Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Sep 2009 Priest of Cats Not by rough rope, that’s for sure, as it can chaff the neck. Pricy silk rope is softer and hemp rope is smoke-able if you fail. But dangling limply, is out of fashion, trust me on this. I would suggest against poison, as it can lead to stomach upset and exact doses can be research and math you don’t want at a time like this. You’re considering your life options, not trying to vomit and endure any more than you are now. I'm personally opposed to jumping off a bridge, as it can lead to bruising, by of all things, water. Have you ever been bruised by water before? Why start now? It’s unnatural, even for weirdly cool Gothy people. Even your foolishly unsupportive family/peers never suggested you let water bruise you. Drink water, don’t let it hurt you. The lead pipe is cheap but in high in toxic lead for some reason and that can cause cancer. Why society has a lead pipes as all is a source of wonder. I also advise against guns as they can be both expensive and deafening in the small, lonely rooms we all find ourselves when very upset. Heavy, elegant, candlestick holders are a classy choice, but most people seldom have one either handy when needed. In fact, the last nice candlestick I saw was dancing around in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Knives are messy and problematic. “Bleeding out” takes time and that’s a problem because the longer you have to reflect that your ‘sloooowly dying’ the more it sounds wretched. You don’t want you last thought to be “oops”. Definitely, family, friends, lovers and even ex-lovers can be stupid; in not valuing your feelings and accepting you as the extraordinary & affectionate person you naturally are. But don’t let their deprived and irresponsible decisions rub off on you. You are better than them. I’ve been there so I know. Sorry, back to topic, so unless you really enjoy pain, (and then why are you a reading this anyway? :) I caution against knives. A tool, like a drill is better suited for killing others (like unsupportive people maybe? lol) as some 80's slasher movies might infer. A wrench is easy to get but learning to whack yourself in the back of the head "just right" is tricky and may require lots of dizzying practice.
There are other options. Death by orgasm might not be too bad, but screams of wild, dreamy pleasure might alert others who might try to stop you, or even better, join in. Regardless of your sex, stay lubricated; better to end it all in total ecstasy than in raw skin or rug burns. It might take hours or even days, so please plan/shop ahead. Death by triple fudge brownie (or other adored sweet) withdrawal might ever shed a few pounds. But if you live too close to a Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Factory that might not be workable. In opposition, death by eating too many triple fudge brownies might work. Personally, I spent years deciding between these three choices. They just sound better quality somehow.
Time will change how you think, feel and look. It can be MUCH better later in life even after a difficult start. Ending yourself is like ripping all your unscratched lottery tickets (millions) in half without even scratching them off. Living is like, every day and sometime every moment, you get a new ticket to scratch off. Don’t let the bad draws get you down because there are winners, and bigger winners, in that pile too. The longer you play the game of life the more and better people you meet. You’ll have better friends, better jobs, and much better lovers. Life is not endless roses, but it’s not endless pain either. Hang in there, it gets better in time. Now, where that power drill Bahaha
10 Sep 2009 waiting4death take 2 whole packets of paracetamol, tie a plastic bag around your head eventually u will die peacefully!!! just like falling asleep!!!! just wish i was strong enough to do it myself
09 Sep 2009 zack m. hang
09 Sep 2009 Enzyme Salutations my lovely death rabbits. Enzyme here with a brief rumination about suicide. Yes indeed. While standing in the shower fantasizing about slitting my throat with a box-cutter, I had a sudden revelation. The reasons we hari-kari vary from person to person, but I believe there is a common psychological thread that weaves all self-inflicted murder together. True, there are the folks who blow their brains out to end some physical suffering or because they weary of enduring old age. The vast majority, however, are usually people that have reached some nightmarish climax of guilt, shame, isolation, terror, heartbreak, frustration or self-loathing. Consider this. As children the first lesson we ever learn is one of punishment and reward. If we do good, our god-like parental units reward us with affection, love, and gum drops. If we do bad, we are punished, sent to our rooms, smacked, or denied love and gum drops. How tragic that this bizarre confluence of crime and success is thrust upon our fresh young minds. Some people learn this lesson far too well. At first the forces of reward and punishment are all external, localized in parents, teachers, and other children. As we age we tend to internalize all figures of authority psychologically. I think it’s a survival mechanism. If a figure of power or extremity terrifies us we attempt to control the threat by absorbing that person into our own being. Like a clam turning grains of sand into pearls. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. The only trouble is that some of us internalize the wrong authority figures too deeply. Harsh morally austere task masters with zero remorse or compassion. As we grow into adults, these tyrannical voices become indistinguishable from our true inner dialogue of self-preservation. Gradually we mentally absorb large swaths of society, like a carnivorous gelatinous blob. Until we become our own judge, jury, and finally executioner. There is no doubt that we are punishing ourselves when we commit suicide. The ultimate punishment. The Death Penalty. Like that poor girl a few posts back who was going to kill herself if her STD test came back positive for herpes. Such a common, controllable, non-fatal VD. Yet to that poor darling she has to die. She has to punish herself for the crime of sleeping with a boy, for the crime of catching a disease, for the crime of being young. The most ruthless judges imaginable reside in our cerebral cortexes. Our parents eventually stop rewarding and punishing us, and we gradually take over the job with a hysterical zeal. That poor girl is on trial. In her own mind. Suicidal people who struggle with failure in business or romantic ventures never talk about giving up and becoming a vagabond or criminal. It's always about killing one's self. Punishment for their failure to procure a wife, to make enough cash, failure to stay healthy, failure to stay sober, failure to be a good parent, or a good daughter, failure to get happy and successful. The truth is, however, that these internal subconscious judges and jury members are far from objective. Heck, let's face it, they are fascistic Nazi bastards with no goddamn sense of perspective. Imagine that poor girl killing herself over a case of herpes. She's just a young kid doing her best to find love and validation. In moments of clarity all of us with suicidal tendencies can occasionally see how out of touch we really are. What was the crime we committed? Some minor infraction, in all reality. And plus, life is not a gulag unless we make it so. There is no one right way to live or experience existence. Even if you murdered someone. There's always room for redemption and progress. Let's free ourselves of the yoke of perpetual reward and punishment. Expel these false prophets from our brain pans. Let go. Let yourself off the hook. Yes, my lovely undead figure skaters. Yes, indeed.

Song of the Day: "King of Carrot Flowers" by Neutral Milk Hotel

P.S. Melvin, a benediction upon you. Hang in there kid.

Bebop! I'm kind of a world traveler. Not in L.A. now. In the meantime, watch that film tonight and imagine I'm there, eating all your ice cream.
09 Sep 2009 Ryan I hate my life right now. My best friend of 3 years let's his friends ridicule me. Im 14 years old. People always try to pick fights with me now. He now has a new best friend who wont even let me talk to my best friend of 3 years (connor). Today i had lunch by myself. All the popular kids came up to me today and said "you got alot of friends huh?" having fun by yourself?" i just want to get out of this mess. My dad wont even treat me like a boy and im annoyed with it. Today i got beat up.... by connors friend. Did connor tell him to stop? No. Im officialy known as a baby and a girl now at school. People wont even talk to me. I just want to leave it all and start over again. No one will be nice to me, ive never insulted anyone or hurt theyre feelings.
Connor- why cant you stand up for me? I thought we were friends.
Nate- you dont need to be mean and pick on everyone; be nice.
Michael- either you want to be my friend or you dont. Dont hurt my feelings then later try to start a conversation
derek- stop acting like you rule the school because youre strong.
Abe- just because your connors best friend now doesnt mean in not allowed to talk to him. Please stop telling me to fuck off. Stop making fun of the way i smile and whenever i say something.
Kevin- you were nice last year but now your mean to me. Ive never said a hurtful thing to you.
Jack- thanks for not having a negative attitude about me. Its nice when you talk to me.
Ben- you know i can kick your ass. Stop acting tough against me.
Josie- i like you alot. I know we never really talked but i like you. Youre extremely pretty and youre very nice. I want to ask you to homecoming but i know you dont like me.
Shelby- youre pretty but youre too quick to judge
lauren- it meant alot when i was talking with my friend and you came up to us and told me i should go away and die.
Shannon- youre way too hyper
marko- are we friends?

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09 Sep 2009 Melvin I kept seeing the coffin in front of me, I felt I was at the funeral again. Unable to cry freely, and the ridiculous amount of sleeve needed to stem my nose. I was shivering, I was freezing. I tried so hard to breathe... not to cry.
The last few minutes of class dragged. He was talking to me. I opened my mouth to reply but instead began to sob. I ran out and down the corridor sobbing hysterically.

Was I dying? I sank to the floor, sobbing and choking. I thought I was going to be sick. Suicide methods, loved ones, excerpts from my journal, all going around in my head. I called childline but hung up when the man answered.
Later I had a biology class. In biology we were learning about Enzymes and I thought of you.
09 Sep 2009 Stewie Griffin Whats sader than sad.
America. They knew they had terrorists lurking about in thier country and did nothing. The terroists flew planes into buildings, and now the government is using that as an excuse to spy on everyone on the internet and international phone calls. Even using "privately operated" "super secret" "companies" to tap your phones because its illeagle for they to "do it".
Ask yourself why do they need to know about everyone. They already know who the terroists are.
Besides America is all washed up anyway. Everything they have is made in China or some other foriegn country. Just a nation of services. yeah.
The Super Rich Americans sold out thier own country man so they could make more money. No industry really. No jobs. economic crash and getting worse.
America leads the world in abortion rates, homicide rates, drug traffic, and many other decays of socioty.
America, what a little piece of filth.
07 Sep 2009 Kim You are crazy, take this off the computer. This can give kids ideas that killing yourself is a good idea I don't even know how you were to come about putting it site on the computer
07 Sep 2009 Bebop Enzyme, your from LA?

I have "Let the Right One In" on DVD, let's hang out.
05 Sep 2009 loser everyone that I ever knew, that hung out with me or just was a friend has now left me. there is no point for me to live so that means i should die. my life is over , it was over the first time of 3 years ago. i have no one to go to and no where to turn. no one gives a fuck about me so why should i give a fuck about myself?
05 Sep 2009 alejandro well, i'm not under 13, does that matter? I want to say something to those @ssholes trolling evry suicide page or note on the news, etc. stop calling us selfish. all we want is to stop living and suffering, each to his own reason, each one worth of respect. why do you call me selfish? because i don't think of the pain i'm causing to others, because of the shock of killing myself. So if i understand correctly you people wants us to keep on suffering, to keep on being a nobody, to keep on being ignored by the people you sacrificed your whole life and moved to fucking israel because she kept crying on your shoulder for a year to convince you. the important thing here is not to cause any stress to anybody, you keep roting inside, you keep hating just keep waiting for a slow death. My life is only mine, and nobody else's, i'm sick and tired of being called selfish, while nobody acknowledges my pain. I've begged for attention, and only gets silence. As for me, after attempting drowning myself and cutting myself, i'm confident that tomorrow i won't miss. I called a realtor and told him to show me some flats on high floors. First chance i'll have on any 10th floor or higher (hopefully higher) i'm jumping and ending my suffering for good. That's tomorrow starting at 2pm.
05 Sep 2009 Lennie M I'm so desperately lonely. But it's got to the point where it has consummed me and I have become a rabid animal. Frothing at the mouth, terrible fantasys haunt me day and night. There are so many screams that have dried in my throat and I can hardly breathe.
And like the wild and raging animal I have turned on my human tormentors and given half the chance I would rip them to shreds. Oh it hurts so bad, a transformation like this is not easy. Clinging on to the last shreds of sanity and trying oh so desperately to escape.
Keep an animal chained and caged and it will be so very lonely, it needs to find it's own breed. I need to find someone. There must be someone out there who can and will understand.
I can phone all the helplines I want but how are they to help. How can they help when I can't help myself?
Oh God, help me please. I can't take the pain, I can stand it. I don't want to be alone, I don't want to be this. Please help me.
05 Sep 2009 Jjung Eun I answered it before, but more idea flashed across my mind.
That is, sleep outside when the season is winter.
04 Sep 2009 Christmas Most, important year of school, everyone I talk to is crazy. The people who run my school are absolutely mad, I don't get it. The brief sections of empty dialogue I go through daily, may be all I have. Wine and cigarettes, didn't work, as if I fell endless thirst. I can't explain much, sorry. It's just. . . I don't know, there is this girl who wonders around amongst all the crazy people who don't exist, I really want to say something to her... She's three years late it feels. . . God, Mouchette why can't I talk to her? I'm going to try again tomorrow, every time I see her face lingering someone to long I'm just breathless though. Everything feels so lifeless these days. . .
03 Sep 2009 no i refuse you my name Slit your wrists as fast and as painfully as you'll break your family's heart. Then, let your blood pool into a dark crypt of self loathing, until one day your mother finds you passed out from blood loss. On that day I was reborn.
03 Sep 2009 dead inside. Suicide is never the answer.
There are people in worse situations then you. Look at the story of jaycee lee, the girl who was found 18 years after being abducted. Think of what she has gone through for the last 18 years of her life and what her 2 little girls have gone through. Her life sucked for 18 years. Here daughters lives have sucked for 15 years, and 11 years. But they are free now. Pain is a part of life. Suffering and misery is dealt to everyone in different amounts. You don't know what kind of pains you have to endure during your life, but if you get through them, there is always a reward. And if there isn't a reward in this life after all your hardships, there will surely be a reward for you in the next. Your pain and suffering is not invisible. We all see it. We all know it. We all feel it. At different times, in different situations. But we all hurt at some point. It's okay to hurt. Let it hurt. But make it your goal to get better. Being a teenager is painful. Everyone suffers. Even those perfect blonde cheerleaders have some sort of pain in their life. Being a teenager is just a step you have to get through in life. Make it through. Be strong. Learn to believe in yourself and be confident in your abilities. You are not ugly. You are not stupid. You are not fat. If boys don't talk to you, its not the end of the world. If girls don't talk to you, its not the end of the world. Give it time. Don't live your life for others, live it for yourself. Your suppose to be awkward in your teenage years. Your suppose to experiencing new things, some good, some bad. Take those experiences and let them shape you into a better person. You all have the ability. For those of you who are older and have already gone through your teenage years and are still finding yourselves in depression, seek help. Pain happens. Misery happens. Suffering happens. But the heart, body and mind are stronger than you let yourself believe. Grieve, seek help, and have hope to recover. It's not pointless. It's not hopeless. You have to try. Cause it's worth it. This is the only life you'll ever have. Why waste it doing things for others? Live for yourself. Learn to love yourself. Learn to see that there are people who care. Learn to communicate your feelings. Learn to appreciate what you have. Learn to empathize with those in worse situations. You are good people. Even if you have done bad things, ask for forgiveness from, people, from god (if you believe in him), from yourself. Forgive yourself. Life is what you make it. Self pity never does any good. Smile even when your having a bad day. Hug your friends. Just stand outside and feel the warm sun kiss your skin, or the wind caress your hair. If nothing else matters, then just look at how beautiful it is when the sun rises and sets each day. There's beauty in your life. You just have to open your eyes and see it. Love yourself. Be yourself. You'll be okay. Trust yourselves. You'll be okay. And no, I am not some old hag sitting at a computer, I'm not even an adult yet myself. Life hurts. Learn from the pain. Learn to live. Because there is so little time to live. Death will come. You can't stop it. It will eventually come. So make the best of what time you have and live.
02 Sep 2009 SourSonia If You Are Really Depressed And You DOnt Even Know Why, Then You Probably Have A Good life, A Happy Life, But There Is Always Something Missing, And That Thing Can Be Small Or Large, But It Makes A Difference.
That Difference Can Lead To Suicide, Belive Me, Ive Tried A Lot Of Things That All Led Me To Hospital In Fail.
If i Had To Choose Another Method Of Death It Would Be Locking Myself In A Garage With One End Of A Hosepipe In The Garage And The Other End In The Exaust Of A Car With The Engine Running. That Is Only Me though, Im 13 And Living My Life As If Its Already Over, Im Dead Inside But That Doesent Mean I Have To Be Dead Physicly Yet, Ive Still Got Stuff To Do In My Life Like Loose My Virginity To The One I Love Or Travel Around The World. Yeah I Will Enjoy It But There Is Still The Missing Peice of My Life, And That For Me Is My Dad, Since He Had Married Again Which Was When i Was 5, Ive Never Seen Him Again. I need A Father Figure In My Life, Not A Shitty Old Boyfriend That Makes Me Feel Like Shit Every Single Day, or A Mother That Mentally Tortures Me, Or A Sister That Got Back With A Person That Had Tried To Rape Me And Dident Get Sent Down For It Or The Little Annoying Brother Who Every Day Tells You To Die Whilst Holding A Knife Up To Your Throat.
Some Times It May Feel Like There Is No Way Out Of This Misrible Fucking Life, But If You Think To YourSelf That You Are Strong Then HopeFully You Can OverCome All That.
I Admit I Do Have It Pretty Easy Compared To Some People, And I Feel Bad For Those Who have Got it Worse, I Really Do, But Just Dont Give Up Hope On Yourself, Yur Better Than That, And I Figured That Out MySelf, No Anti-Depressants Or That Shit, Just A Lot Of Thinking, I Mean Who Are You Really Trying To Impress!
Just Take What I Have Said And Think, Dont Give Up yet, as Much As You Feel You need To, Just Live Your Life First, Then If You Enjoy It, You Wont Have To Come To Death, It Will Find you By Itsself, When You Are Truly ready, and Only Fate Can Decide that.
Just Be Happy~ No Matter What!
02 Sep 2009 EVERLASTING CHAOS Suicide is a way to tell (your) god;
You can't fire me!
I quit!
31 Aug 2009 Strewie Griffin Children under 13 should not be allowed to see grotesque images, so i would imagine that would rule out quite a few methodries. We dont want them having nightmares now do we?

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