Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Jan 2009 Dead meat oh crap, i said my views out loud and now they're after me. they have no problem killing innocent kids... shit i am so dead. not gonna kill myslef, im just gonna run before they can find me.
i dont have any friends who can help, have to go it alone.
shit shit shit
im too young to die

ahh fuck
im shit scared they are going to find me
or walk past me in the street and recognise me
16 Jan 2009 simple simon thanks for listening,
I just needed someone to hear
that your not alone,
there is no need to fear
you can pull through,
bc i believe that
if there was no you
there wont be much left of me
16 Jan 2009 if you knew, My friend killed herself once, she was my best friend. And she is gone now, forever and it's the "forever" part that kill's me. Everyone says " oh dont cry she is in a happier place now, there no pain in heaven." Well if I can't cry for her and be sad, why cant I die and be happier? I want to die, I want to leave this place. but I cant and I know I wont not until i'm taken by destiny. everyone who wants to take that leap into the next world, dont i cant put into words how hurt i am how much confusion and sufuring she has made me feel, im lost without her. she had to put up with a lot of bad, horrible things in her life, and so have i we were friends bc we could talk to each other about the bad things. Her funeral was to far away i couldnt attend, i feel like i didnt get to say goodbye either.

thanks for listening, i just need to talk to someone who i know wont answer.
16 Jan 2009 Lothar Why do you want to kill yourself at all?

Because you are in unbearable pain.

Pain is not confined to your physical being - to your physical body alone.
When one feels suicidal, there is a heck of a lot of EMOTIONAL pain involved. There are no drugs for emotional pain.

Maybe, just MAYBE - if people were more skilled at LISTENING, there would have been less suicides. And listening is a skill that most of us neglect. Including me.

Thanx for this site, it serves its purpose.

(I lost the best person that ever dwelled this earth - because I didn't listen to him. He is still alive, I wont be for much too long. I cannot live without him.)
15 Jan 2009 Ree i could say soooooooooo much.
guess how i stumbled upon this? looking up fatal drug combos...but that is another story, for another audience of not so tender an age...
you really should not bother with the topic you have so chosen.
honestly under 13...your choices are slim.
but i was suicidal at (failed) attempts were pills, slit wrists...i am now 28. I struggle as of right now with acute despair.
but life gets better.
a lot of shit has happened since then, i have lost friends and family to the grim reaper, burned many bridges, suffered many broken hearts, been cheated on, lied to, assaulted, abused... but i am not broken and there were so many moments in those years that made all the negative at least worth it. so i guess what i am saying is this:
while the morbid side of me finds the topic amusing (i WAS that suicidal teenager) the ethical side wanted to point out that many will find it in poor taste. and that you may be encouraging suicidal ideations.
i noticed there were a lot of comments; however i am too lazy to read them all.
15 Jan 2009   i need to dream more,

every good feeling i've ever known but didn't have came from dreams.

like when I played online games, i had a dream about the perfect chat channel system, but it never came true. it felt so prolific though, i with i could enjoy it forever with the feeling blasting through like a romanticism coating..

oh and then the ones i have now, bah, fuck teenage llife. i hate it.

i hate staying up, i hate un satisfaction

but f uck it it, im bored, peace,
14 Jan 2009 A suicide is not a game! it's not a toy! once it's over you don't come back! You should remove this website it is very dangerous and very unapropriate. Instead IF YOU ARE SUICIDAL, you should GO FIND HELP AT THE EMERGENCY OF A HOSPITAL IN YOUR AREA. If you aren't suicidal, STOP, its NOT FUNNY. How could you possibly think helping children kill themselves is a fun way to pass time, you should be ashamed of yourself.
13 Jan 2009 Hi im Jesus H. Christ! eat a lot of peanuts untill they get stuck in ur anus and u cant pooh anymore, so you explode. it happened to my friends puppy once. TRY IT! im wierd. sorry.
13 Jan 2009 Eduarda maybe you could try stay alive, why the fuck do you want to kill yourfself? you're so 13 girl
13 Jan 2009 Waiting I find it funny that its so easy to end a life, it makes me believe that we are truly insignificant beings. Like a grain of sand in an hourglass.
13 Jan 2009 kim i tried to kill myself when i was 12 i first tried cutting my wrist it felt so good. then i tried to get hit by a car at 16 while driving my car it dint work at 21 i had a kid and got him taken only to find i had a mental illness that wont go away. i take my meds every day im tired because my son lives in a horrible environment with his dad who is a wife beating cop and i try to get better. i just recently went off all my meds and lost a good friend because he cant deal with me and my problems i have. he cant love me ans wont until i straighten out my life, like that will ever happen. i need to fill the void of my son and want to have another family i honestly believe it will help me in some way to love again if i had someone to love me so i could learn to love myself again. i got out of the hospital over the holidays and i wish today i could just check back in for a few more daysw just ot feel safe in my own skin. i want to sleep all the time and i dont eat some how i just manage to stay a the same weight i always am and not lose. i just want to die or to have some knight and shining man come save me. i would say the way to go is to kill your self is tot drink antifreeze. i havent tried it yet. scared to.
13 Jan 2009 Sarah i am 17 and have thought of suicide since i was sexually assulted at 13, abused by my parents, and consistently put down by peers and teacher, over the past few years i have been to councelling, medicated, slit my wrist <-- waste of time, plonderd the thought of jumping in front of a train but seen the result of survival <-- scratched that idea, thought about making hydrogen sulphide but dont like the idea of my head in the toilet, .... although every night when i close my eyes i dream of killing myself iv'e learned to live everyday as it comes although life is shit, i look towards my future and making my life mine, having children and being proud of something for once in my life, giving them the gift of my love and understanding, giving them the affection and life that i have never managed to have... i also look forward to grandchildren and watching my children teach and love their children..... living life is honestly the worst but if you make a goal or dream and focus on it no-one puts you down nearly as isnt worth make it yours it is
12 Jan 2009 S.S. Don't do it. My 12 year old nephew killed himself last April. The hurt from it never stops. Never. I will find myself feeling good, then I remember Jacob. It sickens me that he did this. What a quitter. My first thought was "putz", but I couldn't voice that to anyone. I have thought about suicide since I was 11 and cut myself all through high school. I believe in reincarnation. Living here SUCKS, but if you kill yourself, you're showing up to heaven without an invite, without finishing your task here on earth (which, IMO, is to help & spread love, even in the smallest things, like holding doors open, for example). If you end your life now, you'll just have to come back & finish what you stopped doing here. I did love Jacob very much. He had a hell of a time & he wasn't thinking straight. People at that age don't think straight for the most part. You're lucky to get through your teen years alive. I consider myself lucky. He wasn't a putz. But he's dead. That's it. You can't improve on that. You can't move forward. You can't look at yourself with pride and say, "I made it through the dark times." You're in a pool of blood - dead. Oh, and allowing yourself to be found by someone who you thought didn't love you. His mom found him. I saw the blood splatter on the fence where he did it. Sickening. To this day, it haunts me. I didn't envy the paramedics. See, the people who dealt with Jacob's death have to live with this for the rest of their lives. He's scarred people for life. Our lives will never be the same. He burdened us with this pain. Don't do it. Don't burden others. You can get out of any mess. I did. Bring the light in. Don't wait for it to come to you. WILL it!
12 Jan 2009 Caroline P. NC When I was twelve years old I took practically a whole bottle of sleeping pills but I just hallucinated and threw it all up. I'm 15 now and haven't gone to school for two weeks. My mom called the attendance councler so I ran away...NOW I'm 15 and STILL suicidal. It's January 12, 2009 10:18 PM and I'm planning on stabbing myself in the heart while in bed. I will finally be in peace because I have f****d up my once perfect life. If this doesn't work out I'm not going to give up...I'll keep trying. --------Caroline
12 Jan 2009 Lois i'm so scared
10 Jan 2009 Rigahmortis Dont kill yourself let me kill ya, perhaps in a torturing fashion. Your wondering what I would do, well I would take a thousand razor blades and press it into your flesh, take my pitchfork up out of the fire and soak it down in your chest, through the ribs, spine, cartilidge, muscle, and tissue, and send whats left in the mail to your mammy cuz I think she just might miss you. But first, I want to slowly peel off all your skin. Get grease and boil it hot pour it on you and your friend. I probably should not be so horribly slaughtering the body I am so naughty because I am moderately in to photography following through the autopsy. But thats what I do!
09 Jan 2009 X Im just 15 and I'm a complete pussy. If I can't do it then I should stop trying but I don't. I've never been abused except verbally by EVERYbody in my life from birth until now. IDONT have the balls to do it but I will soon and I'm sure of it. I just wanna say if uwanna do it, go ahead. I've been suicidal since 7 but somehong in me is finally broken...

The ship is sinking and I'm not gonna try and stop it.


I just wanna people to know what I think. If u think I'm dumb I don't really care. Do what u have to do. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT but u do have to deal with it. So go down the path nobody can follow you. Good luck friends I'm bailing

Email me at darkheart6@hotmail

Luv to hear what u think even if it doesn't bother me

Pcs and GL
08 Jan 2009 caroline keep living death is a guarentee in its time.
08 Jan 2009 bruno F**K.... why would you wanna kill your self at such a young age. i. all i can say is have sum kids and grow the fuck up!!!!!
07 Jan 2009 beauty I want to kill myself because I'm really dying to know where my soul is going to be

I don't trust in heaven nor hell

I'm just curious!

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