Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jun 2018 A case of bad gas. So i have been having some trouble with my neighbors. The tweakers. The meth heads. The thieves. Stealing my stuff, mostly gasoline for my lawn mower. All their money goes to drugs, and they just steal gas. I have remained all smiles and oh so friendly, waving as they pass by. But they have no idea what I have done. I have purchased a brand new gas can, once again. I put some gasoline inside it. But only about two thirds full of gas. I got a bottle of industrial strength bleach from a friend who owns a wholesale janatorial supply company. I put quite a bit of bleach in the new gas can and shook it up real good. Now, when they return to steal my gas again and put this doctored petrol into their gas tank it will be so funny, to me. You see, when the gasoline ignites inside their engine it will burn hot enough to burn the bleach, which has chrlorine. Its very acidic and all the metal inside their motor it touches will rust about 4000 times faster than average. The seals and piston rings will corrode. The motor will smoke and loose power. The motor will die. Possibly sooner than the next trip to the store. It will smoke like crazy. They will have no more reason to steal anyones gas. They will have nothing to put gas in. I am going to die laughing...
11 Jun 2018 angry man Put a toothpick under your toenail and kick a wall. Then, give the little thing holding your tongue to the bottom of your mouth a really deep paper cut. After that, stick an unfolded paperclip all the way into your bellybutton while twisting your balls off and eating several tonnes of Datura seeds.
11 Jun 2018 StrangeWorld Well, make a noose out of razor wire then get a chair, step into your noose and glue your hands to head (make sure the noose only goes round your neck, avoiding your arms.) Kick the chair,
Noose should chop off your head. Whoever discovers your body will think you ripped your head off, congrats.

(I will not be held responsible for anything you do with this method.)
11 Jun 2018 Anon Binge watch all of mutahars videos for several days.
10 Jun 2018 mark hanging by the tree :)
08 Jun 2018 Larry Fisherman Self-Abortion
07 Jun 2018 Alexander By drowning in a toilet
05 Jun 2018 Bill Cosby Why the fuck would you make something like this you sick sadistic fuck
05 Jun 2018 Killmenow Im 15, had depression for a few years, tried to commit multiple times, sat on the edge of cliffs, train tracks, tried slitting my wrists and nothing fucking works. ‘It gets better’ ‘life has ups and downs’ literally shutup it annoys me so much. I have reached out and tried to get help. I have seen so many doctors and shit but none of them help they just say like ‘try work on doing things you enjoy’ like cool thanks I’m not depressed anymore !! No one deserves to hate themselves and want to die on the daily. It’s bull shit.
03 Jun 2018 Astrowimh I read in the scientific journal for 2018 a short article about inhalation of unicorn farts will cause instant crystalazation of your lungs and they continue to harden until they shatter. In that very instant your eyes will catch on fire and you will bleed from every orafice in your body until dead. But that is only if you have allergy problems from dust or pollen. If you do not have allergies you will become ravenous from the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Unicorns eat a diet of 98% chocolate chip cookies. The cause of this allergic reaction is from all the magical pixie dust contained in unicorn farts. I guess pixie dust is way worse than dust and pollen. If you have no allergies you will need to snort a fat line of pixie dust. The only way to find a unicorn these days is to go to farmers dot com, the new dating website for hicks and cow pokes. Search for unicorn ranchers. I know this is not really the most efficient method for people without allergies, but I do not have all the answers. I am sorry this is not more helpful to you. I guess you will have to settle for looking medusa in the eyes. She lives in little rock arkansas. When you get close just call her name quickly. Her name is hillary clinton. You must look her in the eyes quickly before she deletes yor emails and has you sent to bengazi.
02 Jun 2018 Mark I really need help.Im under 13 I don’t mind telling my age I’m 11 years old and sadly I want to kill my self when I was 7 when I was exposed to stuff like sex and stuff not experience but knowing about it and a lot more. My parents will overreact and then won’t let me go on my phone or anything I hate my life for do many reasons I betrayed my religion my parents still think I’m religious I fake praying I watch very inappropriate stuff. Laugh if you like I don’t care. I’m slitting my throat tomorrow anyway
31 May 2018 chris climb to the top of a tree and tie your hair to it, then jump from it and rip out your scalp. it will probably cause you to die from blood loss
31 May 2018 Tiny Many ways actually. It depends on how much pain you wanna feel and how fast do you want it to end.

(Hi im 14 and here are few i think cause i plan my suicide and pick the one i might do soon)

Well its kinda slow. If you really want to die. Tie a rope to heavy rock to prevent you to swimming back for air. And for pain its not that painful its taking air and filling your body with water.

Jump down.
Ah the famous one. Jumping from somewhere high and your body hits the ground. This is quick but on your way down you can feel your regret sinking in. Theres aint no turning back for this. Its not painful cause by the time your down then you dead.

Another famous one. Getting a rope and tie it to your neck. Tie the end on something. Stand on chair and chairs drops. Hm kinda both. Depends how high you hang. The further away from the ground better. Its might be painful due to you cant breath

Thats all for now. Im always open to listen problems and suicidal. Im not judgy.

And honestly dont kill yourself. Suicidal is not a good way to die. So many people are going through it. And if you are too. Just remind yourself. Do you really want to die this way?
30 May 2018 hohohoh overdosing
29 May 2018 Soren Hansen Stick a didldo up your ass lol
27 May 2018 Saggy tits in bollywood Its been so long for an update... me thinks mouchette has killed herself. Someone at last has submitted the best way, and she did it. After all these years. What ever shall we do now? Where shall we go?
25 May 2018 baby finger look at scary face pics on internet til u see cursed image and then u will die......
25 May 2018 alejandra taking some pills
25 May 2018 Avery Slit your wrists

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