Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Oct 2009 Ali I don't know if I am on borrowed time. I should be dead by now.
27 Oct 2009 jessie this whole site is fucking p[athetic... the maker/members of this page are in desperate need of help... im no 1 to judge and have issues of my own but the fact that you sick fucks are giving children suggestions how to kill there selves is sickening!!!!!!!!! if you have issues keep them to ur fucking selves... 4 u adults that r giving suggestions why dont u try out ur idea first and then if it doesnt work try one of your following twisted members suggestions... continue this untill ur attemp is succusseful... if all of u do this the problem will be solved in a matter of time,,,, imagine,, your posting one of your ideas in the living room your 9 yr old son who had a fight at school and is sad and is reading your suggestion on this site in his bed room and he is so confused he takes your addvice mom/dad .... thats what the fuck you have done!! something to b proud of huh? think of that next time any of you have a bright idea..
27 Oct 2009 vicky da best way 2 kil urself when ur under 13 well honestly I don't know at all im 14 n I wish I can kill myself I tried cutting my wrist didn't work but ill try it again ..... hell yea I would !!im not scared of blood I love seeing blood drip down after I cut myself itz such a pleasent feeling and relaxz me
25 Oct 2009   meet a cop then get pushed away by them
25 Oct 2009 deadinsideandout. he left me again, he left me again. i can't believe he left me again. i trusted him not to do this to me again. i'm so alone now. not only did i lose the man i love but i lost my best friend. and now there is no one to talk to. everything inside is bursting out and i cannot be here anymore. i'm sorry i called too much, im sorry, i just needed you. i'm sorry that i'm so weak and pathetic that you have to comfort me and console me. i'm sorry. i didn't know i was the burden, that i was the stress. if i had known i would never have called. i swear i wouldn't have. and i swear i was coming to you, your the one who told me not to come in august and then when you told about your living situation you said "see why i couldn't let you come." your the one who told me not to come, and now your telling me i should have come? how can i know all this when you keep it all inside and don't tell me. your the one who said we need to communicate our feelings or else it will never work. i finally thought that i could come and stay with you because i got kicked out and i lost my job, and i thought i can just go to him now, and i kept calling you but the whole time your thinking about breaking up with me. and you never even consulted me! my heart is in this too. i don't like being away from you either. it's been hard for me too. and i've been trying to come to you. but you wont let me. we've been together for 3 years, 7 months in the middle we were't together. it has only been 9 months since we got back together. this is our first argument in over a year. and you just break up with me for it. tell me we're not meant to be. how do you know that? you won't even give us a chance. i know we get along, i know we do. the distance is the only problem and i want to fix that. you told me there is no one else for you but me, and i told that for me its just always gonna be you. why does that not matter anymore? i'm human , i am going to make mistakes, but if two people love eachother enough, they work through the mistakes. your the one who taught me that. its' love when you suffer through something together. i'm sorry love, i'm sorry that i hurt you, but i really didn't know that it was me. i didn't, if you would give me a chance i would prove that i could be better, that i can learn from my mistakes. now i have so much pain in my heart and so much pain in my head. i cant forget you. you can't expect me to just say goodbye. do you know how beautiful you are? do you know how amazing you are? how caring and kind you are? how perfect you are for me? i cant just say good bye. i'm sorry. your in my head all the time, your in my heart all the time. you can delete an email account, but how are you going to delete the love i have for you from my heart??? its too hard. i am tired of being responsible for everyones saddness. i can't do it. i cant even handle my own. i have to turn on the tv and watch my country being destroyed, all my extended family lives there, and they are innocent people getting caught in war. that makes me sad. my parents want to pick who i will marry. i can't live with that, they can't do that. that makes me sad. i tried so hard at work, and i made one mistake and they fired me, told me i did it on purpose, i didnt do it on purpose! no one listens. i'm almost 21, i can talk to whoever i want on my cellphone which i pay the bill for!!!! EVERYBODY NEEDS TO STOP MAKING DECISIONS FOR ME!!!! its my life, i thought i was an important part of my parents life, my work life, my boyfriend/best friends life, but they all get to throw me out as soon as i make a mistake, and they won't even listen to me!!! i'm trying to say sorry. they all say its for the best, it was meant to be this way. if it was meant to be this way then i wouldn't be hurting this bad!!!!!!! how do i escape my own head, my own heart. there is no where to go. i keep pounding my chest with my fist, telling my heart so stop hurting. i keep banging my head into the wall, tell my head to stop thinking. but they won't listen to me. they keep hurting me. everyone is hurting me. i am tired of it. i am tired of it. i am tired of it. how do i escape myself?? how do i do it?? if i end my life, then i will hurt more people, they will be sad. if i stay alive then they are still sad because i hurt them, and i am sad because i am hurting and no one cares. so what can i do then??? where can i go??? what is there for me to do??? how do i make it??? everything i've been doing since i was 17 was so that me and him could be together. i've worked so hard for that to happen. and now he says he doesnt want me anymore. that i am his stress, that he's tired of his life revolving around phone calls. i am tired of being everyone's mistake. i spend all my time in the cemetary talking to dead people, they don't seem to mind listening to my problems. so why can't i just join them then? GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want to not be here anymore. i just want to be gone. i said to him, what do i do now, he says, go get a job. is a job going to hold me at night? is a job going to give me the comfort of a touch? i can't even go to the washroom without thinking of him, i cant look at tree's, the grass, dogs, the color pink, the color blue, without thinking of him. he is so ingrained in every part of my life. and now he's gone and i'm suppose to just move on????????? its not his fault, its all my fault. i am a worthless piece of meat. a waste of space. i am too needy. too desperate. to sensative. i am flawed through and through. it's good for him that he doesn't want me anymore, now he can find someone who is good enough for him and treats him how he should be treated. i am just a regret, a mistake, a burden, a stress. even for myself i am all those things. i don't know if i'll make it. i am going to lose my mind. my mind is broken, my heart is broken. i am broken everywhere. and there is no one who wants to help me put myself back together. and i cannot do it all by my self. there are too many pieces, and they don't fit together anymore. i am broken beyond repair. when i leave this world your face will be the last image in my head, and name will be the last thing i say. i love you isf. i love you so much. i am sorry that ive wronged you. i am sorry that i've hurt you. i will never forgive myself for that. i hate myself for it. i hate myself without you. i love you, always and forever. i miss you always and forever. thank you for giving me a taste of love, it was epic while it lasted. i'm sorry i wasn't good enough. i'm sorry i failed you. i don't know what will happen to me, or what will become of me, but i know that with every breath i take i will remember you. you are and always will be my everything. everything means nothing without you. i love you. i'm sorry. alt3 forver. please try and forgive me. if you ever wish to speak to me again, please try, if i'm still alive, i'll still always be there for you.
25 Oct 2009 candog stick a knife in your asshole and bleed to death slowly
23 Oct 2009 Maxwell Whomever felt the need to make such a site. I would love for you to contact myself. You need an education. This is one of the worst sites I have viewed, and to joke of such a terrible activity is ignorant, and makes you look like a joke within our society. If you do not contact you are a coward.
23 Oct 2009 kelly I'm sorry but this website is disrespectful to those who are survivors to losing someone to suicide. Its not something to joke about and nor should it ever. Its not a toy that when it breaks can be fixed. There are probably people who are looking for ways to kill themselves and even if this website is a joke, someone who wants to kill themselves may get the idea of how to do it from this website. And you would be responsible in that. How would you feel about it? This is not very derespectful and you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking about putting something up here like this.
22 Oct 2009   a lifetime of fatty food and little exercise.
22 Oct 2009 tears I was 14 the first time i tried killing myself and i have attempted a numerous occasions afterward, but i luckily am out of it now and i really dont think that there is really any reason to be giving kids ideas of how to kill themselves because what if a kids reads what you say and they kill them self beacause of you
19 Oct 2009 loser not one cares, my creek drowning is in progress. if only 1 person could care maybe i would stick life out.
19 Oct 2009 Melvin And dad would dream of all the different ways to die
Each one a little more than he could dare to try

thanks enzyme
19 Oct 2009 Darkness Actually i just want to cummit suicide because i have been getting i trouble alot. I feel so bad and depressed and either way im still gonna get killed by someone but oh well. i guess im still thinking about it even im only 12. I still dont know what is the real desicion
19 Oct 2009 lucy lo my life is hell i need to be free so i must commit suicide

18 Oct 2009 m.m. please dont leave me like this again isf, i'm sorry for what i did, please let me explain to you what happened, please answer my calls, please isf, just once, i am so sorry for what i did, i am so sick with guilt right now, i cant eat, i cant sleep, i get sick all over the place, please just let me apologize to you, please isf please. i am so sorry for what i did, please give me one last chance please, i will never stress you out again, please, everything sucks without you, i have no will to live....please give a chance.
18 Oct 2009 jimskiii ayeee boys and girls im jimskii obviously not my real name im 14 and fuck ive had a fucked up life but im not emo and shit have nothing against emos but ive been through alota shhit ive been stabbed and and my bros got in too hard drugs i drink and all that shit and i got expelled and i got kicked out of my dads and all this shit ive been fucked my whole life i had mild skysophrenia i think mm and i dont care if anyone i know reads this just shut up and if any of use nedd help i dont care add me on msn ur more then welcome coz i know how you feel so add me is you feel the need and if any dickhead motherfuckers add me ill fucking get pissed off take care guys
13 Oct 2009 i am a C**TOSAURUS. I am sorry. I got kicked out of my house. They fired me at work. All in the same day. I panicked. I needed to talk to you. but you weren't there. I didn't know if I had to call more to get a hold o f you or call less. I just needed you, and I am sorry for that. Please forgive me. I never had any intention to hurt you. I am so sorry. I am sorry that I stress you out. The money doesn't matter to me, whether its used or not. I just miss you so much. I am so alone now. I am sorry that I keep calling, but you are the only one who ever answered, the only one who made me feel better, and now I fucked up and I don't even have you anymore. I am so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Please don't go, please, give me one more chance. I won't fuck up like this again. Please isf, I'm so sorry.
11 Oct 2009 NIGGERTITUS dear diary
today i tried to kill myself
I set myself a course
to the place known as KFC

i was 3 years old
i didnt know how to drive

she was white
and decided to jerk me off

she lives a sad life now
Infested with aids
I gave to her

Chicken bones
window damage
being put in jail for pedophelia
pedo bear
I am disappoint

I respect what obama done
but I white people
count yourselves lucky

she will get it before i die
i will kill her with penis
she almost kill me with penis

4 years in prison
thats all so got
this fucked up chicken wing
let me eat

and yet i live to tell the tale
I love chicken

it's hard to make chicken
it's hard to live my liife
as a faggot
maybe my next KFC 30 piece bucket
I walk a lonely road no more popeyes. ;-;
waiting for a new friend
but to be never descovered
11 Oct 2009 morally reprehensible pills
09 Oct 2009 blifeesucksn sunday 20th november 2007
dear diary
today i tried to kill myself
I set myself a light
and it did not work dam

i was 3 years old
i didnt now who i was

she was drunk
and decided to drive

she live a normal life now
not knowing what she has done
I hate her

broken bones
brain damage
being put in intensive cae
life suport machines

I respect what they done
but I hate my life
count yourselves lucky

she will get it before i die
i will kill her
she almost kill me :(

4 years in prison
thats all so got
this fucked up world
let me see

and yet i live to tell the tale
I'd rather not

it's hard to make friends
it's hard to live my liife
until my time will come
maybe my next attemt
I walk a lonely road
waiting for a new friend
but to be never descovered

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