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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Feb 2009 Hopeless_i see hope "wait, wht iam seeing....lights"
tht word was said by a friend of mine when we were stuck under a bulding..yeh under a building... when we were left for about 1 dam day 22 hours 16 minutes 4 seconds.......then we saw a tht a it was nothing..NOTHING
he died i managed to survive..but hey
wtf is the diffrent....empty when i first saw tht web site....i found it full of ppl who were fuked up relly fuked up....nd i guess some went to suicide but now i see some hope
wht will be a hope to someone no freinds no family no life no food no water no feelings no love no life just in a dam room 4 walls ahead him sound crazy but hey thts the whole of me and im still alive takes a miracle to get me back BACK thts really an AMAZING word but hey who can make it...people these days r shit fuked up and every thing..the night is my life ppl get attracted to a dark type dude but it sux btw 2 years of shit passed im now 15 years old but as experince of a 80 years life means to u some scared rats of some cats and not all cats like rats

but before you do,goto utube
look up,interpool - evil.

that was my gfs favorite music video.

listen to the lyrics.

look at the puppet,who is he?
02 Feb 2009 v I've been happy nearly my hole life, though I'm only 19. I've allways been categorized as the funny guy, and I have a talent for making other laugh. I have allways had good friends and I never been bullied. My depression started when i was about 16 years old. I started upper secondary school and I felt very sad to leave all my classmated behind. I still see some of them. I din't have a good firt year in upper 2ndary school. I often play happy, and I don't let people know how I feel. Partley because of my reputation as a funny guy. I changed school and when i was 17 i really started feel depressed. And now I'm only month from graduating I feel so sad and I don't know why. I have given up nearly all hope I have for my future. I written some sucides notes, but never taking the last step. Something still stopes me, one though that hits me when I'm thinking of commiting sucide is that my life is too good. Lately I've fallen in love with a girl, but I get so nervous around her that I allways destroy my chances of getting her. I've started to abuse alchol. I feel that if only something in my life could go as I want it I would feel a little happier.
01 Feb 2009 Mike Hey, Ok this hard for me to read this.Oh ok i am 14 i try to kill myself about 2 times a year.I started at age 8.Yea my life is that fucked up i havnt tryed for 2008 you know why,cuz ONE girl i never known found out i tryed to kill myself.She ran upto me crying,she yelled "Please... stop... i need you with me!Stop hurting your self... I love you mike... I Love you" I stop and looked at her... i asked her to stand.I seen her tears... I know she ment it i huged her kissed her and told her stay with me
01 Feb 2009 Aureus Dear Kuborion, I wish I had more of an exchange with you instead of just words. Although I appreciate your perspective and thoughts, I hope someday I'll see your face in a crowd without quite knowing its you, or brush past you on a busy street... that is, if I already haven't. Sincerely, Aureus
01 Feb 2009 kim1122 to: Dead inside. i miss u too n i don kno wer u went either. this is kim1122 yes its been a while. once in a while i come by here to see how things r goin n i hapend to see ur post back in 09 my friend. the bitter end is gone i guess i hope not for good. honestly wen u said there was some place u had to go n didnt kno wen ud b back i was sad for u rely n i thoght tha was the end of u but rely im hapy u posted. hapy to hear from u but why is it tha we keep comin back to this website honestly. anyways if u hapen to see this i hope ur fine n im "fine" too...

till next time...thanks mouchette, an old friend,

01 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin I don't know what to do anymore.
I'm crying right now.
Really crying, screaming out to the Lord to help me, why do I feel like this?
I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I don't want to do anything ever again.
I think I'm gonna puke on all the tears I'm swallowing...
Why can't I just be happy?
Why won't the Lord help me?
Why do I hate everyone?
I'm so lonely because I hate everyone -they all hate me back I'm sure.

I don't know what to do.

Oh God help me. I don't want to die.
31 Jan 2009 anymous okay i dont want to kill myself or to encourage anyone to kill themselves tbh i was quite mortified at waht ive read on this page,i am an average girl ive been bullied a lot bu then i flipped went psyco,i started lashing out then my life became hate and guess what i still wasnt happy,so i got help i went on anger management had councilling they helped me a little but boxing is what took it all away,the point is no one is ever really happy with what were given we are all blessed with a life no matter how low it may get its something right? everyones here for a reason youve just got to look for it and let your wings fly ! people who think throwing their life to the gutter or to the dark hands of the one and only grim reaper are the lowest sadest cowards of them all no matter how the truth hurts,my advice pick yourself up and tackle life because belive me theres always someone and something in this world for all of us.and in many contexts im not reffering to god,although if thats what you belive its your choice focus on it and embrace life.
31 Jan 2009 God Killer hey anyone no if Reverse Mortality os stil alive
30 Jan 2009 zane hey guys,moving out in 2 weeks
my parents are so dumbarse.

easyest sucide methods,leave the car running in
the garage,with the doors shut.

or psychotic meds and alchool= coma,death.

im holding tight onto some bond money,parents think
they can starve me,i got 4kg on my gut from,an adcident
i had with protein bars,1 year ago.

body fat keeping me alive till i leave.


only reason i don't self terminate,is becuasze of
one special lady.

im still crazyer for her,like i was back in

queen of hearts..<3

if you want to know how to get psychotic meds
just say some crazy shit infront of the psychologyst.

always works.

a day never pass's,that i don't think about her.

one more method,if you want it bad,break your middle
finger,it disturbs the median system,that should
cuase death in just days.

strange day,just realized cheese tastes better
at room tempreture.

i think the currency system is in place
to prevent man for being vain.


tears are words the heart can't say
life isn't a striaght path.

if anyone wants someone to talk too.
add me on msn.
29 Jan 2009 My name is Kyle Im 18 years old, Ive lost my best friend to suicide. I was set up by the police and am now facing 5 years in jail for a simple aggraved furnishing charge of marijuana. Could you throw 5 years of your life away...when I get out the girl ive fallen in love with will be gone, my parents will never be the same, I will be forgotten by half the world as I know it if not more. I can not put myself in that situation. Theres a way out, vengence might be a solution I tempt. I know I have not commited the sin here. For them too set me up too destroy my life is a sin. If I pay, They will pay...I think we all want to be remembered, Its what ive thought throughout my entire life, I just want to be remembered. The question was always how though. How?
28 Jan 2009 Sally-Anne ive got it! eat a whole heap of peanuts until one gets clogged in ur butt hole and thus makes u unable to poop. Because of this you shall blow up, it happened to my friends puppy once. Tragic! but a great way to off urself.
28 Jan 2009 hoboeater Allow yourself to be devoured by hobos
28 Jan 2009 suicidegoddess same ol same ol. this site still full of wacks and wimps trying to kill themself but not succeed. i think this site is retarded. yeah i used to use it in the past for ideas how to kill myself and yes i still want to but until the right time comes for me to kill myself i take 1 day at a time. u should too. this site is pathetic in a good way. with there lack of updating it except every few weeks, their lack of keeping it current, their lack of posting everyones posting. need i go on? this site is pathetic in a good way. keep shitting bricks if u want to hurt and or kill yourself. suicide is the answer to many problems.
28 Jan 2009 john jump off the building
27 Jan 2009 Icrine If you're looking at this now, you're clinging on to life.
Just choose your path:
A)Press the Cruel joke button at the top that will lead you to hell
B)Press the offering help button if you want to cling on to life.
Or, alternatively,
C)Children's game
Where you will find fun stuff like killing everybody before you die.
25 Jan 2009 Joanna I think the best way is to tie a rope around the neck, and jump down from a chair.
Hopefully I can watch myself in a tall mirror while I hang in the noose, giving you the fuck finger :O)
24 Jan 2009 Vagabond Missy If you kill yourself, you're repeating Karma over and over again. Into the next life and the next.

Don't do it. I'm not joking. Take some time to see the positive side of life. Seek professional help immediately. I can't help you guys here.
23 Jan 2009 melissa if this website has been around since like 2001, shouldn't you be like 20 now??
22 Jan 2009 Sureee I'm fucking tired of hearing the same things. Don't kill yourself because you will affect others, you will get to heaven uninvited, you are here to do good and shit. Life is full of shit, people don't really care about you, and even if you kill yourself, the sun will rise tommorow again. I know what you are feeling, I feel the same, but I'm fucking tired of the same cliches. Trust me, If I want to commit suicide, I will do it because of my personal pain, not what my cousin will say about it. Also ... suicide is when you don't have choices ... but I guess ... before attempting something like this ... you could do the things you always wanted ... no matter the results ... what the hell .. you're dead anyway after ... it doens't really matter.

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