Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Nov 2008 please post i met a guy and i hope to see him again. i feel special around him.
17 Nov 2008 bob squashed by a fat guy on the bus
16 Nov 2008 Ruth Why would you want to suggest suicide to a young teenager?
Suicide should be the furthest thing from their mind. They have their whole life ahead of them, not to mention the loved ones they would leave behind.
15 Nov 2008 xxxemogirlroxyxxx I hate my life i mean really!
My best friend left and my mom hates me and i don't think my dad cares anymore
even though i have a boyfriend i don't really care i feel bad
i mean i know people with worse lives them me but what i have tried to explain is there strong and i'm not so yea ]=
i can't commit suicide because no gun of rat posin
but i do have lots of sleeping pill and depression pills
well there all my dads
do you think it would be a good way to kill myself with that
15 Nov 2008 ms i love u and u pushed me away, u blocked me and i cried, u are no longer a friend of any sorts
14 Nov 2008 Sophie Hey I’m Sophie and I’m 19 years old but when I was about 16 I felt like there was no point in living. I hated myself and those around me made me feel worse. My family knew I wanted to kill myself and yet they ignored it and acted as if nothing was wrong. I tried countless times secretly to get rid of that feeling but then I met a girl who soon became my best friend.
This girl suffered from manic depression or bipolar as it is called now. She had lived a life I could have never imagined and I hope that no one ever goes through what she did. When I told her about my thoughts about suicide she first yelled at me and told me to never try and kill myself I wanted to yell right back in her face and tell her she didn’t understand how I felt and that she had no right to judge me but then she told me about her attempts and showed me her scars on her arm. She said that the pain she felt after wards was worse and if I succeed in killing myself the people I leave behind will take on the pain I felt now.
Although suicide was still in my mind she helped me realise that things could get better. She gave me hope when others tried to take it and for a girl who had been through too much she had the most hope and love I had ever seen. For those out there who are thinking about suicide find someone to talk to before you try. It will help if you talk don’t give up hope.
14 Nov 2008 cecilia Hey my name is Cecilia and yea ive had enough to read of this suicide nonsense but i mean im willing to listen to you if you have problems no one should encourage anyone to commit suicide thats not the answer for any problems whats so ever. If you really want to commit suicide or on the verge of doing it just email me look not to get religous or anyhting but shit if god (i am christian) put you through the horrible situations he did then what makes you think he went help you get out of them? not everyones life is going to go perfect your going to have the good things and the bad things break ups and divorces losing people you love and any other problems you got but i promise you, you will get over it and life will go on. it wont be the end of the world for you if something bad happens to you or anyone else becuse thats what life is it helps you grow and learn lessons each day you may not like them but everyones going to go thru them so please dont kill yourself please i recenntly lost a really good friends of mine his name was A.J. Munoz and he comitted suice not to long ago it was a day before his birthday august 10 i believe well yea that hurt me so much im still not over it to this day but like i said life goes on so just remeber that if you feel as if your life isnt gunna get any better because it will and i can promise you that it may not be the very next day or the next month but just hold your head up high cause you gotta people that love and care for you that you may not know like me like i said if you ever need to talk just write me haha cause other girl will stick to your side like i will and i put my word on that<333

14 Nov 2008 Nancy Some of the stuff here is quite interesting.
14 Nov 2008 that girl whose mom just couldnt be proud its me again, i hurt so bad inside, im still that girl people whisper about, and it hurts so bad. i have a new love, shes buetiful, and so sweet and kind, i think she might be it. it hurts so bad though, ppl are giving her "are you seirouly going out with herrr???" looks, it just hurts. my mom died and im living in my grandmas house. im not sad my mom died, messed up huh? oh well she never did love me
13 Nov 2008 THE X I used to use this site as a place to get ideas but now i use it to write and share how i feel. im a fuckup, now u know, now the whole world knows. i dont care and no one deserves the thought of me being a nice person. as the shitheads in the world say im a retard and will not amount to anything. might as well just quit school ? WHAT U THINK? i loved mike w and in a way still do but its not worth the risk for him to get hurt but as everyone says im fucked up and yes i already know it is true. if u ever read this yes i do mean it and do miss u to this day. but it will never work out because everyone in this fucked up world does not want me to be happy. i was happy with u but everyone else is part of the reason why we are not togther still. i did and still do in a way still love u.
13 Nov 2008 Van I am like most people in this forum, I have had my ups and downs, and heartache and such due to family problems, conflicts with roommates, school pressures and so forth. I've never really tried to kill myself purposefully. I did fool myself into believing that four extra strength acetaminophen's worked like four regular acetaminophen's. My friend told me that taking four was normal, but I always use extra strength and didn't know there was a difference. I was knocked out for about a day. Parents were fighting, getting me into the argument, all I could think to do was take some acetaminophen and go to sleep. It was New Years day during my senior year of high school, the next day I felt foolish. I went to a private school, learning about theology and loving religion. That's one thing that held me back so that I could never kill or injure myself. The first time I almost committed suicide was stupid. I was 15, dating a guy for half a year, then one day he breaks my heart, my first love. Two weeks later I'm crying on the bus and my best friend from when I was 11 tells me "Get over it bitch!". What great friends... In the end I found she liked him and only urged me to date him so that she then could date him once it didn't work out between him and I. She did, that night I was on AIM talking to a deeply religious friend. And I had a large cooking knife at my wrist about ready to watch all my blood flow out. But I couldn't do it. I went back and told this to my friend and he then said, "you're conscience/a spirit [God] is preventing you from doing this to yourself". At that time I felt relieved I couldn't do something so horrific to damage what makes me human. As time went on over the years, I've always had suicidal thoughts. It all really came into perspective when I was 14 and my grandfather passed away. I've heard from someone or maybe a philosopher, that the only reason some people have suicidal thoughts is because someone close or a relative had committed suicide. It runs in the genes or the thought process more clearly then. I'm not a deeply religious person, but I do believe that once you die, you die. I used to believe in reincarnation, but science proves me wrong. If you want to die, then do so, but before you do the deed remember what makes you human and who it really will hurt in the end. Suicidal thoughts are normal, I still have them, but it doesn't mean I will act upon them.
12 Nov 2008 michael swift, u did nothing but push me away, there is most likely no way to get my friendship, or trust back. keep the fuck out of my life got it???or i will cut and deeper the next time. i told u all this shit and one by 1 u shut me down and out.
11 Nov 2008 Liz Monroe This is no suicide rave. i'm not suicidal, REALLY. it's just a pointless vent by an angsty philosophical 17 year old in an odd situation...

Well, my baby's gone. It's been a year since our first kiss- our first "more than friends" moment. it's been 6 moths since i first realised how much i loved him. 4 months since I first fucked him. and 2 months since we made it official. slow paced, huh?
And now my babys gone to the far ends of asia with his best friend and lead guitarist. "see you in a month" he told me halloween (night of his departure). I didn't believe him. I have 2 & half weeks till his supposed arrival back to melbourne. Time coulnd't be going slower, and yet i feel as though i'll never speak to him again, unless it's to say goodbye. Strange world we live in. I've always said: if there is a god, he really has a fucked up sense of humour. I should have been born earlier. 1941, preferably. anytime then on in. I should have been a baby boomer: teenager of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, or 90's. Life would have been a hell of alot easier then. I can't describe it, and you can't understand it unless you've met me. SO take my word on it. And i missed generation X by a butt hair! thanks, man. timming's never been my best point, always too late. I can hear god laughing at me when he pulls something like that. Crazy kidder.
And, y'know, I remember my #1 fella tellin' me (or attempting to tell me) his feelings. How he thought i was perfect, how he thought we could never be. He was right. I love him, and i've waited my whole life to say those words to someone. And i'm not saying it's something it's not. I don't expect to marry the guy, or to have his kids and live together forever. I'm not asking him to pull some big 'sleepless in seattle' gesture- scream my name from the top of a building, send me 100 roses for valentines. Hell, I didn't even believe in teenage love before him. The truth is: he has an entire life of his own, with a whole bunch of people that just arn't me. His got his quirky fashion and bizzar industrial metal and his ultra-futuristic ways. I have me rockabilly, my creepers, my nostalgia and my smoking, drinking, riot grrl existance. I just don't fit into his life. He has no room for me, and truth be told I doubt it's effect him if i were to dissapear. It'd bug him to see me with another guy, but for me to just go? nah.
And it hurts, and i'm lonely. Dude, you've gotta listen to the lyrics of Gary Numan's "are friends electric?" to get it. hehe, he kinda looks like Gary Numan.
I try to distance myself. When we're together it's a rule never to show any true emotions. We're both too cool for that, or atleast we act it. He can be so warm, and then so cold. And me, i'd just rather turn him on and not get my hopes up for anything. He'll break my heart, men always do. I'm no fool, i've seen it happen. I wish I could say he's different, but i'm not sure of that yet. When he's there and i'm here, and I expect him to cheat on me and he probably thinks the same. We can't go on together with suspicious minds, hehe. The truth: sometimes i think his too good for me. All the girls want him, to be honest i'm not sure what they see in him. I'm not sure what i see in him. But whatever it is it's something they can't see. And all the boys want me. I think it upsets him, he doesn't know how repulsed those other men make me. But like I said, I just don't fit into his life. I don't match his outfit. And it hurts, because I want him so bad. I want him to come back from hong kong. I want to be waiting at the airport for him. And i secretly want him to marry me and give me the happy ever after ending i never really thought i'd get. I wish we could drop the act just for a few minutes, and I wish he would tell me what he really thoght of me. And i wish i could drop my guard and tell him. We havn't even sad we loved eachother. It's just how we are.
But i see his pictures of his adventures throughout chine: hair dyed green, smiling that smile, being that quirky self that only he can pull off. He looks so happy, i don't think i've ever seen him that happy, not even with me. I'm not sure if i make him truly happy. he makes me happy. I've never told him. But he looks like he fits over there. I'm envious, i've wanted all my life to get out of australia and 'fit'. I've wanted out of here, over to california, over to real people who get me. And his there in hong kong, looking the happiest and most content i've ever seen him. His just so happy there... without me. It hurts. I'm scared, and yet i'm smiling and god and his odd sense of humour. Fucker.
11 Nov 2008 -A child a hopes and dreams I tried to kill myself... I used drugs... I drank twice the legal limit for a 13 year old. I went up going to the hopsital and spending 6 moths in threapy. I know what yur going through u feel he world hates and u just wanna end it. The best way is probably shooting yturslef because it is quick and painless. Or posioning yurself its painless but takes longer.
11 Nov 2008 grimtruth there really is no best way to kill yourself when ur under 13. ok let see.. 1: guns - to messy/gorish, plus u be a pain for others to clean ur mess.. 2: pills - thats a sissy ass way to die (1 of the most gayest way to kill yerself, think bout wut would the ppl who hate u in life would say about that) 3: sharp/blunt object - owh, reaaaal original ur life sux and now u just like every other loser who take his own life.. there really is no best way/tool to kill urself when ur under 13, blieve me.. tell u wut, if u ever think bout suicide give urself 2 days to think bout it 1st.. u dont want to be remembered as a loser for eternity dont u? sure ur life sux, ur classmate calling u fat and shite, are u goin to let em go with that? u go out there and deal with those mofo 1st bust their balls kick their asses thats waaay much sweeter then stuckin a knife onto ur chest blieve me.. if any 1 of u suicidal guys wanna talk bout stuffs wif me go ahead my emel rite there~~ nuff said..
11 Nov 2008 Kuborion When I find myself in times of trouble,
Mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom,
Let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
she is standing right in front of me,
speaking words of wisdom,
Let it be.

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the broken hearted people
living in the world agree,
there will be an answer,
Let it be.
For though they may be parted
there is still a chance that they will see,
there will be an answer.
Let it be.

Let it be, let it be, .....

And when the night is cloudy,
there is still a light, that shines on me,
shine until tomorrow,
Let it be.
I wake up to the sound of music,
Mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom,
Let it be.

Let it be, let it be, .....
10 Nov 2008   please do not commit suicide, my friend just commit suicide 3 days ago, and my grade is in soo much heartache. just think about the pain everyone will be in. the kid probably doesn't know how much pain everyone is in write now. and to the others out there, i'm not a counceller or anything, but please get help before you do something that you will never be able to take back.
09 Nov 2008 Smiley Art in the form of the passionate and compassionate, playing upon the collective emotions of humanity. A cheap form of entertainment even if only a glance. Ingenious mouchette, quite ingenious.
Side note: Really though, there is no pain in death. When you die, all aspects of the physical are left behind and your "soul", the fine line between what separates you as a human and animal, dissipates into the unknown. Who knows, you might end up as another person or nothing at all.
09 Nov 2008   Oh, what a plan, suicide...

Unless your killing yourself out of PURE boredom and apathy I doubt you have indubitable reason to die. I'm not saying this because I care for your well being, I'm saying this because I'm sick of the cliche of teenage suicide. Where's the art? Where's the irony? God dammit, wheres the creativity!? So much wasted potential with us kids, do we not see the huge opportunity a death wish gives us? Not caring about your life makes your life better, you can smoke, you can drink, you can kill people, all without the slightest notion of being a fuck up. Become an artist, travel the world, escape from the mundane of our society! You can do it, and for fucks sake if you get bored you can always blow your brains out (just do it in avant garde fashion so people have something nice to hear about on the evening news)

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