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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Dec 2004 benjamin deer katrina,
you are right about one thing. lucifer was the first loved. he was beautiful. his apperance was as the appearance of precious stones and he had music coming out of his being. i used to follow him as well. however god dosnt want you to kill your self. if you will be openminded for just a sec here. you asked a question and i will answer it. in dueteronomy it says behold i set before you life and good, death and evil, therefore choose life that you and your offspring may dwell long in the land the lord your god gives to you. lets look in the garden of eden. two trees in the midst of the garden. the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. man had a choice.
you see you cannot fault god for what you do or how you feel. thats like saying its your fault i did this. adam tried that. he told god its the woman you put here with me. what you do is up to you. you either choose life or choose death. god dosent delight that even one should perish. do you know why jesus came and died? for our sins. let me futher explain. not like a preacher behind a pulpit would say sins. in the greek language(the language the new tesament was originally written in) the word sin is harmotia it means to miss the mark. in those days the roman armies had archers. to miss the mark aka not hit the bullseye. to hit the mark or follow jesus teaching means to love. two kindsa people in the world today. sinners and saved sinners. we are all totaly wicked. i tell you of a certainty god exists. i have heard him speak. audibly and no i am not mental. god is spirit. you have a spirit in you. he is afraid that you will learn what i am telling you is truth and so you are mad. i assure you i am not tring to force you to anything. so if you are mad i ask you why? i ask you futher do you know that feeling you get when you have done wrong and its in your chest all the way to your stomach? what organ is that? its not an organ. its spirit. when adam ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil he died spiritualy. GOD told him on the day you eat of the fruit of this tree you shall surely die. in literaly translates in dying you shall die. the body is alive but not the spirit. jesus came and died. accursed of god is any man who is hung on a tree. he was crucified on passover. read about passover in the old testament. he was the lamb. if you belive on him you shall be saved. thats why he came and was murdered. to pay for us not to go to hell. god is holy not to overlook sin but holy to punish it. he is all about justice. if you blame god for what you do you are wrong. every one was born into sin with a dead spirit because of adams (the seed of all man) disobedience. everyone can live thru christ.
i ask you to contemplate one more question. open mindedly. that means even if the out come of results differs from how you want it to be (you are not the center of the universe) you will be openminded. what has the devil "your leader" as you call him, ever done for you. god has done many things for me. i will tell you if you want to know.
behold i stand at the door and knock, and if any man shall hear my voice and open the door i will come in to him.
before you kill yourself i ask you to pray. even if you dont believe in him. the first time i ever prayed i said i knowive done messed up, but if your out there and you care show me something. i opened up the bible and all i could see was respect and obey god this is what life is all about. i tried to live right and honest and he started helping me. i almost hung myself once but he wouldnt let me. i fell out on the mattress and was talking in another language. an angel was standing beside the bed telling me what i was saying. you must understand this about god before anything else. he is god and god alone. he is king. supreme ruler. but merciful enough to die for us and not condemn us to hell.
if you think you havent a friend in the world and have no where to turn ask god into your heart and ask him to help you. he wont do a thing for you for your benifit. only if you let him rule over you. your benifit is a side effect only. whats that you say i cant do that. ask him to help you submit to what he wants in your life. do you know that gods people are down and out? broken? low lifes in socioty? if this is you ask him. what can it hurt? you have tried every thing else huh?
07 Dec 2004 KATERINA Ok look. what the fuck is up with these christian ass bitches. they think just cause some mother fuckin god believer says all these sayings and it has the word god in it, they think its true. well got news for you jena you don't know everything about god. but i do. did you know that him and my leader satan used to be best buds. well that all change because god thought all the stuff satan did like when he killed his sister was bad. well i got to say fuck him and fuck all you dumbass how fuckin believe that god is our savior and hes always lookin after us. thats bullshit cause if he was and he did care about us. then why the fuck would he want us to kill ourselves. anwser that fuckin question. you dumb bitch.
06 Dec 2004 jeff hey everyone. i am 22 yr old male from NC. I am married but seperated with a 3 yr old son. I have went through alot also getting my divorce, not seing my son, lose of job in nc due to no jobs and going overseas, and everything. i myself do wanna and plan to die soon. i wanna make it to christmas for my son but yet i wont even see him christmas so i dont know if i can. anyways i read everyones post and i am glad people are open on it. my time is now limited and i dont wanna do it but i feel i must to be happy. Anyways alot of you are young and can make better of your life. I myself screwed up my life many yrs ago. anyways everyone take care
06 Dec 2004 jena i am gonna go there.
all you people who keep talking about why GOD put you here dont have a friken clue. he made us and everything here for his glory. he will get glory for judging the wicked and saving thru christ's death some of the wicked. so... quit having such a humanistic standpoint. humanism says the end of man is the happiness of man. christianity says the end of man is the glory of GOD.
its allabout him soo.....
if you are thinking about suicide your focal point on life is wrong. who are you to kill anothers servant. quit focusing on your problems and focus on how good you have it. you spoiled brat.
the servant is not greater than the master. look at what they did to jesus. beat him with the cat o nine until his flesh dangled about his waist as bloody ribbons, pulled out his beard beat him beat him some more thru rotton veggies at him, crucified him and not to mention mocked him. god is not mocked whatsoever a man sows that shall he shurlly reap they mocked GOD to his face. and my life sucks and i wanna kill myself. boo hoo. he did all this because the father wanted this. so we wouldnt all be burned up in eternal weeping and nashing of teeth.
02 Dec 2004 Religious Maggie Do you know, I have 2 pairs of lips. Only women have 2 pairs. I suppose with all the talking we do we have to have two. I end up on my back a lot you know my darlings. It happens when the weather is wet outside, and I fall over. I'm a little frail I must admit. My boobs sort of squash against the wet pavement, which I admit is a little exciting.
Oooh it's Advent now isn't it! I have 25 days of poosy stuffing to do. You would love to know what happens at christmas my darlings wouldn't you?
30 Nov 2004 Religious Maggie Oh Cryss darling that is so true. When Jesus died on the cross he did indeed have me in mind. My lovely boobs and my holy poosy. I sometimes wonder if I actually deserve God, especially when we sing "What did I do to deserve you?" at church. In my case it means that I am saving myself for the lord. So in saving myself for him I then deserve him.
There's also another song we sing, that goes like this: "Here in the love of Christ I stand". It means with the love of christ I stand erect. But my poosy stands erect too you know my darlings, yes it pushes my knickers foward. Sometimes they split in the middle.
16 Nov 2004 Uber Fucky aka CeZ I fucking love this site! Just fabulous. I love the Christian arseholes who tell us that life is worth living, that GOD loves us. It amuses me in my stoned state. Used to come here a lot, and then didn't... no idea why. Haha. But I'm back now to cheer you all up with coffee and cake.
09 Nov 2004 Sherry You have your whole life ahead of you, you should not let anything bother you to where you want to take your life, sure life has bumps, you have heartache, but when yoo committ suicide you are hindering yourself from eternal life. why would you end your life just to burn eternally . if you are a christian i urge you to read your Bible i am sure that there is an answer in there. suicide is not a game this is real. you must wise up and realize that once you committ suicide you can not take it back youre gone your are no more. there are hotlines and peoplae that are willing to help you with your situation.
01 Nov 2004 mauvaissouhait CHRIS, its me again.. mavais and u need to e-mail me at my new name alright? im feeling as tho things are at an end and we need to talk.
03 Oct 2004 Temple Je vais te donner ma recette personnelle, même si elle a échouée pour moi, elle est vraiment belle et amusante à expérimenter. Une aprés midi, il faisait beau, j'étais dans la maison de mes parents, il y avait juste mon frère avec moi j'avais à peu près 14 ans. J'ai regardé par la fenêtre, je me suis aperçue que le vent soufflait dehors, c'était triste et beau, alors j'ai voulu faire une chose triste et drôle : je suis allée chercher la boite du petit chimiste que j'avais eue pour Noël. J'ai commencé à mélanger les produits aux noms les plus impressionnants dans un tube à essai bien propre. Ensuite, je suis déscendue dans la cuisine, le tube à la main. J'ai regardé par la fenêtre, le soleil brillait, les arbres commençaient à perdre leur feuilles, le vent soufflait et j'ai vu mon chat marcher tranquillement sur la terrasse. Alors, j'ai pleuré doucement et j'ai avalé très vite le contenu du tube. J'ai mangé une banane pour que les produits restent dans mon corps et me tuent. Malheureusement, j'ai très vité été prise de vomissements, et alors que j'avais ma tête au dessus des toilettes, mon frère est arrivé effrayé et m'a demendé ce qui m'arrivait. J'avais des larmes sur les joues et je lui ai répondu en riant que je n'arrivait pas à me tuer.
22 Sep 2004 Marc Aka Fatherxix I've already posted my suicidal life story, but I just wanted to say thanx to everybody else that posted, because it put me back in line. When I look at it My problems arent jack shit. I've never been raped before, I've never been beaten before. My only problem is me, and my parents that expect to much of me, I still cut myself, and pray for death, but it might not ever be anything compared y'all. I wanna thank everybody that prayed for me.
One of the things that really makes me want to put a knife to my wrists is all my fuckimg teachers at my perfect ass christian high school. More times than ever, I really just want to bring a uzi into the school and just splatter all the people's blood that ask me why I cut myself (and or wrists) and soak the stupid stuck up bitch slut amy in her stupid bitch friends, and stick the gun up the angel principles ass fire away. the only person who I couldnt kill would be my stupid stuck up brother, only because he's blood. then I would finish the job by taking myself out, and I could rot in hell with everybody who called themselves christians.

That's what life's like through my eyes now
02 Sep 2004 no hands Dear Dan Garrett,
Um, I haven't studied your religion in depth (despite laughing at how fucking stupid the bible is) but you say, "Jesus is the one true god"
Um, was that the stupidiest thing anyone could say, or is it just me? I thought that "god" was the one true god and Jesus was his son... uh. I haven't studied gentics, or family planning, in detail, but, I think, basically you are a fucking dick.

But anyway, I hate religious people. Seriously, why don't they take their crap some place else! Did you know that gay people aren't allowed into heaven? That's not bullshit (and I'm not anti-gay in any way, shape or form). My mom was a full on Christian, and she hated those fucking niggers and homos!! Ya'll hear that? You have to be straight to get into heaven! Better watch out ya'll gay and lesbian people trying to get some type of goverment recognition. Uh-uh, you might as well give up, because you are going straight to hell!

I love beating the shit out of religious people, just to get back at them for all that anti-abortion stuff they did. Heheh, that's MY idea of a good night out.
02 Sep 2004 Jesus Fucking Christ Fall into Sin
31 Aug 2004 valerie ookay im 15 and yes some of you may have horrible lives.. but honestly all you need to do is pray & i promise something good will come eventually. im 15 and i`ve made sum pretty dumb mistakes and i`ve never been a really big christian which i hope i get to be .. because wenever smething is bad in my life i turn to GOD and he is always there for me.. need anything just email or IM me
27 Aug 2004 saul lock your self in a room and listen to christine aguillera at volume 11 until your head explodes, or maybe thats the worst way.
25 Aug 2004 Li Dao Af ter much thought, and research, I have decided on the "perfect" way that I am going to use to end my life. Why do I want to end it? Well, after countless years od abuse, therepy, prayer, meidication and everything else under the sun, I as a christian since birth, believe that, even at 14, one has the choice and right to end whatever is torturing them in this world and move on to the promises of eternal life in heaven, where there is total peace, contentment and love that I have never had here. For anyone else contemplating finding that peace that I am, here is how I am going to go about it, and recommend you too also.
First I do not want to make it any harder for those that find me then it will be, as if they really care but i know they do to a point. That is why i chose a non violent way like not shooting or hanging myself. What I (you ) need to get for yourself is very simple. A large kitchen drawstring garbage bad is all that is needed. Optionally who may alos want a large outdoor leaf drawstring bag also and maybe a cord or belt.
You can proceed in the cofort of your own bedroom very easily, that is what i will do. Make sure no body is home for at least 1 hour. Ideally a friend would be great to help you out, nut realisitcally not many people are into doing such a thing.
First, you may want to drink a bit of alcohol if you are extremely nervous. This will help you relax and not make mistakes and will also speed up the time you will lose conciousness. Also you may want to take 3-4 over the counter sleeping pills but that is not for me.
Be absolutely sure to go to the bathroom shortly before you end your life. I am not being funny here, as your body dies, you loose control of your function and you do not want to leave a mess for whoever finds you, this is just plain courtesy.
Take the large kitchen draw string bag, and loosely put it over your head to the area of your shoulders and neck. You will have plenty of air to breathe at this timeso it is not a frightening experience. Optionally you can put the large leaf sized drawstring bag over your head also it should come to about your knees.
Next lie down on the bed if you want to or you can sit in a chair,but i want to lie in my bed as i go. again you will still be ableto breathe with the bag not tight so you can lie and reflect,pray or whatever you wish.
When the right time has come for you, sit upright and sinch the bag as tight as you can around your neck, turning your face away from the front of the bag to make it wasier to have your last breaths. Lie back in the bed and DO NOT allow yourself o reach up and loosen the bag as your body starts to crave oxygen.that is why you may want to fasten a belt around the neck to help prevent loosening it. In about 15-20 seconds,you will begin to feel faint and your breathing will be very rapid. If you have used alcohol/sleeping pills this will happen very quickly nonetheless you will begin to pass out. That is ok, just let it happen. you will lose conciousness first and then your dying body will slowly shut down and in about 3-4 minutes you will have finally found the peace that you have so very longed for.
When you are discovered, they will see you exptremely peacefull looking and not gross. All they have to do is remove the bag.If you have someone helping you, have them hold your hand while this is going on until it is over.
I am not crazy or out of my mind. I have been gurenteed a afterleife for which i need to experience, for I have done everything possible to make my life here better. I was never meant to be here. Pleas e-mail if you wish, i will be here for a while yet as the time is not right until about a month. What a joyous reunion waits us who seek heaven. If i can help you with any questions please feel free to ask me. thank you....Li Dao
22 Aug 2004 Kieren Allen I have been thinking of suicide for a very long time now. I'm not 13yo, but have suffered with depression since I was at least 4yo. For me there is now little reason or drive to go on with this game called life. After my parents divorced when I was 4yo, I was brought up in 9 different forster homes. I was abused as a kid both sexually and physically by "straight" people who were supposed to protect and look after me. I have had to live with the memories and shame of this all my life! I survived a very violent gay hate attack just before Christmass 2003, after which I was in hospital for 6 weeks. This has cost me my job where I earnt very good money, and has pretty much destroyed my life! I now cannot trust "straight" people at all. I have no family, and few if any friends, no one will really miss me! People should understand that this alone is my choice! I have given it alot of consideration! I have also looked at other options! No one can live my life for me, or solve my problems or take away the fear, panick attacks and nightmares I now have to live with each day. Remember that I said I have no family, and no one will give a damn when I am gone! I am not lying, I won't even have to wright a letter when I end my life. I am not trying to stop you from killing yourself, that alone is your absolute right, and it is your life. But before you decide to end your life, do what I have done, and at least stay around long enough to consider fully the ramifications of your choice! It will be final and absolute! There is no going back, and there will not be a chance for things to get better or even for your loved ones to help you. Think also, long and very hard about who your going to leave behind, and who might find you. Sometimes the pain for those who live on after you are gone is too much for them to bear. They never really forget or get over it! Remember that things can get better. Hard times can pass! "Suicide" is a very permanent solution, to what can sometimes be only a temporary situation! If you have close friends or a family member you can really trust and love, then for God's sake, do the right thing and tell them how you are feeling and ask them for help before it's too late. You owe yourself that much! Remember that suicide is only to ever be considered as a decision of last and absolute final resort. Think about this very carefully, and don't make a quick decision. Give yourself at least "6" months of very careful consideration, and explore "all" other options first. I did! Time can heal, if not help a lot. Remember there is no turning back from such a choice! Quite apart from any thing else, and of extreem importance, you must have the correct information! You simply must know what you are doing! Trust me, you don't want to end up as a vegetable or be totally paralysed with brain dammage! That would be a living hell, and would really piss your loved ones and friends off! If you really want to know how to suicide, then do what I did, check out the "how to" pages on the net. The Hemock society in the U.S is a good start. It is not the only one but be sure to "get it right" and you can even make it painless! If you, like me are pretty much alone in life, and don't have loved ones, then the choice will be that much easier. You still should consider all the other options first! Remember I said I have thought about this for a very long time, and I know that my life is now just too messed up for a real, and happy future! But if you have loved ones, or very close friends, then you owe it to yourself, and them, to seek help before going any further!
09 Aug 2004   Go to Jesus Christ in prayer, things will get a lot better if you try.
31 Jul 2004 scott instead of laughing, y doesnt neone do the "christian" thing to do and actually help, u call us sick and u just throw shit and hate our way to make it worse, the sick are not as "sick" as those who abuse the sick, think about it "sicko." u fucking disgust me.
20 Jul 2004 email me plz wow guys i cant believe i lived w/o this site before... jesus christ, i dont even no y i want 2 kill myself so bad, i feel bad for all yall whose lives really do suck and i no im selfish but im just searching for something more but i cant seem to find it... have u ever heard the song mad world by michael andrews?? well thats exactly how i feel... its like okay what the fuck am i doing, school is hard and we're just going nowhere, everything u do it doesnt even matter because ur just gonna die in the end anyway so why wait... y not just do it now and get it over with and spare urself all the shit ur gonna go through in the future... im sry im not trying 2 tell anyone 2 kill themselves, and i dont think its a weak thing 2 do all u fuckers who say that, b/c it takes strength to go through with it, hell, maybe suicidal ppl r the only ones who've got life figured out...plz ppl email me cuz i seriously need 2 talk 2 someone.. yep time to go cut myself, mwa

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