for myself, maybe I can help others...sounds cheesy, but maybe living for others can bring some small measure of happiness...
07 Jan 2009 Miss, Boo I wish I was dead.
I have no point, my existance is shit to everyone else, so I self harm to feel alive, to punish myself for shit I regret, I do it for so many reasons.
I've tried to talk to friends about how I feel and they just pretend the problem doesn't exist.
People tell you not to do it.
People tell you to get help.
I've fucking tried and the world's not waiting to catch you when you're falling and so you keep falling. I'm scared of hitting the bottom.

I don't know what people think of me, I know that they don't want to be my friend. They avoid me for all it's worth.
It's not catching!
I want someone to notice.
I want someone to care about me.
I get nostalgic.
Before my dad left, before my next-door-neighbour moved.
I had stability and a good relationship with friends, and in particular, I was somebodys girl next door. That gave me some sort of confidence. and it sounds silly.

I do want to die, but also, I want to be saved. I hate my mother. I just hate her so much. and people will say, if you want to be saved, you don't actually want to die, well I do, because nobody will save me, so there's nobody to live for.

my self harm gets bad in little bursts. I'll be bad, then it'll all heal into scars and go a funny colour, then I'm pushed and I rip myself open again.

It makes me feel alive
It makes me feel that maybe, if someone could just notice, I could get past it.

I go through weird episodes,

my mother doesn't see it.
My friends pretend it's not happening.

I need a way out.

It's like the escape route and I think that I'd do it. I'd be dead by now if I weren't so scared that I'd wake up again afterwards.

If anyone wants to talk to me. Just get out some shit that's been bottled up, then do.
If anyone feels like they want to listen to me, then do it.
If you just want to be my friend. talk about pointless shit and pretend we're normal, please, do.
I'll be whoever you want me to be.
I just want to feel loved.

06 Jan 2009 miniröcke eat a lot of madeleines
05 Jan 2009 BMK's girl. Hi, i wont say my name because i dont want anybody to know who i am. I will be 14 years old in 17 days. And i have wanted to die since i was in 5th grade. No, i havnt been through much in my life. So why does it hurt so fucking bad. 08 was complete shit,i promise. I completely changed from that little innocent girl.Sometime in early 08,i started drinking, not much and not anything strong, but it grew. Sometime early febuary last year, i started cutting, it wasnt that bad, but it helped. And near the end of summer 08 i started doing pot. That just started out as a little thing i would do with somefriends every once in awhile just for fun. But it grew since then. And its become something i use to forget and to not feel, and i often feel like i need it. I honestly do it not very often at all. But ive lied to friends, stole my sisters and my moms, just for a little taste, just a couple hits.My cutting was off and on for almost the past year. And everytime i would stop, i would tell myself i wouldnt do it anymore. And everytime, i did it again, getting worse and worse everytime. The last time i did it was about a month ago, i made three cuts, and they bleed alot. But it helped me. I really do hate myself. Im so fucking stupid, i dont know what to do anymore. I fuck everything up, i really do,and i dont know why. I try to fix things, but it just fuck it up even more. My friends; i love them. But they dont give a shit about me or anything i stand for. They say they do, i dont know, maybe they feel bad for me.. Everything that comes out of my mouth is used against me. Im conastalty made fun of by the people who supossubly love me. Theres this kid. He is everythingi ever want, and i would do anything to be what he needs. But i never am, never will be. He'sfucking hot. Hes just a little bit taller then me, and he carrys himself so hot like, i dont know how to explain it. He has long shaggy brown hair. Just the way he walks, makes me melt. Oh, and he probubly has the hottest voice in the face of the world times two. Ah, hes a good kisser too.
I went out with him a few months ago. and he was so good to me, i love him. When i kissed him, it was so perfect. But shit happened, he didnt get along with my best friend, like at all and that sort of was hard on us. I still love him, he has gone on and off with liking me. Oh he cheated on me when we were going out, but he claims he didnt. i dont know why i tell him i believe him, when i dont. when i know he would, and probubly did. He is so addicted to pot and aocohol and everything. Its so sad, he said he wont stop smoking pot for anyone. I dont really mind it, expect for he smokes atleast once a day, sometimes more. And he acts diffrent.
Im really worried about him. He's moving to minneapolis. Which is like a few hours away from where we live now. Im scared, and im giong to miss him like crazy. i dont know why im typing all of this for you, i feel like i need someplace to vent. and this was a pretty good oppourtunity.

thats enough of that,
04 Jan 2009 spookypenguin Bob Dylan - not my words, but my prospective.

Christmas Jonnes - When i feel like the whitey asshole i am.

the poets entourage - I cringe at my own idealism

death - fun times

Spooky Penguin - me
04 Jan 2009 the poets entourage your too drunk to put me down,
oh how it hurts the most from a honest frown,
your too drunk to put me down,
but I can feel my mind bouncing all around,
With a real thought,
with no sorry game,
back to the spiral from which you came
an endless plunge into the insane,
with the wollowing gasps of your fried membrane,
accompanied slowly into a darker grave,
till your
Your to drunk to critisize,
with no money,
no wife,
and emptiness inside

I'm sorry, i just had to vent it some how...
04 Jan 2009 George The best way is to make it an elaborate production, like in school. You start out at the end where everyone thinks you have been brutally murdered, then work backwards to the actual suicide and all the clues you must leave to so they determine in it a murder, and your soul gets the last laugh on them.
04 Jan 2009 spooky So I had a dream last night, I think.
I was sitting on some sort of ledge or something, with her. We were sitting really close together, but some how I got the feeling as if we were actually friends(instead of ex-lovers turned mortal enemy's.) '


...It felt...


I Wanted to frame the moment and hang it up in my brain forever, and always have it. More timeless then the smile of the mona lisa, more prolific then the ideal's of Ghandi, more beautiful then the music Motzhart. I'm almost crying tear's from this nameless feeling I get recalling it.

Anyways, in that moment, our perfect second, something snuck up on us, fear maybe... or maybe sadness, but it was something powerful. We became closer, our body's entangled, and everything just climaxed like watching the end of a classic movie, or reading the last sentence of a famous piece of literature.
For a second... my life was perfect.

And then it all disappeared, the feeling must have overcome us, like we discovered our break up all over again. Like the time I've spent empty had reappeared and rapped the beautiful breasts of hope...

And it all was over, like when she cared about me when I hid from her. Like that one second of reality where that happens.

......i guess it was hurting her to see me like this....

please, never stop dreaming.
04 Jan 2009 lizzie tbh i do respect you as the owner for wanting to support people but the title isnt exactly a nice way to show wha ure trying to do. but tbh i think you are pretty fucked up in your head to pretend suicide is a game because its not. It something tht should be taken serious because if suicide isnt taken serious what is? i think life is a pretty shit thing sometimes and sometimes gd but lets be honest it is one of the things tht you control on the basis, and someone who wants to take their OWN LIFE, SHOULD be treated with serious help. you are taking advantage of people who at the moment arent in their right mind. sick bastard.
04 Jan 2009 Sarah Right MOCHETTE you are fucked up, really whats with the fucking emails? leave me alone, don't you have anything else to do with your sad life? whoever you are.. GO GET SOME FUCKING HELP, YOUR THE ONE THAT NEEDS IT THE MOST HERE. GO GET A YEAR SUPPLY OF PROVAC AND BLOODY TAKE IT OR BOOK YOUR SELF INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL YOU NEED HELP.
If your sad enough to make a suicide kit. When people think of suicide its a really important and serious feeling you don't go and start this bloody site. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. YOU SICK MINDED BASTARD. GO GET A DOCTOR AND THINK YOUR FUCKING LIFE THROUGH. YOU SICK DISGUSTING FUCK.
04 Jan 2009 Jacob Well, I really am depressed. I've been this way all my life. I figured I could write a book based on how I feel to let myself cool off. But, it's failure. The only goal in my life is to be a famose horror arthur,like Stephen King.
I really try to cut myself, but I'm chicken.

The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is probably..... Stealing a knife from the kitchin, and stabbing everything around you. After this, you cut off your nose, and stab your lungs, and just lay back. Well, I'm too chicken to do it.
Maybe because i'm only 11 YEARS OLD.

Yep, 11 years old. SHOCKER
04 Jan 2009 did it what about your poor loved ones? dont you think u should think about them?
fuck them they are the reason why im dying.
all i do is give love and what do u get i fucking kick in the throat.
nobody deserves that. my kids will grow up and never know about me so what i gave birth to them i loved them but they are better without me all there father was do is shit on me. all i ever wanted was to really loved what the fuck is love dont you tell me god loves you / whrere the hell was he when i really needed him?
have enough to slip away 2 day.
i know nobody knows me here but i just wanted to say something before i did it
04 Jan 2009 Kuborion Wish on the moon
And look for the gold in a rainbow.
And you’ll find a happy time.

You’ll hear a tune
That lives in the heart of a bluebird.
And you’ll find a happy time.

Though things may look very dark,
Your dream is not in vain.
For when do you find the rainbow?
Only after rain.

So wish on the moon
And someday it may be tomorrow
You will suddenly hear chimes
And you’ll have your happy, happy time.

So wish on the moon
And someday it may be tomorrow
You will suddenly hear chimes
And you’ll have your happy, happy time.
04 Jan 2009 Gabbi I've tried cutting myself..... it didn't work out... Umm...
03 Jan 2009 colin the best way is to die of old age.

you'll die eventually, so what's the rush?

in the meantime, do whatever the hell you want, because the time isrunning out. no, seriously... whatever you want, because no one controls you. not even god.
03 Jan 2009 Kuborion When I said good morning, I was lying
I was truly thinking of
How I might quit waking up.

He pointed out how selfish
It would be to kill myself.
So I keep waking up.

Feels so much like falling,
Dying while I wait to die.
The fear of something or nothing,
Lonely empty lie.

I dont want to be a liar.
I don't want to be selfish anymore.
I want so much to change.
Learning your love everyday.
There's still so much to know.

You grip my wrists, I let go.

It feels so much like falling,
Separated from the fear.
Aware of a destination,
Far away from here.

Far away from here.
03 Jan 2009 Lennie Melvin Very suddenly and with an air of raw deception, I am overcome with a great sadness; a loneliness that chills the core and stings the eyes.
I am cast alone and naked in a dark and unforgiving wilderness, fending off the broken thoughts that seek to unbalance my fragile mind.
I open my eyes - I was not aware they were closed - and I am blind. I cannot see.
It is the worst, most heart rendering moment of my life, I gag and retch. I shiver from the cold.
Please don't leave me here alone.
But hark! Do not look either, I could not take the shame. I could never take the shame.
The tears blister my cheeks and render me unfit. Violent tremors breach the surface.
Don't look now.
02 Jan 2009 Mischa i dont really understand what this website is about, to tell you the truth, even if i have read the explanation it gives. And i feel really lame to write anything on here but oh well, whatever. Im 17 years old and sure ive been contemplating suicide for like the past 4 years. Obviously im to chicken shit to do it.Just thinking of becomming absolutely nothing scares the hell outa me. I know suicide is selfish and blablabla but its not my fault that "life" has been enforced in society's minds as somehting soooo precious and yadadada. Ugh. I know people have it worse then me. All ive got is the shittiest self esteem and basically zero friends, while people out there are starving to death. But i dont think it helps anyone to tell them someone else has it worse then u. I think it amounts the same for each person, its just different. Anyway i definitely wouldnt overdose with pills. Apparently people dont understand just how much they need to take to kill themselves. And it can instead burst your organs, letting you die in agonizing pain. Jumping from buildings usually just leaves u crippled, and if u use a gun apparently there is a chance u wont die even if u shoot ur head.(a stupid website told me all that, when i was looking for potential ways of doing it. SIGH), I dont think i would think of commiting suicide if i just had that one person in my life that loved me as much as i loved them . It wouldnt need to be sexual just a friendship. I used to cut myself but ive got to admitt to myself it was partly for attention, why else would i position my sleeve just high enough so people would catch a glimpse of the red marks. Still, i think there is something wrong with a person, even if they do do that for attention. wow im rambling, but of course im doing that becuase basically i h ave no life. LOL. Anyway whenever i get really depressed i watch something like schindlers list or read a true story about the holocoust or something and that REALLY makes me tell myself to SUCK IT UP and get on with it. I mean look how they suffered and here u are doing jack shit about anything. TO answer that random 13 year old question, i would.......probly go for the gun, even though i think it would be one of the scariest ways to do it. Wow to want to kill urself UNDER 13, shows just how bad ur life must be or just how bad u must feel, and i fucking pray that if any one under that age did commit suicide that there is something after this shit hole of a life for them.

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