Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Aug 2009 LaTerre Go to school. That is the easiest
30 Aug 2009 shez I feel pain everyday and just wont it to stop. i dont know the best way of killing yourself, but iv tried to drown myself and jump of my balcony before, but i never woke up in heaven, just a hospital bed. iv heard the best way is breathing in a gas like nitrogen, or something like that.
29 Aug 2009 Rusty shackleford I found this website by accident in 2002 on my bellsouth dial-up connection then again in 2005 when I got DSL then Just today I plugged in my brandnew T1 connection and I was somehow directed here.
I'm 15 now, this thing hasnt changed a bit
29 Aug 2009   16 clumsy and shy, that's the story of my life.
28 Aug 2009 Lennie Melvin Haven't been around here for a while but the suicidalness has returned in full force. Oh joy. I could just fucking cry myself to death right now.
What the hell is wrong with me?
28 Aug 2009 jen I'd love to tell all of you to pray to God crack open a bible he will talk to you ask him and you will receive

but above all please do what he said - worry not for the day for the day is ANXIOUS for itself -

did you know worry is a sin?

Did you know that God wants you to pray for christ and his return in your prayers striving together as one? He wants us all to be saved.

Please find God -
26 Aug 2009 loser when i die no one will notice or even care that im gone. i can proove it
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25 Aug 2009 candog knife your self in the ear all the way to the handle. it has to be an everday steak knife though.
23 Aug 2009 Unlucky Brian Keep watching more and more reality TV until your grief over not being able to be like all the empty, worthless yet good looking and wealthy people on the show is so overwhelming that the only option is to do yourself in. Then, throw yourself out an 8th(or higher)story window after tying yourself to a chair, taking poison, and stabbing yourself five times. Be sure to leave an angsty, emo sort of suicide note that allows everyone to see how deep and misunderstood you were.

Put on clean socks before you go.
21 Aug 2009 Jeff To chop your balls off and have a friend eat them in front of your face and pull a .45 against your head
21 Aug 2009 Jelly1234 My life is about to be ruined. I don't wanna live life anymore. I hate myself. I have two loving parents and brothers and I don't have problems with getting with any guy and I also have alot of friends but I am still unhappy. One day I met this boy then we decided to become a couple. Then I find out that he has a girlfriend. Ever since, I have been having weird symptoms and I went to the doctor and everything came back negative. I started having new symptoms again and I went to the doctor yesterday again. He told me that it could be herpes but he dubts it because im not itchy or going through pain. I'm waiting for the results now and I'm so scared. Right now I just wanna kill myself. I'm scared of what the results are gonna say and I think its gonna come out bad. Can someone tell me how I can kill myself painlessly. Life is full of cruel people and we are all gonna die anyways right? I just wanna get it over with and kill myself. I wanna die. I wanna be with my grandmother and my cousin. I wrote a suicide note and if the test comes back wrong then I am going to kill myself the next day. I love my parents and I am doing them a favor anyways. My father won't have to worry about my college tuition no more. After all, he would prefer a son instead of a daughter. I wanna die please give me ideas so I can end my life. Can anyone out there pleasee give me ideas to a painless death. I'm thinking about drowning my self in my pool but I want ther ideas.
20 Aug 2009 Sandra If only therapy was free in the United States.
20 Aug 2009 Halo I've never been sure of who I really am.
All i know is Im already dead
people see me . i have a boyfriend, a good life.
but something inside me
isn't .. here
If i was to kill my self i would want people to know
1: i loved him... my boyfriend.
2: I 've been this way since i was a child.
3: i deserve what i did.
i want it to be dramatic.. like in a movie. on the bath room floor
blood everwhere
and a note covered in my blood

but thats if i was going to... im scared of living..
but to be honest im scared that there really is a god
who will judge and crucify me.
18 Aug 2009 Foxy 1.jump in front of a train
2.hang ur self
3.tie a huge rock to ur self and jump from a bridge in water.
4.cut ur throat
18 Aug 2009 Thanata Hey, I posted here several times a year ago or so and I want to tell you that nothing has changed. So don't hesitate and take your own life when there is still enought time, It's only masquerade ball. I don't know how long shall I last. Will I be able to pretend my life is worthy for a year or more???
I messed up with occult stuff which caused the great imbalance in my life and I just don't know how to bear it anymore. It's more like the shift of my paradigm is needed but where to get strenghth when LBRP doesn't work anymore? They know everything ab0ut you and trust me making an egregore will only piss them off. So kids, stay away from chaos magick and even more from ceremonial stuff unless you're truly ready. I want to die. I'll cut my arteries vertically and move on another astral plane that is supposed to hurt less. Don't take pills, it'll simply make you vomit unless you can obtain some potassim cyanide.
Freezing to death is an epic one. But I"m araid I won't last till winter. mouchette thank you for your contribution to the rotten people who just want to end it all.
I hope we'll meet one day somwhere on the astral plane.
18 Aug 2009 Kristin don't want to do it but I am so depressed. Just to cut myself and get it over with.
17 Aug 2009 julia Did you seriously start this?
Wow. I couldn't imagine being as small minded as you.
17 Aug 2009 bogdan evry way is . its ol the same
17 Aug 2009 Angeltears

Please to take a look at these links. I will be posting more on this forum only because I stumbled upon it when I was at my lowest point and so may someone else. The links I am posting may help others as it helped me. I suffer from bipolar and many people who look for answers online do too. Well you are not alone!! Millions of us are waking up to the fact that life sucks!!! So we need to make a better plan and create a new way to live. I hope you will like it because I sure do!
Lots of love to all of you out there and many many blessings!!!

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