Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Mar 2009 Boodle I'm lucky I didn't kill myself when I was 13. I'm lucky I didn't succeed when I was 14.

I'm now 21. I lost a baby when I was 19. I lost another one just last year. I'm a perfectionist really. If I'm not living my life to the fullest, then why am I still here? I've hit a brick wall lately. I'm too comfortable in my own skin. I don't have a crap life by some people's standards, although I'm disappointed that I haven't made the most of it lately. I'm only getting older and I hate it. I might as well quit while I'm ahead.
20 Mar 2009 Double_G You can use suicide booth, if you don`t know what it is watch few Futurama episodes and mabey you`ll decide to make your own suicide booth. There is another way too, you can just shoot your head of but i guess the first option would be better ;]
20 Mar 2009 Mike ok so I've searched and searched and searched and only found BS about how to kill yourself. I tried pills. DON'T, because your body's natural reaction is to vomit all the crap out. Hanging? Well that hurts like hell unless you can jump from a specified height according to your weight so your neck snaps and you die fairly quickly. I'm unable to cut myself because you need to get a huge blood vessel. Any other size and your blood tries to clot to stop the bleeding PLUS it's freakin messy as hell. Last night I drank a glass of anti-freeze diluted with tomato juice. Taste like crap so today I'm drinking it diluted with Pepsi. OH MAN does it taste delicious. I diluted about 200ml of diluted anti-freeze (yes unfortunately all I could find was anti-freeze that was already diluted) in a 2.5 cups (about 650ml) glass of Pepsi. They're right about the taste. It's sweet as heck but mixed with Pepsi, it's even better. The companies add a chemical though to give it a nasty after taste but I can't taste it with the pop. I imagine the with normal anti-freeze you'd have to mix less anti with Pepsi but what the heck...Pepsi is always good to drink anyhow. So anyways, this is my current attempt and should this fail, my next one is drowning. If you want to try drowning as your first and only try, get a heavy weight because you will simply float to the surface. And MAKE SURE you pick a deep location because your natural reaction will be to get to the surface for air...hence the weight to keep you down under. If you're strong enough and you're light enough (weight wise), get a cement block with some rope. You tie the rope around your waist as well as around the cement block, hold your breath (or exhale) and jump in the water. You'll struggle for air but it really won't take long to pass out. And thank god for the weight because it'll keep you under the water so that when you're body tries to naturally wake up, you won't because there' won't be any air so you're done. I can't do the water thing yet because everything is still iced over. Oh and don't bother trying the CO (Carbon Monoxide) method either because you'll need a shit load. It was another failed attempt. Anti-Freeze is a definite kill if you can live with the agony it will cause. I'll know soon enough how much it will hurt...if it'll hurt at all. I noticed in my search that everyone says all methods hurt but they're full of crap because I've tried several and none of them hurt....well except the hanging because I'm too chicken to try that one. Yeah I know...too chicken to hand myself but I'm trying some thing that's apparently quite painful. If only the water wasn't iced over and a lot warmer. ;)
19 Mar 2009 Suicidal and Lonely ok, for those who answer and tell everyone wat to do, just be quiet. for those who want to suicide or cut urselves and be emo, just do it! it'll make u feel better. im not encouraging it, but im not also telling u to do it. its ur choice. do wat u want. its ok, just do it until u find somethin to do to take ur mind off it. like find someone to play with, to go to their house or do somethin. its most likely u haven't met ur best friend for life. or found the person u love, or experienced a job. but do wat u want to, it's ur life
19 Mar 2009 dan Isnt it funny that i would discourage you to find an alternative to suicide , find something to live for , yet i spend most of my time wishing it for myself. im 34
18 Mar 2009 johnson hockey fabricate some kind of butt plug and duct tape it in your pucker real good soo you know nothing will come go to an all you can eat sea food buffet and keep eating till your stomach bursts or you choke on your throw if your stomach explodes your gunna die slowly so what i would do is take a couple cans of butane and huff them(inhale the butane straight out of the can)as the butane iz good anesthesia and you wont feel the pain as much.:) fuck off
16 Mar 2009 D Look ive had a good life up until i was 17 about to turn eighteen..........i got maried when i was 16 and when i turned 17 my ex wife had a miscarriage,she left me,my mother died the same week she left me and would not talk to me,i got hooked on oppiates,my grandfather died,..........i thought that was as bad as shit gets but boy was i im 24(just turned in march)i never had n e thoughts of suicide but with the economy all fucked up in 2008 i lost my job ..........i cannot find another one(its march 2009 ive been unemployed for 1 year and 3 months)Im majorly hooked on oppiates and am currently doing every thing i can to get my fix(it is hell),my car got repossesd,i lost my place to dad and sister hate my guts.......the rest of my family dont like me anymore(do to my drug problem and burning bridges).....and i just dont know what to do any more.ive thought about killing my self more than ever in the last 3 months.the funny thing is im a good person and never thought my life would end up like this and it keeps getting worse every year that passes.Im really contimplating on killing myself within the next month.evry thing is taken care of and nobody will miss me........i will probably go somwhere really high the stratosfere in las vegas and jumping head furst so when i hit the ground my skull will crush on impact killing me instataneously.I dont think i have any mental health issues.........its just id rather be dead than a homless junky doin anything just to get high.and if i take the homeless route ill end up in jail wich is worse than being just sick of everything going bad and nothing getting better(since 16 it gets worse every year with 2009 being extremely bad)u can think whatever you want but i know my self and i want this life to end........i dont believe in god or heaven and hell so no worries there.i just never woulda thought it would end like this.o well fuck everything and every one
16 Mar 2009 paul give me a ring before you do any thing
16 Mar 2009 Chocolatemilk I want to commit suicide. Im building my courage to do that. I feel that its pointless to live and even if I do die... in a couple of years everyone is going to forget me. More people on this site have had worse experience than me so Im not gonna say wat ive been through but Ive tried some things. People at school have called me Emo but I dont really care. My family is retarted and well, from the beginning, I regret being born. I hate my mother for giving birth to me, I hate the fact that life is so difficult but some people happen to handle it so well. I hate education. Its stupid and pointless because one day, you're gonna end up dead, poor or rich.

Humans are stupid and they don't understand you even if they say that they do!
16 Mar 2009 Aretha Franklin Why dont u quit being a little bitch and get off ur ass and do something about it! If uv got problems, sort them out - dont sit complaining about it nd take the cowards way out!
14 Mar 2009 no more angel let d soul b out of this dirty world wer everyone wants to fuk evryone n money is much more dan lives of persons
no matter u r 13 or 30,u r a part of dis hell,u hav 2 be face every mess n u will b helpless wen no1 will b with even ur parents will no longer b with u but wen u will do suicide evryi will understand that i was nt jokin,dey wil tak u seriously,i dont believe in god n all,der is no god nothing,evry men on earth only wants sex n aggression,dey will suck evry bite of chunks from my body n soul,i m fed up of des whole world,i dont want 2 do suicide so that i will get heaven n all but i don wanna live dis place wer no1 is with u,before i die i wanna tell u 1 thing more,those people who talk ab8 lov that she loves me or he luvs me n she took me out of whole depression dey must be clear of d fact dat no1 in dis world does acts without reason,u all wil think i might be d one who lost faith in love n god dats y i m commiting suicide,but let me tell u all 1 thing dat i don want believe in those ridiculous things,i m jus a soul who set 2 b free,even though i don believe in soul but i tried my best to survive but i didnt
14 Mar 2009 Hunter this is an amazing site. I knew there were a lot of those out there with these feelings, but to see it up close and personal is an eye opener. I had feelings about suicide when i was about 13, and now at 40 I'm truly haunted by the "what if's". I owed it to a broken family, drug use, and hormonal teen angst I guess. I breathe a big sigh now with 3 kids, a great wife, and a nice life, but it breaks my heart to read these passages. There are a lot of cries for help out there that go unheard. I'm afraid some of these people will follow through with what they are saying. Living's a good thing- and YES, life keeps getting better as you continue down the road. It's getting over the teen hump, though, where there is often no light at the end of the tunnel.
13 Mar 2009   The truth is, I only act humorous as performance, I'm well aware of how crazy I look all the time. I can't control the outward reflection of this neurosis, so I am forced make it a comedy for anyone near by. I hate the way I act around people, I'm such an asshole really. If any of them knew how truly empty I feel, and how every faltering step of ambition is analyzed till I feel sick, and how much I hate myself, and how many things I've kept secret, fuck.
This bottle wont finish itself, goodnight.
13 Mar 2009 life is like taking a shit i cant wait to die, hopefully it will be suicide. by accident i took to many pills (10) last night for major pain and fell asleep, i wonder if i did it again tonight with a few more if i will wake up tomorrow? im tired of this shit called life. and remember life is like taking a shit, it's there for a while and then it's gone.
11 Mar 2009 olivia also if you neeed someone to talk to there are millions of consolers or people who will never tellk and CANT rirectkly get involed making u feel better i would know but i think know this site would help u can talk to people just like u if u type something in everyone can reply and talk about ANYTHING
11 Mar 2009 olivia i know this is stupid considering i have never been that suicidal i have tryed but i couldnt so i dont want to sound upsetting but i think when ur older you will be glad you didnt. And everything will work out and it is KINDA a selfish thing to do becuause all thought you may not know it you will ruine everyones lives because they will be mental scared for life and they will blae there selves they might even do it so please dont
11 Mar 2009 Jenn lately iv been having really bud luck..
i feel
not even my parents can help iv tryed telling my sister but she thinks im kidding.......i do really whant to leave this place relax for just a minute but i guess thats just in inposible for me...... i aslo feel that no one understands pritty sure that if i did kill myself no one would care..
11 Mar 2009 Venla Thank you for calling 1-800-SUICIDE
If you wish to self terminate by electric shock - press one
For termination by overdose - press two
If you would like to make a reservation at the end of our drowning pool - please press three
For termination by hanging - please press four
For death by self inflicting gunshot - press five
To speak to a representative, stay online
If you do not wish to die - please hang up now

Zeromancer - Doctor online
11 Mar 2009 ZeroXx Well To all ppl i thouh this is the answer if u dont wanna suicide that is at least for me...
Firstly i Think u should change ur looking style i don mean rlly change it just dont put on make if u do so seen many ppl doin it
Second Start Going out with friends more often ask em to to a cofee or somethin else
Getting Addicted to something isnt bad also if u are addicted to games u could find ur escape in that but then u wouldve needed to escape from games also so thats kinda bad :S
Well i think that going with friends will help Just go do stupid things like Jumping around in middle of the street ( when no cars around cus thats suicide also xD ) ppl may lough but ull do it also day by day ull forget about suicide im sure of it :P
10 Mar 2009 just do it if there is a reason for me to live then there would be just one thing for me to hold on to. so do i live or do i die? if i live what do i have to live for? if i die i'd have so much more.

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