Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Mar 2009 just do it if im supposedly loved then why do i have so little, no wait why do i have nothing to hold on to? sometimes i wonder if i really would be better off in another sphere. there has been nothing but hell these last few months and im tired of the stress that all i want to do is end it but i cant because thats the easy way out. guess what im tired of this shit im gone and out. im through with this shit called life. people have no heart they see no smart, for what is done is done just remember me for who i once was and not for what ive become.
08 Mar 2009 Macen Look, your 13 and have hardly lived, maybe your going through some undeniable pain, im not sure i can tell just yet, but killing your self is not going to make your situation better, when i was 15 my grandfather died of cancer, i was his caretaker, he was like my father, when he passed away i was shattered because he was the ONLY one who ever treated me like i was important, the rest of my family always found a way to put me down, and it worked, i started cutting when i found he only had three months left to live the day he died i was a complete mess, i dont think i spoke a word. after a few weeks of feeling nothing but utter pain from the loss, i went into his room and grabbed the hydro and oxcy, took what was left and slit my wrist, my best friend found me. after some hard talking and seeing that someone else truely cared i realized my grandfather would be angry if i showed up where ever it is he may be. im 19 now, and when i think back on this i wonder how i could have been so blind. all im saying is that your young and just because something seems so horrible so unbearable, its no means to end your life, because im sure weather you know it or not someone, wants you alive. if you ever need to talk you can call hotlines or contact me
07 Mar 2009 Sherika I'm 25, it's another night and i won't be getting any sleep at all. I really want to kill myself, just do it, but i think about my family, my mother and i think about God because once you go down that road, it's hell for you, although the thought of going to hell doesn't scare me anymore,and that scares me, i've stopped caring, i feel like i'm just existing, i feel nothing, i can't connect to anymore, and if any guy seem interested, i turn him away or do something to make him hate me, i spend most days by myself, in my room with my computer and books, but i've lot the zeal to even read, i'm so empty, i was looking for methods tonight and i stumbled upon this site and i've been reading the stories and i just needed to speak, i'm away from home, i live with my cousin and his kids, i'm not comfortable but i don't have anywhere else to go, i don't know how to communicate to them,they think i'm strange, i see the way they look at me, i hate being a burden to anyone so everyday the stress of it kills me a little more, i want to go home but i have no money and what will i do when i go home, i came here to help my family and myself and also to get away from my life at home, i thought if i came to America some opportunity might arise, but people don't care here and now there are hardly any jobs, and i feel worthless and alone, there's no one to talk to because i haven't made any friends, really the only people i know are either far away from or are too consumed with their life to care, most people don't want to hear your problems anyways because they don't want to feel obliged to help. I thought as i got older that this depression will go away but it has worsened, the darkness comes alot now and i can't fight it anymore, i had a bottle of pills in my room and i ran away from it because i would have taken it all. I'm killing myself anyways, slowly,i take so many many painkillers and sleeping pills to knock me out some nights because i just want to stop thinking and feeling and i i've hardly been eating, right my stomach is in so much pain, i feel my body eating itself, and i haven't slept fully in months,everyday i say, maybe this is the day i fall and never get up.
07 Mar 2009 Jamie i have been wanting to kill myself since i was 14. I have also been cutting myself since i was 14. I am depressed, i hate where i live, it is full of snobby jerks who no nothing but about life except how to be rich. My parents saw my arm the second time I cut, and caught me taking pills trying to kill myself. However, i consider myself a coward. There have been times when i could have just gone through with it but i didnt. I do not exactly know why. After all living a life of fear (fear of EVERYTHING) impairs the ability to be happy. I have been seeing 3 therapists since 4th grade. Nothing has changed. I hate myself, evertying about myself, and it is almost impossible to live with that. Stress overtakes my life and I have almost daily panic attacks. I am done, and have been for so long. I skip class and lie to my parents about it, i put on a fake act, no one knows what i go through. If i wasnt a coward i would be out of here by now, and i wish with everything i could escape this world. Until then, i guess the only good thing i can say is that you are not alone. There are so many people like us who are suicidal.The only thing really keeping me back is the tears i see on my parents face when they catch the scars on my arms, or the pills hiddin in my draw.
07 Mar 2009 Loki You kids need to realize that suicide is one of the most selfish things a human being can do. If you believe in the christian heaven and hell, you should check out dante's dream about hell in his book "inferno", and see where he meets "the suicides" and then see how that corrollates with the christian bible on what happens to those who destroy god's temple in self-righteousness, disowning the laws of both man and god. As an atheist, it took more than that for me, but for you tweens (no disrespect), that might be enough to reconsider. I've tried twice, and vowed to do it the right way the next time, but even the dark side of me is repulsed by the creator of this page and the people who claim to be adults giving advice to thirteen-year-olds on the right way. Fucking sick. Your feelings are very real and very important and even though it seems nobody cares or understands, somebody does. Try me. And for you fucking sick pedophilic sadistic chickenhawks with the advice... You can try me, too.
07 Mar 2009 Holly theres not just one best way. but if you mess up and end up alive, its gonna mess up your life and make it even worse. Why do you want to kill yourself?

I'm not saying you shouldn't.

But why?
06 Mar 2009 Suicider OK, for all those people who are against suicide, SHUT UP! u don't know how it feels to have a stupid fuckin damn bad life, sure everybody has a family who should love them, but there is a lot more pressure than that. people are scared of the future, scared that they'll end up with crappy jobs like working at mcdaonalds. they have depression, so the people who have bad lives, do whatever you want, dont listen to those people who make ur minds for u, its ur turn now! Be STRONG!
06 Mar 2009 Kyle drink too much water.
06 Mar 2009 Kyle The best way is to jump it's quick and there are more you see there aremillions of ways get ready to read 1,000,000 WAYS TO KILL YOURSELF!
06 Mar 2009 mpengi Put on your Superman costume from halloween, and "fly" off the highest structure you can find. People will think it is both cute and tragic, and most importantly of all, your parents will blame themselves.
06 Mar 2009 Hal Hey, i had bin here b4, nw after several yrs am posting bak. Itz rilly gud 2 see that people are advising, telling their stories, and discouraging those who want to commit suicide. Suicide is the end of all hopes.

I've jus cried, talkin 2 God abt wotz hapenin in my life- coz derz no1 2 listen 2 me. oh, am 21, going for my post-graduate studies. Yea, after all the hell i've bin fru, i hav bin able 2 study. I wud stay in my room, cry for hours and sleep in my wet bed-not coz of pee, but my own tears.. :) Well, I've encouraged myself, helped manyyyy people 2 overcome their probs throughout my life... I know wot it is 2feel left out. Yet, now I want to achieve somefin in my life, and some more sadness popping in.

I dunt want to giv up. I wunt list down the probs I've bin fru, but I can say wotever post i've read so far remind me bits and pieces of wot I've lived since early age.

WOT DID I DO? : I withdrew from my family, from people I dont trust, made friends, but kept my mouth shut on criticisms, secrets, and dint reveal anyfin on me. I study hard, and want to work 2 help more people..basically, am a professional social worker- I chose this profession coz I want 2 help people as far as I can. I dont want people to die, to b in probs, 2 b abused.. I no wot itz abt.

So my msg is: ur in shit, use ur experiences for good purpose. am helping, living for my self, ignoring barking dogs..

Suicide sux..lie down or take a bath, watch a nice comedy movie, let ur tears flow, pray by lookin at the sky, without mentionin any name..jus address urself to God..fings will change, God will help u. dunt let Satan make victory on u, he sux.

Hope it helps,
do contact me if u want.
cheers, be alive!!
04 Mar 2009 zane wait wait,before you O.D on something
do this first,last week when we were
low on food,i found the best!! THING

make some toast and put pepperni on it
with butter,wait for the butter to melt.

THEN EAT IT,i thought it tasted
03 Mar 2009 africanqueen just take a trip to ethiopia and starve to death
02 Mar 2009 Joanna To swing in the noose, while looking at yourself in the mirror everytime you turn around in the rope is fantastic, exept for the purple face, and the swollen lips...and the streched long neck. wish I could doit all over again.
01 Mar 2009   Mouchette,

My organs are dinner,
All turned to mush,
Like and old rusty car that gathers stll dust

Keep in smooth friends,
I mean it, and I found a loop hole of life where we can be slow,
Sleepings an option not and escape. And I know
You'll smile, please, do

I'm still here in the still life
In my name on the wall,
I wrote stonned as a tree,
I think it's mutal, but
you might


: )

Now I'm not scared of dyingg,
But I don't want
To be
Miss judged
28 Feb 2009 just do it why hasnt this been updated in 3 1/2 weeks? stop slacking and update this suicide forum!!!!!!!! NOW
28 Feb 2009 Chrismas jones collective This is typical mouchellette,
You've had me possesse since a little boy, please...
26 Feb 2009 Innocently_Convicted When I was 13-14, I wanted to kill myself. I tried the whole over dose, cutting thing. I almost did once, I drank so much I was going to suffercate on my own vomit, but my mother 'rescued' me into hell.
In the past five months I've been locked up over one joint, I've stayed clean and I've complied with what everyone wants. But the law still won't leave me alone. And even for that short peroid of time that I had my life back, and I had my life undercontrol..I don't anymore. they've taken it away, it's not that I'm 'sad' or 'someone left me' or 'my lifes just fell apart' because:
I can MAKE myself happy
I can GET them back, or move on or they'll wait
I can pull it together AGAIN
But I REFUSE to live THIS WAY. I refuse to live like a scared person.
I'm scared to go to school, I can't see my friends, I can't do anything or they'll lock me up, and I swear I'm not getting locked up again, and I won't live that way in that eight by eight fucking cell again with the only hopes of death being drowning in the sink, fuck that. I won't live like this any longer. If I can't do what I want in life, then why live?
25 Feb 2009 god easy get a sureng from a puppy worm shot kit. fill it with air and inject

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