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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Jul 2009 baby b I want to kill myself for getting pregnant with unwanted child..
18 Jul 2009 matrix My friends, suicide is not the answer. No matter what is going on in life, there is always someone who cares. Trust me, through every dark night there is a brighter day ahead. Even though the darkness lasts for a while, a bright day is sure to come. I can promise you that. For all the shit you have to put up with, for your family disowning you, suicide should never be considered.
Anyways, take care
18 Jul 2009 zane i had this dream and melissa came right up to me and looked me but wouldnt let me kiss her.

i don't know if she was trying to remind me,i need to remember to get to the dentist soon. which i do.
but she has kissed me before when she knew i wasn't in good health.

or if it was her way of saying that i need to accept something.

or if that was her way of showing me affection.

i have no idea.

but i just figured it out today.

she wants my chastity.

so i will get better.

took me 3 days of going nuts,thinking was something wrong,that i did something stupid again.

i gucess actions do speak louder then words.

actions can't procrastinate

mouchette we should meet one day in the next life on a cake.

or maybe when i die..xP

i would be interested in your views on life, if you care to talk.
18 Jul 2009 drunk sailer. I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me today, and we all could probably use more calm in our lives.

Some doctor on television this morning said that the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started.
So I looked around my house to see things I'd started and hadn't finished and, before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Shardonay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, a pockage of Prunglies, tha mainder of bot Prozic and Valum scriptins, the res of the Chesescke an a box a chocolets.
Yu haf no idr how fkin gud I fel rite now.

Peas sen dis orn to dem yu fee ar in ned ov inr pece.
17 Jul 2009 please post i want to die.... my last love just called me after getting out of jail.. and i think it was just a call to get info on me... i dont think he really waNts or likes me... i want to suicide myself because in almost 2 months no one has given a fuck about me. can someone anyone tell me the best way to die? my methods have only failed me.....
17 Jul 2009 seymour cox my name is seymour. I am 18.I live in Aberdeen and i have a fetish for my sister i often play with myself whilst thinking about her body. I want to kill myself because we cant be together i dream about being with her someday but it wont happen shes more interested in my dad. I get abused by my family my dad inserts twixs into my rectal cavity my mum sometimes sneaks into my room and sucks my nob and my brother abuses my dog whilst i film. Later on im thinking about putting parts of my body into a blender I.E my scrotum and penis.
16 Jul 2009 Ready4sh0re one of tha best ways one can commit suicide is to think about all tha good moments u had and then think about what's goin to be better after ur deseased. There is a sayin when people die they have gon to a much better place so technicly suicide dosnt have to be a negative thing unless you are sure its the right thing for you. You must take a long amount of time b4 you are sure about leaving this earth.
13 Jul 2009 Fuck Life, Right? I don't get this, the whole wanting to commit suicide. It's the worst feeling in the world and I think the only reason I haven't already is because of my mom.
If I could, I wouldn't know hoe I'd do it. There was something I saw on photobucket...
I thought is was pretty fucking hilarious if you ask me.
All you'd need is a stool, sharp wire shit, and super glue.
Tie the wire around your neck, then tie it to something on the ceiling. Super glue your hands to your head and wait for it to dry. Then just go. The wire should be sharp enough to cut your head off and your hands will be glued to your head looking like you ripped your own head off.
It's actually a bit desturbing, but hey; it sounded cool.
12 Jul 2009 M.M. aka billy the freak hello friends,
i wish i was on fast train between paris and amsterdam. if i was high on opium and drunk on sweet spirits this would be so glamorous. would i be able to notice the beautiful woman with the laptop across the car? does she know mouchette?

truth seeker,
i also seek the truth actually i want to preach it becuase i am the alpha and omega, but the van allen radiation belts stop me from going to heaven.

i want dead inside too. she makes me feel so... alive?

okay you little freaks keep coming back.

your friend,
billy the freak
12 Jul 2009 M.M. aka billy the freak independence day has come and gone blown past like the ribbons in your bottle rockets. the wind catches them and they sweep across children's feet. when i was young i believed the united states was the beacon for the free world. in the past few years, through underground documentaries, the internet, and good old study i have become illuminated. lights on. and the truth is so far away the american dream. no more eating hallucinogenic mushrooms tripping out to fireworks basking in the mellow ambiance of pride, subliminal whispers spoon feeding you comfort. obey and consume. the united states is the bulldog for the shadow government, the new world order.

Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.
-Quoted by Thomas Paine-

what if i told you a handful of people control the world and humanity. just a few dirtbags with all the power and money. the corporate elite, international bankers, media companies, and even royalty. these power brokers play with peoples lives like they play a game of chess. bent on the thought of being one of the ruling class in a one world government.

what? you didn't know about them. this is sadly typical especially if you live in the united states. they control the media and what is presented to us as fact. they create the enemy. they use false flag attacks and scare tactics to frightening us into our homes and pissing us off to where we want to see the end of these 'terrorist', blood, death and destruction. we see so much tragedy. they see conquest. nazi protocols keep us in line. they use television, newspapers, and radio to tell us what to think, at the same time they are above any existing law using the current government as a tool to bring us down. the patriot act and laws during wartime. simple puppets in place to sooth the ignorant. they want to control our minds. they want to make us cattle. and when the time is right there will be death. a horrible black death it will consume the weak. we will evolve by necessity.

you know this sounds right we are moving into a new age, the age of aquarius and let the water bearer wash away our sins.

i don't know if i got my point across. and this is real and there is so much more. check out and this will be a good place to start. it is up to you to see the light and all their ugly faces. you don't need to kill yourself we're doomed anyway.

i must have dreamed a thousand dreams
been haunted by a million screams
but I can hear the marching feet
they're moving into the street.
now did you read the news today
they say the dangers gone away
but I can see the fires still alight
there burning into the night.

there's too many men
too many people
making too many problems
and not much love to go round
can't you see
this is a land of confusion.

this is the world we live in
and these are the hands were given
use them and lets start trying
to make it a place worth living in.

oh superman where are you now
when everythings gone wrong somehow
the men of steel, the men of power
are losing control by the hour.
i won't be coming home tonight
my generation will put it right
were not just making promises
that we know, well never keep.

this is the world we live in
and these are the names were given
stand up and lets start showing
just where our lives are going to.

this is the time this is the place
So we look for the future
but there's not much love to go round
tell me why, this is a land of confusion.

-phil collins-

billy the freak
10 Jul 2009 TWiGGiNS  
09 Jul 2009 life's a pain, suicide's the game list narrowed down for dying i say its either gonna be cutting, overdose, or drowning. its the least planning in any of them. drowning, just go out somewhere when no one on the street and tie a rope around ur feet and attach a cinderblock or something then jump over into some water, cutting make some huge a$$ cuts down the wrist, on your thighs, legs, hands and bleed to death, if 2 much comes out at once DONT attempt to go to the hospital, just let it flow, or 3 overdose, take enough pills of some kind (vicodin, percocet generic, oxycontin (painmed), or 40 ibprofins one night and then pray that you wont wake up the next day. thats what my list of suicide ways would be. one shall work if not take a huge overdose, make some cuts down your wrists, and then go jump in a lake, ocean, river, stream somewhere to drown yourself and that way u do a suicide using all 3 methods. brilliant huh?
09 Jul 2009 morula hi, i just meant to say hello, i am totally wasted, i insulted my mom after she threatened to come to beerlin to save, "someone s got to get you out of your "bubble", it noone does, knowing about your psychotics friends, if you do not phone, answer, am comming to berlin". fuck. put me in anger just at the non existant breakdast i aws facing, fantasizing coffee and greasy food, i just , wait, wjat did i do, first email, "don t come. i m fine". she answers in my title still "i don t think so": fuck she s nasty, i s hate to disrespect you, mummy but you drive me ctazy, first my only friends are psychotic connections, i met them first at hospital st joseph, where my dad, who s got superpowers, sent me, almost exactly three years within a month or so, first borderline butchery while on violent haldol cramps, thought i was just mad, they d be right, i d just been playing a role, all the time, with my muscles in the jaws, in the throat, in the face, responding to reality no long other than independantly, terrible sensitivity of the stramgest sort, while smoktin a cigarette alone on a chair in the inner garden of station 1, the psychiatric unit where - before i continued i recommend you to listen to: - ok reason 1 why i ended up in the warp first time in berlin, third time real life, was the brilliant idea that took me to make "art", wait, that s stealing needles and recipients, canules, butterlies at your workplace, at university in the institute of physiology, skip the detail, i had the material, i d been practicing taking blood of my medical school mstes, was employed as an assistant quite unable to be professional with the machines, all but the needles, plasma making, centrifugation, get the bloodcells, all reds and whites, mainly interested in the later, shake the liquid up the plastic recipient, crop the information system, the cells ok you re not interested , my point was i d feel quite confident at handling with needles, thirty degrees along the apparent veins, after having disinfected, stop the point hell the pictures you took, from your own little operation performed on self, using vodka, probably drinking it as well, slpash in on an arm in order to disinfect, after congestionizing the left arm with your 1984 belt, wait for the superficial vein, the mediana to become proeminent, then rapidly, do the job, in side the ignore the worf, tuyauterie fuck, through the skin first, the endothel, don t pierce it through the radius, titlt the needle holding the syringue, aspire now, it s slowly coming out, correct your angle, right it s flowing in.. hell i didn t go too war as taking pints, a couples of uh little, not as scary as to justify the treatment i was rewarded with, my dad walking in one morning, traveling through germany to "bring me to the doctor", hell drag me by the collar to her, strange but vicious enouigh they capture me all between doctors, my father, who s a professor, the shitty doctor guski, who s the closest normal i ve found to a dwarf, anf ultimately the now head of the psychiatric section of social services here in east berlin, my father is just a fucking arsehole sometimes, he s got no pity at all for my absence of achievements, lack of income, anger about his educations, his own capital, the 200 tumors he keeps alive at ultra low temperatures, meet the father he s got inner ear problems, his ear membrane is causing him pain, or is it just .. voices, daddy, hell run out of here, calling the police in last resort, because i don t want to pack my stuff and leave, with the two man in white, very muscular executionner with no right to cause me violence, not that way, all the shit and humiliation, with the ambulance, the neighbours, the locals, fucking humiliation i require the police, a little but of excitement at least, waiting at my desk, smoking grass, fuck dr gogol, the head of social services, dad and his tumors, he called me a "pig", against all my humiliation, because of my masty face, do you think i d grant him a smile, heavy shit on your face, back to the warp, needs to be reeducated, chemically rearranged, professionnally keeped an eye uppon. ok i can t complain too much about station 1, st joseph, as that where i met my one and only mates, them and their connections, the extension of the psychotic network adult size, most kids are not treated in those institutions, ok lost my point, my mum, i fucking insulted her, like i often do รถ bnut she pissed me off so much, only my brother knows, how s she s deranging, patricia my mother a nervous breakout of tension, always on cocaine at home so i seems, joke, i just cannot stand their promiscuity, either they destroy you or i d break out in anger. ok. end of zhe point till th end of th story.
09 Jul 2009 laura What the fuck do you think your playing at?
08 Jul 2009 kim1122 DEAD INSIDE! is me kim..where have you been? i cant seem to get in contact with you any more. i sure miss you too! mouchette pls post this..! hell is rising again i cant seem to get a hold of myself i need to speak to you dead inside...
06 Jul 2009 James suicide is a sure way to hell.i would rather be hurting in this world for a while than burning in hell for an eternity.i know life is hard sometimes but if no one else loves you or cares about you i do. i do love you. i do care.your flaws dont matter to me. theres nothing youve done that would shock me. ive done some pretty awful things myself.things may seem unbearable but it will change.things will get better. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even this year but things will get better.when your thinking suicide other people tend to think your giving up on life (people wont feel sorry for you they will just mock you )the best way to do it is to press on . show everybody your not going to give up. become somebody and then rub it in their faces.i dont believe theres anything you cant do.youve just gotta believe in you, youve gotta love yourself .just remember i love you and i believe in you and no matter what you want out of life. always remember theres someone else out there that wants the same thing.people will probably just ignore me or snicker at me but i hope these words will influence at least a couple of people.
05 Jul 2009 just 1 my family is fucked up, ihave no one there, they dont care becuz if they did theyd b ther 4 me. no one cares enuf to call me when the phone on so i leave it off because i need to go cancel it out. fuck life. give me 1 reason y ishould not kill myelf 2nitte
05 Jul 2009 Aimee im Aimee.
Im 13
my Dad disowned me when i was 7 and my mother wants me to go into care.
Ive never drank, never smoked, never done anything bad but my mum hates me.
she has her own husband and son and i just seem to be invisible
every day its abuse after abuse after abuse.
my so called friends at school have turned on me.
theyve started bullying me and making rumours
theyre parents have recently rang mum and so she threw things at me, screaming at me about how ashamed she is and how shes sick of me. i tried to tell her it wasnt true but she ignored me, i felt so small.
i have no one to turn to.
all my dads family dont talk to me, they dont even want to know i exist.
all mums family dont want to hear my side of the story, they just listen to mums and richards (the stepdads)
i feel unwanted and ugly
mum tells me everyday how im a "fat heffer" or how shes "disgusted to say im her daughter"
i know im lucky ive never been raped or worse and that i actually have parents
but right now i feel so alone
no one would even care if i died
i just want it to end
i cant face school and i cant home
i want to go..
05 Jul 2009 zane if i were to die, i would like to die
on something warm, preferly main aims
lap, and when i die, i want to go
in dignity, so that means i must die
with a huge boner in my pants
and with a pez dispenser in my hand.

mouchette you may stroke it.

after i am dead not before.

i know you'd be around 2 years older
then me and im 22, so pah.
05 Jul 2009 Melvin Ooooh I'm liking Roger Roger.

But I'm bored. Nothing happens and I'm tired of making things happen.
So I guess I should...?
Go to sleep and never wake up? I'm liking that idea. Dreams are pretty awesome. But right now I have several essays in for tomorrow to worry about. I am just so so so tired that thinking about doing those essays makes me want to burst into tears.
I just cry all the time now. Life can be cruel. Some people live tragedies. The majority live boring wastes of time.
Maybe I'll read some more Anna Karenina. I've nearly finished. Another 63 pages.

So anyway, no one cares about this crap do they? Thought not.
Something bad is going to happen.
I can't remember what.

Hmmm. This is troubling.
Yeah so bye. You'll be hearing from me again. i won't top myself anytime soon - or will I?
I mean falling asleep in front of a train could work.

Yeah so.

this sucks.

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