Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Jun 2009 suicide goddess suicide is the only option you have left when there is not 1 fucked up person to give a fuck about you. thats when you come up with so much time that all you can do to fill the time is think of suicide and ways to kills yourself even if they end up not working but its perfect time for you to find out YOURSELF how to die when NOT 1 FUCKED UP PERSON IS THERE TO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!
19 Jun 2009 :( I cry myself to sleep every single night of the week
I need someone to speak to before it's too late
Please email me and help me, or even talk to me
It's always nice to speak to someone who won't judge me, and has a basic idea of what i'm on about..
I'd rather talk to a randomer than my friends, i'm not an attention seeker i promise
19 Jun 2009 email here Someone please email me and help me, or even add me to your messenger

I can't do this alone anymore
I need help, before it's too late
19 Jun 2009 HELP I have reached the point where I don't want to be around on this shitty earth any longer. Infact I am so close to hitting the self destruct button, I've already bladed.

No one helped me last time Mouchette, why? Give me one good fucking reason why I shouldn't do what I've wanted to do for the past 2 years.
18 Jun 2009 penis you know what's messed up about this sight (and forgive me for stating the obvious) but it's the fact that most of the people who post are googling "how to kill yourself".
I dunno. that seems a little messed up to me. but, then again, maybe it's just the fact that I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!! I'M GOING TO GUT YOU! EVERY LAST FUCKING ONE OF YOU! YOU'RE GOING TO DIE CUNT!HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
18 Jun 2009 the dark turd ummm... well there are manhy ways to kill youself. first is self pity. then with irony. did you know you can kill yourself with kindness. hah. get it? kill yourself with kindness. ahh.. never mind. by the way (get it bi the way) is there still a bloke(heh) called Phill on this sight. good on ya mate. can i kiss you. i mean, not in a gay way or anything. just a man kiss, ya know.
aka, the dark turd
18 Jun 2009 marlene:[ well im in high school know i just got into it but i feel like a total dork and loser everyone else is so excited about it but its not like im scared i just have no one to talk to i have friends and i have all honors classes but thats the only good thing about me. i have alot of physical problems im kinda short i mean not that much just 5ft 2in but all of my cousins are taller ang skinnyer and im not fat but my waste is big and my arms have strech marks and i only where shirts with sleves that can cover them and i live in florida so thats not cool my legs are okay there not the best but there good enough to where those cute little shorts but my parents wont let me and everyone has them my hair is really long and curly to so i get really hot but my parents wont let me and i would be okay with all of this IF I DINT HAVE STUPID ACNE ask anyone with it its horrible i hate it. now my mom i always think i hate her but really i dont i love her so much but i know i do hate my dad thers not a time i dont think i dont hate him. only some few ocasions. i always feel like people are looking at my acne not me i know for a fact if i didnt have acne i would be very preety. i have no one to be there forme no one to talk to or to help when i cry every day.
18 Jun 2009 khristine im 21 and i just want it all to be over with
18 Jun 2009 OneWhoSawIDeath Well, the thing is, this ASSUMPTION that we die when we kill our bodies is...WRONG. Born of a culture that denies anything that can actually help us be happier. What does EVERY SINGLE HOLY BOOK TEACH? That we are ETERNAL BEINGS. EVEN SATAN AGREES. In fact, he's counting on it.

We are all called to rise and transform from darkness to light, got it?

No doubt there are fuckin' psychotic parents out there that only cause grief to their kids. I HEAR YOU. i LIVED WITH A DRUNK, PRONE TO BEATING ME UNCLE. Better to get away from them and find good people that will care. GOOD LOVING PEOPLE DO EXIST.

Don't tolerate abuse, but be your best friend, not your worst enemy with that victim attitude that rules your thinking.
And I saw myself leave my body, and i remember being confused for a while, then I was being pulled up, where there was an actual BATTLE FOR MY SOUL. A friend of mine that had died of AIDS, PROTECTED ME, before I felt I was being pulled "down" again, into my body.
When I came to, I was in the hospital.
Don't kill yourself only to find yourself in a personal HELL until you realize that only by changing your thinking and your actions can you create your own inner peace AND HEAVEN.
Be CREATIVE AND GUTSY in how you can transform your pain. and you'll discover a better world, RIGHT HERE ON THIS PLANET.
Besides, if love, joy, happiness etc. didn't exis, what makes you complain of a shitty life?
17 Jun 2009 Brandon Well i was thinking of committing suicide but im afraid to kill myself.

the reason why i want to commit suicide is that i don't think i can make it in life. i get bad grades, nobody supports my idea of a career, which is to be an acrobat/diver. i just don't care about anything anymore
so im thinking WHAT THE POINT?

i wish i was dead.
12 Jun 2009 The Sadness Tree The truest sorrow is unknown, complete solitude. The very fact that we speak here makes us pathetic to the truth.

Of course some being always has it worse. Trees are burned and chopped to bits with axes and chainsaws and so are people.

Can you imagine your mother being quartered tied to horses, could you imagine your brother castrated and then pissed on?

If you can imagine that then you still know nothing. I know nothing.

But, the fact remains that no matter how bad some other has it, you still have your own sickness inside to deal with, my roots have rotted.

However, can you embrace the madness, could you become a vigilante?

Mouchette can poison your heart in the most profound way.

The Sadness Tree
11 Jun 2009 the joker guys, i am 13 years of age, my parents love me to hell i seem to find myself sitting on my skinny ass playing world of warcraft everyday 24/7 except school weeks... i look at porn and do stupid things when i shouldn't be doing them... i am told that i would get in trouble with the police... i chuckle at them and say.... " if i go to jail, then i will kill my self" they get angry!!!! the best way to commit sucide is to wait til your heart has done its part... then thats when you die im hanging in there... i cant even grow the fucking gold brass balls to kill my self, then again i cant bring myself to jump out of my window (do note that i live in a very tall flat and there are 14 floors in total and i live on floor 13) so very easy to die and also ANYONE WHO IS BEING BULLIED DO NOT FUCKING KILL YOURSELVES, IF YOU TELL THEN YOU WON'T SUFFER ANYTHING... you know its kinda like eating butterfly cakes... they're tasty and its a pretty good feeling when you tell on the bullies then they are dealt with it is like exorcising a demon but yes of course that is very irrelevant to this subject - my message : don't kill yourself, instead try to work out plans... its like being in a war you just got to tidy it up into groups ETC: problems sort them into groups like... home,school,work,family or friends and if you had a recent issue with a friend then isolate yourself from them for a while while you solve all your other problems its like deafeating people... but yes, its not really a war but a emotional war i am not emo i am not goth i am not any of those people i am just a normal,sadistic a big deaf asshole who hasn't got a life because hes too focused on getting a good life i have a girlfriend and i consider myself "EXTREMELY" lucky to have her because she is the most beautiful girl on the planet in my opinion and if i commit suicide it will break her heart and it won't just hurt her... it'll hurt your friends... itll hurt your family... IMAGINE YOUR BROTHER OR SISTER COMING INTO YOUR ROOM AND FIND YOUR CORPSE HANGING ON THE CEILING WITH BLOOD COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH WITH A FRICKING SUICIDE NOTE PINNED ON YOUR ASS SAYING THAT YOU LOVE THEM TO BITS BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH - THEY FEEL TERRIBLE AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF NOT TO CRY TO SHIT ABOUT THIS... :( its a sad life out there where is the old days.. i read about the swinging sixties.. where peace and love was at its highest.. where did that go?!
09 Jun 2009 crazy person. that loves Main aim. listen to some dark technno
before you know it,you'll
be wearing an eye patch
and have a hand full of condoms.

that you don't intend to use own
your own.

gross thought of the day.

using Mr poatoto heads parts
for your poop.

he is now timmy the tator turd.

your land lord will love him
on the coffee table.

sleeping is a slow form of death.

life is so very short.

live it,even if you don't like it.
you won't get to do it again.

where i walk there is no light.

its called destiny.
09 Jun 2009 Alexandra i suppose you could ask Cecelia Lisbon, but she isn't around anymore to answer questions.

i can talk though; i can always talk, but even better- i can always listen.
08 Jun 2009   I have just reached an absolute point of self destruction.
07 Jun 2009 ulysse you might just put yourself in a huge microwave
06 Jun 2009   I tried pushing the strength of my vocal chords, and all I've learned is that you can't fill nothingness with anything.
06 Jun 2009 Jonathan I'd say shooting yourself, because it's hard to miss. but it's possible so aim at the center of your head! if you don't manage to kill yourself then you're fucked cause you'll probably end up with brain damage and your life will be even worse. so use a shotgun or a large calibre handgun. grenades are also good. that's it from me. in your face, shitty world!
05 Jun 2009 christmas How do you pay the rent with this Mouchette?
I mean, Really. Talking about Lucy's breasts is all fine and dandy, but I don't feel like it's a recession proof business.
05 Jun 2009 Shanell Davis Don't do it, that is the best way to kill yourself is don't do it/.. reather you believing god or not, you will pay for is harshfull in the afterlife, weather it be a lake of fire or limbo.. you won't be happy in your afterlife if you commit suicide

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