Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Aug 2009 Jjung Eun Don't breathe
05 Aug 2009 Kable I enjoy your prose, your pose, your pantyhose wrappend around you neck. They can also be used as a makeshift automobile belt in a bind.

A suicide kit you ask? Almost anything can be included, from a small rubber ball that can fit your gullet to a baby seal who wishes to club you. An open ended question if you ask me and for the sake of this post I am telling. Perhaps you stumbled upon this while you were searching the best way to kill someone under 13. Until this point I was not aware there is an age limit which you pass and gain new methods. The wrists are so 10 year old, the shotgun is so 18.

Hark another pill down the hatch till I awake to muse, use and abuse my bruises once again.
04 Aug 2009 Kamilleon Well, I'm 13. theres a hook in my garage, and we have rope. this is probably the easiest next to shooting yourself, because te most painful part, when you jump off the table and break your neck, it just makes you want to die even more. but the other night, I dreampt of doing this. the garage was decorated like a fortune-tellers hut, and there was a tall lady there next to me. i remember floating, right above where the hook was. the lady helped me through it, like she had done it before. but of course, thats impossible. when I jumped off, the room got darker and darker, and all i could see was the feint glimmer of the candles. then, i started to feel pain. not a physical pain, but a mental pain. It was like regret, longing, sorrow, and fear all at once on maximum power. i imagine that to create that dream, my bodys emotion hormones went on overdrive, because the emotional pain hurt even worse that when my appendix burst. and after i died, i could still feel the emotoinal pain. I felt as if my body, my concience, and my aura BECAME the pain. it grew deeper, and deeper. until it hurt so much, i screamed. in real life. and i woke up. at first, i didnt remember the dream at all. i knew i screamed, but i didnt think about it when i woke up. later that day, i was online. something reminded me of that dream, and soon i was on the floor crying. please, dont commit suicide. my theory is that the last thing you do with your energy, you will be for the rest of existence. and the only time when dieing would feel good is if your a happy person and you were having a good time and died. or of you are a sick person, and you were resting. but a depressed person commiting suicide to end the pain, it doesnt end, you become it.
03 Aug 2009 Shana That deep dark place where no light enters... its a transitional space. It feels infernal, eternal.. but like all things, it passes. Everything is in passing. Nothing is ever constant. Nothing. Some things last longer than others. Is that a depressing thought? It can be, but it can also be hopefull. Sometimes, you need to LET your world come crashing down around you, and in that silence, when the dust is settling, the noise is over but is still reverberating on in the inside of you. If you sit in that darkness, and let yourself feel the emotions of your world crashing, you will live to see the dust settle, and what is before you is an entire NEW world that you had NO idea about. Eventhough you had no hope for something better.. write about your pain, write through the pain.. sing, paint, dance, play, and live through the pain. The creations from the pain are beautiful.. and you will look back with sadness that you felt so terrible, but you will be happy to have grown to see it.
03 Aug 2009 jen So my mom doesn't give a sh*t about people pushing poison down other people's throats - this is crushing I not only came back for her but to some one I don't even know.

Is this the power I was given? To realize how f*cked up everything is? I would rather truly be ...well I cannot even say it that is how paranoid I am now

I said it before and it got me locked up..

so tell me how does one survive if they have no where to go - no food stamps - nothing?

I am supposed to just leave and go die apparently.

any advice would be helpful just e-mail me at
03 Aug 2009 leClaire non Q'euti Mes! Si te es plaite! , ne faites pas commet Suicide!
si vouse plait mo du aide!
Tu'l q'soyez Carnard\
ess-aide si vouse plait
01 Aug 2009 Emma Lee "I Am Finally Free" i really dont kno what the best way could be. the first time i wrote on this site i was 12 and i jus got so pissed off i filled out the form... and accadently left it where my parents would see it well guess what they saw it... i should be 15 now but guess what im not i never made it to my 13 birthday my dad got drunk one day swhortly after he saw the form and decided to beat me to death to "show me how bad life could be" well i figured out how bad life could be and guess what life is horrible. death is so much more peaceful. no fighting, yelling, screaming, or beatings. everyone can be who they are and they can be different. im not advising you go commit suicide but what i am saying is dont be afraid of death. there is nothing to fear.
30 Jul 2009 holly Hang yourself
29 Jul 2009 brettskibeat The best way to kill your self if you are young is to simply let it roll on until you arn't...that self at any age is moving right along...this way or that, all the time....there is no funeral for the kid body,it just transforms slowly into a taller thang, and yeah you guessed it so is that depressed gooey grey fucken thing in your head. I'M not 13 man i'm fourty five and i have the priveledge to be any age i've already been...wait a bit , pick one you think is groovy and just be i'm eleventy two, that is... the eleven year old in me thinks the twenty two year old is really groovy and worth looking up to and hanging out with...the forty five year old guy is saying...oh not this shit again, but in the spirit of looking out for his imaginary children he plays the game and everyone is happy...except for the twenty three year old who saw his father die, or the twenty eight year old when his mother died, or 31 34 25 16 19 when 'a' either his girl friend fucked off with a christian dork or 'b' had his friends suicide on him, leaving him with a strange sense of abstract humour for the departed....if your thinking about a life with jesus just remember there is no exit plan from christianity so if you dont like it and want to leave as far as they are concerned you can go to hell, thats why they dreamed it up like that, trust me it doesnt matter how many souls you bring their way...when you leave they have no appreciation for it at all, i bought about 15 people to the lord and they bought others and so on,but as i left i was accused of fucking the pastors wife, not being a real man because i wouldnt get married, any amount of shit they can dream up because you arn;t a part of their club...even the bible says something about you being a thousand times worse of something....they'll sit around in cell groups praying for what they wanted for your life for years after because they have nothing better to do, its like some strange christian voodoo that they have over you because you were once theirs. i placed my ass behind a drum kit and turned depression into aggresion and went and gave over thirteen thousand lessons to a bunch of kids at a music school in rural nsw australia, i didnt tell them 'this will help with your suicidal inevitabilities' but i know some of them will be able to rise above the fucked existance that every male living in this country experiences....i'm sick to fucken death of poverty and bullshit prompting about how you can achieve the unachievable, the unachievable here is longevity and it might turn out to be the only card i hold on this so called judgement day awaiting us all,,get fucked big fella i didn't pussy out on your shit up grade me to to a planet closer to the metropolos of the rest of the universe instead of this place way out to the left of nowhere,13 year olds are too sexy and cute to be dead, they just need to learn how to take advantage of that situation, if your a boy and you are starting to grow little boobies and having nuaghty dreams...dig it dig it dig it
28 Jul 2009 Valentine Hello Mouchette,

Since you will be absent for awhile, I thought I would write this poem to be read when you come back. I hope you enjoy it (next month) :

Mouchette, Mouchette,
You've been away for so long
Did you go on vacation?
Did you play ping pong?
You must be restless of us
And that's why you were gone
But don't worry dear
You've gone thirteen years strong

26 Jul 2009 Melissa Reed Hey ya'all... I been getting alot of people adding me on messenger but my messenger's not working so you'll have to e-mail me... I couldn't get the e-mail addresses so I hope people who contacted me see this and e-mail me... my e-mail address is or my cell is 740-617-7052 but that's for absolute emergencies please... I'll be online as much as I can but I can't promise I'll be online every day but I'll try...
25 Jul 2009 sammy this websit is fucked up. and the wierd girl who runs this site sends you mean and shitty messages laughing at all ur problems. i know who they are. they are very fat and ugly
25 Jul 2009 Bella My life is completely crazy! People always say do this go there take that and so on. They never bother trying to understand and only care for themselfes.
When i talk to other peole about htis either it is online or just strangers all they say is that one day it will get better and things will be fine. However for the past 15 years(i am 15 now) my life has been a dark black hole and it hasn't gotten better. People say that it's just bloody teenage years which is a load of bullshit. I hate people teling me that. They just don't get it until they are in it themselfes. Its like people who have mental illnesses. WTF? how on earth can anybody proove that it isn't true. Its so stupid. maybe itis true but some are just to blind to see it. My parents only care for me to get into uni ad nothing else while the worship my older sister.
It pisses me off big time. I have thought about suicide but i have no idea how to do it. I admit i might have hope somewhere ndeep down because at times i think i am being stupid and start blaiming myself for all this shit in my life ending up in tears with things all over the room.
Its tough and the worst part is that no onE,L NOT ONE BLOODY PERSON can see through my fake happiness. They think i am a great happy girl who has no problems. At this i hate readng things like talk to someone. Its also bullshit. you cant talk to someone who isnt in your condition and since no one in my life is in my condition i dont talk to anyone about it.
I dont have friends. at all my last friend ditched me and now hates me for no reason.
They say it will be easier that someone will come and safe you but it just wont happen. The pain that rips me inside wont allow it.
oh have i forgot to mention i dont beleive in love. iTS JUST FAIRY TALES AND ONLY THEY HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS. no life has a happy ending. I dont beleive in any type of love. weather its love to family friends or your "souldmates". it just always ends the same way. marrige ends with divorce or abuse or pain, friends end with enemies, family ends with betrayal. its all the same...
i bloody hate it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Jul 2009 Anna b. I keep bleeding but nothing... I took a box cutter and cut. I love watching it fall on the floor. I can't take this bullshit life anymore. I just need a new way of ending it, cause cutting just ain't cutting it no pun intended...
23 Jul 2009 Documentary Filmmaker I'm starting to get the idea in my head to document the events of this site. 2000-2006 was a mind blowing period here.
20 Jul 2009 bitch get a life U guys r fucking crazy. ive always wanted to die im 14 n my life still sucks. but im not so dumb to actually sit there n wanna die over something DUMB. Get a life ight. stop writeing on here bout ur sad storys god no one cares! do something
20 Jul 2009 Marijn I can't live another day.
I've done the worst.
I want to die.
19 Jul 2009 jay I don't think there is a best way or a best reason when you're under 13 to kill yourself. I don't need to imagine what you're going through, I've been there. Suicidal by 6, abused, terrorized by my abuser into silence, bipolar and poor. Statistically fucked. I won't lie and say there is always a light at the end of the tunnel or it will always get better. What I will say is that if you are under 13 I KNOW there are people who will be willing to help you, protect you, love you and try for you. I think you owe it to yourself to make this decision when you have tried everything else, including a great deal of time. I'm 41. I still feel like dying. Lately everyday. I don't know what the future holds for me, but I don't regret one moment of trying to hold on when I was 13, 14, 15 or even 21.
19 Jul 2009 kingofpain 45 in constant physical pain from my neck to my feet I have pushed everyone out of my life.... I destroy everything...... I need love but no clue where to look anymore
19 Jul 2009 Simon Drop a couple of hundred feet from somewhere very high up.

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