Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jan 2009 Gabbi I've tried cutting myself..... it didn't work out... Umm...
03 Jan 2009 colin the best way is to die of old age.

you'll die eventually, so what's the rush?

in the meantime, do whatever the hell you want, because the time isrunning out. no, seriously... whatever you want, because no one controls you. not even god.
03 Jan 2009 Kuborion When I said good morning, I was lying
I was truly thinking of
How I might quit waking up.

He pointed out how selfish
It would be to kill myself.
So I keep waking up.

Feels so much like falling,
Dying while I wait to die.
The fear of something or nothing,
Lonely empty lie.

I dont want to be a liar.
I don't want to be selfish anymore.
I want so much to change.
Learning your love everyday.
There's still so much to know.

You grip my wrists, I let go.

It feels so much like falling,
Separated from the fear.
Aware of a destination,
Far away from here.

Far away from here.
03 Jan 2009 Lennie Melvin Very suddenly and with an air of raw deception, I am overcome with a great sadness; a loneliness that chills the core and stings the eyes.
I am cast alone and naked in a dark and unforgiving wilderness, fending off the broken thoughts that seek to unbalance my fragile mind.
I open my eyes - I was not aware they were closed - and I am blind. I cannot see.
It is the worst, most heart rendering moment of my life, I gag and retch. I shiver from the cold.
Please don't leave me here alone.
But hark! Do not look either, I could not take the shame. I could never take the shame.
The tears blister my cheeks and render me unfit. Violent tremors breach the surface.
Don't look now.
02 Jan 2009 Mischa i dont really understand what this website is about, to tell you the truth, even if i have read the explanation it gives. And i feel really lame to write anything on here but oh well, whatever. Im 17 years old and sure ive been contemplating suicide for like the past 4 years. Obviously im to chicken shit to do it.Just thinking of becomming absolutely nothing scares the hell outa me. I know suicide is selfish and blablabla but its not my fault that "life" has been enforced in society's minds as somehting soooo precious and yadadada. Ugh. I know people have it worse then me. All ive got is the shittiest self esteem and basically zero friends, while people out there are starving to death. But i dont think it helps anyone to tell them someone else has it worse then u. I think it amounts the same for each person, its just different. Anyway i definitely wouldnt overdose with pills. Apparently people dont understand just how much they need to take to kill themselves. And it can instead burst your organs, letting you die in agonizing pain. Jumping from buildings usually just leaves u crippled, and if u use a gun apparently there is a chance u wont die even if u shoot ur head.(a stupid website told me all that, when i was looking for potential ways of doing it. SIGH), I dont think i would think of commiting suicide if i just had that one person in my life that loved me as much as i loved them . It wouldnt need to be sexual just a friendship. I used to cut myself but ive got to admitt to myself it was partly for attention, why else would i position my sleeve just high enough so people would catch a glimpse of the red marks. Still, i think there is something wrong with a person, even if they do do that for attention. wow im rambling, but of course im doing that becuase basically i h ave no life. LOL. Anyway whenever i get really depressed i watch something like schindlers list or read a true story about the holocoust or something and that REALLY makes me tell myself to SUCK IT UP and get on with it. I mean look how they suffered and here u are doing jack shit about anything. TO answer that random 13 year old question, i would.......probly go for the gun, even though i think it would be one of the scariest ways to do it. Wow to want to kill urself UNDER 13, shows just how bad ur life must be or just how bad u must feel, and i fucking pray that if any one under that age did commit suicide that there is something after this shit hole of a life for them.
02 Jan 2009 jimmy 308 magnum max fire power
01 Jan 2009 cold hearted bitch! well since i am a very fucking suicidle kid and i JUST turned 13 december 29th 2008 and it is now january 1st 2009 i still feel like a 12 year old but anyways! when ever i think about duin suicide and i think all us littler kids just want it to be over with already and dont really give a shit how it is done as long as it is fast offective and not alot of mega pain such as that wrist bull shit!
i tried suiside couple times.
the rope shit nahh done work 100% and the wrist cutting...HA i have been a fucking lil cutter since the third freakin grade! hell now that i think about it i remember doin it before the third grade! but the best thing for the scared lil ones is just go jump off a damned tall ass building for all we care! i mean if you are really thinking of the suiside shit nothing we say will help and us PRETENDING to give a flying fuck "waste of TIME!" so go jump or get a gun and pull the damn trigger! sorry but this cold hearted bitch hates the sorry little posser type like that rich bitch oh boo hoo your fam died and you had bad parents. shut the fuck up! the living hell other's like me and some of my friend go threw is more then that! these marks and cuts are still not healed up!
but hey do what my boyfriend tells me he is goin to do some day...that gothic bitch is just goin to get an overdose on crack or PCP. drugs drugs drugs dont ya love em? they make our fucking out of controll world go round and fucking round! got a prob with anything i fucking said fine! e mail me then and tell it to my fucking face! chat!
31 Dec 2008 Aimzter I'm just gonna start off by saying that I don't like to talk about this, and really anonymously is the only way I will. I don't like saying the word suicide. I don't like hearing the word cut. I don't like seeing scars of what people have done. I don't know how kids, 13 and under, could EVER begin to think about killing themselves. I have a 9 year old sister and she doesn't know the first thing about death. I wouldn't want to help anyone under the age of like at least 13 with their thoughts. I don't think I would know how. If you're under 13 I really hope you don't read this because its not going to help at all. Well no, I shouldn't say that for sure because it just might. It seems that my writing has opposite effects. Now that I think about it, the 5 senses really play a big part in all this stuff. But now, I guess i'll get into my "advice". Well if you try to hang yourself, don't use a plastic hanger. They break, unless you weight like 2 pounds. Which would be physically impossible. But i've been there, not really seriously, but yeah, i've tried it. And it snapped. I'm not the kind of person who could ever stop breathing. I could never drown myself. I HAVE to breathe. I live for it, to put it simply. I live to breathe. And I breathe to live. Also, if you try to cut yourself, make sure its in the wintertime because you're gonna need to wear long sleeves if you screw it up. Also been there. Now, this is supposed to be advice, and i'm sure if you're reading this right now you think, hey this person has no soul, or this person is condoning this suicidal behavior. Well, i'm not. You can tell people not to do things, but some people still will anyways. You can try to force someone to stop smoking, but the second you leave them, they will light up again. You know in your heart they will. Its the way of the world. If you would really like self-help advice, which personally I think is the opposite of this topic, but if you do, look to music. Even if the meaning isn't what you think, make it about you. I'd like to take this time to quote a good song called Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. "And I dont want the world to see me,cause I dont think that they'd understand, when everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am." Its the chorus. Johnny Rzeznik is a GOD. Anyways, ummm back on topic. I think that he is saying he doesn't think he owes the world a glimpse of him, for it would make the world worse off, which is wrong. He thinks no one knows his pain, what he is dealing with. Then he goes on to say that everything is made to be broken and he just wants some recognition. I don't know if he takes blame for some of the breaking or not, but my guess is yes. But in the end he does want to be recognized. He wants to BE. He realizes that he can live. This is another part of the same song. "When everything feels like the movies, yeah you bleed just to know youre alive". He says that, yes we all know life can get boring and redundant and repeat itself over and over until it seems pointless. But there is a point and you only realize that until you've either made an irreversible mistake or done something you regret. Which is what life is. Life is gonna keep knocking you down. You just have to have the strength to pick yourself back up. I know its hard. And the media doesn't help either. It nearly killed me when Heath Ledger died. RIP. But you KEEP GOING. I think thats enough out of me. I'm gonna peace out. If any of you want to talk, assuming people do read this, then heres my email. Mail me anytime. And if you have read this, thank you. No one ever listens to me. Ha I mean that in a joking way not a omg no one ever loved me way. Sorry if I just offended you right now. And also im sorry if this is not the typical post for this topic. And also im sorry my post is so boring. Ha. And one more tip. If you ever need to just chill out and relax and stop thinking, play guitar hero...but alot of times I find myself subconsciously playing the notes and thinking about other things. I need to stop playing medium, far too easy. But really I will go now. Ta ta.
30 Dec 2008 luccy you guyss dpnnt do this its terribllee theres other weaayss to feel betterr. suicide is not the answer. there are so many people otut ther looking to help youu please find help.
29 Dec 2008 PMR I think drug overdose would be the best. Triple C's help.
They make the pain go away.
Overdose on them and everything will be good.
I want to kill myself but im scared of what people will think. I hurt so bad, and im sick of it. I was raped last year. I am not the same person anymore. My best friend is pregnant, has HIV, and got kicked out. so she had to move. my other best friend has an autoammune virus and she isnt suspose to live past 17. three years. i cant do this .goodbye world. you were cruel to me anyways. I am going to go now.
28 Dec 2008 Ana My name is Ana.
I am 15.
I have dealt with things no average person deals with.
I have been a proctitue and a drug dealer.
I been with more boys and girls than Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie combined.
From the time I was born
I have been abused.
Verbally, Physically and mentaly.
Not only by my mother but also by her many boyfriends.
When I was 9 i drank a bottle of shampoo in hopes of dieing.
When I was 10 I ran away.
When I was 11 , I started cutting.
Later on I attempted running away again.
When I was 12 I attempted suicide again.
I hung mysellf from the shower rack in the bathroom.
It broke and I fell.
I still continue to cut.
And everyday I hate myself for noting be dead yet.
So to all yuu people who keep calling us reatrded or stupid or gay,
yuu have no idea what we've been through
28 Dec 2008 Kuborion At the end of days, at the end of time,
When the sun burns out, will any of this matter?
Who will be there to remember who we were?
Who will be there to know that any of this had meaning for us?
And in retrospect i'll say we've done no wrong.
Who are we to judge what is right and what has purpose for us?
With designs upon ourselves to do no wrong,
Running wild unaware of what might come of us.
The sun was born so it shall die,
So only shadows comfort me.
I know in darkness I will find you giving up inside like me.
Each day shall end as it begins
And though you're far away from me,
I know in darkness I will find you giving up inside like me.
Without a thought I will see everything eternal.
Forget that once we were just dust from heavens far.
As we were forged we shall return perhaps some day.
I will remember us and wonder who we were.
27 Dec 2008 Courtney I guess I'll write in this. Do you guy want me to talk about my life story, or something like that? Well, I'm just going to talk. So for the past few months or so, I've been really depressed...It's even ended the friendship with someone I really cared about, I practically loved them. I've lost a lot of people lately. Pretty much everyone I've ever been close to. And there was one person, my last chance of some sort of pathetic human connection. I told myself that they were the last time I would try to get close to someone. I trusted them, and they only pushed me away. Right now, I have no one. I'm not close with any of my family. In this world, I feel so alone. As if nobody cares. When I think about suicide, and if I leave a not saying why, it would read "Because I wouldn't be missed". I couldn't say that I would. So many people hate me, it seems as if I'd be doing them a favor. I could rant more, but I'd rather not. If anyone wants to talk (which I doubt) just e-mail me at or add me on MSN or something. (Haha it's not like I'm worrying about being stalked and killed).
27 Dec 2008 Marissa i know suicide seems like the best answer, but it isn't, i'm 10 and everyday of my life i'm thinking of killing myself. people around me love me, and i love them too. i don't hate the people around me, i just hate myself.
26 Dec 2008 Aureus Dear Mouchette,

What do you do when almost every thought that enters your mind runs along the standpoint of suicide, yet you are too afraid to give it a try?
26 Dec 2008 james faw murderer at your service-i would want you to kill my father
26 Dec 2008 Tulika I think i was 9 wn i first thougt about it,fed up from family,thinking my mom don't love me,thinking n planing daily "i'll stab myself tonight" ...
i don't know 2 thank god or 2 not,today m parents,my sis,my bro all love me.they realy care for me.
I got hand full of money n every thing what i wanted...yeh! my Dad earns alot....what i did'nt got ... never got is "TIME"..precious time of my family ...
gota go...I'll continue wn gt time.
26 Dec 2008 alex mmmmmmmmmm i dont know
26 Dec 2008 Mark If you packed some can, tea,
A few packs of biscuit, cigarettes,
A fairy-chess booklet and something to drink:
Roll down the shutter.
Let the clock stop.
The phone rings often: people are so wilful.
Spot waiting in the knurly glass.
The hood of the mail slot smacks.
Peeked... but inside: haze.
After: no more phone calls, no more visitors.
And your doormat
chocked to your door for days now...

Did you know that the is printed in a tachen-book? the title is newmedia-art.

i am here because i red the book in hungary.

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