Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jul 2009 yours truly im shoot my self rightt fuckin now
02 Jul 2009 morula hello, i m not another suicide story, skip the details, just wanted to warn all of you of the dangers prevailing at dwelling too far to suicide, claiming to want to kill myself, foreas in Germany the threat to suicide is a compulsive element for emprisonment in an hospital , i ll try to be sharp, but do not tell anymore you re about to drown, not your parents, not your best friend you ve got none, not even your dog, i d had an history with pills, failing to die first in february, but was highly on drugs at the time, which i was hiding from the psychiatrists that hitchhiked me at hospital, got out after one week first time, but once month after as i d stoped the phets we were taking, me and my boyfriend having to change places for sake of getting clean again, i stayed in berlin at that moment precisely when i d stoped all the chemical craze my parents cut me the money, they d send me as much to survivre or less i was seriously getting depressed the days i didn t have my grass, started harassing them at night, not so often but talking on the answerphone, telling about all those people who comitted suicide, not only that, how they d fucked up my life, my dad, my mom, unusual scheme i m the bad kid, in the end that s what my father says, because i want to sell my shares in his stupid company he calls me you you shit daughteer you , nothing to be offended by but when they decide to put me in hospital he lies to the judge, says he s given me overamounts of money when he d just been restricting me to the limit of sanity, so one morning, fed up, i drank two beers that let me overloaded with agressivity, phone my mum , the gas people walking in to cut it off, was listening to music too much, horrible mistake not to do it, right here, right now, instead telling me mum i d hang myself, then i left the flat with the doggie helmut, who can away, when i came home the cops had broken into the flat broken the doors, with 112 the firebrigade, shitty mother had phoned the police, alerted the authorities, called upon all bits and pieces of attention she could grasp, help me save my daughter, imagine i d be hanging, they take me down, save my life but not my brain, they took me to the remote place called st joseph, the local warp,was just drunk, and then there you threatened to commit suicide means a judge ll interfere, you re stuck there for two weeks waiting to meet him, when you do he sentences me to 4 additional weeks, fed vitamin K, fallacious drugs, the highest dosis possible, skip the reasons why i m so violently hit, i was chemically lobomitized, could not sense a sign of movement in my mind anymore, no symptom of an emotion whatsoever, of nothing anymore but the devastating conscience of being alive still, waiting the hours aways, counting the minutes, hell one weeks passes by, they tied me up at a bed at first occasion, because i pushed an alarm button, hallucigenic drug injection together with valium, how dare you keep your sanity in those circonstances, i came there as heavy suicidal they broke all my human rights, intentionnally lenghtening the butchery up to the moment where the soul s dead, slow agony in claustrophic containment of one s legs, arms, waist, awakes only a rare sadist vision to me, bondage and torture that s what happens to son of bitches who didn t respect their mother, wreckless junkie, all in awe before my very own rights, if you begin to protest, talk about respect, individual rights, your own, beg, then necessarily insults your executionners more injections, sound like hell what happenes after you re stuck by mummy calling the police to drag you there were you belong, into the arms of a psychotic doctor, a sadist, a nazi, if you ve been familiar with prescription drugs you d appreciate thirty milligrams of zyprexa, 1500 mg of thick antiepileptical sirup, drags you down to nothing, incapable of nothing but eat anymore, can t sleep, can t go to peace, valium, all that bullshit, 6 weeks stuck inside a smoker s room, a harden and one s little psychopath room, waiting for time to drag by so intensely wasted, doesn t think anymore, pharmacollogically prevented from commiting any mental sin whatsoever, no sign of life has been signaled in there, you re dead, walking still, they re telling you you ll never get out, you ll stay there for months and months, till you re no longer the same anymore, you ve been changed, modified, chemically, and morally, that s a sin, a shame, i lose my nerves, called them all nazis, didn t chose my medication, my fate, my destiny- after those 6 weeks and a psychiatric expert interfering to save me i m finally released, may 10 you re out of there, ok but it seems you re strange, no longer the same, they controlled you too long a time, invaded the metabolism of your brains, your emotions, your motives, your dying with depression, worse you feel like the ultimate shit. btrsl break, phone
02 Jul 2009 |{urse Jump off a huge building with a cell phone, Call someone who cares on the way down.


climb headfirst (feetfirst if you like pain) into a wood chipper, aim the discharge chute (with bag removed) at some assholes house (the white house maybe).
01 Jul 2009 billy the royal court magician one of the first rock stars and sex symbols of medieval times was merlin the royal court magician who supposedly lived in the times of king author and sir lancelot putting the year somewhere in the 1100's. it was said that merlin had the power to disappear and reappear at will. he could shape shift and summon demons,dragons, and beast of all shapes and size. by some he was described as a handsome dark haired man who dressed in the fanciest of garbs. you could imagine how young men would want to emulate such a prolific man and how women would cream in their panties. by others he was described as a hunchback ugly man who would steal your child for for the unspeakable acts of his wizardry. unlike the king and the good sir whose stories have been romanticized to the point of fairytales merlin the man may have never existed. real or not real in his day Merlin's' exploits were the talk of every village far and wide. even now his name appears in many aspects of pop culture. he is a snapshot of everything and nothing folded up in a book on your shelf.
alchemy* at the time was considered to be the same as magic, because the men who practiced the craft kept its secrets well guarded, mainly for profit, but i suspect they got of on the mystery and allure surrounding the subject. to this day any respectable magician will not give away his secrets. like then and like now there is no such thing as magic. today the word magician is used at kiddie parties and retirement communities, go figure, the term now is illusionist. as if to say to believe in magic is to believe in witchcraft, you dance with the devil.
one of merlins most infamous illusions were before the eyes of his king he turned lead int think about what he made them believe he could do.he took one of the most abundant metals and turned it into the most precious metal on earth. so needless to say this made merlin the mother fucking the man. this also sent the other alchemist into a frenzy trying to recreate the miracle that was nothing more than a parlor trick, and to this day people still use the phrase 'trying to turn lead into gold' when describing the impossible. now i have never turned lead into gold, but i have turned bread into mold and with that i may have done more than old merlin ever has.
an illusion is merely an act of deception and the magic is in the minds and on the faces of the sucker. i am the wizard of my domain everyday and in anyway i will deceive whoever i can to get what i want. i disappear when things get heavy and i reappear at the most opportune moment. i can morph my appearance and my demeanor to fit into any crowd. i summon beast with the flick of my cell phone fury and they swoop in and destroy my enemies. by the light of day i am a handsome man on the cutting edge of fashion all the ladies want me and all the guys want to be me. in the street lights and shadows i'm mr. hyde hideous and livid. i am on the tip of every tongue, yet no one knows me. i am the modern day magician. i am the full metal alchemist. i am your drug dealer.

*alchemy/noun/ a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of base elements into gold, the discovery of a cure for any ailments, prolonging life, and human transmutation.

billy the freak
01 Jul 2009 Roger Roger The cliche suicide victim says "I can't take it anymore!"

Can't take what, exactly?

Try to pinpoint exactly what it is thats bothering you and try your best to articulate it into words.

"Life" or "the pain of existence" isn't a good enough answer. Of course existing is painful. The funny thing is that the ability to feel pain is what's kept organisms ALIVE for billions of years. Its up to the organism to find out what is making it hurt and then to avoid that or at least try to develop a tolerance to it.

Use all your energy to find out what's bothering you. Your life depends on it. Over and out.

-Roger Roger
01 Jul 2009 Truth Seeker Suicide is a hoax perpetuated by pharmaceutical companies who try to scare the money out of your wallet. They make you buy "pills" that "fix" your "depression." Self-termination cannot be done, just like landing on the moon.
30 Jun 2009 no the best way is by old age. live a long life and die wishing you had done more things
29 Jun 2009 Miss Emily and lord Guillaume eaten by foxes.
29 Jun 2009   mouchette, I don't think I can maintain myself anymore. I can't keep track of tomorrow or the next day, or yesterday or a year ago. There will be no resolution, just more blood, and less tears, more music will bend above my head. More alcohol will keep me ripe and nostalgic and real. I don't think I will ever resolve, or sustain. I wish I were a piano.

I miss you.
29 Jun 2009 maggie You could try jumping in front of a moving vehicle. That's always fun, oh and you could take sleeping pills if that does'nt work. Hope that helps!
27 Jun 2009 Dylan Well, I am 15, and before i tell the best way to do it, im going to tell my life story.

I was brought into this world by 2 drug smoking parents. heroin, crack, you name it. They also idolized and completely loved my older brother. To my surprise they were busted for the drugs and divorced the same day. That day was my 10th birthday. Now I have to deal with the constant threats of both my parents releasing all their stress on me. both telling me that 1. they both want to commit suicide and 2. I was a mistake.
at school up until 8th grade i was an average student with a few friends. when i went into highschool however i learned that no one liked me, ad the only thing i was good at was playing videogames.
I had also went from being an average student to D's and F's because i dont even want to try anymore. I have no friends now and probably dont have enough money to go to college. my parents wasted all the money on my brother, the baseball star.
I cant take it anymore and want to die.
Ive tried pills. cutting myself.
but an idea i came up with is combining rat poisoning and moth balls into a drink, and if that doesnt work theres jumping off a building.

I dont want help. i know my life has no meaning anymore.

oh btw, heres a tip. i lied a lot in my life and for once im telling the truth. time to test out the rat ball smoothie.
27 Jun 2009 m. d. w. Get a grown-up to help.
26 Jun 2009 Walter Hi... I'm looking for Mindy... anyone seen her? No? Ok. Bye now.
26 Jun 2009 trick I feel the emptiness that most of you feel, why waste your time reading this, i am a lost cause.
25 Jun 2009   I'm sure the universe goes on forever, stop tripping out, your invisible and nobody really knows anything so what are you so concerned about.
24 Jun 2009 l.k.k. take a whole bunch of sleeping pills or overdose on something, i think that would be painless..take some poison that will knock you out quickly...or maybe jumping off a building..a really tall building so that when u jump its a nice fall down and once you finally hit the ground you'll be shattered so you hardly get the time to feel the pain.
23 Jun 2009 rusted from the rain. please don't kill yourselves, it is not worth it.

life sucks. but you become numb to the pain. so let it hurt for a while. and then one day you'll wake up and realize that you don't care that it hurts. and it doesn't bother you that you don't care. and slowly life will not be able to hurt you anymore. just keep moving on. from what i hear, 2012 is the end of the world. what's another 2 years, eh? come on kids, just keep moving. it will get easier. trust me.
21 Jun 2009

please talk to me before it's too late
20 Jun 2009 crazy pie man cook a meat pie improperly
eat the meat pie and then you die.

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