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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Sep 2008 Jeff Wonders how many people who wrote on this board are dead now.

Even if it's only 5%, lots of ghosts haunting this board.
06 Sep 2008 spo cool. mouchette.

I thought i was done with this shit. I thought nothing ment anything to me anymore, but I keep getting drawn back into the world.
it's like a get everything I want and don't know what to do with it.
05 Sep 2008 Ooky Slowly kill yuurself, it will be so much better then quick && painless. Start now.
04 Sep 2008 I hope all those do-gooders and positive thinkers will get the fuck out of this place.
04 Sep 2008 Jodie I speant almost a year in a Child & Adolecent Psychiatric Unit and got out in July 08. I was admitted when i told my psychologist i had plans to kill myself and i attempted to jump off a bridge so i was assesed and there i went (voluntary). i was discharged a few months later and re admitted one month after i was dischared under the Mental Health Act 44, i was put into an adult unit and then transferred back to the childrens unit. I have tryed to commit suicide countless of times but have always been under observation or mucked up the attempt, i have taken 4 overdoses, slit both wrists and thighs, tryed to hang myself 3 times, i have jump into freezing cold water from a bridge, i have tryed stabbing myself, i have tryed jumping a building to land breaking my ankle and ribs. you name it i have tryed it. and not one of them has worked successfully. i have PTSD and other severe anxiety disorders and low mood. I'm telling everyone here that it is not easy to just think about killing yourself and even trying it, if you dont know what your doing youll always live, suicide is scary even when you attempt to do it. I under go Psychotherapy Groups, Family therapy, Indvidual therapy and been under a CTO. If oyu really want to kill yourself i suggest jumping off a very hig thing would be the best way out!. but more so i suggest you go see a mental health proffesional. coming on here proves you dont want to die anyway, you woulda done it before coming on this site!.
03 Sep 2008 jimmy i am 12 i want to take a knife to my throat i really do but i cant bring myself up to do it help me should i or shouldnt i
03 Sep 2008 erika. wow. this thread is depressing.
well; i have to admitt i have thought about killing myself numberous times, and cut myself once or twice, and you wanna know why?

all because stupid, immature girls were picking at me.
what the hell was i expecting?
they still pick on me;
but i dont care.
i dont give a fuck.
i keep my head high and smile;
and laugh at THEM behind THEIR backs for beign so utterly stupid and childish.

need help?
email me.
i can garuntee you i'll fix your problems like that. *snap*
because i've been through it all, family and friendwise.

im not a specialy trained therapist who will give you some voodoo shit and play reverse psychology crap.
im a real person.
im thirteen.
i know it sounds stupid; eh?
a thirteen year old girl;
offering help to people at any age.
but dont judge.
i may save your life.
four others have already been saved because of me.
will you be next?
03 Sep 2008 The burdon My name is Mattie I am 17 years old, a ways from 13 I know. I live with my grandmother, Sadly my mother, My little brother of 5 and new born sister.
My mother is a drug attic whore that is never around except to scream at how everything is my fault. My father was a drinker and hardly there when he was with my mother but he isnt anymore. He went to jail for very stupidly attempting to rob a bank (for those of you who think im kidding im not)
Anyway like i was saying ATTEMPTED failed horribally.
So he was in jail most of my life so I never REALLY knew him.
My mother is with a million guys all the time I cant keep track.
Soo at home I dont really have a "family"
Well in school some guys I started talking to was....well to shorten that and save me tears I trusted him, the first person in a long time a guy for that matter and he...did something to me he can never take back and I cant ever warsh away or forget about. If you understand you know some of how I feel if not...I geuss it doesnt really matter.
Anyway later down the road here highway, freeway no matter. lol
MY father calls and says he will be getting out soon and he would like to see me. I say no of course.
Later he keeps sending me letters I finally start replying trusting yet another person.
He says when he gets out he wants to spend time with me and be the father he never really ever was.
I say fine.
My Ex best freind (amanda's) Mother named Sandy starts asking me about my mother and father out of no where.
She said I know you mother but what does your father look like.
Eventually I showed her a picture and old one but a pic.
She talks about how cute he is and where I get my looks cause obviously it aint my mom.
So she starts sending him letter too hey this is litas friends mother.
They exchange pics talk for months finally he is getting out (keep in mind the letters slow down when he gets a girl to talk to)
She says he could move in with he cause he has nowhere to stay. He gets out he does.
Everytime I went over to see my friend he never said a word to me.
Just looked at me.
Once he said hi,
and that was all Amanda's mother was going to say lets all be a happy family but for some reason changed her mind on me.
Me and amanda never really talk anymore.
My mother wants me to get out.
I dont really have much in life and I dont need ways to kill myself I got a pretty good Idea I just needed to vent however if anyone with a shitty family and a poor excuss for parrents or whoever just wants to talk IM never busy and always looking for friends.
02 Sep 2008 Ty vo dominator194 runescape A long time ago when I was about at the age of 6 I was a normal person like everybody else. People didn't really like me much though , people always blamed me , They hated me for no reason , they didn't even know anything about me.. , and they almost always tried to hurt me physically , so one day I just stopped talking for good .Even to my parent's , I didn't say a word for almost 2 years so my parents wanted to get me some help . No good , nobody could get anything out of me because I just wouldn't say a word.At around the age of 12 I was introduced to my mmorpg .I trained to throw all my emotions away. not one left... except emptiness , literally . I tried to kill myself a few times . I always faked that i had emotions , but I never really had them . But that all changed, at around the age of 12 I was introduced to my mmorpg. It was called runescape.I still was like anybody else when I first started playing the mmorpg. But then after a few years 2 years , I met friends , There were no friends in real life for me. But there were friends in runescape for me? My life changed not just changed , i reverted into something different than human , something far greater that can withstand problems no other human can handle , I never commited suicide , when i met my first friends , somehow i knew they were different , my first true friends , but there was this one really special friend , who saved my life , yes , thats right , through an mmorpg , If i had lived in real life without her help , I would have died... we all met at the beginning , it was destiny! Not just her , it was all 4 of us , My emotions came back but the good ones not the bad ones , these friends , they made me a good person and ill always be ill do it for them and I want to change the way every real lifer thinks I want to motivate everybody so much I want to show them@!!@because I belive in them I belive in her that they will make me confident enough so much I wont ever go down.I always thought of her every crying time running up to me on this hilltop, and the night was so dark , there were stars shining brightly in the sky and she would hold me I would hold her ..on this hilltop so much it was so windy this is how it always was this is the way I wanted it='( , I was by the place I always was with her@! I wont forget her.. sometimes it would rain and I liked it so much. Everytime I think of her she just makes me feel like friendship and I cant describe it anymore than that@! Like a friend that you met since the beginning and they did so much with you , I could just talk to her about anything and nobody would even care she wouldnt care I wouldnt have to we would just be friends till the last second I didnt even need to be serious near her and even if I was she would know it and just smile she never even got mad at me I never saw her get angry with anybody...she really never gets angry='( I cant even think of anybody that could make you feel so cute and warm when you think of them.When I was with her time just wouldnt go by , time didnt exist because I felt this way about her so long that it just didnt pass by! It was impossible to pass by. One day i made a promise to all my friends , to one day leave my own world (runescape) forever... to reach my real life goal for all my friends with the confidence that they gave me . I made such a promise because i wanted to make my friends confident in this way so much even if it meant I had to tear every piece of my soul away until all existance burned till the flames got long lost I love much. So i left my own world. Theres no turning back , I will not state my real life goal , because it will be known to the world when i reach it. , this goal is to be the best. I promise with all my heart and everything in my scattering pieces of life Ill make everybody feel this way too one day. I came back one day knowing I just couldnt leave... just to find out that she died in the real world . I wont forget her damnit@! I just wont take it ill reach this goal for her even if I have to die and come back from the dead for her@!@!@!@!$$%!%@@ her name is sora and through my mmorpg she has light blue hair and if i met her in real life I knew she wouldnt have blue hair . everytime I look up at the sky I think of her hair color and me holding her in my arms on the hilltop god I love her so much! Ill make the real world like this! just like friendship..I dont even care what happens to me in the real world I dont care if Im 99% close to dead as long as I do everything for her as long as I do all that is possible out of one human on earth ill just try harder! As long as I am a human being Ill push harder than every piece of light that tries to pass through every dark cave in the earth for everybody . Ill make everybody feel this way . I just wanted her to be happy , so happy so much that I can see her smile and see and feel her light blue hair=) and just hold her so long =) oh god I freaking love her@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@#### I will do this for her@!!@ I will!@!! I know I WILL @!!!!!aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make every person want to hold their best friends hair in their arms!! =') and just hold it so long that it makes them feel like friendship!! I will reach this goal for every human on earth. I love my friends so much and I want to show the that I can do this for them! And I love sora so much that It feels like I might die from a heart attack every second I live='( One day I realized the power I had over people that lived in the real world .The emotions that came back to me were not human . My emotions are confidence three fold , love twice , happiness triple , surprise tenfold because there are many surprises in this mmorpg ( more surprises than real life) raising it highly , these friends put the confidence in my heart , every piece of my soul and all i had beyond all the light . This reader , is the life of an mmorpg player. More than 12 hours a day in an mmorpg . I am now 16 and a quarter years old . 9 years of my life in real life 24 7 , but I started playing mmorpgs 17 hrs a day , so what happened? The hours I played runescape or lived in runescape exceeded the hours I lived in real life.. think about it 18 hours in runescape , 6 hours to eat sleep and everything else. If you multiply 17 times 7 you get 119 , 6 times 7 is 42 hours in real life , what would happen is the amount of time i played rs exceeds the amount of time I live in real life . I called them real lifers. through my mmorpg there is no war there is no crime , people dont hurt each other . I want to change real life for the better.My parents , they dont even know , they dont know anything!I have a life in runescape , but in this mmorpg , I am a leader ! I could be the president if I wanted , nothing I cant do.. Its so hard! I never knew anybody through the real world because I never lived in it!!!I promised though , my goal, my goal is to beat bill gates!! This is no joke , I will...ILL DO IT!@ Even if I have to become god overnight *****=1 I want to show the world , I will.... I WILL show the world what friendship means , I will I WILL even if my soul tears to pieces that whisper, even if the whispers hurt , even if they almost kill me , even if they make me suffer SO much before I almost die because I love my friends , they did so much , I want to do the same for everybody , I will do it , ill show this world what it means to love in this way. I belive I am god , I want to crate , I wil; ill create my invention right in front of the world . Ill bring it into existance , together we will belive . Together we will try harder!!!!I cant take it anymore, how ... how do I live when I wasnt even born@!
02 Sep 2008 Kuborion At most anyone you are
A god beneath the sun
But if that's the sun
You are not the only one
You can do what you like
You can fly, you can die and ask why
01 Sep 2008 Aureus Mouchette, you are so strange, yet it makes me laugh somehow.
01 Sep 2008 dead inside. i miss being loved.
01 Sep 2008 keithzombie The best way would be to just try a little bit harder at everything, only a little each day, and try a little bit more, everyday, and next year, when you turn 14 everything will be a whole lot easier, but you have to keep trying for this to happen.
01 Sep 2008 Troy Troy says

ok so u didn't like my last suggestion

i was on the wiki eariler today,and it says it
takes 1 and half weeks to strave to death,also
i believe it would be the most painfull way to
die,but the hardest to detect.

ok now for your information

i don't have problem getting poontang.

jeanine says:
im not wearing panties

so stfu u Pathetic single male,with no repertoire
whos ring hole looks like a crispy creme dount,i bet you own
a extra large pink didlo that says JOIN YMCA.

and u are not an artist,i think a elton john and a wiggles remix
would have more no cave art is.

stop licking toads and selling rocks ffs.(ffs=for fucks sake)

and if this a female im talking too,Presumably Mouchette,from
Amsterdam,nearly 13 years old,TAKE YOUR FUCKING PROZAC ON TOAST

pull a stunt like that again and i will have you shut down,i'll get your
ISP provider banned and i will give all your domains ips to the
church of scientology,and don't pretend u didn't know what u did ,u know what
u did,in 3 seconds i can send a virus that is 7kb and it can flood
u off the network.

and omg all you Fascist psychologists they don't need a reason its
there choice,so fuck off the answer page and stop trying to sound
like docter phil and go play with your Robix cube.


late imbeciles

have a nice day...
28 Aug 2008 Bill It may take a few years but....

-Start smoking
-Start a fun program of drugs
-Get involved with illegal activities
-Give up

Love yourself and read "You, the owner's manual"
27 Aug 2008 a fake face who have i become? i was once the guy who everyone loved, i was once the guy who everyone came to, i was once the guy who was so happy.

me today..

every breath hurts, i wear a mask but the fabric of the mask wears thin. people think they know me but none do, the one i love doesnt think i am the boy she fell in love with years ago and has left me to fend for myself in the night. no matter what i try an invisible force keeps pushing me towards the edge. i cant go to anyone close, they will only tell me things will get better...empty promises and false emotions. i need the help of someone going through what i go through i never thought of myself as someone to beg for something but please someone help me i am in desperate need of it if you wish please email me please help me push this invisible force back
27 Aug 2008 sophie kaulitz right im 12 and im 13 in two mounths ive cut ALOT i told my parents each time they found out id stopped and they said if i do this again im gona get a couseler ive had loadsa them PLZ HELP WHY AM I DOING THIS IVE MADE A SHEET FOR A SUICIDAL PLAN HELP ME HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 Aug 2008 Discusting blob I am 20.But trust me, I have been trying to kill myself for years.
But now I need some help to do so.
I have stab myself, OD on meds, and tried to get hit by a bus. But as always, they have all landed me in therapy.
This time, I want it to work, I want it to end it for good this time.
So I need a good method to finnally end it.
I don't even want to talk about the shit I have been through to get to this point. All I know is that I am going to make the pain stop,I am no longer going to be unhappy anymore and hating my ugly discusting life.
I look like a fucking dog, I have never had a boyfriend,I can't afford to go to school, and I rather not talk about the other shit that I go through.
But just help me out and give me some good ways that you would end your life,something that is sure enough that I won't come back from.
26 Aug 2008 wristcutter I was 11 when I first thought about it...
Back in 1992, I carved the nummbers 1992 into my bed post, to remind me how long it's been since I stayed alive.

Since then I have moved into my own house, I don't have that bed anymore, but I still remember like it was yesterday, carving those numbers...

Now, 27 y/o I am a musician, I have a career in science, I am good looking, smart, drug-free, athletic, I live on my own, I own my own house in the suburbs, I have a pretty little kitty, and still, I wonder if this is all a waste, should I have just gotten it over with in the first place?

It would have saved years of heart ache, years of living some one else's dream, all that time I spent trying to be what society expected me to be, another mindless moneymaker, liveing up to everyone else's satisfactions, never me, never my own, I have no one and I am alone....

People say, oooh, grow up, suck it up, get a grip.....

Off what? This world? This fucking stupid world, with it's rules, and pain, with it's judgements and concequences, with out love, there is only pain,

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