Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 May 2008 ALISANIDIOT If you are considering suicide, please take a few moments to breathe, read this article, sort through your situation prayerfully, and get help. If you know someone who may be at risk, perhaps this article will help you help them.

Here are some ?facts? to help you say NO to suicide and YES to life.

1. There Is Substantial Evidence for the Existence of Santa Claus
No games here. The bottom line is that the evidence for the existence of Santa Claus far outweighs the evidence for atheism. If you doubt that statement, just be an idiot and ignore the real truth.

The universe began to exist. Whatever begins to exist must have a cause that brought it into existence. Moreover, the universe shows indications of fine-tuning and intricate design. That speaks to the strong likelihood of a Easter Bunny at work. You have Presents that still happen today. And the Manmade bullshit within the Manmade Bible, that give ridiculous information like the earth is 6000 year old bullshit and before we knew anything about science and used our brains!, and Gibberish predictions that you can make any meaning of. And, finally, There is no proof that there is a soul nor love, it's all chemicals so just ignore this ok?

These observations (and others) all mean that Santa Claus aka The Easter Bunny is real!

2. Your Value Comes from Santa Claus
If Santa Claus is real, then you are here because Santa Claus created you. Yet Santa Claus gives you free will and makes you suffer all for the Greater Good, he seems a sado but ignore it!The LIE determines your purpose for living as well as your worth as an individual. So live for Santa Claus!

(Disclaimer: Al is an idiot , if you want to live, live for yourself, for life,for family,for whatever..but not for an imaginary friend/Deity. once again, Al is an idiot.)
13 May 2008 Kuborion We live as we do to show the world what it could be
What's it mean to you?
Is this a vision you can see?
Heroes are those who don't just accept the way things are
Now, which one are you, the driver or the car?
12 May 2008 diaperwearer Diapers are the one thing keeping me from soiling myself, yet it really doesnt matter anymore because my life is soiled and cant take anymore.
12 May 2008 richard all these people calling everyone sicko's! im completely new to this whole thing! im 25 been depressed for about 10 years now!its impossible to seek help because its easy to say 'no im fine' when i clearly aint! now i have came to this site not because i want to kill myself but to find out how to get out of this contiunuing spiral which i know will end up with one outcome unless i sort it now


12 May 2008 Al Dear "blown to pieces,"

I don't pretend to know all you've been through or what brought you to feeling like there is no hope, all I can say years ago I nearly ended my own life, but thank God I didn't. Today I am a totally different person. Everything outside of me didn't change, I did. I'm a new person. I have new, much better-life-long friends. I am genuinely happy and free. Please, suicide is not the answer. You can also find freedom and go on to do wonderful things with your life. I definitely encourage you to also talk with someone you can trust (a parent, pastor, school counselor, psychiatrist) about what you're feeling. It is so helpful when someone else can help you carry the weight of your pain and offer you a fresh perspective on things. I would love to be a friend to you, please send me an email. I'd love to talk, and try to support you, encourage you, and maybe even give some good advice.


UK Suicide Crisis Helpline: 08457 909090
US Suicide Crisis Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
12 May 2008 Al Dear "notspookypenguin,"

You said you missed her. It sounds like you had a great loss. If you ever want a friend to talk about it with. I'm here for you. Please email me anytime.


UK Suicide Crisis Helpline: 08457 909090

US Suicide Crisis Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
12 May 2008 Al Dear "tired of diapers,"

I'm sorry to hear about your injury. Many, many people wear adult diapers (but no one knows it because they their clothes hide them). You are not alone and you certainly are not any less of a person because you where them. You can live a great life. You can get through your past and forge ahead a great life. I am telling you from personal experience. Suicide is not the answer. It may lead to something far worse than you could ever experience in this life. Please speak with someone about what you're feeling. It can be so freeing when you have someone who can help you carry your burden. Please speak with a parent, pastor, counselor, someone. I would also love to chat with you. Please email me anytime.


UK Suicide Crisis Helpline: 08457 909090
US Suicide Crisis Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
12 May 2008 ...kelcie7252 well im 14 and im depressed.. i have told my parents about and they seen my cuts.. but they dont seem to care at all.. they said they would talk about getting me help but that never happened.. i live with my mo and my step dad.. my real dad doesnt give a shit about me.. neither does my step dad.. my mom is always yelling at me for somthin that always makes me feel worse.. no one in my family gets along.. were constantly fighting and im tired of it.. i have tired over dosing but it never worked.. i have been thinking about suicide ALOT lately.. it just seems like no one cares what im going through and i just cant take it anymore.. my friends no i cut and that im depressed but they just kinda ignore it and think im doing it for attention.. i need help and i dont no how to get it since my parents dont care..
11 May 2008 Al Dear "just because,"

I know there are times death can be tempting, but it's not the answer for so many reasons. Including the fact that things can change, outside situations can change and most importantly inside you things can change---you can become happy and have peace in this life. You have a purpose for being here and you have to live to fulfill it. There is an afterlife, there is a Heaven and a Hell. I am not saying that all suicides go to Hell, but I'd be very scared==suicide might lead to something far worse than we could ever experience in this life, and it would never end. Killing yourself is not the answer. I beg you, please, speak with someone about what you're feeling (a parent, pastor, counselor, someone you can trust). Take steps to walk out of your pain and go on to lead a great life. I'd love to talk more, please email me.

11 May 2008   kill me, keep me dead!!!
the title of my written poem!!
now if only it would come true, would be a miracle!
11 May 2008 hmmmm........... deer everyone writing letters to everyone,

there are these things called email accounts. you can get one for money or free. they are really cool in the way that you send the one person the email instead of allowing all people to see it. people who may not want to see it. who may want to read legitimate posts. like this one.
11 May 2008 wickedest ruler ever. i am finding everyday the world is a darker, greedy-er, more violent, coldd hearted place to live. especially america. president bush i just want to know, since you stated on telivision your deep concern for saudi arabia's freedom. however, genocide is much worse. and what aid did you send those people in africa? not enough oil in it mr. bush?
men like president bush make me want to kill myself. what kind of leader are you? selling out your own country men, sending them to fight a war for you and your peoples bank accounts to grow. do you realize mr. bush you have sold your nation out as whores?
i used to work in a homeless shelter mr. bush. you had a letter sent that was hanging on the wall. it said what an outstanding job this orginization was doing, yet you had never been there, and the signature that was yours was actually done by a printer. no money was given by you or your government agencies or in fact any government agencys. you send a letter you didnt even write or read or touch and many go hungry and homeless. yet you mr. bush own a company selling petrol prouducts to japan where it is then redistributed thru the world. i wonder where all that is originating from.
oh and you forgot to tell the world the truth about osama and sadam. that they wherent really close buddies like you made them out to be.
mr. bush i have heard countless lies spew from your mouth while you are in office. martha stewart went to prison for being a liar TO THE GOVERNMENT.
you lie to the people mr. bush. we the people. remember that?

you are the worst president the united states has ever seen mr. bush.
11 May 2008 Tristan Kemp-Smith Hi. My name is Tristan. I don't mind telling you all my name. I do not feel afraid of fraud and so on. I havent come here to share what i think. I havent come here to 'help' people. Ive come here to talk to people about it. Im a good helper and usually help strangers with emotional issues. I usually help with relationships but i thought i would try this. Im 16 and i have no qualifications in psychology. But if you want to talk to me about anything my msn is: , Add me and ill be sure to talk to you about anything.
11 May 2008 coupon clipper. psyc. ward, sci. fiction, and other external stimuli that opens mental gateways to sociopathic homicide can now be filtered thru a microbial filter to ensure maximum potency. just another way we are able to pass the savings on to you.
10 May 2008 tired of diapers I am in my mid20s an I have to wear diapers because of a injury that happened but not in a clinical way. because everything goes down bad in my life i am going to kill myself. i have had enough diaperwearing, and enough crap. bye
10 May 2008 blown to pieces I am sick and tired of people!!!!! They do not care , they will never care!!! I am through with this f&%ked up life. Thanks to kc, jh, nh, ab, st, and so many others for turning their back on me. today is when i put that gun to my head so i live no more misery! and to bigAl there is no more hope for me and so don't even think you can help me! today is my end!
10 May 2008 THE BADZEED why kill urself if u can die inside when u grow older
09 May 2008 Kuborion Hey!
Did you know that whenever someone commits suicide, Xenu kills a kitten?
Yea, Xenu most likely IS a made-up Scientology bullshit, but what if NOT?

Do YOU want to take that risk?
Why doesn't anybody care for the poor kittens?
09 May 2008 dear al dear al,
from time to time people come here and try to "save people"
if you look at past posts you will see the people like you never last.
i want to know al, is this your theraputic way of dealing with your problems?
08 May 2008 fc ne pas cré mort de l'âme s'en suivra...

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