Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
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30 Mar 2009   I hit the wrong key.

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30 Mar 2009 please help me hello. i'm 16 years old and i've pretty much been depressed ever since i was about 14/15.

one thing i think that triggered this mess off was when my boyfriend of 11 months cheated on me with my best friend. it absolutely broke me and ever since i haven't been the same.

i wish i was pretty
i wish i was skinny
i wish i was like everyone else
but most of all i wish i was happy.

i don't even have a reason to be here anymore and i'm trying to find something worth sticking around for.
29 Mar 2009 Scoresby I was here back in 2006. I came back to visit. How you doing? I hope you're well.

Sometimes I love my life. I didn't always though. Most of my growing up years were suicidal. Learn about people. That's really important. And do what you love... (thats critical). I loved using this website, that's why I learnt about people through it. I chatted with some gorgeous girls - it was lovely. Then I started giving young tourists a free place to stay on

And now I am back here, because I started a job, which I am doing for the money. Not because I love it......

When you love what you do, you learn more from it. And what's more, you enjoy life.
29 Mar 2009 rachel
there's how not too.
suicide under 13 isn't an option. you don't know enough. but when do we grow up? when are we old enough to know?
26 Mar 2009 ruby I dont know. i really want too leave this place, im sick of the hurt, i dont know whats worse, the pain or the feeling of kowing it will happen excatly as bad again. I used to love life, i dont know whats happend. i want too die.
25 Mar 2009 dermot killing your self when your 13 isnt even funny. you dont even know shit about life when your 13 smoke some weed and relax
25 Mar 2009 Lindsey Suicide is not the answer. At 13, I know that you may feel that life is over and some of you may be experiencing painful and undeserving problems in life, but trust me... as my great grandma used to say, "This too shall pass" Life will get better. I used to be depressed and suicidal as a teenager. I had a lot of issues, but as I grew older things got better. Trust me you have not found your true meaning in life and experienced true joy until you have had a child. I hate to say it, but at 13, you have not experienced even a fracture of what life has to offer you. Dont give that up... suicide is forever. That may sound like what everybody says, but think of the magnitude of what forever really means.
25 Mar 2009 Jennifer The best way to kill yourself when you're 13 is to believe that you've already lived a life. You're 13!!!! Your life is barely starting. You're not even afforded the awesome freedoms of adulthood. Wait till you have lived. If you're being abused, raped or experiencing true horrid pain, just cling to hope. There is always hope. I was suicidal when I was a teen. I tried to kill myself but failed. Then, slowly over time 3 of my close friends commit suicide. Seeing what happens after suicide was so excruciatingly painful that I would never hate anyone enough to do that to them. My best friend killed herself while abroad 6 years ago and it still tears me up inside. The part that really pisses me off though is that I'm older than her now and she was still really young. Life is about living as long as you can. Yes it sucks many many many times but in the end, fuck em all. Just be yourself. Instead of giving up, think of clever ways to be indifferent to the pain till you can address it later.
25 Mar 2009 Ariana overdose on pills
24 Mar 2009 Joseph There is no "Best Way " to kill yourself.
It might end for you , but for other it just keeps going, they're hurt, everyone else is hurt, Hell I wanna kill myself right now too, but Im here for my family and friends.

You Kill More Souls Than People when you commit suicide.
24 Mar 2009 Rikkel Kohna I dont really know i have been trying to kill my self for at least a year now and no luck there.............. i think I'm gonna just eat my weight in sleep meds and aspirin and chug as much bleach as i can. Hope that it works!
23 Mar 2009 Kellen jump off a building, drink bleach or some other chemical drowned yourself oh or maybe cut open your chest and pull out your heart!
23 Mar 2009 FantasyChica Ive been reading a lot of the things on this site, I found it while looking for the bets way to kill myself on Google. To start, I am 13 though to some I seem older. I have thought about suicide many times, and I have cut myself before. Both my parents are alcoholics, though theyd hide it well if you ever met them. My dad abuses me, verbally and physically. My mother sits by and watches. Im not depressed... but im hurt. I write poetry and thought the audiences reading this would enjoy it... so here it goes
Im dieing here in this spot at this moment Im falling apart and ripping my hair out and spinning in circles and falling to the floor. I cant think anymore I cant write and I cant see the tears are blinding me I want to give up but some wont let go Theyre holding my hand and begging me please theyre saying no. I try to scream but no sound comes out No one would miss me I dont really count I cant hold onto anything Im tied with ropes they wont let me float its likes im in jail handcuffs and all they point and laugh they push me I fall theres no getting up theyre keeping me down My entire life, a smile, turned into a frown.
I hope anybody reading this enjoyed it, and if you wish to contact me and talk, id enjoy it.
23 Mar 2009 Toni Hi .
Im 10 and i have no idea what to do with my life.
noone likes me and i get bullied at school.
i have drunk many things and still nothing has happened.
i have only ever had 1 boyfriend and that was for a joke when i used to have friends.
i have no idea why noone likes me...
noone noes that i have tried slitting my wrists or hanging my self before.
i wish they did though.
But im not going to.
please help me end my life .
in the last years the only friend i have ever had was my guinea pig.
It died and my mums not buying me a new one=[
23 Mar 2009 Soph I don't want to sound preachy by saying i know how you must be feeling but i do. Over the last year i myself have tried to kill myself about 7 times. Trust me it's not the best way to deal with whatever problems you might be having, it makes them 10 times worse. Its the same with self harming, that doesn't help the issues although it might seem so at the time.
22 Mar 2009 jj I dont know,when I was 13 ,I tried soap thinking it will kill.
I think another way to put it is that we are tired of living-living is tough,demanding and stressful and often does not work out well.
We look back and we look like fools,most of our life we made fools of ourselves.
How do we end this life as we lose interest in living?
My father said he wants to die,he is old and his friends are either dead or sick or senile,younger folks dont want to be with him and he is lonely and he is tired,same old same old thing every day,try reading?he has read so much he does not want to know anything anymore,he has lived thru it all,so why is he still alive?as he is healthy.and thats a punishment if you are healthy and last man left standing.
22 Mar 2009 Kuborion You keep thinking that you're not meant for this life, for this world.
That you don't belong here.
In a sense, you are right.
You don't belong to this world.
This world belongs to you.
21 Mar 2009 diana I had a friend who saved my life.
When I was 13 I tried stabbing myself.
I was lucky enough to have this friend stop me.
He made my life worthy of living.
I was happy.
This friend is now gone.

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